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Now that the MiLB regular season is over, has revised its top 100 prospects list, with seven Jays making the cut– four in the top fifty, and three in the bottom ten. Travis d’Arnaud (12) is the best of the bunch, followed by Jake Marisnick (39), Aaron Sanchez (44), Anthony Gose (46), Nose Snygen (91), Justin Nicolino (94) and Dan Norris (100).

There is also an update to the Jays’ top 20 prospects list, which now includes 2012 draftees, like DJ Davis (10), Marcus Stroman (11), Matt Smoral (12) and Anthony Alford (16), plus the highest yet I’ve seen for Roberto Osuna, I think, who they have at ninth in the organization.

Gregor Chisholm writes about the updates to the prospect list for

At the National Post, John Lott investigates what happened during Tuesday’s roof malfunction.

Lott also talks to Don Wakamatsu about how catchers need to protect their hands, as JP Arencibia learned the hard way about six weeks ago. The Jays’ catcher tweets that he’ll be re-joining his teammates in Boston for this weekend’s series.

Elsewhere at the Post, Guy Spurrier looks into whether Ricky Romero may be fatigued.

At whatever they’re calling Miked Up these days, Wilner is– quite rightly– impressed with Anthony Gose and Adeiny Hechavarria last night. Even their turns at the plate!

Shi Davidi writes at Sportsnet about Gose, and his unshaken self belief, despite a “trying” first trip to the big leagues. “The problem was that he was pulling off the ball at the plate, an issue that led to timing issues between his hands and his body, which led to many bad swings,” Davidi writes– and it’s something Gose has gone through before, making the player hopeful that the adjustment won’t be a difficult one to make.

Extra Base Hit has a pic of Brett Lawrie’s Lansing Lugnuts jersey– the third baseman will play there tonight, on a rehab assignment, before the big Verve Pipe concert at Cooley Law School Stadium.

Ugh. Aaron Hill is really good again. Parkes explains it over at Getting Blanked for all you masochists.

Also for you masochists, Drew also watched a shitty game on purpose. Read about it.

“Some people don’t want to accept ‘it happens’ as an explanation,” says Drew in another post at Getting Blanked looking at the wondrous one-run records of this year’s Orioles and last year’s Diamondbacks. WHAT?!? SO I SHOULDN’T GIVE SHOWALTER CREDIT???

Elsewhere at, in a notebook post, Gregor Chisholm gives us the low-down on Ricky Romero’s skipped start, and David Cooper being shut down for the season.

Jays Journal looks at the Jays prospects who had the best, and worst, second halves of the MiLB season.

Bluebird Banter looks at how the Jays’ hitters fared in August.

Wilner tweets that Jose Brito, a minor leaguer with the Dominican Summer League Jays has tested positive for a banned substance and will be suspended 50 games. So… there’s also that.

In the Toronto Sun, Bob Elliott looks at the pitchers currently suiting up for the Vancouver Canadians, and gets a top five prospects list from a scouting pal who really likes Sean Nolin, sees Aaron Sanchez as the best prospect in the system, and calls Nose Snygen a future 100 inning reliever. OK?

Elsewhere in the Sun, Mike Rutsey quotes John Farrell, who– like anybody with eyes– isn’t thrilled with what Colby Rasmus and Kelly Johnson have been doing at the plate lately.

Lastly, since there will be no Game Threat tonight, here is today’s edition of Getting Blanked for your viewing pleasure… or whatever kind of pleasure you get from it…

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  1. maybe having matollo here will help Gose looks good so far sss

    • The presence of Chad Mottola in the building has, without question, nothing to do with it.

      • Mottolla certainly has more of a patience-first approach. I believe that the Jays have two groups of hitters, some who succeed with patience and some who succeed without it. Couldn’t be a bad thing to have both hitting coaches up here, could it?

  2. I busted out a question at fan graphs for mike Newman who thinks Sanchez is the second best prospect for the Jays.

    I’m not as sold on the Lansing trio as some are.
    I’m high on DJ Davis.

    • Based on what???

      • For me, I’ve been drinking wine. It may be weed for this guy.

      • Hey Stoeter, do those lists factor age? The Lansing 3 are our great young hope(s). Would they be higher if they were older or does age work against you?

      • TINSTAPP should always be in the conversation. You provided a link above where Sanchez was just rated as having a down second half. Syynnddeerrggaarrdd is still developing his curve and slider, while Nicolino is considered the most advanced with the lesser upside. In the Newman chat, he expects them to continue to be brought along slowly going to Dunedin (that’s high-A) next year. It’s a long road and generally so far so good.

