Have at it and enjoy the weekend. Yes, this really is your Game Threat!

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  1. I watched a baseball movie tonight, “Sugar”. It was quite good.
    Story about a young pitcher from the Dominican, playing A ball in the US.


    • Karen thanks for bringing up my people, the balck folk of The Dominican. Up here in NYC we grow up in different communities but my black bros from the DR mean so much to me. Mr Edwin of The Jays and Big Papi are like the dudes I grew up wif.There was a dark skinned Dominican named Blue(i shit you not)who I used ta role wif. We used to snag white girls back in da day when it was still a taboo. I love Joey Bats too even though he look more spanish/white. I consider him a heavy ass botha too. The mofo can swing a bat like it’s nobody’s business right? Homeboy must have one drop of black blood no? anyway I’m gonna check out the flick thanks fo the heads up,girl.

  2. My very own imitator. They say you have’nt arrived until the OCD tard tries to take over your handle.Reminds me of the old days with blogger at DJF.
    Incredible imagination. Just amazing.You’re wasting your talents in the comments section of a blog,you should be on a stage somewhere making some real cash.
    Great read,extremely entertaining.You couldn’t pay for something this good.
    I can’t thank you enough for the honour.

    A note for the future so you can get it right, I swear more than you.Like i would normally call you a shithead or fuckhead, try to incorporate it a little more.
    You were wrong about a few things,I’m more of a “Humble Pie Rockin the Filmore” type of guy, but you were right about my dick, it’s only 4 inches.
    But what can I say, some girls like it that wide.
    Girth,baby, girth.

    • Snap that Steve Marriott was like da Blackest White man who ever lived. He had so much soul that’s a fact. Humble Pie was so black that i was shocked like when I first found out they wuz white AND from England. I met alot of english white people and they cool…especially the ladies BUT they wuz tight y’all.

  3. Approx. from 2 PM to 1AM.
    11 hours.
    Ya gotta admire the endurance.
    All he needs is the ” we’re delving into nonsense” speach.

  4. I had the whole room thinking I was you, including Karen.
    So I win the Internet.
    I’ll let you have your name back.
    Just having a little fun.
    Some of us had to work.

    • No problem.
      Have a good night.
      And Yes, you win the internet.
      Sincerely , very entertaining.

      • Damn, I went to bed about 15 minutes too early.
        So which one of you am I going out on a date with then?
        I’m confused.

        • I am happily married but maybe one of the members of the DJF Monkey Army can redeem my ticket.
          Bonne journée.

        • Baby girl I’m always free fo a fine BluebIrds fan. I’m up in TO fo business all the time. I love touring all da beautiful sights up there. Maybe my main wigga Fake Radar can double date with us and his beautiful wife. That would be fun no, people be saying who is that fine ass NYC brotha doing up here? I can see it now. We could catch a Jays game too. That would be fly wouldn’t it be? anyway Karen I prefer Canadian girls they so petty and whatnot and are sweeter.

  5. Chocolate Brother Jays Fan deserves the real Emmy tonight.
    That guy was killing it all night.

    • God bless you brother. all glory goes out to him. Every time I eat a biscuit wif gravy I praise him and every time I get busy I do so as well. all I can say is that I’m humbled. I still don’t Mr alex and his lies BUT I love all y’all especially my wayward son Tom. Could he stop dressing like a woman and getting down wif strangers? I know the money’s fine and all but I reckon that he could catch something. Especially since he be sleeping wif Yankee$ fans! We all know how dirty they be right?

      • I can’t be the only one who thinks this schtick is getting pretty old.

        • Unh? You speak Yiddish? I do too. My ex main heavy Gloria was Jewish. She taught me words like putz,shcmuck schlong which all desvibe what you are…a dick! Y’all are over here buying and eating up Mr Alex’s BS while I question it right quick. He is fooling y’all . One more thang folow Radar he be on pointman.

        • Colby rasmus is on fire, except when he is injured.

    • I think Real RADAR should get to go on my date for being a good sport about this.

  6. What the fuck happened here last night?

    • We be having a ball das what happened man. I been up in Egypt during my time wif the military. I made a lot of Coptic friends there they taught me about their history. They be a proud people. God bless them.

      BTW I gave my main man ,the fake Radar, some heavy duty love tips. He seem to do well wif Ms Karen. If they have a baby they can name it Chocolove in praise of my enduring and successful love techniques. The Jays losing is a good excuse to go out and get laid ain’t it? Now we see the OS again. Can Farrell stop making a sourpuss? That honky ain’t fit to shine cito’s shoes dig?

