It’s been such an impossibly long time since the last one that I was starting to worry that maybe Richard Griffin had given up on our favourite feature, perhaps to focus on his new, infinitely long Bullpen column, but the fears about the Griff Bag’s demise have been greatly exaggerated, as he’s got a brand new one up, over at the Toronto Star!

As always, I have not read any of Griffin’s answers.

If there’s a question you’d like me to answer, submit it to Griffin here, and maybe he’ll select it for a future mail bag. Fingers crossed!

Q-Richard Stoeten,

My problem all year long has been the use of the 25-man roster. Why 13 pitchers which seriously depletes your bench strength? Then on Sept. 1, they recall two more pitchers when the rosters expanded! With no bench strength, the playoffs will be a dream only. You can’t just play the same eight (players) game-in and game-out — you’re just looking at someone breaking down.

Dave Mulholland, Toronto

Well, on Friday the Jays called up five players five players, three of whom (Brett Lawrie, JP Arencibia, and Yan Gomes) will strengthen the bench, so maybe that’s precisely what you’re looking for?

But, look, I get that the bench is important, and I haven’t agreed very often with the Jays’ usage of it this year– particularly the 70 man bullpen they’ve generally employed– but “with no bench strength, the playoffs will be a dream only”??? Seriously?


Q-Is there some reason why the Jays aren’t giving Carlos Villanueva the respect he deserves? He’s only done everything they could have asked and more, and has really stepped up this year. He’s a free agent at the end of this season, but if I were he, I certainly wouldn’t give the Jays any home discount. Is there something more to the story that fans don’t know about? Does he have horrible BO or something? Thanks,

Richard Worzel, Toronto

Oh for fuck. The respect he deserves? Please. Yes, there is “some reason” the Jays haven’t extended Villanueva: the fact that, if they do, they’ll be paying for his future performance, not his current performance. And there is plenty of reason to be concerned that he isn’t going to be able to keep this up– from his smoke-and-mirrors stuff, to the fact that he’s never pitched the kind of innings expected of a starter, to the fact that he’s had issues with his arm twice in the past calendar year.

I like Villanueva and think he can be a useful piece, and I’d even be all for re-signing him with a few caveats, but to act like it should be some kind of a slam dunk? That’s absurd.


Q-Hey, Read your column every chance I get. Love to hear your baseball knowledge.

Had an idea on next year. Maybe outside the box a bit, and far from complete but an idea. So. Watching Rajai Davis and Anthony Gose running, wow, love to see both. Like Buck Martinez always says on broadcasts, “look what speed does.” So, Gose in right, Davis in left. Jose Bautista always says he will play where the team needs him. Back at third. Need a second baseman next year? Brett Lawrie works. He played there before. Edwin Encarnacion at first. Yunel Escobar, short. Colby Rasmus, centre. Leaves options for injuries or trade options for pitching? Just an idea. I know Davis isn’t perfect defensively but maybe speed on basepaths makes up for it.

Curious to see what you think.

Dan Frook, Fergus

Christ, I don’t know what’s worse about this question: that you’d actually fucking want to see Rajai Davis play every day, that you assume that two years ago the Jays completely arbitrarily and pointlessly moved Brett Lawrie off a position where his bat would play even better than it does at third and would just switch him back there now to accommodate Davis, or that you actually listen to what it is that dribbles out of Buck Martinez’s mouth for three hours every night.


Q-Hello Mr. Griffin Stoeten

This might be a dumb question, but you have talked about the idea of having two hitting coaches with the Jays as being a good idea. With the Las Vegas season being over do/could the Jays (or any team), call up coaches, like they call up players to be with the major league team until the end of the year? Thanks,

Chuck Giles, Washago

A lot of teams are going the way of having assistant hitting coaches, and I can’t see how it can possibly be a bad idea, as long as they’re generally all on the same page.

The Jays have brought Las Vegas (perhaps Buffalo!) hitting coach Chad Mottola up to the Majors for this month, as they did last year when the minor league season ended, and we’re hearing rumblings that they’re toying with the idea of making it permanent. So, obviously they’re not worried about having too many voices in the dugout. And as much as I’m reluctant to suggest that hitting coaches have anywhere near the kind of impact that people want to believe they do, I’m with them on that. I just can’t see how adding to the staff could possibly hurt.


Q-Richard Stoeten,

I love the mailbag and it’s the highlight of my (baseball reading) week when it happens. With a few Jays farmhands starting to find time with the big club, I’ve started to wonder how good these guys will actually become when they’re ready for the show. I’ve heard (Justin) Nicolino called a Tom Glavine in waiting, (Travis) D’Arnaud the next Brian McCann and Gose the next Kenny Lofton. Are any of these projections reasonable or are they far beyond what we should expect? How good are the Blue Jays’ top prospects? Which players (current or former) would you say provide the best comparison?


Joseph C, Toronto

Those projections are, frankly, insane. Which isn’t to say that those kids aren’t really talented or that there isn’t some remote possibility that somewhere in the Jays system is a Hall of Fame talent who’ll blossom and stay healthy enough to have one of those kinds of careers, but you’ve got to think about just how ridiculously rarely it is for great players to actually come along. I mean, there are over twelve-hundred players drafted every year, and many more who enter pro ball via international free agency.

To me, it just doesn’t serve anybody to over-sell these guys, or to talk them up without making it absolutely clear that the attrition rate for prospects is spectacularly high. Do I really need to go through the litany of next-superstar prospects we’ve seen go down in flames over the years? We’re just going to have to wait and see how things go.


