Can’t a man just watch a stream of Holland-Turkey while writing a Griff Bag post on a Friday afternoon? Apparently not, as TSN Radio producer Lawrence Dushenski lays this on us from the mouth of Alex Anthopoulos. Or maybe it was John Farrell, or… whoever it was:


Well, of fucking course he is.

I… uh… I don’t know what to say, to be honest. How did it happen? What does it mean for Romero’s nine days of being shield– er… I mean rest? No clue just yet. The club has made it official, though, via Twitter.

So it goes.

But wait, there’s more!


Alex Anthopoulos spoke on TSN Radio this afternoon here in Toronto (audio here), and threw caution to the wind, making the announcement while on with Cybulski & Co., explaining that “it came up in New York, when he pushed off his right ankle to make a play at first base. If you watch the replay on TV it didn’t look like it was much of anything. He irritated his ankle at that point, he was taped up, he pitched again, and we did some CT scans and so on. It didn’t really improve that much, so we did more exams and found it was a fracture.”

Anthopoulos spoke on a wide range of topics, which I’ll cover in a later post– as well as a chat with Jeff Blair on the Fan 590.

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  1. Did something happen in a game that I missed?

    Screws in his foot? How did he possibly break it so badly?

    We should stick to safe sports here like hockey.

  2. Damn! I had his next start in my “How long until Happ suffers a season ending injury after joining the cursed Jays rotation” pool.

  3. sad sauce engaged

  4. Ouch, that sucks.

  5. so…does Romero still miss a start?

  6. We need Jack Kevorkian to put this season out of it’s misery.

  7. I was just wondering “How could this Jays season get MORE screwed?”

    Apparently with literal screws.

  8. Unbelieveable. That RC pitchers’ mound is the Bermuda Triangle of all mounds.

  9. Par for the course it seems. Still want him as the long man for next year. Still think it wouldnt be a step forward if they settle for him as the 5th starter.

    • He is basically an average starter, making him a way above average 5th starter. He is definitely an upgrade for the rotation if he is slotted in the #4/5 spot,

      • Exactly. Until AA upgrades the front end of the rotation, Happ remains one of our best starters

    • He is much better than the typical 5th starter out there….

  10. is there any possible way that the jays are not setting some sort of record with regards to injuries at this point?

    or at least pitcher related injuries?

  11. I’m such a Happster, I prefer the early analog years of JA Happ’s foot, before it went all new-metal

  12. He was having a foot problem in the Yankees game last week, wasn’t he? It almost looked like he was going to have to come out in the 2nd inning of that game.

  13. Hmm…a blue jay just showed up at our bird feeder as I read this post, first jay of the year. Is that a good omen or a bad one? Should I sacrifice the jay to help the ball club?

    • it probably flew into a window and broke its neck by now.

      • @TomW

        Horrible but true.

        Seriously what in hell did we do to get this much shit shovel led all over us?

        • I think AA and Beeston were experimenting with Ouija boards, Voodoo dolls and shit last winter and it kind of backfired.

          I do know one thing though, next years motto/slogan just HAS to be ’13 is our Lucky Number……I would love that.

  14. Stoeten, any idea what this means for him long term. I know a foot isn’t a rotater cuff but if it’s his planting foot it seems like this could fuck up his mechanics.
    Of course this cursed run of injuries may just have me thinking cynically.

  15. The 2012 Blue Jays team needs to be put out of its misery, like Old Yeller.

    For mercy.

  16. everything is funny if you wait long enough

  17. Shut down Morrow before he gets hurt again. Wrap him in bubble wrap for the off-season.

  18. as sad as it is my first reaction was to laugh and say this can’t be for real

  19. One year is up pretty much up – so according to Beeston, the Jays are going to be in the post season 2 to 3 times in the next FOUR year!!!! That’s exciting.

  20. Where’s Josh Towerss when you need him?

  21. Hopefully the screws in his foot will lead to an increase in velocity a la Delabar the funky homosapien.

    Also, can anyone believe that we got Delabar for Thames! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  22. Introducing Chad Jenkins, A.K.A. plan Z.

  23. Hey guys, remember me?

  24. Too bad. One of the last things I was enjoying about this season was seeing Happ look surprisingly OK out there.

    Whatever. As long as he’s fine for 2013.

  25. I say let Dustin McGowan pitch–how much more damage could he do?

  26. This has been the worst case scenario season for the jays with all the serious injuries and Romero Meltdown, Some big time prospects struggling. The only positive has been EE but DAM!

  27. A rough summary of the Jays’ injuries so far this season:

  28. Me?

  29. JPA and Lawrie are back. Does that mean we have to injure a second player to restore balance on the roster?

  30. Thats why you tag him.

  31. After hearing of Happ’s injury, Alex immediatley gave him a 3 year extension.

  32. Drink your milk, bitchez. Actually the team should be bringing in that raw milk for the players after what’s been transpiring.

  33. Baseball players are the biggest pussies. How the fuck do you break your ankle stepping on a bag? Do these guys drink milk?

  34. Really broken foot sliding off of the mound? Sounds like a cover up lol

  35. I got this shit. Have the strip clubs put on a second shift, I’ll be there soon.

  36. Rasmus’ dad still chucks it 90.

  37. this many comments for a happ injury/? what is blue jays nation coming too

    anyways… top 10 protected pick baby!

  38. I can’t even remember a team that was so cursed by injuries, ESP their rotation. I had tickets in the 100s the other night and I didn’t even bother to go. I, like so many others had high hopes for a season that held so much promise. We crawled into the season are finally got shot down! atleast we’ll get a high pick, and this is probally the shit that needed to happen in order to motivate AA to get pitching help…. Fuck it better!

  39. He’s already just about done everything but sign a notarized statement saying he’ll acquire 1 or 2 pitchers. And he’s been anything but dishonest…wont tell you a whole lot, but he HAS been honest.

  40. Okay, I was with you when you pooh-pooed the screaming for the training staff’s heads.
    I’m STILL more or less with you, but I am starting to wonder.
    Why all these seemingly unconnected injuries…?!?
    If you’ll allow me to mangle the definition of insanity, when the same thing happens over and over again (injuries in the broader sense, not one specific injury per se) is it insane to want to know why – and what can be done about it for next year?

    • AA has said they’re reviewing the string of injuries to see if it is something fundamental that needs changing rather than dumb luck, as you would expect them to do. I am happy enough with that, as I don’t really care much about what the result of the review is.

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