      • Chocolate Man, so nice to meet you !!!
        I think you need to add a Moroccan Woman to your collection.
        first, they are some of the most beautiful women on this planet. however, i’m partial to ANY woman with dark skin.
        second, they are among the most loyal.
        third, they are among the most feminine.
        fourth, they are easy to please.
        fifth, they enjoy pleasing their husbands.
        sixth, they have a strong moral center.
        seventh, they are very strong women and possess an unusually potent desire to succeed in a capitalistic system. the entrepreneurial spirit can be very difficult to find in a woman.
        eighth, they enjoy it when a man acts like a man rather than feeling threatened or disgusted by it.
        ninth, they are tough and aren’t afraid to kick your ass when you need it. helps to keep you on the right track.
        tenth, they believe in having the sexy times with their husbands as a matter of spousal duty, not as a matter of reward as if you’re some puppy who didn’t shit on the floor while the owners were gone.
        eleventh, they are very maternal.
        i’m out of reasons.

        • Son, I already had a Moroccan girl already. She was fine,fine fine. She was from Casablanca and spoke French and Arabic. she wasn’t a good Moslem though…you knowwhatI’msayin’ right?
          I agree with your reasons though. I had a Coptic girl too,very egyptian very sweet, a honey.Not like other women I met there. I had a Belgian girl in egypt who had that nasty smell of wet dog. I told her to bathe BUT homegirl said she only bathed once a week or she’s get sick. Needless to say I made sure she cleaned herself up BEFORE anything freaky went on. I can’t stand that wet dog smell dig?

        • dutiful: Motivated by duty rather than desire or enthusiasm

          Thanks but no thanks.

  7. Most comments on djf ever?

    • The old days brought closer to a thousand on some nights.

      • Yup.There’s a real corelation between the Jays winning and traffic on DJF.

        • Real radar you a trip man. I tell you. BTW It seem like the last time they won was so long ago doesn’t it? I want dis team to win but we don’t seem right just yet. Maybe we can trade Farrell for Queen Felix of the Ms, they’d go for that right? Remember the superiority complex swagger we had against the Ms and the Os NOW they looking down on us….it’s sad. I hope Bees ton make it all right BUT he don’t care he’s lighting another fat cat cigar and laughing all the way to the bank.

      • Half of those were junk posts or JB, though.

  8. Yo wassup mf. Can we get this mf manager taken out with a drive by already. It’s not his fault for the shitty baseunning? I think he been smoking the 100% pure I been sellin. It’s been 2 y ears already and we be seeing the same shit baserunning. Every game I hear somebody missed a sign. Are we gonna contend with this crap managing next year? We are like a cris rock punchline. peace out.

    • GJ,
      You be like Drake. In what way? He’s a phony ass punk who is half white and is Jewish and acts all ghetto and he be from TO ta boot! I’m from NYC ,I’m no poseur I’m on da real. Dat being said we be on da same page wigga.We wants da team to be on top not the bottom BUT they ain’t going nowhere now The Os is embarrassing dem.

  9. I’m now have a slight case of down syndrome due to reading the word “dis” too many times.

  10. Moises Sierra or Eric Thames?

  11. that cold happen to anyone once

  12. Cowboy Joe getting the best of Toronto.

  13. Machado is one lucky sumbitch today.

  14. JA Happ, everyone.

  15. I’ve missed a week of Blue Jay games – what JA Happ-ened to Colby’s cornrows? His flowing locks are back!

  16. Hech doesnt look so wonderful lately.

  17. They’ve been hitting Happ pretty hard with no outs to show for it. Where’s Farrell?

  18. and you know someone not name edwin who has

  19. I wonder how much the crap defense is hurting the pitchers, Happ must feel like he has to strike out everyone

  20. I am so sick of watching Lind. He simply cannot be on this team next year.

  21. seriously Joe Saunders

  22. This game sucks.

  23. THANK GOD.

  24. A no hitter would have been the cherry on top of this shit sundae of 2012.

  25. @ The Real radar all y’all is on point. I like Francona. He gots two champeenships what Farrell got…he look like that scary man Mitt Romney! Man he trying ta steal the election dig?

    • I can dig whatchu talkin bout.

      Nothings happening with Farrell. But he’s a lame duck next year.we’ll see.

      • R, we can’t have dis fucker around,w e need ta win pronto. Tito’s got a pedigree he can whip these losers into shape. We can’t get Buck now BECAUSE Beeston the Cigar Mouth didn’t want to fire Cito back in 10. Now we stuck with Mitt Romney Farrell! Can you imagine if we had Buck instead Mr Alex chooses this guy.

