Batter WPA aLI
LF – Davis -0.002 1.05
CF – Rasmus -0.082 0.79
DH – Encarnacion -0.037 0.81
DH – Lind -0.083 1.04
SS – Escobar 0.002 0.56 Pitcher WPA aLI
2B – Johnson -0.048 0.62 SP – Villanueva -0.154 0.77
RF – Sierra -0.003 0.67 RP – Loup -0.026 0.08
C – Mathis -0.081 0.94 RP – Beck -0.001 0.00
3B – Hechavarria 0.010 0.71 RP – Lyon 0.000 0.00

Bests / Worsts and the Gif of the game after the jump!

Top Dog: Adeiny Hechavarria, 1.0%
The Worst: Carlos Villanueva, -15.4%
Worst Bat: Adam Lind, -8.3%
Least Relevant: Brandon Lyon, 0.0%, 0.00
Impact AB: Adam Lind Flyout, Bot 3, -4.8%
Impact Pitch: Mark Reynolds 3-Run HR, Top 5, 26.6%
Highest Leverage AB: Lind Flyout, Bot 3, 1.82
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Reynolds HR, Top 5, 2.51
Lineup Contribution: -31.8%
Pitching Contribution: -18.1%
Average Leverage Index: 0.58
Chart explanation

It fucking rained indoors.

This picture is real.

I don’t know, man. I just don’t know.

(WPA data courtesy Baseball Reference)
(Idea for a post game graph courtesy Lookout Landing)

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  1. I’m starting to think the Mayans were right…

  2. If we had fielded this lineup for the entire season, we’d be the worst team in the AL right now, right?

    • Reminds me of the team we started at the beginning of last year. Minus the potential upside players in Hech and Gose.

    • You mean we aren’t? Wow.

      I keep telling myself it’s always darkest before the dawn. Always darkest before the dawn. Always darkest before the dawn. If I repeat it enough maybe I’ll begin to believe it.

  3. Call up all the kids. Shut down anyone who’s even slightly gimpy. Let’s have some fun! Nothing to lose but our dignity. Oops…

    • there are no kids to call up. Other than Gose, Hech and Sierra, there is D’Arnaud (who’s hurt) Marisnick (who’s not ready) and that’s about it. Those are really the only 2 in AA or AAA that will ever be a contributing part of the Jays

  4. Please come back June Rasmus. We miss you.

  5. I know theres been alot of injuries to key players this season,but if whats on the field lately is the depth of the team, Alex got alot more work cut out for him. One thing for sure,this season has exposed the holes that must be addressed in order for the Jays to even think of contending. Not impossible but a daunting task for sure. Fingers crossed that this season is the beginning of one of those worst to first scenarios that a few teams have pulled off in the past.


    Your 2012 Toronto Blue Jays
    By: Thestarv

  7. ughhhhhhhhhhh. now its not even a .500 team.

    what a waste of a year.

    i cannot imagine what it feels like to be a member of this team now. imagine for a moment the rising good vibes and expectations between the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2012.

    this has got to be a hard pill to swallow and it will be a challenge to the character of all these guys to shake it off and try to get back on track to the trajectory they were on in 2010/2011.

    its also very hard to watch as a fan. in 2010 and 2011 i could watch with a lot of enjoyment and without negativity because despite the fact it was clear that expectations should be low (especially in terms of post season appearance) there were a lot of good individual and team stories to watch and a lot of development happening and a view into the future.

    but, all trolling aside, its been rough to watch this season. other than EE, there really hasn’t been much to hang the hat on and development wise I’m not getting much excitement there either….where as the arrival of prospects and trades like JPA, Lawrie, Morrow, and even to some extent Alvarez, Drabek, Escobar and Snider was exciting in years past, especially as a bit of topping on an otherwise functioning ballclub, the arrival of Hech, Gose, Sierra has been arrived tainted and on top of that not quite as spectacular or as encouraging as the results from years past.

    it is a tough dark time & the record is going to end up more brutal than any of recent memory.

    i really hope they can pull it around next year.

    this really hammers home how much the team relied on Bautista, and a solid Romero, not to mention Downs, Marcum, and 1-2 one season wonders (ie Cecil, Buck, Gonzalez, Lind) in 2010 and 2011.

    This year all we had was EE and Jansen. A 1/2 season worth of good Bautista / Morrow is not enough to supplement that.. Everything else has really been pretty unremarkable.

    they gotta do something man. too many cold bats in this lineup. KJ / Escobar / Rasmus / Lind / Davis……thats just too many inconsistent bats. These guys don’t have the injury excuse…(lind/Johnson / Rasmus don’t get a pass for what is probably to-be-expected minor injuries).

    at this point you could say we had more consistency out of Buck/Gonzalez/Scutaro/Molina

    • Jesus, man. Take a deep breath, a step back, and think about what’s going to be here next year.

