The Magical Misery Tour takes the Jays away… to Boston, where tonight they’ll open up a meaningless three game set at Fenway.

Wonder if the Boston media will have anything to talk about?


Oh, wouldn’t this be a crying shame. Barry Davis tweets:

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone or tablet with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion 1B
Y. Escobar SS
A. Lind DH
J. Arencibia C
K. Johnson 2B
M. Sierra RF
R. Davis LF

H. Alvarez RHP

Boston Red Sox

S. Podsednik LF
D. Pedroia 2B
J. Ellsbury CF
C. Ross RF
J. Loney 1B
J. Saltalamacchia C
M. Aviles SS
P. Ciriaco 3B
R. Kalish DH

F. Doubront LHP

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  1. If I had a crystal ball and told you prior to the season that Boston and maybe New York wouldn’t make the playoffs you’d be like “we’re winning our division or at least a wildcard right?”

    I would have bet the farm.

    • Change your name.

      • A-yup.

        • Looks like folks are cantankerous. My A-yup was supposed to be below the name change suggestion.

          Uterus smasher = rapist
          Uterus smasher = abusive a-hole
          Uterus smasher = well endowed man with no idea how to fuck properly

          None of it’s good as you will no doubt notice.

          • Relax, it didn’t mean any of that, just a joke.
            Now that I’ve complied go police the world.
            I’m sure there’s a free thinking kid out their with a blog that needs you to crush him with censorship.

      • Really? Someone points out why your name is offensive, as you seem to be a reasonable enough guy, and then you defend yourself in some kind of odd passive aggressive way placing the blame on that person, and accusing them of censoring you? To the point that you suggest they go away and censor kids? This is crushing? Get a grip Mary.

        Aside from that your name is ‘just a joke’. OK, explain why it’s funny? Cause maybe I just don’t get it.

        • Cries of censorship on the internet are the most boring kind of cries.

        • Is it just me that thinks it’s a bit funny that in one comment you are calling him out for a misogynistic screen name and in the next you name-call him a ‘Mary’?

      • I for one liked your name Mr. Smasher. You shouldn’t have caved and changed it at all. It is funny! Fight the power!

        • Thanks Pecker,
          It surprises me that I was able to offend someones sensibilities on site called DRUNK Jays Fan.

          • How on earth does “drunk” equate to being totally cool with a name that can clearly imply assaulting a woman? One has no relation to the other.

          • @Jays of Thunder.

            A) I allready said that was not what I meant by the name.

            B) The name is changed.

            Now pretty please, with sugar on top, Go fuck yourself.

            Me and Bobby Valentine are only answering baseball related questions frrom here on out.

        • Why am I not surprised?

      • What?!? How does that imply assaulting women?
        It just means he pounds lots of Vage!
        Change your name to The Uterus Smasher(of willing women)
        That should satisfy everyone.

        • LoL! Where in the hell did you learn about the female anatomy?!

          • Boys, you’re on the internet, I suggest you look up a picture of the uterus. You can’t reach it with your penis.

            Since that’s not what you meant, it’s a good thing you changed the name.

          • Smasher: Your misogyny is inherent in the way you talk about the women you claim to have sex with (willing or not, fantasies or not).

            You wouldn’t call a woman who has sex with a lot of men The Cock Flattener, would you? Or The Ball Destroyer?

        • As a lady who frequents this site, and by no means a “lady” as in fancy or classy, I must admit that I cringed when I saw the username of Mr Smasher, and enjoy very much that it was changed.

          Also, I like talking about baseball, so let us proceed with the “fuck Kelly Johnson” talk and at least acknowledge that the man who claims to “smash vag” politely..ish…. obliged.
          Thank you sir

          You are troll king among trolls

          • I’ll be organizing an event in conjunction with the White Ribbon Campaign for Dec 6 at the Centre for Social Innovation in TO to remember the women that were lost to us at the Ecole Polytechnic in Montreal. I invite all of you to join us and for those who don’t understand why it made sense to request the name change and why it was nice to see that the request was taken seriously, it may provide some illumination.

      • Sup guys.

    • you seem like a jerk

    • Go play in traffic. No one complain about my name, as I am the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Fact.

      • I just dropped a hydrogen bomb on your ass. I win. The whole JC thing is a rip-off of the Egyptian god Horus anyway. My shits fo’ shizzle. And the wall of fire is way cooler than some sermon on the mount or turning water into wine….ah…on second thought….

