Batter WPA aLI
LF – Davis 0.161 1.38
CF – Rasmus -0.077 0.72
1B – Encarnacion -0.046 0.53
DH – Lind -0.012 0.74
SS – Escobar 0.048 0.99 Pitcher WPA aLI
2B – Johnson 0.198 0.92 SP – Morrow 0.146 1.13
C – Torreabla -0.157 1.09 RP – Delabar 0.065 1.00
3B – Hechavarria 0.054 1.77 RP – Oliver 0.049 0.99
RF – Gose 0.055 1.08 RP – Janssen 0.015 0.41

Bests / Worsts and the Gif of the game after the jump!

Top Dog: Kelly Johnson, 19.8%
The Worst: Yorvit Torreabla, -15.7%
Top Arm: Brandon Morrow, 14.6%
Least Relevant: Casey Janssen, 1.5%, 0.41
Impact AB: Rajai Davis HR, Bot 3, 12.8%
Impact Pitch: Adam Jones HR, Top 2, -10.6%
Highest Leverage AB: Adeiny Hechavarria RBI Bunt Single, Bot 7, 3.10
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Manny Machado RBI Groundout, Top 2, 2.22
Lineup Contribution: 22.4%
Pitching Contribution: 27.5%
Average Leverage Index: 1.00
Chart explanation

*gif Forthcoming!*

Bill Clinton’s speech was pretty good
NFL Opening Night was entertaining

The Blue Jays won!

(WPA data courtesy Baseball Reference)
(Idea for a post game graph courtesy Lookout Landing)

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  1. There’s something wrong with the angle of the line on that graph. I think you pasted it into the post upside down or something.


  3. If they had a win expectancy chart for the 2012 Presidential Elections, Bill Clinton’s speech last night (in a high-leverage situation, no less) definitely would’ve given the biggest spike in WPA.

  4. Top Dog: Kelly Johnson!

  5. How come there’s a point on the graph that has a “KJ” pointing to it and the line doesn’t go down?

  6. Why didnt Bill just tag Romney?

  7. “A Hech of a bunt” – I like you

  8. Well I’m glad they won even tho I missed the whole game-glad to see they remember how to score a fuckin run. It’s too late for KJ-he is a fukstik and next year cn go wank in KC or someplace.
    If there is any truth to what Hayhurst said on the radio today, looks like we may need a new manager too as Boston apparently is sure to talk to Farrell this week-end even if it is done on thje QT thru agents etc( wouldn’t want to be accused of tampering now would they?). Give us Bard and you can have him I say.
    Good game for Rajai who is useful in some way although not ggod enuf to be a full time LF-norr is Sierra folks-sorry.
    Rasmus is slowly turning into a fukstik-the more I see him lately the more I long for Michael Bourne as a FA ( that’s the rub-he would cost a pile)

    • Doesn’tmatter, they can do whatever they want. Without Toronto’s OK, Farrell will not be allowed to manage another MLB team. And Toronto isn’t just goping to give him away (although I wouldn’t care much either way).
      If Boston is desperate for him. then they’ll have to give us something good.

    • As for all glove/speed, no bat Bourne, I’m hearing that he’s going to sign for around $20 million per.

      Which would be both ridiculous and awesome. If Bourne is worth even close to that, then obviously Gose – with his cheap contract for the next 6 years and similar skill set – has to be worth a ton in trade value.

      So let’s hope Bourne gets paid, and then we trade Gose.

    • Always glad to come on here, Mr fustick ( – perhaps … Mrs fukstick? Or perhaps you are still looking for Mrs fukstick – ), and get your daily dose of peachy keen optimism. I was having a rough day, but reading your message has perked me right up.

  9. Tough Fuckin shitCDN BAcon-the truth hurts. Thetruth is unlike most yobes like you I have palyed A ball ( not AA or AAA I admit but not too bad).
    The point is I have palyed with andbeen coached by some good people including oz Chevarria who used to play for the NYY-yeah I know you never heard of him but I am not surprised as you likely have not heard of Steve Blass either. The point is I know more than you’ll ever forget and I’ve seen many guys like Rasmus in my time-lots of talent but can’t get it out. Speaking of the nYY go look up the tale of Brien taylor-at some point you have to open your eyes and try and llok rationally at some of these guys and some of them will not fir on a “championshio calibre” club.
    I’ll let you get back to looking for mrs bacon assuming you know you’re not the other kind.

    • Hahaha, did I hit a nerve there or something, you seem agitated.

      Umm .. I played high school ball .. so … theres that.

      Heres the thing, fellah. To me, and to most rational people in the world, this is still a game. Do I want the Jays to win? Of course I do. Would I like to see a championship calibre club here? Absolutely. But at the end of the day, the world does change for me if that were the case. I’d still have to get up and go to work the next day – although likely sporting a serious hangover. So “The Truth Hurts” comments, just don’t really resonate with me. I don’t hang my emotional status on whether or not my sports team won. Calm. The. Fuck. Down.

      • +1.

        And we can tell fukstick played more baseball when he should have been participating in spelling bee’s. Holy fuk, is that some awful spelling and grammar fella.

        • My favourite line is “The point is I know more than you’ll ever forget”. Awesome!

        • You’re right and to take that forward, there are a lot of smarmy little fuckheads on here who like to proclaim their intelligence over so callled “casual” fans because of their definition of success.

          If someone likes to think that 19 years of no playoff appearances equates to futility fine, so be it. They’re not dumb, that’s just the way they feel.

          On the other hand, if someone likes to subscribe to the patience now sustained success in the future model fine, that’s how they feel.

          Neither of these views are right or wrong, they are opinions relating to a game.

          • The biggest problem with the internet in its current state that I see is that is has given everyone a medium to express an opinion, but certainly has not given everyone the understanding to respect (or sometimes even listen to) other people’s opinions

  10. Who cares? Are you an English teacher? And, the plural of spelling bees would not be bee’s ( possessive) you fool. Probably a public sector worker.

    • Man I hope Stond was including “bee’s” as part of his intentional errors from the next sentence. Otherwise, that’s pretty awful.

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