      • No shit!

      • What is going to be here next year? I’m not trolling. I’m not despairing (well I am but not in this post). I’d really like to hear the answer because good news is not really a major commodity here at the moment. Exactly what are we looking forward to next year? EE has made a believer out of me. I like the speed we’ve got at the top of the order. But I have serious question marks about an awful lot of players right now.

      • What is going to be here next year? Did Rogers let you in on some super early FA signings or something?

        • yeah exactly.

          unless you are trying to convince us that d’arnaud alone is going to rescue the club.

          what is supposed to be hear next April that is going to turn this ship around?

          the Rogers communications/PR dept is going to have to do a lot better than that to convince folks to flock to the stadium as they had been for the first half of the season.

          • Whoever is supposed to be here next season won’t be turnin the ship around. They’ll be pullin it up from the bottom.

  8. I think the flat line at the end of the graph epitomizes this season…ladies and gentleman, your Toronto Blue Jays!!!

  9. I luv the Jays -go to 10-20 games a year( This year only3). B4 that the expos since 69 so yeah I am an old cunt.
    This year far too many of these guys have been exposed as fukstiks so I just stopped going-watch on TV til bored and now I can turn it off.
    While I am encouraged by some of the players I know we’ll get back (JB, BL,JPA) and aspirations of some significant ( not minor) moves in the offseason I’m leery of 2 things:
    1. The assumption that RR is ok and not suffering Steve Blass disease and the assumption that Rasmus is a really good player
    2. Wil AA truly make some significant MOVES (PLURAL)
    I think RR deserves a do over but if he is shitting the bed at the end of next april-then a move of some kinfd will have to be made because the team is at a precipice here and cannot let 2103 be burned. Even Beeston realizes that 2013 is time to PUT UP. They have acquired a lot of goodwill this year fm the fgans with increased attendance and ratings and any good marketing guy will tell you ya gotta keep the momo going or risk going backwards—so the jury is out buT I am hopeful
    As far as Rasmus goes I was 50-50 on him but I am now .33/.67 and falling. I think , like alot of guys he has inert talent but just can’t figure it out. What I am seeingh now is a guy who plays like Mccoy and e’one knows Mccoy is a fukstick. I say trade hime and make a splash ans either sign BJ upton as FA to replace him or Michael Bourne. Either w/b a significant upgrade

  10. at least they’re taking the calls of “tank nation” seriously for a change. gettin pumped for a morrow start tonight, you guys!

  11. I like to call everything from the 4th inning onwards “Hey Sarah don’t check the Jays game.”

  12. the attendance has already taken a hit. management is clueless if they don’t realize that they called for attendance and promised results/purchases and that that card is now played. People came, attendance increased significantly, but when the team failed to put up improved results, and now in fact worse results than anytime since 2004, they’ve started to scram. i doubt management can convincing use the ‘come out to the stadium’ card again. that is why AA and Beest realize they are now jammed and HAVE to spend to convince fans to stay/come back for another crack at it.

    ….at the current rate this will be the 2nd worst season record since…….1981. yup. 1981.

    Only 2004 was a worse season record.

  13. OK…this year officially blows dead bears.
    In a normal year, we could have absorbed Ricky’s brainmelt, or Rasmus’ hot-cold-hot-cold bat, or Rajai Davis fucking up 14 different ways in the field or on the base paths.
    I”m NOT an apologist for the poor play – I’m not just pointing my finger at all the injuries and saying “that’s the reason”….but it IS something to consider when all is said and done. The organization isn’t deep enough yet to support those kind of M*A*S*H*-type numbers.
    I don’t care if AA has to overpay some free agents to come here. Trade for ‘em. Put a hooker-per-victory clause in their contracts. Kidnap their fuckin’ families and FORCE ‘em to play in TO, for all I care. Rogers has more money than God, for crying out loud. No team in baseball seems gives a shit about the salary cap. Get ‘er done.

  14. It even rained indoors..? lol Doesn’t that just seem fitting?

  15. Remember when Sierra made that throw to Escobar?

    Why didn’t he just tag him?

    • Well, for one, he wasn’t that far off the base. For two, Escobar wasn’t even facing him.

  16. because he is turning into a fukstik-been near KJ too long and it is rubbing off

  17. Am I crazy or do we have the worst left handed hitters in baseball? All of our decent hitters are right handed

    • Maybe Ortiz will be here next year?

      Maybe that’s what Stoeten is talking about?


      I don’t know

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