Though I already sent a link in Bob Elliott’s direction in the Afternoon Snack, his piece from today’s Toronto Sun on Lansing’s Aaron Sanchez, Justin Nicolino and Nose Snygen probably needs a little extra exploration, if only because– as I said at the time– it’s providing a nice bit of warm light in what’s been a dark and ugly week of a dark and ugly season.

Aaaaaand… also because there isn’t a whole hell of a lot to write about at the moment, and Keith Law didn’t include enough Jays-related tidbits in his latest chat with readers at to make a full post of it– though what he did say, I’ll provide below.

First up, however, is the key stuff from Elliott’s piece, which come, with one exception, from his most reliable source: his anonymous drinking scouting buddies!

“No wonder they didn’t trade Sanchez,” a ‘veteran evaluator’ tells Elliott. “We heard they had all kinds of offers for him at the deadline. They did the right thing holding on to him. He’ll be the best. You phone me if he’s not the first one of the three to make it.”

I can’t say it’s surprising that other clubs would have been all over Sanchez, or that the Jays would have held tight on him, but it’s at least interesting to hear that it sounds like the level of interest was pretty wild. I’ll take that as a good sign.

“If you’re looking to compare them to other threesomes,” says Jim Callis of Baseball America, channeling the everybody’s a future HOFer! vibe of draft night telecasts, “I could almost see Nicolino as Tom Glavine and Sanchez as John Smoltz, but Syndergaard doesn’t match up to Greg Maddux. He doesn’t have Maddux’s command — no one does — but Syndergaard has good command and better pure stuff.”

Um… let’s maybe not go nuts here. The attrition rate for prospects like these is atrocious and the jump to Dunedin next year, and eventually to Double-A New Hampshire ain’t nothing. I mean, I think it’s even too much to say, as one ‘American League scout’ did, that “Nicolino reminds me of Jimmy Key, but with more velocity. He’s the best of the three. If there’s a surefire big leaguer amongst the three, he’s the guy.”

“Ask a Toronto scout which of the three is the best and he’ll tell you it’s this guy. Then, he’ll go to Lansing and the next time you see him, he gives you a different answer. These are guys who have been scouting for 40 years,” says an ‘NL pro scout’ who then weighs in for himself, explaining that “Syndergaard is someone to dream on, that if everything falls right, he matures, stays injury free without any bumps, he’ll be the best.”

For his part, Keith Law is on team Aaron Sanchez, as he said during today’s chat. Here is that answer, plus the other two Jays-related prospect-y nuggets…

Ryan (Bracebridge, ON)
Keith, which of the Jays ‘Big 3′ in Lansing do you think has the highest upside?
I’ve always been an Aaron Sanchez guy.

Bret (Toronto)
Thoughts on the Marcus Stroman suspension?
Much ado about nothing, I think. Hurts his development somewhat, although I think the Jays should just call him up on Friday so that he can burn off ~30 games of it. The drug for which he tested positive sounds like a poor man’s amphetamine and is often included in OTC supplements but isn’t mentioned on the labels.

Erich (CT)
Will Hechevarria ever hit enough to be an above average full time regular? Or is he John McDonald 2.0. I see him as a .240/.290/.350 guy and that kind of stinks.
I’m not a believer in his bat. I do think he’ll be a plus defender and it doesn’t take much offense to turn a plus defender into an average regular at short, but I don’t think he’ll ever really hit.

Ouch. (#hearthech)


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  1. Only his walk rates are not very good and that will be what limits his progression. He might have the best stuff but he also has the least control

  2. An “average regular at short” is much better than a “John McDonald 2.0″….so there’s that.

  3. Also, if I had a dollar for every young pitcher that a scout is compares to a cy young award winner….

  4. Hey Nicolino take number 69, its hilarious.

  5. I’m going out on a (pretty low) limb here and predicting that Syndergaard will be the best of the three

  6. Wilner said they’d never put Stroman on the 40-man because it would send the wrong message. If the guy is likely to make the big league roster (and sooner), the I don’t see why they wouldn’t. It’ll be a non-story within a day, and it will help the club and the player.

