Have at it and enjoy the weekend. Yes, this really is your Game Threat!

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  1. Zoom Zoom ZOOM!

  2. Is this the only game threat till Tuesday? Just askin.
    Does that Red Bull stuff work?

  3. Where hell’s Dillon??

  4. YES! YES! YES!

  5. Baltimore leads 3-0 in the 2nd.

  6. Rajai done good. Kudos.

  7. Buck is as unfamiliar with the definition of ironic as Alanis.

  8. Well the fielders were out throwing before the game, and, whaddyaknow, Rajai Davis throws a one-hopper right on the money to gun down Matt Joyce!

  9. i want to see morrow do well but i also want the rays to win and close that damn gap on the orioles .. fuck the o’s !!!!!

  10. Lets hope something good happens that this won’t be the only post for days and days.

  11. Encarnasheeon has left the yard

  12. Lind looked like Coop on that.

  13. Morrows got his shit working.
    I prefer the term “shit” to “stuff”.

  14. Well Anthopolous, this is the last day you can trade Rajai to San Fran for Joe Panik.

    Make it so.

  15. Sierra does himself no favours.

  16. It’s like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder how I keep from goin under.

  17. As per usual, Rajai gives, but he also gives away.

  18. Brandon Morrow is all kinds of awesome.

  19. hum

  20. Yes, Maddon is awesome. Thank you Buck and Tabs.

  21. So dudes (and dudettes) – what are we expecting from Mr. Rasmus next year?

    He’s quite the conundrum.

    • Conundrums rarely solve themselves.

      • He’s still only 25, he may figure it out. But what do I know, I buy lottery tickets.

    • I think Colby is far enough removed from TLR. He’ll in his second arb year.
      He’s told his dad to back off and he’s a father himself.
      He’s shown he has the tools,when healthy.
      As much as everybody thinks all that doesn’t matter, I think he will try his hardest to play well and consistant. That’ll force the Jays to offer a contract to buy out his final arb year and FA years.Thats what AA has done in the past and Colby’s agent knows that.
      Next year Colby’s playing for as big of a contract as possible.
      Just a guess of course.( before Stoeten shows up and says ” he doesn’t know that for sure”)

    • Ya’ll can ‘spect a few dingers & ya’ll ‘ll git some dough.

  22. Listen listen what I say.. Play the game the Canadian way.. LETS GO! LETS GO!

  23. Long Tall Sally, she built sweet, she got everything, that Uncle John need.

  24. If Santos comes back and is chuckin darts does he get to close again?.
    Jannsen has been great.

  25. CAN’T TOUCH THIS! duh nuh nuh nuh, nuh nuh, nuh nuh……

  26. I don’t know how long it lasts, but i god a big boner for Delabar. And my dick’s MADE OF STEEL

  27. That was a nice lil’ dance Delabar.

  28. The Blue Jays have a very good major league scouting staff. See: Delabar, Steve

  29. wow, if Delabar keeps working that velocity program and it is really that effective, he could make more money from selling that than his salary in baseball

    • this is the website of the program that supposedly got him from 89 to that 96 – apparently it is run by a buddy of his

    • Ya know, if Cecil and Laffey got a hold of that program….the mind boggles!

      • A brief description:

        “It turns out that the former pitching coaches who developed the technique studied tennis player and discovered that many powerful servers don’t develop shoulder injuries despite the incredible tasks they’re asking that part of their body to perform (you’ve heard of “tennis elbow” but probably not “tennis shoulder”). The reason, apparently, is because tennis players hold on to their rackets through the entire serve. In turn, the muscles in the back of the shoulder (used at the bottom of the stroke) build up as much strength as those in the front. The result: stronger shoulders all around that don’t injure as often. When this idea is applied to baseball players — the throwers hold on to the weighted ball rather than release it so as to build up those back-of-shoulder muscles at the bottom of their pitch — their velocity increases and their chance of injury decreases. “

  30. You’re a real man, Deion!

  31. The Jays will have the best record in the A.L during the month of Sept. just to confuse the fuck out of people.

  32. Ben Francisco is coming back to the AL East. Rays traded for him for PTBNL.

  33. I wonder if the Jays want to scoop up this guy’s Velocity program as a proprietary thing for their prospects, every position player could benefit from improved throwing as well


  34. really?? don’t we kind of know Casey Janssen’s struggles on three straight days of work??

  35. Game. Fuck you, Rays.

  36. Wowwwwwwwwwwww



  39. Nice…

  40. Sierra has found his mojo.

  41. Well I gotta see the replay but Holy Shit!!

    • OK Johnson went to bowl over mathis and not for the plate…so Holy Shit! what a throw !, what a block! what a great game!!


  43. GET TO THE CHOPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Moises, lead us to the Promised Land!! (umm, Photoshop opp)

  45. Jeff Mathis. Unbelievable.

  46. looks like a grenade went off in his helmet.

