Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos took to the airwaves last week, heading straight into the firing line in what was yet another eventful few days for a club that one suspects would rather just slink off into the ether until it’s about time for the Winter Meetings– or, hmmm… perhaps I’m merely projecting my own fantasies onto the organization as a whole at this point.

Speaking on TSN Radio with James Cybulski and/or Company (audio here), and on the Fan 590 with Bob McCown and– ugh– Damien Cox (audio here), Anthopoulos touched on a wide range of topics… but since the Fan hosts were mostly preoccupied with PED bullshit, we’ll mostly take a look at what he said to TSN.

We’ll start, however, with the Fan, as that’s where he said perhaps the most interesting thing of the mini radio junket, regarding their handling of Marcus Stroman’s suspension.

“If Stroman had been on the 40-man roster, whether he was at the big league level or had been optioned down to the minor leagues, all he would have gotten was a warning,” Anthopoulos said, striking directly at the key reason this whole damn thing is a non-issue not worth of discussion for half a bloody radio hit.

What might have been worth further exploration, however, was when he next said.

“We could have easily just said, ‘he’s getting a call-up in September,’ and this wouldn’t have been announced, he would have got a warning like I’m sure a lot of other players around the league have gotten– something like this. We didn’t feel it was the right thing to do. He’s in the minor leagues, and whether it was ignorance, negligence, that’s not an excuse, and unfortunately he has to pay the price for it. Though it wasn’t his intent, we weren’t going to certainly try to circumvent those things, and we’re going to stand by the program.”

So… hang on. This guy who most people thought was due a call-up in September anyway could have been called up, given a warning, not suspended, and nobody would have ever heard a thing about the positive test? But the Jays decided to make him sit fifty games anyway, the bulk of them at the start of next year? Am I hearing this right?

I mean, I guess I maybe understand the poor precedent-setting aspects of it, or the fact that the Jays don’t want to run further afoul of whatever fucker is reportedly forcing Jose Bautista to piss in a cup far more often than the average player has to, but the fact that the substance Stroman took would have only resulted in a warning if he had been on the 40-man roster removes a lot of the bullshit moral high ground surrounding “circumvention” doesn’t it?

I don’t know. But rather than follow up on this angle, the talk moved eventually to hypothetical questions designed to bait Anthopoulos into taking a hard stand on the filthy druggies in the game, as Cox wondered if the club would ever be interested in a player with a PED history. Hard hitting stuff! You get ‘em, morally upstanding reporters!

Fortunately, Anthopoulos was ready, saying that they’re “willing to give anybody a second chance, I’m not sure we’re willing to give a third chance or fourth chance.” (Are you listening, David Oritz?)

Turning to the TSN interview, in much the way he did on the Fan– but with far less of the unnerving possibility of hearing Cox make a bunch of goddamn hockey references– Anthopoulos addressed the John Farrell rumours, which were especially swirly as the club headed into Boston’s for the weekend’s series.

“I could have a ten year contract and everyone seems to assume that, when it comes to employees, staffing and so on, in any sport, the length of your contract indicates how secure you are in your job. That couldn’t be further from the truth,” Anthopoulos keenly explained. “All contracts do is guarantee an employee from a financial standpoint– they don’t guarantee his employment.”

“If people want to make links, start rumours and speculation like that, it happens with players, it happens with trades, and it’s the same thing I’ve always maintained: if I start to address every single rumour that comes out there, it’s exhausting, it’s time consuming,” he added.

“I think everybody knows where we stand when it comes to employees, when it comes to moves. Everyone knows what our policy is,” he continued, reminding us of the change in club policy that forbids employees to jump to another organization if only making a lateral move, not a promotion, which was necessitated by this same fucking circus a year ago. “I would hope that everyone would look at the facts, and maybe make an evaluation from that standpoint, but if people want to run with rumours that are not generated from our club, or even from our media, it’s not our responsibility to get dragged into it or to follow through with it.”

