These are not your father’s Baltimore Orioles (or, obviously, they’d be a lot more likable)

I’m pretty sure all of Baltimore’s wins this season should be stricken from the record, because it turns out that all along they’ve been cheating. Unless, Y’KNOW, it somehow became legal for them to play TWO GUYS AT SECOND BASE.

Robert AND Dino???!?

HEYO! I’ll be here all week, try the fish…


Wilner tweets that John Farrell confirms that he’s only got one year left on his contract, which… I’m pretty sure we totally knew, though I did hear Wilner shut down a JaysTalk caller the other day who tried to use the Bob Elliott-reported fact.

Wilner also tells us that Chad Beck and Anthony Gose have joined the club and are available tonight, that hitting coach Las Vegas hitting coach Chad Mottola is with the Jays as well, but that Yan Gomes is not.

Shi Davidi adds, on Farrell, that the manager says he is “unequivocally” committed to the Jays.

Jays Journal previews the Dunedin Jays’ Florida State League semifinal, which starts tonight. Or maybe it was Jays Prospects… whatever.

John Lott tweets that the two week negotiating window for minor league affiliations begins September 16th. I get the feeling it might be like how the NHL free agent period opens July first, and a bunch of guys mysteriously have deals negotiated in the first five minutes.

Lott also tweets a great pic of the Expos fans that took over a section of the Rogers centre over the weekend.

What the shit? The Jays’ lineup is identical, pitcher included, to the last time I actually did a full Game Threat, back on Thursday. How about that!

Lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, check out today’s edition of Getting Blanked…

Um… after the rant in the post below, that is.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone or tablet with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis LF
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion 1B
A. Lind DH
Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
M. Sierra RF
J. Mathis C
A. Hechavarria 3B

C. Villanueva RHP

Baltimore Orioles of Baltimora’s Tarzan Boy

N. Markakis RF
J. Hardy SS
N. McLouth LF
A. Jones CF
M. Wieters C
C. Davis DH
M. Reynolds 1B
M. Machado 3B
R. Andino 2B

Z. Britton LHP


Image via the Cleveland Fan.

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  1. Just that kind of night – Dunedin loses playoff game tonight 1-0 on an HR by a guy who hit 7 all year – oh, and JP was 0 for 4 with 2 Ks, David Cooper 1 for 5 with a single. High A ball, ladies.

  2. If Baltimore manages to even out their run differential in the next couple weeks with a few blowouts will that mean that the team is not just lucky and they do deserve to be in the playoffs?

    • Only if it means a bunch of Jays teams with positive run differentials in recent history deserved to be, I guess.

  3. Wilner once agian having a hissy fit when somebody calls him on something he said.

    He keeps repeating more than half the team is injured? huh 3 players is half the team?

    • Must of payed off that last caller, what an an ass-kissing verbal blowjob that was…..’oooh Mikey you’re such a great game-caller’……huh???…are people really this fucken stupid?!?!

    • +1.

      Don’t forget AA increased meal allowances for players in the minor leagues so they could buy fruit instead of junk food.

      It’s hilarious how the bloggers get fooled by a few press releases by Rogers.

      Look at total spending on players by every MLB team. Don’t get fooled by Rogers playing a shell game with increased spending on picks

  4. hey, the White Sox are in a pennant race and they are getting killed by the Twins at home, 17 to 4 in the 5th inning – s happens

  5. jays starters went 2/20. you know the guys that are not injured

  6. ok …the only thing more painful than these games is some of these callers…

  7. Guys,
    Thanks for the help. Yes we hated you for many years for calling us the Oriololes but that’s OK. Some of the arrogance that Jays fans have shown towards the Os has been comical. It was fans of a 4th place team ripping fans of a 5th place team.We can move on and compete and you can continue to sit at home and complain about things. Thanks to Buck we have a new attitude and hopefully we’ll be in the playoffs. Unlike your GM our GM has stated that he would do anything to make the playoffs. Your GM talks a good game but he’s a bullshit artist.

    Wilner sounds like the same old Wilner. It’s OK for him not to get that The Rays can compete and The Os can’t compete and then be wrong. You need to get rid of this tool. He’s part of the bad luck train that plagues your team.

    • +1.

      I support Orioles nation.

      You can’t go wrong with an former Expos GM Dan Duquetter. 92-94.

      He’s the guy who traded Delino Deshields for Pedro Martinez among many other great trades.

      AA was 16 when Duquette was GM.

      AA was an Expos fan then.

      • Oakville–please don’t feel the need to hang around out of some mis-placed sense of honour or duty. Don’t just support them, become one with Orioles Nation. We will brave it out and try to move forward with neither your good self nor your many imitators.

        • LOL!

          I am still a Jays fan because I live in Oakville.

          It was tough enough switching from supporting the Expos to supporting the Jays.

          I just want the koolaid drinkers to wake up & understand there are many ways to build a team & to keep waiting year after year for a team to be competitive past July is silly.

