Just when I get to kinda-sorta remembering what it feels like to watch a team that has something vaguely resembling a real, live, genuine, almost-MLB-calibre lineup, the Jays have Brett Lawrie sitting today, as it’s their intention to ease him back into the swing of things.

I can’t fault the logic– apparently Lawrie is totally fine and John Farrell says it was entirely his intention to give him a day off today all along– but… jeez. That’s not exactly going to help anyone’s enjoyment of tonight’s game.


These two teams mostly escaped the weather last night, but that doesn’t mean the threat is gone…

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star has the low-down, in quotes, from the likes of John Farrell and Brett Lawrie, following last night’s victory.

Lastly, not Jays-related, but holy fuck that Brandon McCarthy stuff is scary. CBS Sports has the latest on what’s still a very serious situation– “In days 2-3 after epidural hematoma… sustaining life, that is the concern,” tweets Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle. At FanGraphs, Jeff Sullivan reflects on the situation, through a wealth of personal experience.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone or tablet with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis LF
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion DH
A. Lind 1B
Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
J. Arencibia C
A. Hechavarria 3B
A. Gose RF

A. Laffey LHP

Boston Red Sox

P. Ciriaco 3B
J. Ellsbury CF
D. Pedroia 2B
C. Ross RF
M. Gomez 1B
R. Lavarnway C
M. Aviles DH
S. Podsednik LF
J. Iglesias SS

D. Matsuzaka RHP

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  1. Rough season for a lot of people. Best of luck Brandon.

  2. Am I the only one that wants to punch my radio when Wilner is on?

    • What nonsense did he say now?

    • What was it this time?

      The silly contradictory justifications?
      The smarmy condescending attitude?
      The catastrophically uncharismatic monotone peppered with 3 octave schoolgirl like jumps in pitch?

      • Why do dumb people hate Winer so much?

        • I can’t decide whether to laugh with you or at you. The good news is you’ve tickled my funny bone. Much needed.

        • This was you the other night on the call in wasn’t it?

          ‘Ooooh Mikey, like wow! the way you called that game that time…..helllo?? AWESOME!!!….and your stats knowledge??…WOWOW!!!’

          duh geee my names JGS….duhh, that Wilner Guy is the best….duhh…why do guys hate him so much….duhhhh

      • +1.

        Wilner is an acquired taste.

    • No.

      Because I do not listen to Wilner.

    • You and your opposable thumbs have learned to turn your radio’s ‘on.’ Why does it seem like such an insurmountable challenge to reverse the process for your mental health?

      • Most of my studies involved chimpanzees turning radios on and off. Anecdotal evidence showed they not only turned their radios off more when Mike Wilner was on, they also threw significantly more scat at the radios during that time period.

        • Finally, a voice of reason with a non-surprising suggestion for GMSC. Don’t punch your radio; instead, throw shit at shit.

    • Sorry, I should have/”of” included more “duhs.”

  3. Kind of reassuring to see that the team can actually hit when a reasonable amount of regulars are in there.

    • As promised James, you make of it what you will///

      “This was such an important road trip, and is will (it has) defined this years team”
      “A 4 game slide at the most important part of their schedule”
      “Stick a fork in the Jays – they are done….May 27″
      Can someone remember to save these comments, so we can look back at them in two months when nobody fucking remembers that the Jays lost 4 in a row in FUCKING MAY.

      • Wow… is that my comment copied and pasted from months ago?

        If so, uh… I still stand by it. It was ridiculous to say the season is over after an early season losing streak of a few games.

        • Not to worry James. Birddawg started drinking last night and forgot to stop. He is not responsible for anything.

  4. Shouldn’t moises be playing every day to see what we’ve got for next year instead of rajai, you know the backup?

  5. Gose is the ultimate shit-disturber.

  6. And with that, the Massholes have fewer outs than the Jays have more runs.

    The only thing that could improve this repast is a pinch hit by José (fresh from Herr Doktor). Or perhaps the sucker punching of Valentine by a ballgirl.

