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  1. Wild pitch please

  2. 100 mph from Rodney? Let’s see this guy pee in a bottle.

  3. Should have fucking saved McCoy for that pinch hit.

  4. well Faaawwwwk

  5. What. The. Fuck. Was that?

  6. I’ll pay someone to sink an axe into Rodney’s head….

  7. Old Man Vizquel…staying true to his name.

  8. 10,000 years in the big leagues, but apparently 0 experience at sliding into home.

  9. If you’re not capable of scoring on that play you shouldn’t be in the bigs.

  10. What a terrible slide by Mr Omar.

  11. why not pinch run for the old man. well fuck we might win

  12. That. Was. Pathetic

  13. OK. But why was Vizquel left in the game anyway? McCoy wasn’t playing today was he?

  14. Oh and PS Good luck with that contract next year KJ. I’m sure they are gonna be just lining up to sign you.

  15. lol…so that’s what “veteran experience” can bring?

  16. He had various options.

    Run hard at him and try and knock Kim put of the way. Or run round him.

    He chose the crumple in a heep at fat molina’s knees option.

    He was miles ahead of that throw

  17. It’s September 1st — why are we still playing with a short bench?

  18. It is as if some vortex sucked time space continuum with Vizquel and Molina at each end of infinite space and seeing them converge ever so slowly to inevitable black hole.

    Or old man Omar just picked a wrong side to slide on, almost broke old man Molina’s leg in the process.

  19. Man Rodney is a total dickhead. Total classless move to fist-pump right in Omar’s face when the ump called the out.

    • Like I said, I’ll pay someone…. what a dumb fuck. If the Jays need any motivation for tomorrow

      • They should activate lawrie for one day pinch hit him when rodney comes in and charge on the first pitch…fucking spear tackle to overhand rights…

  20. Molina out-veteran experienced us on that one.

    • He’s got more Moxy than Visquel. But what was Visquel doing as the runner anyway and why on Sep 1 is the bench not overcrowded with Las Vegas people? (dont say it, I know, I know…it already is…)

  21. such a weird play – Upton’s throw was so high that Molina had to step backwards to catch it and that was at the same time Omar was heading for the outside of the plate – bad luck and slow wheels – hey, at least Omar knows he should be retiring this year – I ain’t mad atcha Omar

    • Yeah I’m ok with it too. Hell it’s not like it decided the World series. Plus we got to see the strangest goddam play….

  22. so Farrell says “red light” was on during EE’s AB so that was on Colby (and Rajai being aggressive)

  23. The optics of that play were sctv Worthy

    • Ha ha that’s what I thought…….it looked like part of a comedy skit. Could somebody throw a gif of that up?

  24. I had shit to do during the last couple of innings and didn’t see everything. So I missed McCoy coming in in the 8th. But did Escobar come into the game? If not, why wasn’t he used to pinch run for Vizquel who is old and frail and I don’t blame him one bit for not wanting to bust a leg on that play at the plate. And if Escobar wasn’t available, where are the call-ups? Gose scores that run for sure. And someone could have taken over on the field for Vizquel. I am assuming we have more than one infielder playing on the farm that could make the trip up here.

    I get the season is over, but that game wasn’t lost by the team who played their hearts out. That one went in the dugout. And it wasn’t the first or the second game to be lost that way.

    • Yes, because God forbid that players may actually be responsible for losing a game. It isn’t the players giving up home runs to Ryan Roberts, getting thrown out stealing second with the team’s best hitter at the plate, or not being able to bring in the tying run with the bases loaded and one out. Nope, not on the players at all.

  25. So, expanded rosters… who would you guys like to see get a cup of coffee?

    I’m still holding out hope that AA dumps Rajai on San Fran tonight for any prospect with a pulse.
    San Fran needs a speedy outfielder to replace Melky.

    • That would be stupid and of course you know that already.

    • “I’m still holding out hope that AA dumps Rajai on San Fran tonight for any prospect with a pulse.
      San Fran needs a speedy outfielder to replace Melky.”

      I’d be happy if the Jays got something of value back for Rajai … but I wouldn’t hate having him as the 4th OF next year.

  26. What an embarrassing way to end that game. He had the throw beat and then crawled up in the fetal position at the catchers feet ( I’m pretty surfeit wasn’t Molina, but the rookie backstop).

    This is all on Vizquel. Do anything but what he did, my word that was terrible. If he couldn’t score that run, he has no business being on a big league roster.

  27. Lately, nothing has made me want to punch a human being more than listening to/reading Mike Wilner talk about Adam Lind or Francisco Cordero. The goddamn arbitrary endpoints with Cordero and the “hyuk huyk, and you all said Adam Lind sucks” every time he hits a single.

    Officially unfollowed on twitter. It’s not like the guy gets any real scoops ahead of Shi Davidi anyways.

    Fuck you WIlner. Rot in hell you bastard.

    • I unfollowed him a long time ago.

      Like you said, he really brings nothing new to the table, and his tweets only aggravate me.

      • Wilner has his faults – but seriously – who in the Toronto media covers the team better?

        The DJF guys? Sure.

        Anyone else at The Fan or Sportsnet? I don’t think so.

        Anyone else in other TO media? Maybe Jeff Blair?

        He’s not perfect, but he’s among the best we’ve got in the mainstream media.

        • I’d much rather follow Davidi, John Lott & Gregor Chisholm.

          You get all of the same info, minus the play by play (which I don’t need), and none of the “engaging of the idiots”.

          • John Lott is good.

            Davidi and Chisholm are OK, but I don’t really notice much insight from them. Just passing on news.

        • Back from Tampa. Rays fans are despondent there about the lack of offense.

          Tampa has many good sports stations & the announcers are furious at mgmt for not getting some bats.

          Sadly, Wilner is the best Toronto fans have. I hope Hayhurst gets more work in the offseason. He could co host Jays Talk with Wilner.