    • What’s with the Stoeten penis envy? Do you have desires that you’re inadequately equipped to fulfil? I think Freud might be able to help you but alas, he’s dead. Sorry about your luck.

    • Bigger cunt than Damian Cox? Look again, that is simply not possible.

    • test

  2. You know – on the plus side, the only injuries that’ll happen tonight will be in idiotic on field slip and slide

  3. No Jays players on the field if there is lightening within a hundred mile radius please! We all know what will happen.

  4. Escobar batting cleanup??? WTF ???

    • You’d rather it was Lind? For Godsakes man, shut up!

      • Another fake Oakville post.

        Lind gave an interview to Mike Rutsey of the Toronto Sun.

        he reiterated the complaints that player wives have about Toronto & customs.

        He also said that Beltran did not want to play on turf.

        • LOL. Now the imposter is calling my posts fake and posting something irrelevant to the discussion. Surely Stoeten can use a poster’s email address to put a stop to these impostors.

  5. April and May games are meaningless, now September too?!

    Man, I’m down to, like, 80 games or something now that I can get invested in.

  6. Hey formerly smasher, i waited up the other night in the front of the boat but you never found me, wtf? you were fuckn around in that tunnel, the one with the brown trains? dunno wtf you were doin in there.

  7. game will start at approx. 8:25pm according to barry dizzle

  8. Nothing like a rain delay…

  9. Breaking news: Three Jays drown in dugout during rain delay.

  10. Shit, Rusty Martin just hit a 3-run jack.

  11. Houston has Delino Deshields Jr, a second basemen in their system. He stole 100 bases and had 12 homers this year. Houston is going to suck for years, I wonder if Anthopolous could pry Altuve away from this winter.

    • I got his dad autograph when he was with the expos!

    • Delino Deshields has a JR in pro ball?….damn I’m at the twilight of my life.

    • I love the idea of Altuve at 2B for the Jays, but I think he’d cost as much as a #2 starter. It’d be great to get both, but I’d prefer he spends the assets on pitching first.

      • Jay have a plethora of #2 starters (any pitcher we have is a #2 starter in Houston)

        • I didn’t intend to say it would cost a #2 starter from the Jays. It’s that the assets that would be required to land Altuve, would be around the same that would be needed to land a starter that could be a #2 for a good Jays team.

  12. You wouldn’t think Yescobar would be aiding and abetting a short stop controversy, would you?

  13. Did I just see Laffey in the dugout? Guess he’s taking his spot back?

  14. Anyone else want to throw a bottle at your TV when those Yop commercials come on?

  15. Can you guys imagine this season without the breakout of the chicken wing?

  16. Atta KId

  17. Sierra just might be a keeper.

  18. Holy Moises!

  19. Who’s drinking on this site right now anyway?

  20. Oh Rajai….

  21. Nice job Hendu.

  22. Hendy’s fastballs are wet and heavy tonight.

  23. I think Alvarez is enjoying having Arencibia behind the plate tonight.

  24. I am late with this but with the return of Lawrie and Arencibia (and Farrell strutting into Fenway as the Prodigal Prince), I find this the appropriate theme song tonight, especially since it is by a band of Massholes, The Pride of Massivetwoshits:

  25. Cletus done real good!

  26. Hehe. Buck said 420.

  27. Colby beat Jacoby with a bounce off the base of the wall.

  28. Oh to be a big leaguer. For me, I’d have to walk back out and pick up all those pieces of bat I smashed. Luckily I don’t make contact so I don’t break bats…and I don’t have the strength to do any damage if I had a hissy fit either.

  29. Yunel with a little flare and flair, woo!

  30. Trade Farrell and Hazel Mae for Pedroia and Erin Andrews.

  31. “The athleticism of a good athlete” something Tabby actually said

  32. Hey we got a shut out going here…did anyone notice

  33. Fuck.

  34. Is it me or does Buck repeat things a lot?
    Is it me or does Buck repeat things a lot?

  35. I thought Stoeten was doing a Griff mail bag today. I’m really curious to see what he thinks about Lawire being a symbol of the dull-witted conformist underclass, Alvarez being one of those simple South Americans, and all the prospects being future hall of famers.

  36. One guy I wonder if the Jays could get for 1B is Ike Davis – his power seems suppressed at Citi Field (he has the most road HRs in the NL this year and has an HR every 20 PAs on the road in 652 career PAs and .839 OPS). He is still only 25 so just coming into his own as a hitter. Plus he is a very good defensive player and a left-handed power bat that is needed by the Jays. It would undo the mistake of the draft when the Jays picked Cooper just ahead of Davis.