    • Francona is a former Montreal Expos part of the 1981 playoff expos team.

      Farrell does look a bit like Romney

  26. where are the folk who claim we gonna be on point next year? The Os got Saunders pitching like Nolan Ryan in his prime right now. Mr Alex and his stupid moves. didn’t that Greek fool know that The Black birds wuz gonna bust up wif Buck in charge? Bring Tito in here that n^gga is gonna bust thangs up.

  27. Grand slam Sierra. Book it.

  28. Apparently Mathis is not a Mash Brotha.

  29. Wow Cecil’s bringing some (relative) heat out of the pen. Sitting at 91-92. Barely ever saw him touch 90 as a starter. Just saying…

  30. Welcome back to the bigs Cecil.Jeez

  31. “The throw is late and off-line.” I’m begrudgingly getting used to that.

  32. What is the predicted date that the Orioles are supposed to fall apart and stop playing over their heads?

    • Wilner braged that the Orioles don’t have as good a farm system as the Jays & had a negative run differential.

      Wilner said the Orioles wold not be playoff bound based on Pythagoran stats whereas the Jays would have 63 wins.

      Wilner also said that the Jays will finish with a better record than the 2004 team which didn’t have as many injuries.

      • Wilner is a Class a chump. What the fuck does run differntial mean? The Os get blown out 12 to 1 in one game and win the next five 5-4,5-3 etc so on. what a stupid stat. a better farm sytem HAHAHAHAHA! By what measure? The Jays are ranked two and the OS 25th BUT do teh Jays have a Machado or a Dylan Bundy in their ssytem? Not really. How has Mr Alex developed players..not so well. How much depth do they have on the bench once agin not much. All told they might have a number 2 system BUT it is highly overarrted. The Os have Duquette who is a winning GM whereas we have that F^cking Greek man. He’s thinks he’s so smart he’s full of it. Then Buck vs Farrell. Buck is the most perpared man in the game whereas Farrell can’t manage a pitching staff and he was a pitching coach. This is 2008 all over again. It was the Ray the and the Os now. Remember when Joey Bats said he wasn’t worried about The Os …well he sure is now!

    • April, 2013

    • Um, pretty sure everyone thought the O’s would collapse.

      Including Oriolols fans.

  33. Getting bloody painful to watch these shit shows. I wonder what Wilner’s justifications/excuses will be this time?

    • Anybody who cares in the least what Wilner has to say deserves what they hear.

    • On the other hand, I’d really be interested in WIlner’s comments. I’d like to go on record that I, oakville69, am president and ceo of the Mike WIlner Fanclub.

      • mike wilner can kiss my

      • LOL!

        Wilner knows what he is talking about.

        He played the game & was an All Star in the MississaugaCo-ed Soft Ball Club league in 2004.

        Wilner correctly bashed a fan who said that Romero is what he is.

        He said the draft is a crap shoot

  34. Wonder if the game will end on a throw to the plate

  35. The Jays should issue free tickets to whoever sat through that shit.

  36. Hey, maybe you haven’t been keeping up with current events, but we just got our asses kicked pal!

  37. Well….Yankees lose!

  38. We’re #8, with upside.

  39. At the risk of sounding optimistic with horse blinders, I guess Happ pitched ok.

  40. Did Mike Wiener predict the fall of The Os same ass who didn’t get Tampa Bay either. That’s what working for a loser for so many years to a person’s head. The os are becoming the new os while we are the BLOLue Jays now! This is a comeuppance for our hubris/arrogance bout this year. Most of y’all bought into Mr alex’s BS don’t do it no more.

  41. Who just heard that epic rant on Primetime? Could not have said it better.

    • Actually, during that rant all I could think was, “what sewer did this idiot crawl out of?” I’ve heard some stupid shit on the sports radio before, but that took the cake.

      And for those of you who missed it, it was basically
      -Jays will never ever EVER win…just because
      -they’ll be in last place for the next fifteen (!!) years, no point in watching
      -they can never win unless they spend money
      -they can’t beat the Rays cause Tampa ‘knows how to play the game’ (conveniently omitting that the Rays spend less than we do so that contradicts the previous point)
      -he doesn’t want to hear about injuries…just because

      Oh, it was a riot

      • The Rays have a better GM AND a better manager das the mad advantage they have over us. They know how to develop players even though they are constrained financially. Brotha if you are a team that can spend the money to fill your holes you do so, you don’t play the poor man when you got coin jingling in your pocket. That being said that nigga sounded funny though. But this team with this GM and this manager ain’t going places. They need to see what Buck and Duqette are doing and learn from it. One step in dat fucking dierction is a GM das been there before and a manager who has a playoff pedigree.