          The arbitrary endpoints are a joke with Wilner. He usually chastises a fan if they use a small sample size.

      • Wilner blocked me on twitter after I called him closed minded and irrational.

  28. can someone who knows how to do it make a gif of Omar falling to his knees at Jose’s feet

  29. The Coz and the Hurst follow them better than Mike Wilnerd.

    As for Omar’s slide , that’s twice this year he’s ended the game on dumb plays. That slide was like watching puppies play over a fresh piece of shit.

    Uterus Smasher is a god by the way.

    • He’s also your big brother if I’m not mistaken. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

  30. Can never bask in the glory of winning a one run game for very long, cause…..they always lose the next game by a exactly a run.

  31. Fernando Rodney is such an unprofessional prick.

  32. Wow what a sorry sack of shit game that was. And I don’t say that because it wasn’t entertaining (which it definitely was) or because there weren’t any bright spots (chicken wing!).

    That game was a fucking summary of all of the worst things about the 2012 Blue Jays. In order from least annoying to giant shitstorm of terrible they are;

    1. Henderson Alvarez. He looks like a good kid, but fuck, every time he throws a pitch and it doesn’t get roped into the outfield its a miracle. He CANNOT be in the Major League rotation to start next year. Also could he play any slower? Its bad enough that he’s completely unexciting, but on top of that he has to take a goddamn minute between every pitch?

    2. Managing strategy. Usually I’ll defend Farrell because I think managing a baseball team is 90% inspiration anyway, but holy fucknuts that was some terrible management. I’m hearing the double steal wasn’t his fault, but that was pretty much the worst. And fucking Omar! You don’t get him to tag at second on a ball to the warning track because he’s too slow, then send him round third on a goddamn single? Not even going into why my fucking father is on a professional baseball team, why would you send a guy YOU THOUGHT WAS TOO FUCKING SLOW TO TAG to test Upton’s arm? With Edwin coming up?

    3. Kelly Johnson. You’re the fucking worst Kelly. Fuck you. Fuck you so much.

    • +1. I thought the main reason that the Jays signed Visquel was to be a mentor to Hecheverria & Escobar.

      Escobar has regressed this year. I don’t know if Visquel has helped Hech.

      The Jays would have been better off with Mike Mccoy as the backup infielder this year.

  33. Well we have some good things to look for going foward such as Omar the tent maker won’t be fucking things up next year nor will the 200 strikeout man , ,Kelly Johnson.
    What the Christ did Alex ever see in this guy to say he wanted him yr after yr? Shit, i hope Lacava or someone else starts talking some sense into him- we need to get a few batters with PLATE discipline. Look how much better EE is now, that he is willing to tak a walk and not just swinh at the first POS offering the pitcher gives him.
    I really think they should take a look at bringing Marco Scutaro back for 2nd base. He hits .275 every year and gets a lot of walks
    And, don’t shit on me too much for this, but I could see the Jays trading Rasmus this year as part of a package for a stud pitcher-we then sign BJ Upton of Tampa as a FA

    • If the return was a stud pitcher, there are only three untouchables in the entire org: Lawrie, EE, and Bautista.

    • I wonder if DJF or GB will analyze what went wrong with the Kelly Johnson for Aaron Hill trade.?

      Hill’s success in Arizona is remarkable after 2 years of failure with the Jays.


  35. “No comment” from Rajai about the double steal. Weird.

    • Not really weird.
      It was totally indefensible.
      Even if he misread the signs, nobody would run there.

      • Exactly, but what I thought was weird was Cleetus and Farrell discussed it. You’d figure Rajai would own up to it.

        • I think Rajai got called into Farrells office and told to pull down his pants, bend over and then had his bum spanked.
          He’s a little embarrassed by the whole episode.

          • This is the second year in a row under Farrell where the team makes numerous mistakes on the basepaths. Rajai Davis is born on the same day as Bautista & is almost 32 years old.

            Rajai should not be making stupid mistakes on the basepaths.

          • @ oakville 69

            As much as Davis fucked up.
            Cletus isn’t any better. The stop sign was up for him too. And his reaction to seeing Davis take off was ,fuck what the coaches sign was, I better take off too.
            Cletus ignored the sign also.A colosal fuck up.
            And I say that as a Rasmus supporter.

  36. And, for what it’s worth, I agree with Zaun for once. He’s pretty pissed about the bone-headed mistakes.

  37. Where are the September call ups? Am I missing something? It is September right?

  38. I read somewhere from a scout that said the best way to gauge a managers effectiveness is how his team runs the bases.

    If that’s true, it’s not a ringing endorsement of Farrell.

  39. Ahem.
    I owe an apology to commenter SJM.Sorry.SJM you were correct.

    Still can’t believe TWO pros ran after the stop sign was put up.
    No wonder Rajai had no comment.
    A fucking embarrassment.

  40. Lol Ben Fransisco

  41. We’ve been Nixed, might as well be Francisco’d as well.

  42. Hey guys, I think Romero kinda sucks.

    Happy long weekend bitches!

  43. Are people seriously watching this crap!!!

  44. WTF is fucking going on.

  45. The lost ball for sierra just established this will be the ugliest game of the season…

  46. Romero. Wow.

  47. Ooof.

  48. Ugly.

    Romero should be volunteering himself to go down to AAA at this point to work out his shit. He is certainly not doing himself any favours out there.

  49. Romero is now a fukstick, officially. Christ he couldn’t even get BEN Francisco out for crissakes. The problem now is, he’s untradeable….so…do we just sit back and hope he regains something because if we start him next April and he does this Jesse Chavex impression again the only place we can send him is back to east LA as 2013 will become an instant w/o
    Given that Lester and Lincecul also are fuksticks this year, I guess he gets more rope but NOT all year next year-we do not need another Steve Blass on our hands

    • At 5 mill next year and 7.5 for the next three I sure as fuck hope he doesn’t do the Steve Blass impression.