          Granted the Jays were in the race till the end of July with the second wildcard so that is progress.

          If AA comes up with some idea that Jesse Litsch & Dustin Mcgowan will be in the rotation in April 2013, then he should resign.

        • @Small Potatoes


    • Very literate response. I’m drunk but who owns the O’s? Corporate or private? Therein lies the difference. Pretty good typing for an inebriate, no? Yup.

      • Peter Angelos owns the Orioles

        1 dead in the attemped assasination of the premier elect of quebec.

        Very sad night…..

      • Yeah, but Peter Angelos is a tool, so that completely negates the corporate/private ownership thing.

    • Wilner was outraged at a caller who blasted him for belittling the Rays & Orioles

      Wilner said he should not be held accountable for bashing the Rays in 2008.

      Wilner is hilarious. He belittled Carlos V for not getting out of the 7th inning.

      • Wilner bashed the rays and orioles because he needs an excuse to justify why the jays never win. So when they continue to win he says it’s just luck and smoke and mirrors. Now he gets mad when people remind him of his excuses because it makes him look stupid. Now he wants everyone to focus on the injury excuse instead of the real reason which is cheap ownership, an incompetent manager and a very average GM whose time in running out.

        • GM AA dumped Wells at the first chance he could. He is not just “a very average GM”.

          Getting rid of Wells may have sped up the rebuilding of this team two seasons quicker.

          • I guess you don’t understand what the job of a GM is. It’s to make the playoffs and he is failing miserably. the money on wells was not reinvested so it made no difference whether he was still here or not.

        • Wilner could be a much better apologist for the Jays. He could congratulate the Rays & Orioles rather than making excuses .

          Focus on the things the Orioles did well.

          The run differential & shut down bullpen & with a very good manager helps the Orioles.

        • Wilner was full of shit. Its not that he is being bashed for saying the Rays would not make the playoffs, and they did, five years ago..its that he doubled and tripled down on the prediction even as late as september that year despite all evidence to the contrary.

          Moreover, he continued the FOLLOWING YEARS to basically saying the same thing about the rays…that they would fall out of contention…simply because he was too arrogant to admit he totally underrated them.

    • Soon the clock will strike midnight and turn the Orioles back into a pumpkin.

  8. Thank you to all who have been posting jabs at Stoeten over the not booing the home team.

    Yes, booing your own players is generally counter-productive, but it does let management know how you feel.

  9. As soon as they opened the roof to let the rain in, the Jays opened the floodgates to let the bed-shitting in

  10. Now that tank nation is in full force…. Give us a reason to watch the final stretch of games… I want Hech, Gose, Sierra in the line-up every day…When Gomes is healthy – same… I want to know if these guys can be parts of our 2013 team or not… Plus, I’d much rather see the youngsters in these brutal games than Rajii & Lind

  11. Do you think the ’08 Jays were really that superior to these Orioles?

    • Yes, in pretty much every way. Name one 2012 Oriole that was better than his 2008 Blue Jay counterpart.


      • LOL!

        Adam Jones, Matt Wieters and Nick Markakis, for starters.

        The Orioles have a very good bullpen.

        Better manager.

        There is no contest.

        Give up the ghost.

        • Vernon Wells and Alex Rios were better in ’08 than those two are in ’12

          You’ve got me on Wieters though.

  12. The Orioles are better than any team we have had since the championship teams.

    Do people really want to argue this?

    You can’t argue with success

    • The Orioles will win more games than the 1998 Jays, which was the peak post World Series Years.

      Did the Jays have better teams on paper than the Orioles. Yes.

      However, it looks like a healthy Jays team would not have won more 83 games.

  13. Stop impersonating me, for pete’s sake.

    Do you children ever not tire of this

    • It is pretty childish to impersonate someone on an internet baseball board. On the other hand, you do sometimes open yourself up to be a strawman bro. The Orioles are a model to be followed? Why didn’t we think of signing Lew Ford!

      O ya, because it was retarded.

      • Ray,
        NO offense but they just didn’t sign Ford, they traded Guthrie(their Ricky the Head Case Romero) for Hammel and signed Chen as well. What the F%^k has that Long Greek Name Man done? Tell me? We are in the cellar it’s as simple as that they are in first place. I could call you subhuman refuse(my version of retarded,) but those who post here know that you are clueless already. Keep on following weak people like Farrell The Bad and that Greek.

        A True Blue Jays Fan

        PS You are a lowly weak tool for following Wilner and his propaganda.It would be a gift if we may be rid of him. Maybe he can work for the Orioles! I’d love to see what he’d have to say about The Jays then.

        • You know that saying ‘no offense’ before you insult someone doesn’t make it inoffensive right? I think that was a Seinfeld episode or something.

          Thinking that the Orioles got lucky does not mean I think the Jays have done a good job, which I honestly don’t – though I like what they’ve done with the pen this year.

          And trading Shaun Marcum for Brett Lawrie – that’s my pick for the thing Jimmy the Greek has done.