Speaking of which, much more so than in the past, it seems, there are some rumours that the GM seems willing to start– at least in the vaguest of terms– when it comes to his plans for the off-season. Reiterating a common– and obvious– refrain, he says that he thinks the main areas of concern continue to be in the rotation, and that’s definitely going to be the focus going into the offseason. That doesn’t mean that we won’t continue to look to try to improve the bullpen or the offense, but the rotation, without a question is clearly the priority.”

Maaaaaybe don’t go getting your authentic home white Zack Greinke Jays jersey printed up just yet, though.

“I don’t know that I look at it as one top-of-the-rotation starter or one fourth starter,” he says of the team’s specific needs. “I mean, you’re really looking at all five guys, for the most part, are going to end up with thirty starts or more. I think where the top of the rotation becomes that much more important is come the playoffs. Don’t get me wrong, I think any teams will continue to add top of the rotation starters– if you look at all those teams with the Braves, they had a bunch of frontline starters. You can never have too many, and you always make room for those type of guys. I don’t think it changes our mindset if we had a number one starter– if we had a Verlander on this team– it wouldn’t mean that if you can get a Sabathia type that you would turn away and say that ‘we’re all set, we have Verlander, we don’t need a one anymore.’ So you always look to upgrade. But I think it’s going to be more looking at it as a unit, and there’s a lot of ways to go about it. You want to get the best quality that you can, but even if you look at the 1993 World Series team in Toronto, I don’t know that they necessarily had guys that performed like a number one starter, but they did have a deep rotation, in terms of going deep into the game, throwing a lot of innings, giving you quality starts– the offence was outstanding, the bullpen was outstanding, and they won games that way. We’ll always look to get quality, but again, I think innings, quality starts, it starts there, and then you continue to try to do better.”

And what about the disasterfucking Ricky Romero and whatever else is already here?

“I think Brandon Morrow last year was a great example,” he says after suggesting Romero still has a chance to right the ship this month. “I think he had an ERA around five for pretty much the entire year, but we all knew that the upside and the ability and the stuff was certainly significantly greater than that, and the last three outings he finally showed up like the guy we all thought he was. And although it was three outings, we knew it was in there and it finally came back. With Romero, prior to his last outing, I thought his outing in New York, he looked outstanding. It was the same guy we’d seen the last two years before– the ace of the staff, the innings eater, the All-Star– he was back. Then obviously the next start he only went an inning– he didn’t throw well, the defence didn’t help either. But again, he didn’t throw well. I think we really need to continue to play out the season. But irrespective of how these guys end up, they’re only two of five. We’re going to need to try and be as deep as we can, and we definitely need to make upgrades.”

“It’s hard to evaluate staff, it’s hard to evaluate players. It’s really– you just don’t have much to work from,” he also says, speaking of trying to get a sense of what else they need to do going into next year, having been so decimated by injuries in this one. “You don’t want to work in small sample sizes– I mean, anybody can be hot or cold as a player for a month or two– and you try to piece it together. I look at it from an offensive standpoint, for pretty much four months of the year– I think to twelve days after Bautista was hurt– we led all of Major League baseball in runs scored. And I think going in, we expected to be a very good offensive team. So, from that standpoint, I think when everybody is on the field and healthy, I expect the offense to continue to be a strength of this team. Even if it does regress some, I don’t think it will be a weakness.”

Fair enough, I guess. I mean, he seems to have got the right ideas about where the club needs to improve, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not going to be difficult making it actually happen.

“It doesn’t prevent you from signing players,” he says of the foreign country issues, such as long lineups at customs that might be discouraging for wives who do a lot of border crossing with young kids. “It might be a little more challenging, and by more challenging it means you might have to pay a little bit more in terms of dollars to be competitive to the other teams, and the ultimate way to really solve all this is to win. And you can’t look any further than the World Series years, when you had some of the top free agents in the game who wanted to come to Toronto and wanted to sign here. If it’s not a winning team or a contending team, then clearly the dollars are going to have to carry the day, but if you can combine it with a contending team and a chance to get to the playoffs or the World Series, you’re not going to have a problem at all.”