        Fuck, I hope they all become aces though.

    • He’s fast. So is Rajai Davis. Right now DJ hasn’t shown that he will be anything other than a Davis clone. He has to prove himself at multiple levels first.

  3. really scary shit for once future Blue Jay FA pick up (and hopefully still) Brandon McCarthy – surgery, bleeding near brain, fractured skull – all the best and white light to him and his

  4. Looks like that shitty just really lucky team is winning again.

  5. damn. that is crazy :(

  6. Extra Base Hit is under the impression that the Lugnuts are in double A.

  7. Hey stoeten. Give me a position by position breakdown that explains statistically why the Yankees are far far superior to the lowly orioles. Thanks!

  8. Holy Ahura Mazda 6, I feel dirty. I’m actually rooting for the Yankees right now. What does it say about me that I can’t enjoy the miracle season that the Orioles are currently enjoying. Oh yeah, ’cause I’m a long suffering Blue Jays fan. Screw the Orioles and Fuck Showalter (see what I did there) and the orange coloured raptor he flew in on.

    P.S. Trade Farrell for Rubby and Bobby V right now. If nothing else, it should up the entertainment quotient for the rest of this shit-ass season. Make it happen!

    • Are you kidding me? It sucks that we aren’t where the Orioles are right now, but this is fun! We’re baseball fans, right? This is weird! It’s unexpected! It’s maybe flukey? I’m enjoying this.

      NB: I also hate the Yankees. Seeing a Red Sox and Yankees-free playoffs is a dream I’ve had for a while. It could come true.

    • @Rob T … I’m totally the same.

      • Thinking about the Jays, this season, the last few season, makes me absolutely depressed. I want to avoid that, and think of nice things.

  9. Eff’in jays. Better use those brain cells this winter

  10. 21 comments to this point and I have no idea what anyone’s said so far.

  11. I need to believe that Aaron Hill is great again because the NL is shit. Please don’t take this from me.

  12. Wow, Alex’s comments about the Farrellball question were politician quality. He talked a lot and sure said very little.

  13. 2014- Ottawa might be in the playoffs before the Jays are.

  14. Synder sounds like he has nasty stuff. Mid 90′s fastball, plus breaking ball and plus change?

  15. So, what are we all thinking about Mr. Hechavarria?

    After basically going 0-fer in his first 6 games, he’s put up a .283/.278/.396 (.674 OPS) in his last 17. SSS caveats apply, obviously.

    Those aren’t exactly stellar numbers, but we haven’t exactly got a whole ton out of 2B this year, anyway. Could we get away with that type of OPS at the bottom of the line-up, provided it brings a better glove than Johnson defensively? I think it probably could, provided there are some improvements made in LF and at DH.


    • Yeah, could definitely carry one or so bats like that, provided the rest of the lineup is basically strong. I’m no scout but it looks to me like there’s something more there. Something about his balance, and swing look legit. He looks like a hitter. Not a good one right now, but down the road maybe. A hope or model for Hech might be Alcides Escobar, who was great defensively and now this year has become a decent hitter at age 25.

    • It really depends on what takes place with the rest of the starting lineup. Having Hech as your starting SS in a deep lineup capable of scoring a bunch of runs would be okay. What he brings in terms of plus defence would compensate for his lack of offensive prowess. Certainly would be acceptable if he could post an OPS in the .675 to .725 range.

      There is too much uncertainty looming at 2B, 1B and LF. Plus, you wonder about Bautista and JPA coming back from surgery.

      Johnson is having a terrible year and will need to light it up in September to have any sniffs in the offseason. Perhaps he could be resigned to a modest deal. I would rather see Johnson return and hope for a bounce back as opposed to seeing alot of Hech at 2B.

      • I don’t see the Jays creating another hole on this team at SS and 2B, to be honest. Why create MORE work for yourself when you can slot Hech in at 2B and Yunel at SS?

    • i think bringing KJ back on a one year deal makes a lot of sense. If he sucks after the first moth or so, then call up Hech to take over 2B full-time. If he’s awesome for the year, and Hech is ready, you could flip KJ for a prospect or something.