        • Remember how we “robbed” Atlanta for escobar? yeah, well, we gave up a guy named Tim collins in the trade who is basically a lefty power arm who we several years later would suddenly realize had value and traded Snider for one.

          As for escobar, meh..he’s OK..but not the robbery we were lead to believe it was at the time.

          then there is the rasmus heist…turns out we would ahve been better off with edwin jackson..the guy we flipped.

          then there is the gose for wallace “heist” . Gose can run fast and he can throw..etc etc..he is an incredible athlete and wallace looks like two thights stuck toghether..only those thighs can hit ..and gose cannot. no heist here can be declared.

          which brings us to the ONE Thing we can give AA credit for..the wells trade. he did a great thing unloading that contract and with all the money saved, they did a great job re investing that money into the payroll…errr…wait…

    • LOLO!

      You never give up. !

      It’s pretty easy to see who the real Oakville is.

      I capitalize the O.

  14. Guys,
    Wilner is a joke. He is a Rogers’ lackey. He loves to make excuses for this team. The fact that the Os are on top and we are up looking at them at the bottom is a shame.

    I never liked Anthopoulos. He might have traded Wells BUT how has he developed the bench? How has he developed the players that have been drafted by us? It seems that we will need another GM like the way Gillick went to Philly after Wade couldn’t get them into the playoffs for years. Like Alex , wade didn’t understand the concept of winning players. That’s how we ended up with KJ The strikeout King , Escobar The Lazy Lug and Brainless Colb. he also picked the wrong manager for this team. Buck would have been a great pick but Baltimore signed him ib Cito’s last year. even Valentine would have been better. I saw Valentine take a Mets team that was young and had problems like this Jays team and bring them to the WS in 2000. What happened in Boston was a two tiered problem: he was the wrong manager for the wrong job and the players became spoiled brats under Francona. Farrell should have a fun time there. Wilner’s idea that John The Incompetent ” Farrell wouldn’t want to go back to Boston is laughable. So what if they threw Tito under the bus,Farrell probably sees a team that is more willing to spend money and to win. I wouldn’t miss him.
    A True Blue Jays Fan

    PS JB? Oakville I don’t know if you are the real Oakville that’s posting BUt that’s OK. Half of the people who post think Anthopoulos The Greek is a God. yeah, he’s given us some middling starting pitching choices and more horsedung coming out of his mouth to last a lifetime. After the ascent of the Os this building/competing year in and year out garbage has to stop. They have a terrible farm system, bad run differential yet they are winning. They have a seasoned GM who has been there before and Buck has done a great job of building teams.

    • +1 from the real Oakville.

      I wonder how long AA thinks he can get away withese 5 minute interviews where he says nothing.

      I should have known he said some BS when they put Edwin at 3B last year at the end of spring training because he lost weight.

      It was to cover up the mess of Juan Rivera who couldn’t field any balls.

      The team is playing around 300 baseball lately. Very sad.

    • This is so incredibly fucking dumb it blows my mind.

      • What’s dumb?

        Moving Edwin last spring from DH to 3B two days before the season began? Yes, that was dumb.

        AA & Farrell both said Edwin looked better at 3B because he lost weight. Check your posts around that time.

        I recall the errors Edwin made at 3B last year. He thew the ball all over the field.

        • No, I meant A True Blue Jays Fan’s post. And literally all of it.

          - Shitting on Anthopoulos for not developing the bench of all fucking things.
          - Talking about “winning players” as if that’s real.
          - Idiotic statements for decent (or better) players like “KJ The strikeout King , Escobar The Lazy Lug and Brainless Colb.”
          - Grand assessments of a manager based on absolutely nothing but blind rage.
          - Shitting on the pitching through a complete failure to understand the scope of the rebuild or where they are in that process.
          - Talking about the O’s “ascent” and their supposedly great GM and manager willing them to victory.

          All of it: beyond dumb.

          • @Stoeten

            I agree with you.

            Colby,Escobar have proven they can play well but are having off years.

            I think Kelly Johnson is hurt.

            As for the pitching, we could have used Edwin Jackson this year, but the team is better off with Colby Rasmus as CF over the next few years.

            The Jays bench wasn’t very strong. Never understood the Ben Francisco signing.

            Omar Visquel at 45 did not help the team. Mccoy would have been useful than Omar.

      • @Stoeten, you posted about Edwin returning to 3B on March 30, 2011.

        You were skeptical about Edwin as well but not as much as most fans

        He reshaped his body,” said manager John Farrell, according to a John Lott piece in the National Post. “There’s a 13- or 14-pound lighter baseball player that has allowed his mobility and footwork to really advance, or be improved over a year ago.” He added that the improved footwork and agility should help Encarnacion alleviate his throwing problems. (Note: Okaaay?)

        Yet, as nice as it is to talk about E5′s improvements this spring– or Adam Lind’s over at first base– we can’t overlook that a lot of this also must have had to do Juan Rivera.

  15. Remember June Rasmus? Seems like over a year ago at this point.

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