  50. He legit looks like he wants to cry.

  51. So I come in from doing yard work and turn on the game only to find out that the fucking ge is over?? WTF Romero??? The only two starters that didn’t go on the DL this year are terrible…I hope Alvarez starts in AAA next year and Romero gets his shit together in the off season…it must be frustrating for the rest of the Jays to try to get psyched up for a day when either of them is on the mound, because it sure is frustrating for the fans

  52. I’m not sure what they are, but it’s time for desperate measures with respect to Mr. Romero.

  53. Trade him for eric hosmer already

  54. Remember my start against NYY. I’m pretty good when not mostly sucking.

    • Romero is becoming the Jo Jo Reyes of the Jays. He pitches well against the yankees but gets no run support.

      Today he pitches badly against a weak offense & can’t get an out in the second inning.

      I hope Romero doesn’t end up tying Jo Jo’s record from last year.

  55. I haven’t been able to watch a game the last few weeks due to a new job but thought I’d sit down to this one. However, it’s abundantly clear that it is absolutely, without a doubt, ALL OVER! I refuse to be subjected to this anymore! I will not watch the rest of this game.

    Furthermore, I will not be back for the rest of the season and perhaps even a bit of next year! I urge the rest of you to join me!

  56. Did Ricky at least have his ‘badass, asskicker, kick-ass-&-take-names, take-no-prisoners’ face on the whole time???

    • It’s so bad the Jays will not be able to use the Ricky Romero ads they dvelop this year for next year.

      Can the team use Romero in the offseason as a marketing campaign?

      Maybe the Jays could have an apology tour as part of the winter caravan.

      Lawrie could promise not to run into camera bays. Jose could agree to no longer participate in HR derbies. Rajai could learn what a red light is.

      The bright spot this year is Edwin.

    • Nope…the pouty bitch look was his thing today.

  57. Fire Farrell chants coming up soon at the dome

  58. I’m fine with just letting Tabby and Buck go home early today.

    • Tabby & Buck should have 3 hours of silence in memory of the2012 Jays.

      • Somehow I think that’s impossible.

        BUT !

        It gives me a great idea for fundraising for the Jays Foundation!

        What if they had a real “Silent Auction”. wherein people paid by the minute for their silence?

  59. They say that even a dead cat will bounce if it falls from a great height. I’m still awaiting Romero’s dead cat bounce.

  60. Ricky Ro can’t even net us a bunch o baseballs now y’all! I can’t believe it so next year our rotation is Ro, Morrow and Hendy?! Goodness that means we will be in last once again. Mr Alex needs to sign Carols V and get another pitcher via trade or something we can’t go on like this when Da the Os have the 25th placed farm system and they be winning like champs and we are scuffling with the number 2 system.

    I hope they trade Farrell to da Red Sux. He can screw their team as well. We need a manager that has been there before like a Showalter not this chump. Mr John took a bad situation and made it worse all y’all.

    As for Mr alex he think he was creating The Rays with money ,more like the Astros wif money! How can you have the number 1 /2 farm system and end up like this? Bad evaluation, bad development AND the bench is mediocre at best. I want a winning GM who can take us to the promised land not this BS artist who does a lot of talking and comes up with garbage in the end.

    • do you tramp on babies when they fall?

    • Your knowledge of ebonics is excellent.

      We basically have a AAA team out there because the prs are either injured or falling apart.

      Romero’s downfall is scary .

      I really hope that Romero doesn’t disclose in October that he was pitching injured throughout the year.

      I think AA has no choice but to sign Carlos V as an extra arm.

      Today was the final straw for Ricky.

      AA must be guzzling pepto bismol after today’s performance.

      AA can’t allow Rajai Davis to be the fulltime LF for 2013. He makes too many dumb mistakes.

      • Thanks fo’ da compliments brotha man. The depth in triple AAA is soring lacking where da pitchers be at? Deck is a bust and who is out there. Gose can’t hit can he? So Mr Alex done wrong on two fronts : development and da bench.

        Ricky Ro has been down and up but mostly down. Looks like it’s a brain thang. I love that chicano brotha BUT maybe a new pitching coach might set him right.

        Rajai ain’t no good as a starter only a 4th outfielder or pinch runner/base stealer. Sign or trade for an upgrade in lef’ and sign DEwayne Wise as another backup. Go out and get one bonafide inning eating starter and sign Mr Carlos. They could come in 4th if they do that.

        Oh one mo thing get rid of Farrell, they need an experienced manager like Bucky down in Baltimore to bring them to the next level. as much as a Goofball as Cito was he knew a thang or two about motivating people didn’t he?

        Next might be the GM ,did all y’all see the tweaks Duquette made in Balty? My goodness,he did some small but nice moves. Mr Alex should pay attention to the guy instead of acting like Andrew Freidman JR who has a great manager in Joe Madman Madden.

    • Can you go party poop somewhere else please?

  61. Rub it in, why don’t you.

  62. 2012 motto: it’s a game of inches.
    2013 motto: it’s a game of feet.

  63. Hey karen.
    While watching todays game I started to curl up into the fetal position.
    Should I be concerned?

  64. Buck and Tabs are drinking for sure.

  65. Fukstick they should trade Rasmus you right on the ball. I grew up with southern boys like that…he’s lost. He ain’t no winning player, La Russa was on ta something y’all.

    Scutaro is a good choice fo second betta than KJ,. That man make Mark Reynolds look like a walk machine! Now Wilner be coming around and him me some BS about KJ’s OPS or some crazy a$$ stat! I don’t listen to him anyways, he’s a Blue Jays apologist. he was all over Cito BUT what about the white man who be in charge now?! Farrell’s a chump,he’s a punk . I would like to see meeting tween Farrell and Cito,Cito: you ain’t like me you a punk. I’ve been wif made people connected people. Who you been with? Das all he need to say……


    Now you know who be Benny Blanco fron da Bronx in all dis dontcha?