Yep. Still the same stuff we’ve heard all along, with perhaps– perhaps– a touch more willingness to spend, couched in there somewhere among the ready-made excuses. And I don’t think there’s much hope of him saying anything less conservative about his plans anyway, so we’re still just going to have to wait and see what happens, fingers still firmly crossed that Rogers ponies up some damn money, and gives the GM enough flexibility to make some mistakes. It can’t be repeated enough: Anthpoulos has shown that he’s capable of succeeding, in relative terms, with a limited budget. Now is the time to take the reins off and see what he can do with more– and by “now,” I guess I mean in a couple of months, since it’s still only mid-September, i.e. the same time we start longing for the Winter Meetings every damn year. Ugh.


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  1. Only way the Stroman thing makes sense is if they don’t wanna close the starter avenue just yet. If they were 100% he’s a reliever going forward there doesn’t seem to be much of a reason for not putting him on the 40 man besides a completely bullshit moral stand.

  2. You don’t DFA another player just to keep this out of the news. Would be a classless move…not to mention we badly need those DFA’s as we have far to many players on the 40 man with plenty of holes to fill still.

    • That’s only an issue if they weren’t going to put him on the 40-man roster anyways. It’s not about keeping it out of the news. The main reason he got a 50-game suspension for what he took is because the MLBPA sold out minor leaguers when it comes to drug testing when negotiating the last CBA, not because what he took is some terrible substance that tilted the playing field and something you need to take a moral stand on.

    • Classless? Please.

      And wouldn’t have even been necessary, um… necessarily. Bautista, Cooper and Happ could be moved to the 60-day DL (though I’m not sure they were ready for any of those moves at the time).

      We’re really that concerned about losing Chad Beck or Yorvit Torrealba?

    • last i checked AA works for the blue jays… not the drug testing program/owners/mlbpa… it would have been nice if AA made the decision that was in the best interest of the blue jays.

  3. I have a bad feeling disappointment is lurking this Winter.

    • shhh, you’re not allowed to say that until you’ve been legitimately disappointed this winter.

      • The worst part is if the fan base gets kicked in the nuts this Winter with a bunch of bla bla bla … controllable bla bla bla upside bla bla bla cost effective talk and minimal results, I’m not sure they are coming back.

        • They’ll always come back…..

          • Oh, OK I guess that problem is solved.

            • @ Tom W – If they came back eventually after trading Halladay … Or letting Delgado go … Or letting Alomar go … Or not making the playoffs for 20 years … I’m sure they’ll live with no big splash this offseason.

              Personally I’m hoping for something like Edwin Jackson and a decent #4ish type guy. I think something like that should be doable. I don’t think the offense needs a huge splash. David Ortiz would be exciting.

              Well see.

          • If nothing is done, then Buzz factor will decline.

            It could be a modest decline from 2012.

            No articles on hipster geek sabermatricians on the front page of the national post.

            I would hope Rogers is smarter than that & give AA some $$$ to try to fix the team.

          • I never left.

          • The ones who always come back will come back. But that still leaves you with more than half a stadium to fill.

        • I hope this is realized by AA and Beeston, because I think (and hope) you’re right. If nothing is done, all the goodwill built up by some of the acquisitions and signings (Lawrie, Bautista and EE) and the new symbol and uniforms will be washed away in a hurry. Time will tell….

        • I might agree if it wasn’t 20 years since their last playoff appearance

          • The attendance and buzz is about as high now as it was in 97 when Canseco and Clemens were here, but in between those were some pretty lean years in terms of team buzz and fan interest. To say that a team will never be popular again is dumb and missing the point. The point is, if the team isnt improved this winter, for the next 3-4 seasons this year’s attendance numbers will be significantly decreased.