      • Just heard this rant.
        Guy was a fucking idiot.

      • All i know is if we had Mac, Blaine, Billy & Pancho in the lineup we wouldn’t be in this situation.

  42. So..umm…when exactly do the Orioles go in the tank? Its getting Kinda late…and even if they dont win it now..isnt it too late to say they really tanked.

    • They still have high BP usage but playing teams like the Jays gives their BP a rest. I say they dont make it past the AL finals.

  43. I watched trhee innings of thsi shit ass show. Somehowh, I could feel we would not hit shitballer saunders ( Fuk he’s like cecil for fsakes) so I went out and just goyt back-didn’t miss a thinh and saved 74$ by not going. Actually my son wanted to go yesterday but talked him out of it by saying that Romereo is a fukstick and it would be 8-0 by the fourth. I was wromg!
    Again, I reiterate, we need to get2-3 guys with plate discipline and a high OPS to set the table for EE and JB ( both of whom incidentally, have excellent plate coverage).
    Rajai is a Fukstick and now hitting below .240-at best he is a sub.
    KJ is a fukstik and has to go along with his 200 fuckin SO.s. Trade him for a horse
    Rasmus is a wildcard-I/m in between on him. I say we can do beeter so if someone wants him for a really good pitcher or as part of a package for same then move him as his OPS is awful, then sign BJ Upton of Tampa as a FA to take over.
    I’m not going anynore this year to watch a bunch of fukstiks-too many on this team BUT it does have promise-this winter will tell

    • I thought Kelly Johnson was supposed to have high OBP.

      • It;s not that high now that he strikes out all the f in time. To think this guy was our lead off hitter for awhile. His power is gone and his defence is at best avg even though he is good on the turn for the DP. So we basically have Aaaron Hill while he wwas with us lately ecept way more SO’s. Bring back Scutaro or move Hech there, wahtever, but this fuker c/n be a starter on a team that is serious- nor can Davis or even Sierra I am afraid- 50-50 on Rasmus

        • Agreed. I would be happy to get Scutaro back at 2B with Hech & Escobar.

          Scutaro was a great player with the Jays. He can still take a walk.

      • He does One Big Paycheck!!!!! = OBP

      • I’d trade him for Skip Schumaker at this point.

  44. I hereby declare watching any remaining Jays games in 2012 to be evil! You will fucking go blind. You will never sleep again and the dingo WILL eat your baby.

  45. Can we win the WC in 2013 with a MLB proven 2nd baseman, Sierra a quality bench bat and one solid #2 starter?

    • The #2 hasn’t had a long enough track record to be called solid at this point.

      • The Orioles and A’s are doing it now, and they looked FAR worse their previous seasons.

        • The Os have Mr Buck who done won elsewhere. Bob Melvin has done some things elsewhere. Mr Duqette was doing good thangs wif the REd sox and Billy beane has done alright wif THe As. They’ve been there before. This Mr alex has proven nothing yet. The day he gets into the playoffs is the day he gets props from me. PERIOD> Otherwise it’s all bluster from Mr Alex The Blabbermouf.

          If they want to contend next year they need:2 starting pitchers,another second base/utility guy like THe South American Italian Stallion Scutaro and maybe another outfielder like the newly improved Dewayne Wise OR Upton from the D-backs. Trade Rasmus he has a low baseball IQ,get a winner like Shane Victorino to man CF. He might be old BUT he a winner. He don’t make mistakes on teh baseball paths like Colby Cheese does. We ain’t winning wif dat guy, Mr La Russa knew it wif the RedBirds and we need to get rid of him to get a number 2 pitcher,dig?

  46. birddawg, I think that is enough to get the team started out of spring training. Any #2 starter is generally solid but may have a hiccup here or there.

    The team would probably need to grab additional pieces before the trade deadline though at a probable high cost. I would rather skimp on second base and invest, yes invest in the rotation and go get two #2 starters. If you are lucky to have extra pitching, you can always deal one of the guys off. It’s not like there isn’t demand for it.