  7. Best of luck to Brandon and hope aybar can forgive himself, looked pretty shook up.

  8. Oh, Cletus. Building the legend.

  9. Jesus Rasmus. We already had to live with Rios pulling this shit, we don’t need another dumb-dumb dreaming his way round the base paths. Ferchrissake keep your mind on the game please.

    • I will pay you more money than you make in a week to call a number and say “ferchrissake” to me in a husky voice for 20 minutes.

    • Powerful sorry bout that there ma’am, bit distracted with workin out that new jig Brett & I been practicin in my mind. added a few extre high & low fives, arm smashes low & high claps. Trying to get Brett to throw in a Yeehaw too, but he’s not feelin it. Gots to get our little ol post dinger home plate jig jus right!

      • I can’t deny that I’ve often wondered just how much time is consumed practising elaborate maneuvers.

        • If yall wanna do a home plate post dinger jig wit yer buddy, ya gots to practice it proper like. Farrel’s always real serious about spending quality time doin drills.
          So Brett & I always try to go through our jig at least a dozen times during BP and then another 1 or 2 dozen during fielding drills., but that tends to get under Butters’ skin somethin awful. I usually try ta smooth the ole Coot over with a case o’ Crown, he’s really into them Canuck spirits if ya catch ma drift & such.

      • That’s OK Clete, you’re forgiven, you bein’ so cute an’ all.

        Unlike the guy above you who just propositioned me. Clearly he doesn’t understand that the way to do this is to send a big bunch of beeyootiful red roses and tuck a large diamond bracelet in there with the blooms…

        • Us southern gents know how to speak to women proper like ma’am. Not to fret too much over ol’ JGS’s rude sputterins , why I suspect if brains were lard, ole’ JGS wouldn’t be greasin to big of a pan.

  10. Another episode of Colby Boo Boo.

  11. It figures with Toronto sports.

    Getting out-tanked again.

  12. I love Wilner. As a matter of fact, I really really love him. A lot. I’m going to be caller number one after the game, just wait and see. He calls those games so good. And, I just loooove the way he does stats.

  13. So the Jays score a 5-spot, through both skill and Sox-wrapped humiliation, and this board reacts how? With whooping and glee? Nope, scarcely a peep. But a baserunning error by a relatively young player starts the chorus.

    Díos mio, your spirits are easily broken. We could lose 100 games and I will cherish every shit-kicking of these neurotic fucks, every time.

    • Haha yeah I guess that’s what the season has come to. I think there’s just so many negative fuck heads around here these days that people that still like to express some positivity steer clear.

      I get a hard on every time Gose gets on base.

    • “Dios mio!!!” You are an unreadable faggot and everything you fucking say or have ever said has been stupid and awkward. Seriously, fucking kill yourself before next season begins so we don’t have to be near your embarrassing posts.

  14. If I were a MLB pitcher I’d bean Aviles every time just for making me watch him take his stance and waggle his bat like it’s a fucking light saber. Fuck him.

  15. Gose is starting to look more and more comfortable.

  16. What do you think it would take to have Rogers fire Tabby, put Ashby as the TV play-by-play guy, and put Buck in the only role he was ever any good at, color commentator?

  17. Nice catch and avoiding the wall by Gose. Nice job avoiding the play by jumping into the stands by the ball boy.

  18. Awesome weather to play a game in an open air stadium.

  19. I don’t think this game is coming back…

  20. I sure love the way they switch immediately to a different game rather than Bullshitting for an hour like they did in the old days.

  21. This delay works good for me. Brett & I are gonna sidle into the clubhouse and practice our new post-dinger home plate jig a few times.

  22. Fucking A–Game On (yet again)

  23. Oops CC dings Markaikis…looks bad too. Let the war begin! I think Baltimore has to ding Cano, or Granderson now.

  24. Good times. Now I can watch the Yankees on the big screen instead of Blue Jays on mute on the big screen + Yankees on the laptop.
    Also, I love Cletus. Not as much [yet] as Coco, but it’s a start.

    • You are one conflicted little bean weasel, you are, but don’t dare stop.

      • Never. I also support Texas + Minnesota [well, as much as Minnesota will allow supporting]. I love baseball. And I especially love seeing Boston lose.