    • With regards to the free agent market, I wonder how much the CEO of Rogers gets paid? I’m starting to wonder if there is any legitimacy in speculating he might have a microscopic penis. Perhaps he doesn’t want to make less money than a baseball player?

      • Really?

      • This is a breakdown of Rogers’ 2011 revenues:


        If you think the Jays keep Nadir Mohammed or any of the Rogers head honchos up at night you have no perspective of where the sports and entertainment subsidiary lies in the overall Rogers empire.

        • Also, that breakdown is of Rogers Media only. It does not include Rogers Communications, Rogers Wireless, of Rogers Cable. “Core media” refers to Rogers’ television and radio properties. “Sports entertainment” refers to the Blue Jays and Rogers Centre.

          The Blue Jays are 10% of a subsidiary that itself is a small part of the Rogers empire. Overall, the Jays are an incredibly miniscule part of the total Rogers pie.

          • +1, which is why ti’s hilarious to see the fans go bananas if Rogers spend 20 million extra on payroll because they think Rogers would go bankrupt.

            Rogers probably wastes 20 million a week on new technologies, consultants that advocated negative billing in the 1990′s to antagonize cable customers etc.. where there is no revenue.

            My feeling is that Rogers was fed up with JP Riccardi’s asking for DFA cheques for BJ Ryan etc…, so they trusted AA could be a good enough communicator to build the team slowly.

            After 3 years of building the team, AA has to decide whether or not to ask Roger for money to fix the holes that he could not fill with internal assets by paying “free gents” money or try to trade the farm prospects for MLB talent.

            Unfortunately for Rogers, other teams are getting more financial resources from broadcast& advertising revenues which they use to drive up the cost of players.

            Rogers benefits from the increased broadcast revenues, but if they continue to refuse to share the windfall with the Jays , it will be tougher to compete.

          • That’s what many don’t get; the Jays are little more than an advertising expense to Rogers. Their biggest value is merely that it gets their name out to the public. The Blue Jays are little more than good optics for the parent company.

      • Nadir Mohammed’s salary is publickly disclosed on Rogers financial statements.

  4. I have no problem with the stance the Jays took on Stroman and his suspension. If we were in a pennant or wild card race, I would be a lot more upset (rightly or wrongly so). But, would the Jays have acted in the same manner, had they been 70-55 instead of 55-70, I dunno, just sayin…

  5. In what sense has AA proven he can succeed? I like some of his moves but they’re in 4th place in their division every year, I wouldn’t call that a success.

    • Success in building the farm and generating assets. And also pulling together some pieces wihtout giving up a lot, until maybe the Houston deal, which I kind of liked (but eventually you have to pay for talent).

  6. I almost drowned wading through Anthopoulos’ verbal diarrhea of bullshit.

    • Ha Ha! I hear that…it has become very old.

      • “It can’t be repeated enough: Anthopoulos has shown that he’s capable of succeeding, in relative terms, with a limited budget. Now is the time to take the reins off and see what he can do with more– and by “now,” I guess I mean in a couple of months, since it’s still only mid-September, i.e. the same time we start longing for the Winter Meetings every damn year. Ugh.”

        I nearly fell off my chair when Stoeten wrote this.

        Stoeten asking Rogers to spend more???

        I thought fans that wanted Rogers to spend more were “braying hordes” :))

        Welcome to the dark side Stoeten, we have cookies & cheap beer.

        It’s true that we have seen what AA can do with a limited budget, so he deserves to get some flexibility with payroll to fix the holes for 2013

        I agree with AA that Stroman has to be penalized for what he did.

        • Once again you show your complete inability to comprehend what you read. The braying hordes are the idiots who want Rogers to spend for the sake of spending with no thought to the future. He has quite a number of times says that at some point, the money had to be there, but spent where it made the most impact.