  47. Stoeten is a fat, greasy piece of shit. The reason that he argues so passionately against this corporation spending money is because it makes him look bad in front of his equally retarded dipshit blogger friends. The greatest thing that has ever happened in Stoeten’s life was the Wells contract moving. He was a hero to bloggers of other shitty teams at that moment. Not spending money that isn’t theirs is even better than winning the World Series, because of how many teams “shouldn’t” be in contention in their pathetic little inbred community.

    Kiss a dick, fat boy! Slide your man boobs over it!

    That being said, the fuckface filth spouting all these fake ebonics is almost as big of a embarrassment .It was inevitable that someone would be so stupid to blame Anthopolous if things didn’t immediately work out for the 2012 Jays. Sure, Alex enjoys some of abuse because he didn’t put together a bench but half his impact players got hurt. It’s incredibly offensive that someone pretending to be black would make such childish and uninformed claims as the dumb bastard we have with us this weekend.

    • Broke Ass Chocolate Blue Jays Brotha

      Have fun taking your racist shit to MLB.com

      • Lighten up.
        It’s just the Internet.
        There is nothing at stake here.

        • That’s better.
          Sounds more like something I’d say.

          • Real and Fake Radar both be gentlemen of the highest order. Two real good guys. Both witty funny and laid back. Which one is wif Karen now I can’t tell? Anyway I like them , they should make a movie bout dem: 2 Two White Brothas With Soul!

      • Wilner first of all I ain’t racist black folk can’t be racist. we don’t have the power y’all white folk do. I already post on MLB.com and Os fans have welcomed me wif open arms and the intelligent Jays fans have. You know da ones that aren’t blowing Mr alex and Farrell!?:)

    • Das exactly right you be a chump bubba! First of all,Andy S is the man. Sorry bout dat. Maybe I Another don’t agree with all of his opnions BUT while y’all was living in mom’s basement blowing your paid dates Andy did something huge. He did this site. Good for him.

      One more thang wigga, what has Mr Dan down in Baltimore? with the 25th rated farm system AND a worse run differential than the Jays they are making us look sad and all you do is foolishly defend Mr Alex. Balty with half the talent is rising up and we are falling down. They have a GM that been there before and we have a chump that was raised under the losing regime of JP the Hawknose. The Manager is clueless as well,his managing skills is week. Meanwhile they have Mr Buck who has built winning teams before.

      One last thang, cump they call you bubblechump because everybody do your bubble shaped butt like a chump? I knew it…Touche’ and Adios Girl.

  48. Turn that frown upside down. Playoff baseball!!

    Vangroovy Canadians take 1st game of the NWL semi-final 1-0. !7 year-old Roberto Osuna started, went 3 no-hit innings (tho 3 BBs but with 6 Ks). Sounds kind of exciting – two out RBI single by Kellen Sweeney in the bottom of the 8th to win it.

  49. at least Vancouver does not appear to have any fuksticks-this is good news

  50. I wish a woman would talk to me about baseball.

    I have a lot to offer.

    Hell I should join a men’s playing league.

    If Wilner can play I know I can outplay him LOL.

    • Actually, you know, now that I really think this over, I wish a man would talk to me about baseball. I should join a men’s only club, with a lot of members. Wilner could join.

  51. Stop impersonating me.

  52. The team has not been doing well of late that’s an understatement. They have a great foundation in terms of their farm system. Things could be sifferent next year with the addition of several different peices. Those who want Villanueva back are on to something. The team needs him. In addition, The Jays need another pitcher, a number 2. We also need to divest purselves of some position players who are not doing so well. like Kelly Johnson and /or Rasmus or Escobar. The moves that Oakland and Baltimore have done in the off season worked to their great advantage perhaps Alex Anthopoulos can do the same, though the team’s record/performance has diminished with every year that he has been GM.

  53. I think we’ve seen enough of Escobar. Send him on down the road.

  54. this sure sounds like the place that is going to turn it around quickly (ie. free agents running to sign up for the Boston Experience). Farrell would be “crazy” not to jump on this hot job, because I am sure a change of manager is all that stands between the RSux and the playoffs (which they have not been in since 2008):

    Today, of course, the entire system is broken. Red Sox players do not trust owner John Henry, chairman Tom Werner and president Larry Lucchino. They see the owners’ box as a den of lies, leaks and resentment, the place where Lucchino hatched the idea to hire Bobby Valentine as manager, which has gone about as pleasantly as an enema.


  55. So who gets called up today?

  56. What a retarded series of posts in this thread.

    I just got dumber reading it…..

    • Wigga,
      You stoned what else did I expect! You can’t even spell stoned right!
      Peace out…..

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