  66. This game makes Cambodia look like Kansas.

    • In 1969 Nixon did his level best to carpet-bomb Cambodia as flat as Kansas.

      • Robin Williams: ” if you remember the 60′s, you weren’t really there.”

        • Somebody has to at least try. Carl. Radar seemingly recalls thongs as being a thing, which is just wrong on so many levels.

  67. Ricky got no mo’ mojo. I sure hope he finds it for next season. At times he looks like he’s over it, like his last start against the Yankees, and then he shits the bed against a poor hitting team like Tampa…go figure

  68. Cletus ain’t just a pretty face.

  69. Oh wow. I came home, checked the score, and turned off the tv. Poor

    I maintain that what happened to RR this year is the starter’s equivalent of what happened to Jose when no one else was hitting and Lind was batting behind him. No insurance. He had to get a hit at every at-bat because he was the only guy that could. Well when all the starters went down, that was Ricky’s position. It was all on him. Not an easy situation. I’m one that thinks Ricky would have been very different if AA could have swung a deal for a decent starter. Less pressure would have led to better results.

    • What would you know about PRESSURE!

    • That excuse doesn’t fly for me, there have been so many bad teams where the ACE still pitches well even though he’s surrounded by double A quality arms. Halladay did it for a decade, Greinke, Felix Henandez, Mussina while in Baltimore. This list is endless..
      Rickey has had a lot of success, he’s paid like an ace, time for him to show up and get his shit together.

      Further to the point, when everyone was still healthy earlier in the year he was still pitching like shit. He was getting wins but his ERA was still over 5.

    • Problem is mainly that Rickey has never really been an Ace. Don’t get me wrong; this is not a criticism of Ricky. The media do these things. The team should really step up and control the narratives about the players, referring to their #1 starter as THAT, no ace unless an ace appears and dominates and makes it impossible not to call him that. Even Cliff Lee is really not an Ace and it shows when he is placed in that position. For Ricky this is horrible. He looses 2x every game. Once for the usual and 2nd because he thinks he has failed as The Ace. Get that anchor off from around his neck by controlling what the team says about him. Make it VERY clear and back the media fools away … Aces are NOT anointed; they emerge and there are clearly nothing like 30 of them in MLB. Think about this and you’ll see how much of a difference it makes in how you think about Ricky going forward. A team would like to have one, but there are NO shortcuts.

      • Don’t call Brandon Morrow ACE either … they’re starting to call AJ Ace in Pittsburg. Let’s see how that works. All of this applies to Closer as well.

      • Good point.

        I wonder if Ricky would accept being demoted to 2nd starter & let Morrow pitch opening day.

        • What do you mean would have ‘accept’?
          Who the fuck is he to say anything to anyone about what his role should be right now? He should be thankful if they make him even the number 5 starter. You cannot possibly go into next year with any assumptions when it comes to the expected performance of one ricky romero

          • I would think that Ricky would have earned some say after his previous track record with the Jays.

            Would Ricky voluntarily accept a demotion to the #2 starter or lower or would AA & Farrell tell him he has to pitch in the #2 spot or lower for the sake of the team?

            Let’s say AA gets Marcum, I think Marcum would logically be the opening day starter based on seniority .

            If the Jays don’t sign any free agents & don’t acquire anyone with seniority through trades, does Ricky stay as opening day starter based on salary?

            Would the Jays marketing department try and market Ricky Romero 2013 as a Rocky like comeback??

    • Good point.

      This will be a very important offseason for AA.

      The injury excuse helps the makreting dept explain some of the poor 2012 results.

      They could film spring training ads from the medical centre at Dunedin.

      Have the camera pan from a medical doctor clearing each Blue jay to play in 2013.

  70. Can’t wait until the fire AA comments show up if he let’s Carlos V go and doesn’t shore up the rotation well

    • They’ve got a great scouting staff, dont be surprised if he does a deal for a sleeper that no one else has thought of..

  71. Trying to meet a woman this holiday weekend.
    Not having much luck.

  72. Chicken Wing #37!!!

  73. Jesus, Edwin got good this year.

    • Gotta tip the cap to AA on that contract, I was a little skeptical because of his inconsistency but he’s been an absolute beast this year.

  74. Sagan, their scouting staff is so great is that they be in 5th place right now! Please don’t bring up injuries BECAUSE dem kids they brought up is not all that,dig? You want a sleeper sign Mr Carlos THEN buy a big time pitcher.

    Why shouldn’t peopel call for Mr alex’s job? what place have they been in since he took over? Duquette took over a sh%tty Orioles team and look where they be now. They need a more experience GM to bring dem to da promised land y’all. Mr Alex was groomed unda JP who ain’t won nothing. The Os are the 25th rated farm system and they are in contention with1 24 roster moves this season.

    One more thing, Duquette said, we’d do anything to make the playoffs. Meanwhile, Mr Alex gives us excuses. I don’t want to hear any of this building BS anymore either. What is Baltimore doing? Competing while we are building?! Unreal I tell all y’all.

    • Amen. Sick of AA’s, and Beeston’s Bullshit!

    • Move to Baltimore, there’s room on the bandwagon. Baltimore is more a result of several career years then Duquettes handiwork. All of the position players carrying that team were there before Dan showed up.

      I believe in Anthopolous. He may look like he works at Revenue Canada but he’s a shrewd little bastard.

      • + Billions and Billians

      • A little luck is involved with any contending team as well but with Baltimore its a lot of luck, a good manager and everything coming into place which then fosters a winning team attitude. While we are at it, why don’t we all admit as Jays fans, seeing Baltimore sitting where we thought we should be first is one major kick in our collective nuts. Hell we can’t even make fun of Seattle any more and we don’t even compare to Oakland. All things said i can’t wait for the season to end and be forgotten.

        • Very true . The silver lining for Jays fans is that I expect AA to put more pressure on Rogers to open up the vault & allow him to fix the holes on the Blue Jays ship before it sinks again.