  25. I’m thinking there was a flash flood in Bawston and Ginger got washed away???

  26. Gose and Rajai – who wins a 100m dash?
    Colby and Tabler – who wins a spelling Bee?
    Lawrie and Delabar – who wins a fight?

  27. Shit, too bad. A good start by Laffey is wasted.

    • So what’s the rule here? Will the game be continued another time (if they call it) or will they start over, and erase tonight as it does not count as an official game?

  28. Good to see the O’s keep things up. May not bode well for the Jays hopes in ’13, but I’d loooove to see the Yankees fight over the one-game playoff, if not miss the play offs altogether.

  29. You guys hear the asshole asking Edwin “how much juice are you on?”

  30. So where are all the whiny bitches who complained about Stoeten not putting up game threats on the weekend? There should be a bunch of “thank you Andrew” comments.

  31. Lind is a defensive marvel!

  32. Nice Job Twinkle Toes Lind.

  33. Get the out now!

  34. Dammit

  35. Girardi may be available if the Yankees shit the bed and get leap frogged by Tampa and Baltimore.

    • I’m a Yankee fan + I wouldn’t wish Girardi on the Blue Jays [also a fan]. He simply doesn’t manage – he just lets things happen. Pathetic.

      • So Minnesota, Texas, the Jays and Yanks…how does one become a fan of those four teams? Seriously, I’m quite interested in how this happens.

        • The Yankees are my primary team – have been a fan since I was a wee one picking out my 1st baseball cap back when the SkyDome opened. Luckily, being a Yankees fan suits me.

          For the Jays – I’m from Ontario so I have the most access to Toronto games on TV [+ now live in Toronto] + I was a huge Roberto Alomar fan back in the day.

          And Minnesota + Texas? Well, I like players [ummm, sometimes I'm allowed to still be a girl] on both of those teams. I like the underdog spirit of Minnesota + the power of Texas.

          • “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.”

          • Fair enough. Doesn’t it seem weird that you’re cheering for a perennial powerhouse and perennial underdog though? Or do you just like going both ways?

      • With a good enough team ‘let it be’ works. You can keep him in the Bronx. Good luck.

        • It got Cito two World Series rings.

        • Very true + Girardi has been lucky. But with injuries + aging this year, less so. I don’t think they will win it all this year + I won’t be crying in my pinstripes if they don’t make the playoffs [but I think they will].

  36. MLB Trade Rumors floated the possibility that the Mets could make Niese available in trade… I wonder if Gose could make a nice trade chip there. Maybe Gose and Cecil or another arm that could play better in the NL?

  37. Fuck. I understand why Laffey is pissed. They’ll be sitting in that clubhouse for the next three hours now.

  38. Fuck Boston, fuck fenway, fuck the weather, jeez ya think Laffey could of buckled down and threw a strike??? Fuck him too. For fuck’s sake. An fuck the massholes and valentine too, he can bloddywell get fuckn fucked.

  39. I didn’t hear about the McCarthy situation until now. All the best to him, and MLB really needs to look into implementing the same helmets the X-base coaches wear. This happens every season, and one of these times the pitcher won’t be getting back up.

  40. I went to the game in May vs the mets and the Jays smoked Niese. He’s basically a shitballer like Laffey for crissakes and definitely not worth Gose+. Signing Vileenuva gives you the same kind of pitcher with no loss of personnel.
    If you’re gonna trade Gose, get a Gallardo from Milwaukee or iclude him in a whopper deal for cliff lee.
    Also, sign Edwin Jackson as a FA-maybe Marcum as a fallback but I am concerned about his arm

    • Agreed on Gose. He has too much upside to give up on this soon, especially for a fringe pitcher like Niese. If you give away a blue chipper that has 80 speed you better get a game changer in return.

  41. WooHoo!! Light at the end of the tunnel. (fingers crossed.)

  42. Fuck-Jeter bunts to load the bases.

  43. Ha ha, Texeira shouldn’t have slid.

    • Looks good on them. (sorry bean weasel.)

      • Yeah, I know – it’s fun to hate the Yankees. I’m used to it. I’m like…The Dark Knight of Yankee fans. Not the fan they want, but the fan they need. Or something.

