Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star wonders if Rajai Davis will be back with the Jays next year. “If we have chances to get better, we’ll do it,” Alex Anthopoulos tells him of left field, saying that he prefers Davis in a part-time role. RIGHT???

Staying there, I guess my afternoon is set: Richard Griffin has a new mail bag post up at the the Star.

Mike Rutsey of the Toronto Sun talks to Adam Lind, who still thinks he has a lot to offer the Jays. He’d be OK insurance, sure, but fuck… they can’t really go into another season expecting him to play every day, can they???!?

At the Globe and Mail, Jeff Blair wonders why John Farrell has been left twisting in the wind by the Jays, forced to face a barrage of media in Boston, when he believes that the manager, despite leaving a lot to be desired, tactically, should return. “There is a steadiness to Farrell, now in his second season as the Jays manager, that suggests it is worth seeing where it all goes,” he writes.

At Getting Blanked, Parkes writes of the news of Brandon McCarthy’s two hour surgery to alleviate pressure from a skull fracture after being struck in the head by an Erick Aybar line drive this week, and reflects on those moments when real life intercedes on baseball.

At Minor League Ball, John Sickels updates us on some of the prospects he tabbed as sleepers this year, including the Jays’ Mitchell Taylor. “Suspended for using a drug of abuse, then he voluntarily retired,” Sickels writes. “I don’t know if we’ll ever get the whole story with this one.” Yikes.

The Blue Jay Hunter takes a look back on the Tim Johnson era, and includes a clip of a feature-length film that’s in the works on him. Starting to wonder if maybe he’s got the point by now about not lying about Vietnam.

Bluebird Banter is getting a new logo. Um… if you can’t say anything nice…

Lastly, it’s your Friday fun-fest, the Getting Blanked GIFs of the Week.

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  1. “…intercedes on baseball”..?
    maybe intersects, interjects, interferes, interrupts, infringes, intrudes, infringes..?

  2. Maybe those crazy fucks in Boston will kidnap Farrell this weekend.

  3. I hate how AA always couches his comments in ambiguity. “If we have chances to get better, we’ll do it.” How about “its unacceptable to have the kind of production we’ve seen from a very important position on the diamond and that will be one of our main priorities this winter.” I mean, I get that you don’t want to throw your player under the bus but it just reinforces the (incorrect) perception that AA has blinders on and never pays attention to actual circumstances if they get in the way of The Plan.

    I know this apparently doesn’t bother very many other people but it really rubs me the wrong way. The Farrell thing from last summer was the perfect example of this – AA has The Rule that he won’t stop anyone from interviewing anywhere even though he probably told John from the start that this Boston thing wasn’t going to happen without serious compensation. And yet he saw no reason to tell anyone this or even hint at it until it had turned into such a shitstorm that he probably got a tearful call from Beeston hiding under his desk and telling him to get the Boston reporters to stop calling.

    Darvish; The Rule is that he doesn’t confirm or deny whether or not he’s interested in a player. I get that. Sometimes it helps make acquisitions for lower cost. But how hard is it to drop a hint “he’s an intriguing young player but unless the price is irresistable we’d rather see what we have with our staff.” That was a real blow to his support from casual fans (i.e. those who follow through newspapers rather than fangraphs and/or DJF).

    I understand that he doesn’t ‘owe’ the fans an explanation or whatever. Its a great indicator of the regard I hold AA in that this is what I consider his greatest weakness. But its something he’s going to have to consider more and more as the honeymoon ends and people start to be more critical of the direction he takes the team.

    • AA seems to value flexibility pretty highly. Why would he paint himself into a corner through comments to the media, when he rarely (if ever) does it in any other aspect of his job? As you mention, if this is his biggest weakness, it speaks pretty well of him. But consider the opposite: let’s say he DID come out and say, “We absolutely have to address left field this off-season,” and then he wasn’t able to find the right deal, for the right player at the right price. What’s the reaction of the casual fan going to be then, after setting his own bar and then failing to clear it? I think that sort of thing would wear thin a lot more quickly than always remaining ambiguous and giving himself wiggle room.

      • Or you know, throwing your players under the bus is never a good thing, even if it’s pretty obvious.

      • If Rajai Davis is starting in left field next year, people won’t give a rat’s ass what AA said; they’ll either be pissed that he didn’t keep his promise or pissed that he’s a shitty GM who started two consecutive seasons with the worst LF in baseball.

        Might as well show that you’re aware of the actual issues the team faces rather than acting as though everything is going according to The Plan one step at a time. There is not a single doubt in my mind that AA wouldn’t trade the entire LF depth chart for relief pitchers if he didn’t plan to pick one up in the offseason. What’s wrong with saying that? Or at least saying that LF is one of the most important positions he’s going to address?

        • I think Moises Sierra has shown he could be a possibility in LF for next year. I think we really need to go the FA route thou if Rogers is willing to pony up some dough.

        • I actually don’t think there’s that much difference between what you would like him to say to the media and what he’s actually saying.

          I just try to remember that when he speaks to the media, there are roughly a bazillion other things he needs to bear in mind that you and I probably haven’t considered and would never need to. I don’t think there are many GMs anywhere in sports who take such a blunt approach to the media when discussing what their player personnel plans are — except for maybe Brian Burke.

        • You could still do worse than Davis, although I’m not advocating it.

        • Davis has the worst ops for any LF with 350 at bats in the MLB.

          Glad the Jays got rid of Snider & Thames for that…

          Davis was supposed to be a 4th OF & pinch runner.