          Rogers must be self aware that the new fans will accept injuries as the principal reason for failure in 2012, but won’t be as enthusiastic to support the 2013 Jays if AA doesn’t make the necessary improvements for 2013.

          Jays hype machine can’t sell Hech & Gose.as the new stars.

    • Yo bin missin that last comment bro? AA signed EE to an amazin contract. AA bin doin that (JB, Escobar and RR), trades an lots o stuff that takes time. Scoutin jess one part of it but it be for da futur so they be compeetin for not jess one year but lots o years.. Duquette has that sucka Showalter an he be a dam fine manager. Props to him too bro. He jess do it a differen way.

      • Sagan how lomng the Os been bad fo? Every time Buck take over a team it take 2 years fo dem to take off. Instead we get Farrell,he ain’t no genius,no motivator he a punk. and McFail didn’t try to build a f%^kin team all y’all? He failed as Mr Alex is failing. Ther will be a time when we hire a Buck type or a Duqette type and maybe make it BUT not with Mr alex,he’s our Ansy McFail,dig?

    • lol what the hell are u even talking about. You sir a complete idiot.

      • Heinz you have a Nazi name you a racist then! You are also Mr Alex’s propagandist I bet. Don’t worry Da Jays will be staying behind looking at The Os grow while we falter. It’s chumps like all y’all holding this team back.

    • All of your opinions are stupid and full of shit. Unreal I TELL YALL

  75. Tabby said they have to strap it on tomorrow afternoon.
    Sounds like a plan.

  76. ….f*cken hell…another one down the drain…maybe if i ask the missus for a BJ that’ll cheer me up.

  77. I wish I could get some oral gratification.

  78. Johnny, we’re sorry, why dont you go on home.

  79. US you be delusional. Who signed Chen? DD! Who signed Luke Ford? DD! Who traded Guthrie for Jason H? DD! The roster moves is his not McFail’s,dig?

    Mr alex may be a bastard BUT he ain’t so shrewd. You have far shrweder people in baseball with results to show for it while Jays’ fans sit on dey thumbs again fo yet another season.

    I bet y’all was one of those people who wrote Oriololes right? Well BLOLue Jays! Right back atcha!

    • Jesus, did you just bring up the aquisition of LEW Ford? The guy who is a career minor leaguer and is currently hitting .186?

      Chen’s been great but Duquette signed him without an agreement with Taiwanese ball and Baltimore is NEVER allowed to sign or scout ball players from their again.
      Does not sound like a good move. He got one good pitcher but handicapped the franchise forever.

      • US you be on crack all y’all! Where the Jays be at? The cellar, The Balckbirds be 2 games back of the Yanks. Meanwhile, Da Jays are yanking dere chain,dig?

        He handicapped the franchise forever?! HAHAHAHA! Das why we have a black pres now all y’all white people is so silly. THe os are on teh rise, da Jays are gonna be cellar dwellers with chumps like Mr Alex and Farrell at the helm. YOu drink too much Wilner Kool aid or you must be doggin wif Mr alex?! Which one I wonder…..

      • That’s actually wrong. You are referring to an incident that Baltimore was trying to sign a high school Korean pitcher that caused some controversy. Chen was playing in Japanese league and they sign him through posting process.

        • I stand corrected. Thank you.
          If you can find the article to link I’d appreciate it as the point still stands. I clearly remember which ever country it was said that the Orioles were no longer welcome to scout or sign their players anymore.

  80. one of you 2 (look at their names) has to turn around

  81. Broke Ass Chocolate Blue Jays Brotha, do you want to go on date?

    • Only if you is lily white have blonde hair,blue eyes and a tramp stamp! Since I be very wanted by vanilla I only want the best. OH I ain’t like thos pasty white emo guys, I want some on the first date!

  82. Oh US Taiwan is such a uterus of baseball talent ain’t it? HAHAHA! Give me a break. how many people from Taiwan did Mr alex sign? Maybe he can get One Dumb F^ck next year instead of greinke! They will be a 4th to 5th place team from year to year, they ain’t competing for sh%t with Farrell The Clueless and Mr Alex the Winless!

    Cool Jays fans will see what’s happening with The Os and say why da f%^k ain’t we competing with the big boys? Because our GM is bad at development, building a bench and has no depth in the major or minor leagues…that’s why. Otheriwse white boys keep deluding yourselves about competing when we can’t even crawl out of last place.

    • I shouldn’t entertain an argument with a guy who points to the aquisition of Lew Ford as a highlight on a GM’s resume. This year has been a complete bust for the Jays, but I’ll take their next 10 years over O’s in a heartbeat. O’s may make the playoffs but they’re gonna get trampled, they’ll be 1 and done. The Jays are stockpiling to be competitive for a decade.
      I can take the lumps this year, the baseball gods have hurled every possible catastrophe at the Jay’s (4 tommy Johns, countless injuries, suspensions, Red Sox trying to whore our manager) and they’ll be stronger for it next year.
      AA makes a few pickups this winter, and this team will compete when healthy.

      One of us is way off base. Here’s hoping you get picked off.

      • The next ten years of what being in the basement?! You is so naive fool. What makes you think they will be that competitive white boy,unh? Because someone fed you a bunch of BS? Remember when they said the Jays was gonna compete in 2010 what happened? They began that building BS…and you fell fo it sucker das what.

        BTW you be way off base. This team has shown no indication that they will spend money do they all Bees ton and Mr alex do is talk,talk,talk! So you have no idea what they gonna do, you only have hope. The Os might be the team competing year in year out while MR Alex hires another chump like Butter and we wait until God knows when to compete!

        One mo thing are you really Mike Wilner?HAHAHA!

        • Wilner got fed up with a Jays talk caller today who said Romero’s flaws had been exposed this year.

          The caller blasted Wilner for bragging about the Jays prospects & AA’s superior drafts.

          The caller said better players were picked after Romero & if the Jays were going to brag about superior scouts & developing prospects at a better rate than other teams they would have to deliver results.