    • Unless they thought the player wasn’t ready and would benefit from more seasoning.
      But when drafted he was promised a call up before years end.
      This way they can take more time to get him more accustomed to pro ball and don’t break their promise to him.

      • How do you know he was ‘promised’ a callup?

        I mean, I read many articles that assumed he would be called up, but none where any Jays brass promised it.

        • He doesn’t.

        • Like Stoeten said.
          I don’t know, I was just speculating on why they wouldn’t put him on the 40.
          Didn’t mean to get anybody’s(Stoeten) nuts in a knot .
          Just joining the conversation.

          • Well let’s keep the conversation intelligent. Please recuse yourself. Nobody enjoys your insipid commentary.

      • Even if he needs more seasoning this would help. It would eat up some of the suspension so he’s back on the field earlier next year.

    • I see no problem with knocking down his suspension as fast as possible. I see no moral problem with it at all, considering there wouldn’t have been a suspension in the first place if he was simply on the 40-man roster. The reason he’s suspended 50 games isn’t because of some sort of unethical or immoral conduct. The reason he’s suspended is because the MLBPA sold out non-members (i.e. minor leaguers not on a 40-man roster) when negotiating the terms of the Joint Drug Agreement by letting there be stiffer penalties for the exact same conduct under the Minor League drug program.

      • Yeah, what the fuck is Wilner talking about when he claims it “sends the wrong message? ”

        the jays shouldn’t be worried about sending “messages” they should just worry about what is in their best self interest.

        it is in their best interest to have that 50 game streak reduced to nearly half that. I dont give a fuck about what “message” it sends out.

        this is a collectively bargained right the club has. dont like it..take it up in the next CBA. otherwise shut the fuck up

        • +1

          I’m sure the Yankees or the Bosox wouldn’t have a problem calling him up in the same circumstances.

  7. I like Syndergaard the best, but only because he is 6’6″, looks like Ivan Drago and admittedly throws anger balls at 99mph. What’s not to love.

  8. Yeah, David Purcey was all the rage once upon a time too.

  9. Saw all three pitchers in Vancouver last summer. Admittedly, don’t remember much about Sanchez. Nicolino was a control guy and looked real good the first half of the season before his promotion. Syndergaard was there only briefly, but it was impressive to see high 90′s – especially when in two seasons I’ve only seen a few people hit 95 or better (Stroman being one). Jesse Hernandez was actually intriguing too, looked dominant in the championship clinching game. As for right now, there’s Javier Avendano who has absolutely destroyed the league this year. 130 K’s and an ERA sub 1.50 I’m pretty sure…and that’s in just over two months of ball…saw him last week and he has stuff and control, looked real good. Keep an eye out for him. One last cool story, is Matt Johnson the former infielder – he can hit mid 90′s and has a change in the low 80′s. So far his numbers look pretty good too – lots of K’s, not a lot of walks or runs. I think he could be a nice bullpen piece someday.

  10. Does this mean that Stroman can serve his MiLB suspension in the MLB? If that’s true then why not have him play (or sit on the bench) in the AFL too and be done with the whole thing?

    • It’s possible. But remember that AFL rosters are shared and roster spots are pretty precious. Very important league to let the injury-riddled catch up and (probably most importantly) provides a huge database of cross-checking observations as guys who spent the whole year in various leagues collide in the AFL. It’s like the scouting feedback control loop league.

    • AFL does not count towards suspensions according to the CBA. Most we can knock off is the 3-4 remaining games in the minors, and about 30 in the MLB. Would leave around 15-20 games to be served out in April of next year.

      • “AFL does not count towards suspensions according to the CBA”

        Thanks for that clarification. Interesting.

  11. I think he will hit.

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