        Also, yes – just a girl.

  44. that call was horseshit.

  45. Well well..Yanks get screwed..looks good on them.

    • Yeah – instant replay is too accurate. That’s why we need human umpires!

      Entertaining end, but why lose a game like that for no defendable reason?

      • Because every so often, the team that gets screwed is the Yankees, and that makes up for all the times that it isn’t.

  46. Nice! Switches to the tigers/angels with trout up to bat. I would prefer the Jays to be playing but at least they is a less likely chance for them to get injured.

  47. Angels in the infield.

  48. Ok I appologize, please just stop it!! I found out that hell really does exist…..Wilner in an extended rain delay…aaahhhhhh. Make it stop


    It was looking kinda stupid seeing this long chain hanging down to your feet.

  50. That’s it, ‘Big Mon,’ stifle that little fucker.

  51. Hay, any idea what Wilner’s birthday is? and do you think he likes dudes?

  52. LIncoln gets no calls in Boston.

  53. Four straight strikes and it’s 2-2

  54. Anthony wants to be a good player, be an all-star…

    Really? Who doesn’t want to be a good player?

    • Many possess a sense of entitlement, and don’t work particularly hard to achieve the level they feel is their due.

      • Even the ones with talent and may not work as hard, want to be good and be all-stars.

        • Come on my feathered friend–you and I would also like to be good players/all-stars. “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”

    • Buck is hilarious. Where does he come up with this stuff?

      It’s pablum.

      I hardly recognize anyone in the red sox lineup.

      Lincoln looks fine tonight.

      Laffey was furious about the rain

  55. Is there a chance this game sets a duration record for a 9 inning game…zzzzzzzzz

  56. Cletus is attempting to make amends. Nice effort.

  57. This is now a blue jay home game as all the sorry ass Red Sox fans have left

  58. Parkes needs a haircut

  59. Cool, we need JP to convince Miami they can’t live without him.

    • To make room for D’arnaud?
      They gave us a supplemental by signing John Buck maybe they’d give us Jose Fernandez for JP.

  60. Goes goes deep!

  61. Going, going, Gose!

  62. What comes around Gose around.

  63. I didn’t know Gose was allowed to hit home runs?!

    • Wow, I didn’t see the highlight till now, but that was something. They said when he came up that Gose had “sneaky power” but it was hard to see until this. That was torqued.

  64. Gose has been unchained…literally.

  65. We’re starting to see that Prospect Porn isn’t necessarily fool’s gold. In very short order, Hechavarria, Gose and Sierra are being seen as ‘keepers.’ (SSS notwithstanding.)

    • Agreed, and the premiere prospects – D’arnaud, Marisnick, and the big 3 are still in the wings. Good time to be a Jays fan.

    • If we could only combine Hech’s arm, Gose’s speed, and Sierra’s smile…

  66. Oh good, Blue Jays and Red Sox fans join together and chant Yankees suck.

  67. Sausage King closes shop.

  68. Now Boston fans probably want Farrell even more…

    • Make us an offer we can’t refuse, Massholes. The ball’s in your court, and the price is climbing.

  69. Escobar hitting in the 4 or 5 spot. Jays are padding his stats so they can get more for him this off-season. That must mean they are happy with Hechavarria’s work so far. His defense is great but I hope he can hit at least .230 next year. Escobar is good but his head is not in the game at all times . I think he will figure it out when he gets a little older but we can’t take that chance. We have to trade him while he has some value right now.

    • i highly doubt a defensive wizard on a truly sweet deal would be aggressively shopped this winter…especially with the pending uncertainty at 2B. if hech turns out to be the real deal then you can afford to plug em in at 2B next season with esco hitting in the bottom third of the order as well. it would suffice for a playoff contending team imo.

    • Yeah, people itching to see Yunel traded definitely under-value his offensive contributions, He’s a great defender, and his occasional brain farts are more than compensated for by his offense which, despite the down year, have been consistently above average for a SS.

      Generally you get above average D with lousy offense, or you get a guy that can hit but is mediocre on D (rarer, but Jeter and Hanley are good examples). Yunel has contributed on both sides of the ball, and while I wouldn’t mind seeing him traded for a significant (preferably pitching) piece, anyone looking to run him out of town is kind of an idiot.