      • Not finding the right player for the right price was his excuse at the deadline and in the offseason. At a certain point he is going to have to adjust his price or he is going to be left behind.

        If we leave this offseason without finding anyone at the right price than it will be a huge failure by AA

    • I thought the rule was that you were free to negotiate for an UPWARDS move, but not lateral with out permission. So unless Farrell was being considered for the GM role, it had to be approved by AA first.

      Honestly, it sounds more like Farrell is more competent as a front office type over being a field manager. Maybe even a GM one day.

      • They created that rule as a direct result of the whole Farrell clusterfuck. Or at least they only communicated it midway through the tornado of screaming morons, which is kind of my point about how the lack of clear messaging is going to hurt AA more and more as the fan and media atmosphere becomes tougher for him.

        • How is it hurting AA? I think it is only your feelings being hurt…

          • Totally man. Cause god knows no General Manager has ever been fired because of not being able to effectively communicate with the fanbase and the media.

            Can you get me a visa to the country you live in, where public figures are judged only based on results and objective analysis? It must be a nice place.

      • Massholes believe moving from managing the Jays to managing the Red Sox is an upward move.

    • I sort of agree. At the same time he can’t say “I will upgrade LF”. It doesn’t do him any favours with Rajai and it lets other teams and free agents hold all the leverage over him – cause if you are ragging on him now, imagine your comments if he says he’ll get a LF and then he doesn’t.

    • +1.

      AA can get away with his tics about using 5 minutes of radiotime to say nothing, but sooner or later he will be held accountable for his record.

      I caught part of the PTS roundtable this afternoon.

      Mccowan said he had no idea if Rogers or AA& Beeston were telling the truth about payroll parameters.

      Did AA ask Rogers for money?

      Did Rogers offer extra money to AA?

      The Jays have boxed themselves in for the offseason by having to try & spend more money in 2013 when the FA may not be as attractive.

  4. Lind needs to spend his off-season training with Gary Roberts.

  5. I dig this new related post thing.


    Apparently Niese might be up for grabs for a young, under control position player. Never seen him pitch but his numbers look decent. Wonder what the cost would be?

  7. Not saying anything about the new Blue Jay Banter logo is akin to not saying anything about the grade 8 illustrations by mattomic that you use for your posts…. just sayin….. or not sayin….

    • Except, that’s ridiculous.

      • I’m all for grass roots kinda stuff, and I normally just let things like these illustrations slide, as it’s usually done by passionate volunteers (I assume), but I don’t think anybody should be throwin stones in a glass house… so I felt obliged to comment. Not taking anything away from mattomic’s passion, which is great.

        Otherwise, love the blog and passion on here.

    • I dunno.
      Was there any controversy when Drunk Jays Fans changed their logo?
      Can’t remember.

  8. Steadiness as in farrell stands there and does nothing or steadiness as in he has a pulse?

    The lengths people will go to find some shred of a compliment to justify this lame manager boggles the mind.

    We’re 2 years in and blair still says there’s a learning curve for the manager?

    What difference does it make to fire the manager. If you made the wrong decision then isn’t it better to cut your losses now than delay the inevitable? Isn’t this what happened with ricciardi, with cito? It’s a given that farrell will eventually get fired so get it over with now.

    • Why is he bad?

      • Because people who have never coached baseball and many times never played real baseball, can know that the outcome of their decision would be perfect – despite baseball being a sport full of failure.

  9. I wonder if they will get Roger Clemens to talk in the Tim Johnson documentary. I have a feeling what went on in the Skydome hotel between Clemens and the Steroid boy will be a focus of this doc.

  10. So apparently farrell let out that he has 1 year left and AA had to admit it. I’m sure Farrell did this to parlay an extension and I’m sure alex doesn’t appreciate it. If alex has any balls he won’t cow to these underhanded tactics.


    • Somebody asked him a question and he answered it. What the hell does it matter? I’m sure Farrell doesn’t enjoy the uncertainty of potentially becoming a lame duck manager next year, when he could either get an extension here, or sign for multiple years in Boston.

    • Since when are managers supposed to keep their contracts a secret. That’s retarded.
      I’m sure this secret/priveledged information would have been dug up by someone in the media had Farrel not been forthcoming.

    • Well AA’s penchant for secrecy blows up in his face like it did last winter over Darvish. Having the fan 590 doing show after show about darvish when the team had no intention of making a serious offer was stupid.

      AA has to find out what Farrell wants & if he wants farrell ack.

      AA looked like an amateur last year when he allowed Farrel to twist in the wind about going to the red sox last year.

  11. Man, Richard Griffen is a complete hack

  12. Back-to-back snacks! Yes!

  13. Re Bluebird Banter, it’s better than the Seattle Mariners logo, which seems to be a badge depicting a baseball player tossing up whether to go onto the field for the bottom of the 9th, or take an overdose of valium.

    Then again, not a bad logo for the current Jays season either.

  14. That 1998 season was so weird. Clemens had the historic season, Canseco was trying to steal bases in the worst situations just to get another 30-30 year, Green and Delgado were breaking out, the Tim Johnson mess. Maybe the most bizarre Jays team ever, the craziest cast of characters, and somehow that team would have been the second AL wild card! Crazy.

    Oh yeah, some kid named Halladay threw 8.2 perfect innings in the season finale that year, in his second career start. If Felipe Crespo doesn’t make an error in the 5th inning Bobby Higginson doesn’t get to the plate to hit a home run in the 9th and the Blue Jays have a perfect game. Fuck you Felipe Crespo.

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