Oh Those OriLOLes

Yes, yes, most days the Getting Blanked Show doesn’t show up around here until the evening’s Game Threat, but I’ve posted it below, since there was enough Jays content in today’s edition (because it’s not like there’s some of that every day, amiright?) that I think it’s worth an early look.

I should warn, however, that though much of our looking of the Jays was through the prism of the Baltimore Orioles– or, as I struggled not to call them on our cuss-free program, the Baltimore fucking Orioles.

Indeed, frustrations are boiling over around the Jays, and the idiot-empowering success of the Baltimore Orioles provides a particularly nasty bit of salt in the wound. I mean, here is exactly the kind of decent-but-deeply-flawed club that the Jays have been fielding for damn near two decades to no avail, having fortune come along to let them take dumb-luck advantage of an astonishing opportunity in the toughest division in baseball.

Worse than just that, rather than understanding it as what it is, and what it could have easily been for the Jays if, somewhere along the line, there was a year in which things actually broke right, the O’s success deepens the ridiculous perception that this franchise is held back by some kind of character flaw that prevents it from winning, and that whatever the Jays are doing is not only very obviously wrong because it’s not working fast enough to satiate the desires for instant championship gratification that the far-too-many stunted children who think this way don’t seem able to appropriately ignore, it’s wrong precisely because it’s the Jays who are trying it.

Of course, such views are mostly only being held by the kinds of blindly entitled tools who’ll keep on defending their rightness in raining shit and piss and boos down on a hopelessly lost pitcher, even after it’s pointed out that no one is asking anyone not to be upset or not to vocalize, but just to show some damn sympathy while doing so, instead of acting like Romero just put his dick in your soup.

But still… we have to deal with them. Or at least I do.

And it doesn’t make it any easier when I see stuff like this:

Are you listening, Rogers? I mean, I know a huge part of the motivation is that the last three Orioles home games averaged just a shade over 12,000 in attendance, but still… I get the sense the fans here might also respond well to such an offer. As much as it may not be in your DNA to throw paying customers a bone, how much can it really hurt to try?

Bill Parker has some more sober, and actual on-field stuff about the O’s in the latest TPA Dispatches post over at Getting Blanked. Read it.

And watch this…

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  1. “Worse than just that, rather than understanding it as what it is, and what it could have easily been for the Jays if, somewhere along the line, there was a year in which things actually broke right, the O’s success deepens the ridiculous perception that this franchise is held back by some kind of character flaw that prevents them from winning, and that whatever the Jays are doing is not only very obviously wrong because it’s not working fast enough to satiate the desires for a championship that the far-too-many stunted children who think this way don’t seem able to appropriately ignore, it’s wrong precisely because it’s the Jays who are trying it.”

    Holy run-on sentence!! I guess I’ll have to listen to the podcast to try and decipher what you’re trying to say. Way to drive that podcast traffic!!

    • My sympathies in this difficult time.

      • Thanks, I appreciate that.

        • I appreciate the run-on sentence in this context. It ultimately shows that Stoeten is frustrated by the Jays’ brutality and lack of luck as well. He has been hiding it too often lately, if only to prove to The Trolls that while the Jays are on the right path, they are still having a shittacular 2012.

  2. Forgetting Baltimore, somehow Oakland is 76-58 with the 3rd best run differential in the AL.

  3. “instead of acting like Romero just put his dick in your soup.”

    Might have preferred that to having paid for a ticket to that game. I mean, I didn’t boo him (just feel bad for him at this point), but I can’t say I blame those who did.

    • I do blame them. What’s the point of booing your own guy even if he is having a shitty year? What’s the point of that? Also, does it help for an impending free agent on another team to see that and say “Wow, those fans suck – I’m not going there.”

  4. I can’t compare the Blue Jay experience to many others, but I feel like it is poorer than most stadiums (hello Camden Yards) in the majors. Also, Jays tickets are quite expensive. With Rogers doing very little about either of these points, I can only believe that they are content wih the status quo. So perhaps it is up the fans to express their discontent

    • $14 to see an MLB game is not expensive. It’s not the cheapest MLB option, but if you exclude standing room sections and bleacher seats set in the deepest darkest part of a stadium, it’s definitely in the lower third. I’m all for a 50% off September when games are meaningless, but by and large Jays $14 to sit behind the plate or along the baselines is a complete fucking steal. I mean what do you want? Peso night?

      • $14? Sure if you want to sit in the 500′s. Who in the fuck wants to sit up there? Sure many people have fun up there, but fuck that I want to sit in the action. Anything worthy of sitting imo is going to run you over $65 most times. Wtf are you talking about $14 behind home plate? I’m assuming you mean in the 500′s…that’s not the same thing. So please clarify this next time instead of trying to butter up your argument like this.