  70. Can someone explain to me why Brad Lincoln won the game and not Aaron Laffey?

  71. Unfortunately, iu are the starting pitcher, u must pitch 5 complete innings-he did 4.67.
    Been that way for 100 yrs-that’s why Laffy was so pissed after the 2nd delay-he knew he would not be pitching if the game resumed a 2nd time

  72. Not sure if this has been discussed, but last night’s results in the Orioles-Yankees game was the best possible outcome. For starters the Yankees lost, which is always great. Secondly the umpires blew a horrific call at the worse possible time. Since this was the Yankees it can only put additional pressure on using video replays to get the correct call.

    • It’s a shame Tampa didn’t finish off the come back for a win. How sweet would it be to have the Yankees drop back to 3rd in the East?

    • But that would’ve given the Yankees a win…are you crazy???????

  73. Hech ,the defensive specialist, doesn’t make that play.
    Amazing what Lawrie has learned about playing 3rd.
    Looks like his been playing it all his life.

  74. Rajai is one of 2 players in all of MLB with 40+ steals. Farrell tries to bunt him over to second base.

  75. Adam Lind has never been the same since that night I drained his man-sap.

  76. Amazing what can happen when you DON’T try to sacrifice every time you have a runner on first.

  77. What the hell happened there with Hech? They didn’t show a replay.

    • He came around first a bit too far, which was probably advantageous. Forced Pedroia to cut off the throw, which looked like it had Mathis meat cake.

    • Ground ball through the hole. Mathis was trying to score. Hech rounded first and headed for second. Pedroia cut off the throw from LF, which almost certainly had Mathis beat. Hech was then caught in a rundown between first and second, staying in it long enough for Mathis to score.

  78. Man. Really enjoying watching Gose and Hech these last few days. Wish Darnaud hadn’t gotten injured.

    • They seem to be putting the lie to the old saying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

  79. Someone should introduce those two.

  80. Im enjoying Boston looking so very very bad right now…and what is their payroll compared to the Jays?

  81. Yescobar does not make that phenomenal inning ending play to get Pedroia in the 8th. That was awesome, love the guys defense. #beauty

  82. The Old Man just bailed JF out with his sac fly……it obviously worked out, so it was the “right” move, but really, why the fuck is Vizquel batting with the bases loaded in a tie game and 1 out and JPA on the bench with McCoy available to come in and play 2B the bottom half of the inning?

    This is why people think JF”s in game skills are shit. Because they are shit.

    • terrible example of poor skills … Old Man knows how to handle a bat and will be coaching that to youngsters for years going forward. JPA would have looked stupid striking out like BL did. Good thing JF manages not you.

      • lol in what universe does Vizquel “know how to handle a bat”?

        What are you basing that on?

      • You know now that I think this over, I agree with you, good job JF!

        • After more introspection, I feel my original critique of Farrell was warranted.

          • You know what, and this is embarassing, I’d like to rescind my prior statement and formally endorse JF’s managerial decision making in todays game. Really onboard with the JF & OV scenario. Good job John & Omar!

      • Just a personal peeve of mine. I despise the term “handle a bat” what the hell does that even mean? It’s one of those generic, puffy, nothing phrases used to describe players. He can either hit or he can’t, being able to “handle a bat” means nothing.

        • Someone needs to do a compendium and include the phrases:
          Wily Veteran
          Free Swinger
          Keep Them off Balance
          Canon for an Arm
          You Cant Teach Speed
          Any More?

    • Farrell clearly out-managed Valentine here. Why leave Buchholz in to see the 9th in a tied game?

  83. -100

  84. I’m for 3 cheers for the sweep GO JAYS

  85. Vizquel almost doubled his season RBI totals in one September game!

    From 3 to 5.

    • Now that’s a man who can handle the bat!

      • Only 2,870 in his career, but hey, 41 players have hit more.

        • I’m just trying to figure out how a guy who has played in parts of 24 seasons has only 80 home runs.

        • Yeah, counting stats are not really that impressive when you’ve as long as Vizquel has.