          • Pehaps Stoeten amended the definition of “braying hordes” in the last few weeks.

            Pretty sure that Parkes barfed when McGowan & Mathis were given contract extensions.

            The sabermatrician WAR geeks go bananas when the the team signs anyone who makes more than their WAR value.

            All I read here was that the Jays would be foolish to get Darvish or Fielder because they wound not play as well as WAR values.

            I thought this BLOG was adamently oposed to teams making moves that were not approved by FANgraphs,Keith Law & win now fans .

          • “Once again you show your complete inability to comprehend what you read.”

            LOL. Irregardless of who that’s meant for… I found that line hilarious.

          • It’s very hard to predict the “point ” when AA deems it OK to spend.

            I reiterate that had Votto being available last year , I doubt AA would go after him because it wouldn’t fit Beeston’s 5 year contract rules.

            Beeston would not authorize Fielder because he is too heavy, etc.., doesn’t fit atletic profile.

            Kind of LOL that AA wants atheletic players , so he signs Visquel.

          • There are no braying hordes that want Rios or Wells back at their current payroll costs. Those are the straw man arguments.

            The consensus on April 1 was if the team stayed healthy thoughout the year, they would win 80-85 games ..

            That wasn’t enough for a playoff team

          • + Billions and Billions

          • Parkes is not Stoeten, but both of them are much better analysts of baseball transactions than you are, O69. The McGowan extension was a waste of money. No one is saying it is a lot of money, or it will hurt the team financially, but how many innings are the Jays going to get for $3 million? Maybe 150 if they are extremely lucky next season, but probably closer to 30.

            But my point remains, this blog has been quite clear that eventually money had to be spent. It was a question of when, not if. And for the past while, Stoeten has been quite clear that he expects the purse to start opening this off-season.

            • Ok . However it’s risky to try and time which year the team makes a splash.

              Let’s say the jays stayed healthy in 2012 and just fell short of the wildcard. Wouldn’t AA look foolish for not having got another bat or starting pitcher?

              I agree Stoeten’s is better analyst than

          • @Oakville, two hilarious statements by you:

            1) “Beeston would not authorize Fielder because he is too heavy, etc.., doesn’t fit atletic profile. Kind of LOL that AA wants atheletic players , so he signs Visquel.” (sic)

            Yes, because AA picked up Vizquel INSTEAD of Fielder. How are these two even remotely linked?? He maybe had concern over a non-athletic FRANCHISE player that would cost over $200 Million, but who gives a curly shit about how athletic a utility infielder is, especially one that was likely brought on for his intangibles as much as anything else. Absurd.

            2) “I thought this BLOG was adamently oposed to teams making moves that were not approved by FANgraphs,Keith Law & win now fans.” (sic)

            This is especially funny because you would think that Fangraphs and Law would have opinions that would differ from those of win now fans. Know your point, sir.

            • AA should not sign 45 year old mascots. McCoy would have been a better utility infielder.

              Visquel is not a replacement for fielder.

              Touché on final point. Win now fans would not agree with keith law or fangtaphs

          • Right on.
            First of all, payroll doesn’t dictate success – look at the A’s, look at Tampa, look at the Orioles – & then look at the teams (Angels for one) – that aren’t going to make it this season.
            Secondly, AA has made a bunch of really good moves – but also some questionable one’s. But by my reckoning his the best of the 3 team GM’s (NHL, NBA, MLB) that we’ve got in this town…

        • Oakville please provide an update on whether or not Rogers apologists have egg on their face this week before proceeding to enthrall us with your various insights on all things Blue Jays.

          • LOL!.

            “Now is the time to take the reins off and see what he can do with more– and by “now,” I guess I mean in a couple of months, since it’s still only mid-September, i.e. the same time we start longing for the Winter Meetings every damn year. Ugh.”

            It looks like Stoeten has admitted that he wants AA to spend more NOW.