  47. Moises flashing that 80 grade smile – love that kid

  48. Fuck what a finish….one of the best plays to end a game that I have seen.

  49. Not an easy catch either by Sierra…He’s my LF for 2013!!

  50. Holy Moises!! (tomorrow’s headlines today)


  51. A-Mazing! What a great finish! And finally, FINALLY, these guys are looking like a team not a bunch of players. Excellent game!

  52. Sierra is a charismatic little bastard isn`t he

  53. Great finish, I thought that ball was going over Sierra’s head with that bouncy turf. What a freaking cannon tho!

    Mathis gave it to Johnson too, what a lick with the shoulder,

    Eat shit Rays!

  54. Oh, so this is what a crappy offense looks like.

    Thanks for clarifying, Tampa.

  55. I have not been able to watch either game (West Coast) but am I right in hearing that this series will not be lost to the Rays?

    • Right. How can it?

      This is a rare, rare thing. When’s the last series the Jays beat Tampa more than once? I honestly can’t remember.

  56. As much as I would love Sierra to be legit, didn’t we have a charismatic non-prospect OF who put up pretty good numbers in a short stint last year.

    • “Why don’t you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?” (Oddball)

      • Woof Woof!

        • Carl, you must be as old as dirt, or at least as old as RADAR.

          • Moriarty: suppose the bridge ain’t there?
            Oddball: [groans] Don’t hit me with them negative waves so early in the morning. Think the bridge will be there and it will be there. It’s a mother, beautiful bridge, and it’s gonna be there. Ok?
            Oddball: [Later: Oddball is looking through binoculars at the bridge] Still up!
            Oddball: [planes fly and bomb the bridge] … No it ain’t. See what sending out them negative waves did, Moriarty?
            Moriarty: That ain’t my fault, Oddball, I’ve done nothing but have good thoughts about that damn bridge ever since we left!

    • Cant remember…you wouldnt have a name for us would you?

    • Jose Bautista? Though a full season isn’t what I’d call a short stint…

  57. If Baltimore’s doing what they’re doing….I don’t understand anything anymore.

  58. (eases into the room, shuffles):

    hi, I see there was a post today related to my Delabar comments – so, how’s it going?

    fun stuff talking baseball, gotta have fun and I sure don’t think I was attacking the boys,

    anyways, this is a very, VERY cool discussion Jonah Keri and Brian Kenny had regarding PEDs and advanced stats. Keri has an interesting self-revelation of his own internal discussion about advanced stats and how to actually interpret what is being uncovered and Kenny keeps making the point that stats, even advanced stats, are a measuring device (not a prediction vehicle). Have a great long weekend everyone.


  59. I’ve got too much time on my hands, ticking away with my insanity . . . .

  60. Blob Blaw,
    Fuck Grantland.

  61. big night for the RSux, 20-2 loss to the A’s and Pedey is sized up vs. Little Leaguer


  62. Best game of the year, not doubt.
    Made me remember what I love about baseball.
    When that ball was hit, I was sure we were doomed to lose in extras.

    My favourite Jay is Morrow.
    My 2nd favourite Jay is Colby.
    My 3rd favourie Jay is Casey.

  63. There have been a lot of complaints about our starting rotation, however the way I see it we are close to being complete. Hear me out:
    1) Morrow
    2) Ricky*
    3) free-agent**
    4) Happ
    5) Villa
    *Assuming Ricky can get it together and not shit the bed every outing. We know Ricky is a legitimate #2 if he straightings out.
    **Can be 2nd or 3rd. Depending on the name.

    Happ is a talent and a half over Cecil and has shown enough to be a fourth starter. Henderson needs to go down and develop a third (strike out) pitch. Or hang out with Delabar for the off season.
    Villa needs to be signed as the fifth starter. He has been quality for two years. I don’t know what AA is waiting for. And I don’t want to hear about sample sizes.

    Opinions wanted

  64. Offense. Stellar if everyone can stop f@cking injuring themselves. Lawrie, Cletus, Bautista, Chicken Wing are the first four. Remember that brief period they were together…ah memories. Christ, they were lighten it up.
    After those four ball-crushers, free agent DH ( this is where Bautista goes and gets Ortiz), Escobar, Mathis, Sierra and Hech.
    Hech goes to short and Escobars big body goes to second or third ( has the arm for the corner).
    Rajai Davis is the 4th outfielder
    JP….. I like him however, he is expendable and could bring back something of value.

    Opinions wanted

  65. Bullpen. AA don’t mess with the pen. Delabar, Lincoln, Lyon, Perez (when he comes back), Janseen, and the GodfatherOliver. I know that is only six.
    Santos will be back next season, so that is eight.
    ThIs pen is a thing of beauty.
    One more thing: More Oliver. Watching that sweeping curve….. and batts whiffing through it, brings smiles to the kids faces.