          Really though, trhe fact that he ONLY has 2800+ hits in 24 seasons is an indictment of his hitting ability, and not a celebration of it.

          You know how Ichiro had ten 200 hit seasons in a row? Yeah, that’s elite. You know how many 200 hit seasons Vizquel has? None.

          Vizquel is obviously a celebrated player, a guy with a great glove who played on some great teams. He was not, ever, someone who was ever anything better then “slightly above average” with the bat. And that was a long time ago, in his prime.

          • Pretty much how I look at Vizquel myself. Anyone can get around 3000 hits if they spend 30 years as a serviceable everyday player.

          • I’m just having a bit of fun RobA, but I do think Omar was a better choice than JPA in that situation: ‘slightly above average’ (even running on fumes) trumps JPA any day.

          • Actually guys, and I apologize, but I’m going to do a complete 180 here on Omar. I fully acknowledge the staggering achievement and elite quality of 2800+ hits in 24 seasons. Couple that with his incredible glove, you really have a player well above average & pretty much in the elite class. I hope this clarifies my opinion.

          • I admire a man with such steely resolve.

          • Wow Spud you stayed on RobA like a dog on a bone. You kept at him till he caved, till he coffed it up, till the truth came out. You saw through it all!!
            You a Cop?

          • I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles, birddawg. You sober yet?

          • It took a while, but ya, ready to go get em Monday. It’s a bitch when you look at the posts you scribe while in a stupor. Hey, appologize to James for me would ya, I figure he’s a little sore at me.

  86. Wow rough news on McCarthy, I wonder if he will come back after that. Matt Clement tried but he was never the same.

  87. what a great game! hech and gose look like different players suddenly. the hitting has improved tremendously.

    and man, what a difference having some of the other guys back in the lineup makes huh? its like this team has some life again.

  88. as a Tank Nation member (might as well at this point), I am happy with this weekend, though 2 out of 3 would have been sufficient; nice to demoralize them Sux and expose their (rotten) core but don’t want them getting ahead of the Jays (behind in the standings) for that draft pick. The only games I care about the Jays winning between now and the end is the series in Tampa September 21, 22 and 23 (need need needja to break that visitor’s series losing streak – that CANNOT be a continuing story going into 2013 – let Kansas City own that shit).

    nice close games where Gose, Hech and Sierra get some good ABs, have the regulars play half the time, let Jenkins start some games.

    Just my opinion, don’t want to get anyone riled up – don’t care that much either way but still think a Top 6 draft pick >>> somewhere between 11 and 14 (and do you need a Bottom 10 finish to avoid 1st round draft compensation for top FAs??)

  89. Sweeping the Red Sox is like chicken soup for the soul.

  90. oh, and can we talk about the full-on revisionist history bullshit Mike Wilner talked on the post game show today. Direct quote: “No one liked the Shaun Marcum for Brett Lawrie trade and very few liked the Brandon Morrow for Brandon League trade”

    Holy fuck, Mike – “no one” liked the Lawrie trade (except I guess you were the only one saying “hey, let’s wait and see”). I’m not saying there wasn’t a lot of Marcum-love and head-scratching about getting a 20 year-old DoubleA prospect for the opening day starter but it was way more ambiguous than “no one” (read the analysis and comments):




    and the Morrow-League comment is barely worth refuting – Wilner LOVES scolding anyone for saying things that just aren’t true – Mr. Wilner, you are the pot and we are the kettles I suppose.

  91. and, Vancouver goes for the NWL title tonight in the deciding game

    Roberto Osuna continued his stellar season last night with 5 scoreless innings and 9 Ks (no walks and only 2 hits) but Vancouver lost by giving up single runs in each of the last three innings.

    in 2 playoff games Osuna has pitched 8 scoreless innings with 15 Ks (yeah, fifteen) only 2 hits and 3 BBs – 17 years old. He could be part of the next Lansing 3 with Norris and Jeremy Gabryszwski in 2013.

    Lansing could be the shit again next year with Javier Avendano, Taylor Cole, Norris, Gabryszwki, Osuna and any other young bucks that progress over the winter.

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