            You know it’s bad if Stoeten is unexcited by the prospect porn on display from now till October 3.

    • I used to be excited for AA Speaks posts….

  7. It’s remarkable being a Jays fan because most of the moves come out of the blue. It’s like Christmas multiple times a year with a secretive GM that loves to trade and they are risky and sometimes challenge trades.

    Let the offseason come, I’m ready to see how aggressive they can get in improving the team!

    • On the first day of Christmas AA gave to me, One second baseman

      • If AA can land two #2 quality pitchers, the whole outlook on this team shifts to how will other teams contain the Blue Jays (which is how it should be after these wilderness years).

        Second base would just be a blissful luxury.

  8. Oh Boo hoo, alex gets to delay starting stroman’s clock until next year, all the while telling everyone he wants to take the moral high ground. Oh what a shakespearian tragedy!

  9. It’s not like Stroman was getting a call up anyways, he’s pretty much at his innings limit, having throw around 100 IP already at Duke before even being drafted.

    Kind of annoying AA’s explanation that the team is taking a (ridiculous) moral stand and not putting him on. If I were AA I would’ve taken a moral stand by doing the exact opposite, and putting him on the 40 man, even if the plan was to then shut him down, and expose a patetently unfair drug policy.

    • Meh. He’ll be playing mid-May. He can still participate in Spring Training.

      Can’t bring myself to really care about it, to be honest.

      • It surprizes me a times how the entire blog gets monopoloized by 1 prospect. I understand some scouts feel Stroman is the most MLB ready kid, but hell that can change in a heart beat. I am looking forward to seeing what this kid Matt Smoral can do, he’s 6-foot-8

        • The thing that is concerning about Stoman is we don’t know the impact the drugs had on his performance. If he is the most major league ready kid of the group this year, what will his performance be when he comes back to ‘normal’. If I recall Storman is 5′ 9″ so he is short

          • The “impact” is similar to a few Red Bulls. If Lawrie is willing to share his stash, it should be a non issue.

          • I heard part of radio show today talking about the effects of steroids that were startling. Mentions guys like Carl Lewis and others who developed bigger jaw lines, bigger heads, needing to wear braces for their teeth, bad skin..it sounded awful. I think its more that red bull.

          • @ birddawg

            Stroman didn’t take steriods. He was suspended for a substance hidden in protein powders and such.
            He is guilty of being an idiot and not reading his list of supplements not to use.

          • Add me to the list then. I saw performance inhancing and immediatly went for the worst case.

          • See, this to me illustrates why the Jays did Stroman a disservice. Now, Stroman walks around for the rest of his life with a scarlet letter to the uninformed such as birddawg, which is unfortunately a sizable part of the fan base.

            Stroman was NOT suspended for taking a performance-enhancing substance. He was suspended for taking a prohibited substance – a stimulant. Taking a performance-enhancing substance is an automatic 50 game suspension at the major league level, taking a prohibited stimulant is a warning at the major league level. There is a world of difference between a performance-enhancing substance and a stimulant. If you read somewhere that Stroman was suspended for taking a performance-enhancing substance, whereever you read it was woefully misinformed.

          • Glad I could be of help.

          • “Blue Jays prospect Marcus Stroman tests positive for performance enhancing drug”
            CBC Sports Haeadline when the story broke
            This is the source of my misinformation. Now if you can verify it wasn’t as stated above, then we have the truth

    • Not sure this is a “moral high ground” thing as much as it might be a “don’t piss off Selig” or “don’t piss off the MLBPA” thing. At least, that’s my reading.

  10. I actually think it’s okay because it puts the other minor leaguers on notice when that first rounder is busted. This team had that other player retire because of the drugs of abuse suspensions.

    On the other hand, that is POSSIBLY going to hurt Stroman’s trade value in the future. Some other team might think he’s stupid enough to do it again.