        • $24 gets you in left field or right field 100s. A good place to watch for less. $45 puts you in the club seats. More room and a good view of the game.

          Overall, it is cheaper than the other two new Rogers teams’ games.

  5. If the team won’t spend league average, it’s up to the fans to hold them accountable.

    • Ugh. So you’d rather MLB payroll increases at all costs? Because they could have done it very easily– Anthopoulos increased spending from Ricciardi era levels in the draft and on international free agents enough that, had he kept those as is and just plowed the money back into MLB payroll, they could have been over $100-million this year.

      Would that really have been ideal?

      • Stoeten, the increased spending on the draft & international free agents is about 5-10 million per year over what JP Riccardi was spending.

        Part of the increased spending was due to AA hoarding draft picks, so more picks obviously cost more money.

        The spending on the MLB club has not increased to the same extent.

        If you look at spending by the Jays in CDN dollars on MLB payroll. It is lower than during the Gord Ash years.

        AA is hoping that spending more money on prospects should hopefully give the Jays 1 or 2 players each year that can help the team by 2014.

        If the prospects don’t turn out, what’s plan B??

        The good news for AA is that it only takes 1 Harper or Strasburg to make that strategy look brilliant.

        IS TDA the next Strasburg or Harper ??

        • Who uses CDN dollars when the league is based in USD? That’s one of the silliest things I’ve ever read.

          • The point is that the Jays earn revenue from fans in cdn dolars & spend payroll in us dollars.

            When the cdn dollar was 60 cents US in 2002, they spent 76 million USD or 122 million CDN on payroll.

            In 2012 they spend 83 million USD which is at par with Canada, so 83 million cdn.

            The 2012 Jays are 1/3 less than the 2002 Jays.

            I doubt AA is spending 40 million extra on draft picks, meal allowances, international free agents more than Gord Ash and the 2002 Jays.

      • Stoeten, the burden of proof is not on me. Who said at all costs? In this tough division, why can the team not have a league average payroll? Why is it too much to ask for?

        Why should the team not spend to give themselves a better chance to win? This team was about 25 million below league average this season. The Jays should be aggressive on amateur spending but should also be at least spending what the MLB average is too.

        Look, I’m not saying go crazy buying ridiculous free agents. Having a league average payroll though is going to give the team a fighting chance to do something though.

        • According to Cots, the Jays would have the 13th most dollars committed to payroll for 2013…since when is 13 out of 30 considered below average. It’s in the top half of teams. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2012/09/2013-payroll-commitments.html

          • OK< but let's wait & see what final MLB payroll is for 2013.

            Jays attendance is currently 20th in MLB.

            TV Ratings are probably top 5 in the MLB.

            Jays payroll was 23rd this year.

            There is nothing wrong with spending money until your prospects are ready.

            Would Alvarez be pitching for the Jays if we had Edwin Jackson?

  6. Until this team proves different on the field, those “blindly entitled tools” as you call them, hold the upper hand in any argument to this point.

    • Only if those arguments are adjudicated by complete morons, I’m afraid.

      • Unfortunately the “tools.casual fans” buy tickets & watch games which provides the bulk of revenues to the Jays.

        The Jays through Beeston have made it clear this winter that they would increase payroll once the “casual fans/ tools” showed up & filled Rogers Coffers .

        Rogers has a choice to make in the offseason.

        They can continue with their original plan & see what happens in 2013 or they an go out & get 2 quality pitchers for the rotation & a LF & DH.

        The Orioles & Rays success in 2012 should put more pressure on the Jays to try & compete in 2013.

        • Seriously, you think the plan was to maintain the status quo in 2013?

          • What is AA’s plan for 2013?

            He says he wants to get starting pitching?

            OK, I applaud that.

            Will Rogers give him the $$$ to get a free agent?

            Will Rogers let AA empty the farm system to get starting pitching?

            What will AA do about LF?
            Is Rajai Davis the opening day starter in LF?

            There is a loose definition of staus quo.

            Does AA make a splash in the offseason.?

  7. Dan Uggla has another shitty year hitting .208. I wish we could trade for him while his value is low.

  8. Hilarious how Toronto bloggers and media are still looking for excuses as to why their “Orioles can’t possibly keep this up” assertion has been proven wrong.

    • Hilarious how idiots are still saying stuff like this.

    • Wilner said the Jays & Orioles are tied in Pythagoran wins at 63 due the run differential.

      So there’s that.