    He is having a terrible year at Citi this year, like a .539 OPS going into an arb year – maybe you take on part of Jason Bay’s contract as part of the deal – help the Wilpons out with some salary relief Dodger-style, maybe get a pitching prospect too.

    with Bay he basically has $20 million left on his deal after this year – the Mets are managing his PAs to make sure he does not vest for another $17 million in 2014 so you could have Bay and throw him maybe 300 PAs max and be done after next year ($17 million plus $3 million buy out) – again Mets have to pay some or a lot of that but Jays get Davis.

    Just a thought.

    • I’d love to have Ike Davis. It would be interesting to see what they would want. (other then dumping Bay)

  37. E5 did a nice job of keeping that ball in front of him. Kelly J continues his quest to become a bench bum for some ass wad team in the mid west.

  38. Just throwing this out there, but is Tabby racist? Cruz and Sierra are both coloured folk…they’re exactly the same!

    • But they sure look like they could be actual *brothers to me…very similar….
      ( * not “brothas” )

    • Man, that’s tough, such a fluke accident. I like Ayb ar’s comments: “We all wear the same uniform colours”. Must be eating him up.

      • Similar to the post yesterday on how catchers are to position themselves to avoid hand injuries, pictchers are suppose tpo finnish their throw in a strong fielding position to prevent being struck by a line drive. Too many pitchers fall off the mound and leave themselves vulnerable.

        • Are you fucking serious? After throwing the ball with that momentum and having it returned at twice the speed, he’s supposed to invoke pitcher protocol. I really don’t understand your point.

        • That is a fucking ridiculous statement. Balls can be coming at you at over 110 mph. How in the fuck can you teach screaming liners coming at you? Split seconds bro.

          • Has anyone here pitched? Yeah, if you end up in a proper fielding position you can protect your brain. This is a 99 percent certainty. Pitchers in the majors don’t do it cause they want every once of energy in the pitch. It doesn’t have to be that way

          • @ birdawg. I pitched senior level baseball and played with some guys who became or were in the show. You can’t do jack shit if a ball is coming at you after your delivery, except swipe at it with your glove.

            Only way you can protect your brain is by wearing a protective helmet, a la John Olerud.

            MLB cannot mandate protective helmet gear for pitchers as this would have to be bargained via the CBA process.

          • Well here is what I was taught. Your landing foor stays where it lands, and the follow through leg (right leg if your right handed) plants so that you are in a stance similar to an infielder, the glove comes up throat high. I’ve done it, it was part of my routine, had several liners off aluminum bats and never got beaned in over 10 years

            • Okay let’s add, say, 70 mph on to your pitches and see what happens. What are you saying, that it’s his fault?

          • How do words get so twisted? A pitcher is fighting for his life and you think I’m forcusing on blame?
            Anyone who has seriously pitched in this game has been taught positioning after the throw. You are taught this because it will minimize your risk of serious injury. That is the intent of the this post.
            So Malcolm what do you suggest, is it time for helmets? Do nothing? Encourage Better defensive positioning? Move the mound back?

    • Maybe we can get him on the cheap because of this and outfit him with an Olerud hat-helmet?

  39. THis is why we have an idiot for a manager. The ball colby hit was clearly at the bottom of the wall, yet farrell runs out complaining it was a home run, while everyone in the stadium scratches their head. Luckily nothing gets passed our manager.

  40. snider injured again

  41. Oh Rajai…. This time it’s good.

  42. Rajai rules! Thanks Space Daddy.

  43. Dial-A-Bar is in.
    Shots every time he K’s someone?

  44. Fuuuuuuck wouldnt you know it…Prdroia in a fastball count in Fenway in the late innings.

  45. Delabar’s a little off tonight….

  46. Nice.

  47. Where’s Radar? And Dutch?
    We need some randomn Predator quotes for good Juju.

  48. As Anthony Gose, so Gose the Blue Jays.

  49. Who ya gonna call?

  50. The Boot-Scootin’ Boogie

  51. Colby you greasy bugger, get into one.

  52. Cletus greeses one over the wall!

  53. Colby!

  54. oh wait I thought colby was injured???

  55. Damn nice to see my boys EE and Colby having a good game.

  56. I sincerely hope we resign Lyon.

    • Baseball gods got me.
      Sorry Brandon, put those runs on my ERA.

    • I would definitely take him over Frasor and with Stroman out for the first two months of the year at least it would be a good signing. Still I would like to see them spend the money on the rotation first and foremost. All the talk of having guys like Happ in the rotation next year make me cringe.