  11. Stoeten, KLaw was talking about the minor league suspension rules on the BT podcast and I thought he said that AA can add Stroman to the 40 man at any time during the suspension and put a stop to it. If that is the case, and again I am totally uncertain if I heard him correctly, is Stroman a 40 man guy come the Spring?

    • Well the next question then becomes, when or if he gets sent down for whatever reason, Does his MiLB suspension kick in again? I would think yes. Until he serves all 50 games in his MiLB suspension, they probably will not let him play. Either way it’s moot, AA says he’s going to serve it. What I want to know is, will he be at spring training as a “non-roster-invitee” or something else ?

  12. AA talks but he never says anything. Which is fair enough. I like a close-mouthed GM. So I guess I will wait til the off-season and see what happens there.

    • I like a close mouthed isabella!

    • +1.

      I used to look forward to AA’s media availabilities.

      However, it’s pretty hilarious to see him still talk in circles.

      At this point, it’s wait till February to see what the roster s like for 2013 before taking him too seriously.

      • I’d like to see a Q & A seeion between AA and Cletus over the Winter, that would be fun. I think AA would implode from the patience required to override his urge to talk verses the listening skills required to hear Colby out.

  13. Good lord I hope we unload KJ-what a fukstik with his 2oo strikeouts and mediocre defence. Repalce him with Hech and use some of the savings ie 6.5 m towards a pitcher of consequence. Even if we had to pay an edwin Jackson ( who really is only a 3), 15m we can do it from KJ’s 6.5, Frasor’s 3.5 and Teahen’s 5.5, and use any actual increase in budget to try and geta real stud. Well, it would be nice

    • +0.5.

      Hech will hurt us on offense vs a healthy KJ.

      However, if the Jays wantto save money ,& reinvest in starting pitching , I am OK with that

      • As long as second base isn’t a blackhole, it doesn’t matter who fills it. This team needs lots of pitching.
        ERA 11th in the AL
        xFIP 12th
        k/9 10th
        bb/9 14th!

        This team needs two #2 starters.
        The team needs wins, pitchers who can go deep enough to save the bullpen a little, push #5 type starters into the bullpen roles they really should have been in all along.

      • Dont bet against it. Hech is an inexpensive backup to Lawrie, Escobar and KJ and when KJ goes on a streak like he did this year, he’ll be a good looking trade piece….maybe even for more pitching

  14. I figure they’ll go after and sign Shaun Marcum this winter, beyond that, who knows.

  15. Considering that the Jays most likely course of action for pursuing pitching will be trades, I’d almost look at aiming high for the starters, and seeing if the other teams can “throw-in” (not exactly a throw-in, but I don’t know what other term to use) some offensive pieces that supplement the lineup.

    For example, if the Jays looked into a trade for Matt Garza with the Cubs – or even aiming at a controllable guy like Samardzija – maybe they can get David DeJesus added in for a small incremental price, who would give them a solid one-year option in left field.

    • He is if its for a very team friendly price. Even though its tough as hell to see him continually pop up in the infield – I honestly believe (against all reason) that he’ll put it all together some day soon.

      That said – I do distinctly remember saying before the start of the year that it was no guarantee that Rasmus would be better this year than last..

      Bummer. I hoped I would be wrong..

  16. The Red Sux will also be out there beating the bushes for starters. They are just as pitching-challenged as we are and they will spend more money because the fans will lynch them if they don’t. Especially after unloading all those big contracts on the Dodgers which gives them the dollars to spend. So this off-season is going to be complicated.

  17. AA speaking, one of my least favourite things

  18. [...] turn and this year, a miss of abyss held adult to them big-time when injuries hit. Heck, even some previously-reluctant bloggers seem to be fasten a spend-more call of mainstream media types in Toronto, that was going on as most [...]

  19. It was a sad day when Andrew was executed. He was just sttaring to form a relationship with his brother, too. Anyone who knew Andrew would not want him dead. He was intelligent and thoughtful.

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