    Opinions wanted

  66. Don’t mess with Mathis!

  67. Houston, we have a problem.

  68. It has occurred to me that Henderson Alverez is not a very good pitcher.

  69. Henderson Alvarez is the best reason that the Jays should re-sign Carlos V. Holy fuck he needs to be in the minors where he can develop into a pitcher with a repertoire of pitches to work with on any given day

  70. I wish I didn’t belong to such a lazy hipster douchefuck.

    This blog is dead, deader than Ted your owner STOETEN! FUCK YOU


  71. way to go EE

  72. The Chicken Wing just never gets old, does it?

  73. He got into it.


  75. I’d like to see Baltimore sweep Yankees this weekend.

  76. Prior to that swing I had Harry Doyle bouncing around my head


  77. So close. Try again.

  78. Alvarez–When he’s good, he’s very good, but when he’s bad…

  79. KJ’s bat is obviously lacking this year and he has missed some fielding opportunities, but boy does he stay in well for the turn on the double play – that one with Zobrist right in on him was great – I think he actually shoved Zobrist a bit after the throw

    and nice leadership shown by EE there with (at least assuming we are correct that he chewed his ass/encouraged him) that pep talk to Alvarez before the Longoria AB

    • I think your assumption is correct, I doubt they were talkin about the blonde in the thrid row. or what to have for supper tonight.

  80. Gonna be interesting to see how different the team will look coming out of ST 2013,compared to today.

    • Do you think if they lost a few more ST games they might NOT collapse in the middle of the season next year?

    • I went to spring training for two weeks this year, such high hopes. Now I undestand why it’s best to not get too excited about a great spring training record. Still fun to be there.

      • This season started out with a merry drunkfest of the Monkey Army as the Jays won a marathon game in Cleveland. And now it is just this.

  81. Did I just hear Tabler say “Adonis”? Shake it for your boy Cano Tabby!

  82. just an idea but I think it would be cool if the DJF/Getting Blanked crew recruited a sports physician or trainer/physiotherapist to be on the podcast every so often to help explain some of the medical issues regarding the players – might be interesting, insightful, keep us up to date on the latest or coming advances. Just a thought.

    with UofT medical corridor and York physio program there has to be at least some local baseball savvy doc who wouldn’t mind talking sports injuries and proper mechanics,etc

    Karen, you know any?

    • There are some great guys out there.I’ve seen the battery of tests by trained Kinesologists (sp?) administered to players.
      Don’t know whether the GB crew could handle it. It’s not stats or fangraph related. I cringe at the thought of what questions they’d ask the guy.

    • @dm

      No I don’t know of any colleagues who specialize in sports medicine unfortunately.
      I like your idea though.

  83. WHY!

  84. Oh what the fuck was that?

  85. Why in the fuck would you attempt a double steal with 2 out and EE at the plate?
    Fuckin Farrell.
    Davis was in scoring position.
    I don’t get it.

  86. The only explanation has to be that Davis thought he would go on his own because he has the green light and Rasmus had a brain cramp and thought he’d missed a double-steal sign which is why he held up in the middle of the bases because the poor schmuck can’t think and run at the same time. Dumb move by Davis. And Rasmus does not strike me as the thinking-man’s ball player.

    There is no way Farrell could have sent them in that situation. At least I think there is no way…

    • Either that or last night’s blue moon gave Farrell a false sense of confidence.

    • I agree

    • 2 outs.
      Pitcher just issued 2 walks.
      Your best hitter at the plate with runners at 1st and 2nd,so you can’t walk EE.
      Your fastest runner at 2nd, if he’s at third there’s no advantage.
      The guy on first is coming off a groin injury.
      Any single scores Davis.

      Why the fuck are you stealing,especially with the pitcher struggling?
      If Davis went on his own,he should be benched.

      • I’m ok with that, except a wild pitch could score a runner from 3rd and the pitcher was struggling. In addition, a runner at 3rd would put just a tiny bit more pressure on the pitcher.

  87. You rang?

  88. davis went on his own Cleatus just got scared and ran.

    • Bullshit.
      Buck’s wrong.It’s the only reasoning he can come up with because it don’t make any sense.

  89. Lots of people have said it but the Jays are really starting to get to the point of possibly being able to consistently replenish the bullpen internally, the depth appears good:

    Lefties: Oliver, Loup, Cecil, Perez (late next year), Crawford maybe
    Right: Janssen, Lincoln, Delabar, Santos hopefully, Chad Beck, David Carpenter hopefully, then further down in the minors – Stroman, Sam Dyson, Stilson, Danny Barnes

    and then like the Rays are doing the parade of failed starters may be next (not saying they fail, but if they do, then bullpen) like Jenkins, McGuire, Carreno, etc, etc.

    • OR, and this is one thing contending teams do consistantly to remain in contention, trade your excess.

  90. nice story here about Syndegaard’s last regular season start



  91. Farrell’s got that haunted look again. I can’t tell if he’s pissed or looking for a rug to crawl under.

  92. and I guess Vancouver clinched a playoff berth so 3 of the 7 minor league teams will be in the playoffs (with Dunedin and Lansing)

  93. Lind?

  94. Cool!

  95. I’m ok with that. Linds hit was inches from being a DP but it snuck thru…wtf, it’s gone against us enough times..

  96. Not THIS F@ing hot dog !! geez i dislike this guy.

  97. Linder is a major beaut. Haters eat a ric

  98. Just bring the run in ok?

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