      That said, for next season from the right side you’ve already got Janssen, Santos, Lincoln and Delabar. On the left you’ve got Loup and Oliver and hopefully Happ as your swing man. If Oliver actually doesn’t come back then Delabar with his good reverse splits could be another guy vs Lefties.

      • I agree with you, we need starters. Hopefully an aging Brandon Lyon won’t be asking for anything more then a 2 year deal at middle reliever salary. But who knows he could be a Boras client.

  57. hey just noticed the Jays have a 2 run lead…did anyone notice?

  58. Good win tonight , only passenger was Kelly Johnson

  59. If everybody is going to stop commenting after midnight, could the last commenter at least turn out the lights.
    I’m looking at you birddawg.

    Fuck it. I’m turning the lights back on and putting on a pot of coffee.

    Seeing that screen names are now being censored,I’m thinking of changing my screen name but I need help in choosing one.
    So far, names being considered are ( in no particular order)
    Fluffy Cloud Dancing.
    Baby Kitten Playing with String.
    Sunbeam Giggles.
    Happy Happy Joy Joy.
    Morning Dew on a Golf Course
    And of course
    Rainbow Across the Waterfall of Life

    If any of these cause rage, or my sense of humour offends you about this sensitive subject, may i suggest you get a fucking life.

    • How about “Persecution Complex”?

    • Radar, I know you’re old, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. You probably got your links to DJF and Stormfront confused in your favorites.

      • @ Not an idiot

        I appreciate the benefit of the doubt .After rereading,I didn’t mean for my comment to be taken as a sign of support for US.
        My apologies if it was taken that way.

    • Ok I confussed, if I left the lights on, then how come you gotta turn the lights on? So My pick for your new name is…yor existing name spelt backwards. This way you will be dislexic. You will no longer think someone left the lights on when the room is dark – problem fixed. You are welcome

  60. When did this become China? I would verbally destroy that phone number if i called now.

  61. @ Formerly the Smasher

    Thanks for the name change.

    • I trust this means you will refrain from using any language which might be construed as insensitive or hostile toward the male sex, then, Izzy old girl?

      • Troll on….

        • I’m not trolling. I wouldn’t want to think that Stoeten or Isabella or anyone else is being a hypocrite, is all.

          Way to dismiss a relevant point, though. Nice try.

          • Doubtful that mr thunder has even 2 brain cells to rub together.

          • Well you can set your mind at rest Mr Training. In general I don’t post stuff that might be considered insensitive towards the more delicate parts of the male anatomy.

            Which you would know if you were a regular poster.

            Love and kisses,

          • Well @ Ned, wasn’t that a kick in the balls. ;)

          • Also why am I using this @ ? Has Twitter taken over?

          • @ Ned: #sickburn

            @ Sensitivity Training: Fair enough. There’s a fair bit of trolling with random user names in the comments here, so I read comments from new names with a couple grains of salt.

            What’s an equivalent name or language that focuses on men? If you can give an example of language that would make men visiting the site feel uncomfortable or unwelcome, I’d agree that you have a relevant point.

    • Name change??

      I would have said ‘NO DEAL’.

  62. Start of season goal: PLAYOFFS


    • You’re a bit late to the party but the goal is tanking. Under 200 posts for a Friday night win over the mass holes? Tank nation.

  63. Let’s do it again today. Mop the floor with the Sox.

  64. The Toronto sports fan is the biggest sucker in the world. We get the least amount of value for our dollar than any other city in the world. So all you baseball Actuarials start punching your calculators and give me the formula that proves me wrong. Fuck 20 years of mo playoffs, and the best we can do is bogg on a site where the fucking moderator treats you no better than Chairman Mao. Yeah I know I’m banned!

  65. Hey AA, what are are your Payroll perameters this year?? Frankly I doubt AA has permission to go by a box of pencils. Oh birddawg, your so ignorant, we have spent thousands on International players, improved our scouting, spent millions on unproven kids that get suspended for taking steriods, we are moving our AAA team to Buffalo. I am so ungrateful.
    Betting beers we don’t make the playoffs in 2013. But, season tickets will go on sale soon, so don’t be late. BJ’s go for 3 in a row tonight

    • I wish I could get 3 BJs in a row…

      • This is what I’m talking about…if you want 3 BJ’s in a row then you better cheer for someone else, cause of AA is in charge, there ain’t no way your getting lucky. AA will get you pimped though

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