          Wilner got mad & pointed out most prospects don’t succeed.

          He said the caller was trolling & hung up on him.

          Luckily he had Jonah Keri as a special guest so there were no more calls.

          • I’m fed up with Mr Mike. He talk agood game but is lost in the sauce. Prospects are suspects until or if they pan out guys. Superior draft from Mr alex? HAHAHA! yeah right,the Os with their shitty 25th place team are two games out and us wif our second rated farm system are one of the worst teams in the league. Just because someone feeds y’all shit and tells you its chocolate pudding don’t mean that it’s not shit..because it is brotha!

      • One mo thang what happened with Deck? He flopped right> Where is the depth in the minor leagues? Gose can’t hit can’t hit?

        Wigga this team was about a .500 team when the s^&t hit the fan. Was Ricky Ro any good? How about alvarez? When we get healthy we will still look like chumps compared to The Blackbirds(i like the ring to that).

        Oh what gonna happen to Edwin and Joey Bats if they get caught doing an illegal substance Then that will be your excuse as to why the team faltered. They need a winning GM like Kenny Williams who has a Ws title under his belt not a guy who talks alot BUT says nothing in the end! Mr Alex doesn’t know how to win because he’s been in a lsoing situation for so long we need a winner not some chump whose mentor was JP The Hswknose!

  83. Hey the Jays didn’t lose the series to the Rays! Don’t ask me anything else that might have come out of this game that is a positive except I am pretty sure Farrell was just pissed at another Romero shit show by the way he was muttering in the dug out. Fuck it, lets start playing Billy Ball, you younger fans can Google it.

  84. If you’re going to adopt an ebonics gimmick, you should really be more consistent. As it is, your rap is weaker than your arguments. And you have no arguments.

    • *Ding Ding… ebonics is todays word of the day, Congrats!

    • Is all y’all mad just because I had your white mama and you came out all caramel colored!? Get a life. Y’all don’t know baseball at all. You are a punk,son. You root fo a fifth place team with a big mouf GM and a manager that is a class A chump. Good luck in the future with all your excuses as to why da team never makes it. What is it this year? what was it the year(2008) when The Rays came up and came on top. Now wif the Os you have no explanation fo that right son? They don’t make sense on a stat level to you. They don’t even have half the talent we do BUT they have a winning manager who wuz the co-architect of the 90s Yankees wif Stick Michaels. Their new GM laid the foundation for the Red sux in the 90s and Twenty os. WTF has big mouf Mr Alex done? Jacks%^T. Mr John is not a good manger, he wuz a pitching coach and can’t even handle a bullpen!?

      Once last thang your mama was just a one night stand ,son. You did turn out crazy mad stupid just like she was…..that I can say for sure.:)

    • You related to John Wilkes Booth,son? I thought so,the man who kileld Pres Lincoln. I bet that all y’all don’t liek black people either. Let me say this much get your behind in line with Tom W he’s at a BJ contest. They are seeing who can ahem take the most thangs into their mouths. It’s OK I know it’s not your first time you’ve become really goos at what you do BUT not much else!:) You also one of those wiggas/fools/chumps that thinks that Mr Alex is a good GM. Guess what fool good GMs don’t have thier team in 4th and 5th place fool. One mo thing the fing Mariners are better than us too. and the Oakland nabolics and The Blackbirds. and if you didn’t know thefking Orioles are like the 25th rated farm system in baseball while we are number fing two! Why because bitchbags such as yoself buy into the hype. The fking lwoly Ms are chumping us that’s oK because Alex is a ninja right? Good luck in teh BJ contest BUT I know you’ll win anyways…HAHAHA!

  85. Is anyone going to give me suggestions on how to find a woman?
    I need some “RADAR love.”
    If you catch my meaning.

    • 2 parts vinegar mixed with virgin olive oil. Add fresh crushed garlic, throw in some scent of hormone and gently apply to the woman of choice. After settling, show a roll of fresh and crisp one hundred dollar bills, let set and congats you just got layed.

      • Nice one but try this…put on some shoe polish so you can score women like a brotha! and pump up your lips some. all da girls want black men now, all y’all white boys is woefully irrelevant now dontcha know.

        • Kind of a literal expose’ of what you have done, aside from the black mask little one.

          • Wrong son, you might be half black BUT you are white people stupid! I know all y’all have a boyfriend now blackening my name even further. Is OK what you have is a white people problem Son. I accept your ways,it’s OK that you’re a bottom someone has to do the swallowing and sucking in this world. YOU MIGHT AS WELL BE DA ONE! HAHA….

  86. Encarnacion hit a sacrifice fly to first baseman C.Pena, Hechavarria scored, R.Davis to third

    Did that really happen the way it sounds? EE pops straight up and then Hech and Rajai apply their superpowers to advance one base?

    • AA, lay off the dietary supplements and get back on the phone!

    • What Edwin a proud balck man gonna say when da fuzz done caught him wif PEDS? He’ll pull an OJ and say da man planted them on him he wuz framed.

      • Please fuck off

        • Da truf hurt don’t it? Haymo does that mean Homo…das what you sound like bitch. I apologize fo pinching your butt like that BUT you wuz dressed up all fine like dat? How much it cost y’all to look like a woman?! I must say I wuz turned off by the fact tha you smelled like you’ve just been f^&ked. When you street walk try to take a shower at least once a month.

  87. Of course it is not even remotely the answer, but there is some glimmer of hope at 2B maybe (as FA pickings are slim and trade prospects unlikely). If not Hech, Ryan Schimpf put together a nice season, finishing up at AA – 128 games, .369 OBP, 22 HRs and 37 doubles- a lot of that damage was done in Dunedin and FSL parks which are MLB sized, so there is that – but he is also “old for that league”. He had a crazy start at AA – 8 HRs in 128 PAs, 1 in every 16 PA – the minor league HR leader is Darren Ruf of the Phillies – he hit an HR every 15 PA. Who knows?