  16. This is exactly the point I brougt about a week ago. I said if Hech can hit .220+ with great D, we are at least as well off as playing that fukstick KJ who hits.227 with avg D and stikes out 200 times! In addition, how many times have I seen KJ strike out with a guy on second ( and sometimes third) and not at least advance the runner with aground out/fly. We’ll probably pick up a few runs there too. Besides, the 6.5m we pay Johnson is a total waste, so let’s invest that plus the money we save on FRASOR or 3.8m for a total of 10.3 m and get a damn pitcher!
    Now, we are still saving 5.5m for the expiry of Teahen’s contract and likely Lyon is walking at 5.5m and Oliver may retire at 4.2m. That’s somewhere between 11-15.2m. So without even increaing the budget , therein lies a good number for yet another pitcher/left fielder

    • 11-15M savings for a LF or starting pitcher? Great! Now lets see if AA can find anything decent on Ebay.

    • Sadly, those savings are almost entirely offset by the following; Edwin is in line for a 6.5 million dollar raise, Morrow is up 4 million, Ricky is up 2.5 (ugh), another 2 for Santos (double ugh) and 2 more for Casey. Not to mention arbitration for Happ and Rasmus, the potential buyouts for Davis and Oliver (if we let them go) and whatever money they set aside for The Charlie Villanueva Question.
      Unfortunately, any major additions are probably going to have to come from an increase in payroll rather than taking advantage of savings from cutting dead weight. So, start paying your cable bills on time and hope for the best.

  17. Stoeten – Ross Detwiler is a guy on a very deep Nationals rotation that may or may not be slated to get time as their 5th starter next season depending on the FA situation for the Nats next year.

    He’s someone that you didn’t cover in your NL piece but with years of control and some pretty decent numbers/stuff in his “first” season as mainly a starter (22 starts this season). Do you think this is a guy (or type of guy) the Jays could target for a trade this offseason?

    Obviously he’s not a top of the rotation guy, but as a 26 year-old lefty with decent velocity on his fastball and sinker and his low fly-ball rate he might be a guy who has success at the Dome.

    • Thought about him in the piece, but then also thought… meh.

      • Fair enough.. I thought maybe he’s the type of value guy who is being looked over because of the arms in front of him in the rotation – and might be cheaper to acquire in a trade than pitchers on other teams with similar stats. He’s been worth 2.2 WAR in 22 starts and seems to have the type of build that could eat innings with upside. In my opinion he’d be an upgrade over most of the guys who could be in the bottom of our rotation next season. Nothing to get over-excited about, but an improvement.

  18. Good Jeff Blair article on Farrell:

    I don’t understand why AA hasn’t extended him either especially in the circs. I wonder if Farrell’s agent is playing hardball on an extension given the obvious interest in Farrell over in Massholia. If that’s the case, AA would be tight-mouthed and so would Farrell.

    • But… why should they have gifted Farrell an extension by now?

      • @ Stoeten

        Because of these special circumstances. It’s yet another distraction in a year full of them and the team is still trying to win games and so is the manager. Neither AA nor Farrell as far as I know have said anything to quiet down the ruckus. You may well say that they don’t have to. But they’re remaining close-mouthed just fuels the flames of speculation. If AA intends to extend Farrell’s contract he may as well do it now as later. If he doesn’t, he’s telling the world he doesn’t have complete confidence in his manager. It’s an undesirable situation for anyone in the Jays’ organization but here it is and we are stuck with it. I agree with Blair that allowing Farrell to twist in the wind is a bad idea. I’m just not convinced that’s what’s going on. At least I hope that’s not what’s going on. Before the Yu Darvish debacle I thought AA, although hermetically quiet, understood the way the media works and how to avoid a shit-storm. Now I’m not so sure about that.

      • 1. Farrell has done nothing to warrant an extension

        Why am I reading shit you’re just pulling out of your ass?

    • The rationale for this piece is terrible.

      “Twisting in the wind”.. He’s halfway through a 3 year contract. In what world is that twisting in the wind? Because some Boston writers are calling for him as a replacement to Bobby V? Why do we care? Why should we extend him until at least next season when we have more information.

      Blair argues from a place of emotion over not wanting to “send the wrong message”.

      How about not sending the message that we’ll panic every time the Boston Media invents a scenario and passes it off as news.

  19. I ♥ Bobby Valentine

    • I actually think Bobby V would really enjoy Toronto, especially after this Boston clusterfuck. And I’m sure the media hacks would LOVE him.

      Also, he’s definitely a better manager than Farrell. I’m fully on board with trading Farrell for a prospect, grabbing Bobby and laughing all the way to the World Series while Farrell sends Saltalamaccia to execute a double steal with two outs in the ninth while the team is down four runs.

      • Absolutely ! Me thinks he would be completely entranced with the Toronto way of life. he’s a huge health nut and lives very active. I would ♥♥♥ to have him here. it would be very fun to watch, at least.

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