      I agree with Stoeten that Rogers should offer some discounts for the rest of the season particulary weeknight games which will be virtually empty.

      Rogers should also have a newspaper ad at the end of the season apologizing to the fans for not meeting expectations.

      I am opposed to booing Ricky Romero. His failure this year isn’t because he is lazy.

      I did boo Coco Cordero because he had no business pitching as a closer or set up man.

      • “I did boo Coco Cordero because he had no business pitching as a closer or set up man.”

        And why is that Cordero’s fault? He didn’t ask to be put in that position. Blame Farrell.

  9. I just gotta laugh when I think of the Orioles. I mean, how many Jays teams on paper have been at least as good, and really much better, than Baltimore this year? And yet it never works out. The Jays have had a lot o good players, a lot of talent move in and out of this organization in the last decade and a half, yet somehow things don’t ever quite click in one season.

    Btw, Baltimore’s last winning season was 1997 – the last year they went to the playoffs. In the meantime, the Jays have had EIGHT winning seasons, all obviously without a playoff birth, or even getting that close (with the possible exception of 1998). Now watch them have a winning season, and immediately be a playoff team again. Fuck me.

    • Answer: All the Jays teams. Fucking all of them.

    • What exactly is the difference between a team with a winning record that doesn’t make the playoffs an one that doesn’t? Fuck all…the Jays might as well have been the O’s since 1997, no difference!

  10. I like coming to this blog for info, but until they start deciding division winners on WAR and wild card winners on run differential, this blog just kind of comes off as pretentious.

  11. Baltimore caught lightning in a can. I can’t hate them for that, I think it’s awesome they might beat the Spankees and take the division. Course I freaking HATE the Spankees. Wishing people ill for having the luck you wished you had is a recpie for a whole lot of bad feeling. I got better spots for my bad feeling.

  12. I really don’t get the insistence on pointing to spending on the draft and international signings as signs that Rogers is doing its duty.

    The Red Sox, The Rays and to a lesser extent the Yanks (less picks) ARE ALL DOING THAT TOO.

    It’s not like we’re getting some huge competitive advantage over the ALE through this.

    The Sox are doing this and spending on payroll. It’s not either or in this division, it’s both.

    While I’m ok with the strategy and it makes sense please please recognize its the easy low risk way to go for Rogers. The consequences of any one failure are low and the (not very large) amounts of cash are spread out across lots of kids.

    I just don’t think Rogers deserves the credit Stoeten gives them for this supposedly generous spending

    • +1. You have to analyze total spending on MLB payroll +draft+intl free agents.

      Someone did this on this blog a few months ago.

      The Jays were spending a couple of million more than the red sox & yankees on draft & intl signings but trail on mlb payroll.

      The Jays 3B earns 480K, named Lawrie. Alex Rodriguez gets 20 million plus per year.

      I don’t want the Jays PR department to brag about spending 2 million more than the yankees on draft picks when they can’t get a decent LF.

      • When all logic and common sense shows that you’re 100% wrong, the only thing you can do is insult the people who see things the way they really are.

        If Rogers spent the money last off season to add depth at starting pitching they wouldn’t be in the sad state they are now. But WE’RE the morons… yea.

        • @ alamode123.

          Are you referring to Stoeten insulting posters & calling them morons?

          Nothing wrong with spending on prospects but you can’t allow the mlb team to flounder while waiting for prospects to mature & help the team.

      • So you’d rather have A-Rod because he makes a shit ton more money than Lawrie???

        • Saying you don’t have to spend at the major league level because you’re spending in the minors is like saying you don’t have to pay for your child’s university because you paid for their daycare.

          You need to spend at all levels, scouting, developing, minor leagues and major leagues. One or two out of four just doesn’t cut it.

          As for Lawrie, if he has half teh career ARod has, then he’ll be worth whatever money he gets. Right now he’s average at best.

          • +1. Very true. This is what the Rogers apologists miss.

            AA could take 5 million & get a couple of prospects with signing bonuses.

            AA could take 5 million & use it to acquire a decent LF or pay for part of a good starting pitcher.

            The fans went into an uproar when JP Riccardi’s free agent signings did not work out.

            However, when the yankees or red sox or Angels make mistakes, they do get proper replacements.

            AA is forced to rush prospects to the Jays when they aren’t ready to contribute to the team.

        • No of course not. Lawrie can help the Jays.

          However, the Jays wasted another year without a LF.

          It is sad that Thames wins the opening day job, gets demoted then traded. He wasn’t that good.

          Davis gets the job because Travis Snider was hurt.

          Then AA trades Travis for a middle reliever.

          Davis cannot be a fulltime OF in the AL East.

  13. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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