    • BP KJ was 4th in OPS in the AL, 5th in mediocrity and number one in strikeouts so he’s the best we got! How do I know all of this….Mr Wilner done told me……

      • You are becoming less ghetto all of a sudden bitch…but smart

        • Wigga please black folk never use bitch unless it’s directed at white people, skanky ass women and people like all y’all!

          My intellmegence comes from watching dis team. I also watch the Yanke$$ who black people up in D Bronx eat up BUT Mr Steinbrenner never did anything fo us unless you count Daryl and Doc! Kelly Johsnon has a black man’s name but he be weak. Let some chump ass team like The NY MEss take him. And If I’m Mr Alex I don’t offer him arb,no way. I don’t want that chump eating up our money when we need a motherfing pitcher,dig?

    • Hey do not overlook Ryan Goings as a prospect who could step up 2nd round pick I believe had a good year in AA playing in Arizona Fall League this year

  88. So here we are, beginning of September and 16 games out of first and 14 games out of the wild card.

    Management and ownership need to get this team competitive and in a playoff race with meaningful games in September.
    This may have been a building year, but the money wasn’t there (in MLB payroll).
    This team (as is) will likely not be in the race next year. If the team is to have a pipeline, they cannot afford to trade top prospects. The real solution is giving Alex enough money to go out and get the players he needs.
    Alex has done a nice job of setting up the bullpen for year but the team has question marks at second, left field, DH and a bunch of spots in the rotation that need a #2 calibre starting pitcher.
    #2 Morrow
    #2 Ricky (you gotta believe he can fix this)
    5th starter Happ / Villanueva ….whoever

    To make a decent step forward, this rotation needs at least one more #2 quality starter and Dusty MacGowan doesn’t count! At least the team has the lefties, so it should be easier to grab a right-hander (and less costly).

  89. Duh! and huh?

    • I don’t get it. Ricky Ro is toast. Villanueva gonna be signed by a rich ass team or a smart/good one like the Cards. so all we got is Morrow. and lavarez who is gonna be a golf caddy so anyways. Cecil will probbly be in there soemwhere even though he’s Happ lite. In the end we’ll have another BS “building” year and Baltimore will be the new Rays while we sit and watch. The richest owners in baseball act like they penniless…damn whatta bunch of horseshit!

    • Alex has done a nice job? I can hardly waitto see what he does for next year. Is it possible that AA made a mistake with his proclaimations on the budget? We are last in our divison – please hold the praise

      • Bird, thanks fo the sanity. It’s about time a sensible man spoke up in here besides myself. My son Tom W got arrested fo indecent exposure again so excuse his immaturity. He got caught fluffing again….:)

        Mr alex ain’t building dick. It’s all a ruse. We be a last place team with the prospect of becoming guess what…a last place team. I can’t wait for all these mofos who love Mr alex when dey wake up and it’s 2015 and we still in last and what excuses they come up with. Oh 2016 is our year, MR Double A is a ninja, The Os are overachieving(having made the playoffs every year while chumps like us are sitting at home). I will be laughing at those chumps when some other bad manager is chosen …because all y’all know that either Butter or Wilner’s gonna become manager! I can’t wait for the laughfest that will ensue it will be funnier than Soul Plane that’s for sure.

  90. Maybe some women will start posting on DJF.
    At least women the Monkey Army hasn’t already chased off.

  91. I think Frank Burns should start

    • I wuz in da army wif a Frank Burns who wasn’t anthing like the due on MASH. He used smoke pot most of da day screw white girls and complain about the late and not great George Steinbrenner. Yeah he was a Yankee$ fan.He liked the Jays powder blues uniforms because:” they looked like something a black man would wear!” We had a hot lips who could give my sons She was a German girl who loved black meat IF YOU KNOW WHAT I”MSAYIN”? We used ta play doctor at lunchtime. She ended up having twins..one was black teh other was white! Meanwhile her husband was white. The poor bastard was stuck wif a chocolate baby. He was a cuckold and a meatball to boot all at the same time/

  92. Broke Ass Chocolate Blue Jays Brother, are you smooth at talking to women?
    You seem like you have a magical touch with the ladies.

    • My god reading this thread is so fucking depressing

      • HAHAHA! Well I got advocate smoking some grass then. It’s got tons of anti-oxidants and can get you laid in no time. White girls love da stuff. Oh BTW we have next season,,,you knwo the one where the OS, Seattle Ms and The Os do even better and MR Alex throws some mo BS our way. I’m bracing fo it. The good thang is dat Farrell will be gone,hopefully he’ll f^ck up Boston too BUT knowing our luck he’ll win 5 World Series and we’ll be cooing about prospect porn while sitting in the cellar again.

    • Radar you gots ta be yourself,dog. Be aggressive knowwhatI’msatin’? Use dat ole radar magic. Go in smooth ,be suave and always be on point. Wif black girls, i have to be all like:” I want to lick your bottom like a big choclate chip.’ with white girls, I don’t do that much they attack me like white on rice! asian girls is also mad about me as well. Not much work there. Radar work on your natural charm swagger don’t be afraid leave behind that weak attitude and go out there and bust it up!

      One mo thang my son Tom w is dressing up like a lady now he found hisself right quick. Fo the cheap price of 5.95 USD you can some wild favors from him! He’s on the corner of Yankee Stadium, he da one who look like a hooker BUT he really be an escort….Tell ‘im I sent you

  93. Thanks, my main man.
    You really know a lot about women.
    Not many posters here do – but you appear to know what you are talking about.

    • Radar you one cool white brotha,know that? I think that a lot of the posters here know about women because they look at ‘em.lust after them BUT have no swagger when they talk to them. They stiffen up and end up making out with some other crazy white boy. That’s weak. Go out there and act like a pimp ,a macdaddy dig? Bust out your rap knowledge white girls get weak in da knees fo that. Also don’t talk so white they hate that. My friend Oreganoheand is a white due,mofo couldn’t get laid to save his life until he shaved his white head,walked into a club with sunglases and started talking in jive. Now white and asian sistas think he be black. And the Spanish honeys eat him up like he’s going out of style. He has to swat them away like they are hungry flies brothaman.

      radar I know you’ll do well. You have mad swagger already all you gotta do is unleash it serious like knowwhatI’msayin’?

      • Do you think if I talked like a coloured chap it would help me with Travis?

        • Travis be a dude, the English band who da funk taht be? Oak, hit it hard bro. Go in fo da kill. Be a ninja the way dat people perceive Mr alex…BUT they wrong bout him!

        • LOL! I don’t wear chaps.

        • This isn’t my post. I never refer to Negroes as coloured and I’m not persuaded that Brotha is offering real dating advice. I think he’s being sarcastic.

  94. Thank you, cuz.
    I really do appreciate it.
    I mean I was a prom king when I was a youth.
    I didn’t get to the top of high school by listening to girly bands like Rush and Styx.
    I really worked for it.
    Just at some point I lost the magic.

    • You gotta get your mojo back RADAR.

      • Babygirl,whassup? Are you up in Canada I’m down here in NYC just chilling. It’s hot up in here. Just had some cognac and put on some MArvin Gaye…man it’s sweet. I love TO BTW it’s so beautiful up there and people don’t call me a N%gga either up there. Canadian girls are crazy mad stupid polite as well. The NYC girls are nothing compared ta y’all.

    • No probs. I have GEddy’s Lee Rick bass man. He became weak playing a shitty Fender Jazz Bass,he became soft. Anywho Styx was very white> Some white girl took me to see them and I was so bored I fell asleep only to find this baby girl teabagging me! We wuz sitting in da boondocks Radar,dig? Well I thank ou still got a little something something. Let it out. I got faith in you,you a good man. I can tell because y’all want some booty whereas there are people here who cream at the thought of a first rounder coupled with another last place finish! Looks like The Jays is becoming The Leafs!:)

  95. Broke Ass Chocolate Blue Jays Brother is mentoring me.
    He is my Mr. Miyagi.

    • Radar , I actually ran into Ralph Macchio down here. He’s a real f-king gentleman. He doesn’t have that n%gga don’t look at me look when he talsk to you. Very nice and down to earth. I didn’t think much of him before I met him BUT I thought he was a cool dude. He autographed a picture fo my daughters,Naquisha and Ra NE NE. They wuz so hapy at that BUT the baby mama wasn’t. She don’t love white people even though she be half white!Anyway thanks fo the big ups you got lotsa potential and I think you ae gonna be a great success with the ladies. Just make sure that you check and see if they are ladies first. One never knows do one these days?

  96. I’ll give Styx one thing – they put the kitsch into rock n roll.
    But you’re right. It was a very white act.

    • Da girl got hot during Come Sail Away dude. There ain’t no funk there. Styx make Rush look like NWA! The white girl was so hot fo that band. She also made me go to a Scorpions show. I wuz like the only person of color there. But there wuz some sweet honeys there. I had a good time even though Scorpions were whiter than Styx and Rush combined!

    • I hated Styx, that guy with his pirate shirt and big boots. Ugh. I saw them in concert once, only because I wanted to see Bad Company, and they were opening for Styx.

      • I saw BAd Co, that brotha Paul rodgers had soul. He wuz liek a white people version of Otis Redding. Teh way he sings is so black. I think taht man is da bomb. BAd Co has black roots like Zepelin whereas Styx is uber white. I don’t hear da funk there. Otherwise I had a good time getting busy at that concert so it was a fun time.

  97. Hey Billy, give a way out of this hole.

    • I wouldn’t wish this team on a broke dick dog.

    • Dutch we were together in Iraq or wuz dat Central America. The German girl wuz your sister right? Man you one fierce f^ck man. Forget about The Jays they got Mr alex who is doing what the country of Greece is doing…screwing the entire world! I want to trade him to the REd Sux for PEdroia or some cool or soemone who is in fucking shape.

      • Here we are again bro… Just you and me. Same kind of moon, same kind of jungle.

        • Bro, I was wif Dutch’s sister she be from Germany and I checked to see before hand if she had a clam or a snail ,know what I’m sayin’ kid? You musta been wif my son Tom W who was whoring hisself out for a box of Jelly beans! He took the wig from Derek Jeter’s apartment he has a collection from all da white girls he had! and to top it all off he be bleaching his skin!? Now what proud black man would be doing that? I know his mama be half white but she hate white people, how Tommy boy end up like that?

  98. Karen, would you go to a Styx concert with me.
    They are coming to Niagara Casino next month.

    • Go boy,it’s yo birthday. man you are on point/fire/you is burning up da joint. Go fo it. Styx can only mean good thangs fo a man…BUST IT UP!

      • I couldn’t have done it without your tutilage, my main man.

        • Brotha I’m proud of you , you be a real man. My son Tom went off and is dressing like a ho now and walking the streets so I feel like you is picking up on my game/swagger/suavity.You are abgreat student, now only if Tom W would get out of that dress and stop servicing strangers I would be even prouder!

    • Oh they are! For three nights!
      Only if you promise to spring for a nice hotel room. I’m not staying in a dump. No cheesy heart shaped jacuzzi in the room either.
      And don’t tell manimal.

  99. There aren’t good hotels in Buffalo but there are on the good side of the falls.
    The CANADIAN side of the falls.
    RADAR is many things, but cheap isn’t one of them.

  100. I’ve been drivin’ all night, my hand’s wet on the wheel
    There’s a voice in my head, that drives my heel

    • Man another white man band..another that I saw too! I can only say that a Dutch girl pulled me up in there.Yeah das right. She looked like a demnted version of Zooey Deschanel too. She was great back in eh hotel room. We had a fun time, though she sang that song “Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone” over and over again. She really pissed me off because she said: it’s really funky yeah?!

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