Q-Richard Stoeten,

Always enjoy your column! The Blue Jays coaching staff preaches ‘pitch to contact’ with its starters. How common is this among MLB teams? Is this a philosophy based on the talent you have available? Does the philosophy extend down through an organization into the minors? How effective of a strategy do you think it is? It seems the most effective starters for the Jays — Carlos Villenueva, J.A. Happ and Brandon Morrow — seem to get a lot of Ks.


Mitch K, Toronto

Huh? The Jays do not preach a “pitch to contact” philosophy.


Q-Richard Stoeten,

Unfortunately it’s that time of the year again to start thinking about next year’s roster and I was wondering what your thoughts would be about having Adam Lind move to LF. That would free up the DH spot for the Jays to test the free agent waters. Also, seeing as the FA crop for 2B is pretty thin and the homegrown talent cupboard seems frightfully bare, would the Jays entertain the thought of re-signing Kelly Johnson? Always appreciate your insight.

George O’Hagan, Guelph

As atrocious as he’s been since about the time his hamstring went wonky, a cheap, short-term contract with Johnson to play second base in 2013 wouldn’t be entirely the worst idea, in my view. No, really. But Lind? Good fucking lord, how much rope can a guy possibly get? And how in the fuck does Lind’s existence prevent them from going after a DH in the winter? Let’s just move on already and prepare ourselves to suck it the fuck up if he finds success elsewhere. They’ve pissed away enough at-bats waiting for 2009 here.


Q-Hello Richard Stoeten,

I know that the Blue Jays young pitcher Henderson Alvarez is just that, young. He is a pretty good pitcher but although some commentators said that he has “ice in his veins” i.e. that nothing bothers him, I think that he has not too much going on upstairs as well because in spite of the fact that every one praises him and his pitching, they say that he should keep the ball down, but he repeatedly leaves a few up and those are hit for home runs and those are the runs that causes him to lose games.

In time he will be a great pitcher but it does not take age to learn from one’s repeated mistakes. Any thoughts on this?

Tony D’Souza, Toronto

Oh look, it’s precisely the kind of thinking that needs to be beaten over the head with a fucking shovel. Alvarez is dumb because he’s not keeping the ball down on every single pitch? As though he ought to know better and is purposely doing it anyway?

Ugh. Give him a better breaking ball and he’ll be a much more successful pitcher. Until then, shitting on anything else is rather pointless nitpicking, or– as in this case– worse.


Q-Hi Richard Stoeten,

I’ve been enjoying details of your pub crawls on the road via your Bullpen, but couldn’t you combine them with pumping out some more mailbags? Seems to me that might be a good combination. Here’s my question: in this crazy, disappointing, seemingly train wreck of a season, please give us fans five positives to take with us into 2013 based on on-field performance this year.

Many thanks,

Rob Brander, Sydney, Australia

Easy. Edwin Encarnacion’s season, and his re-signing, have been tremendous developments for the club. Colby Rasmus, even though he struggled for too much of the second half (and April), I think showed enough to feel good with him in centre going forward for at least one more year. The emergence of Casey Janssen as a legitimate late-inning weapon has been tremendous. Even though the numbers in his last couple of seasons were fantastic, Darren Oliver has been a revelation, and will be back on an extremely reasonable team option, if he chooses to pitch again in 2013. And, lastly, it sounds like the club might actually, finally get their Triple-A affiliate the fuck out of Las Vegas.


Q-Hey Richard Stoeten,

If you were told back in Feb. of ’95 when you joined The Star as a baseball columnist that the Blue Jays — coming off a World Series championship two seasons prior — wouldn’t make the playoffs at all until 2013 at the earliest, what would your reaction have been?

Terry Bridge, Waterloo

Um… surprise?


Q-Hi Richard Stoeten,

I don’t envy you having to watch this unfortunate season. My question concerns Monday’s game in NYC. Russell Martin laid down that terrific sac bunt and clearly ran on the inside of the baseline. He was thrown out and no damage was done, but do you think the umpire would have noticed and called him out if the throw had been bad?

Ralph Levenstein, Thornhill



Q-Dear Mr. G S,

How disappointing to see Brett Lawrie is further desecrating his body with more tattoos; what a symbol of the dull-witted conformist underclass. I am among the few that hasn’t anointed Lawrie for the Hall of Fame. He has room to grow, yes, but so far he looks more like a future utility infielder than a star. Pretty immature for 23.

Thank you,

Thea Varley, Toronto

Are you for real? This is a magnificent troll job or, somehow, the most batshit thing ever written in a Griff Bag, which is truly saying something. Either way: jaw dropping.


Q-Can the Jays offer (Zack) Greinke $100 million for 4-5 years? I don’t think he would sign but if possible it would solve the starter problem. Also, is Hechavarria our new starter at second base next year with Johnson obviously leaving? I also don’t believe an offer could go out to David Ortiz because AA will want the DH spot open for Lind/D’Arnaud and the possible Gose/Sierra platoon. Do you agree?

Martin Aguirre, Owen Sound

One presumes that the Jays could offer Greinke that kind of money, and I’d be very disappointed if they didn’t do whatever they possibly can to sign him, as futile a pursuit as that may be.

Moving on, yes, Hechavarria may be the starter at second next year, but it’s far from a foregone conclusion– much like it’s not entirely a slam dunk that Johnson won’t be back, though I agree that it’s far more likely he’ll be gone.

Where I don’t agree, though, is on the stuff about DH. Yes, Anthopoulos has said that he’d give d’Arnaud at bats at DH, but that’s very likely just posturing. JP Arencibia is likeable and serviceable, but he is what he is– he’ll play OK defence and crush a few mistakes into the bleachers every year, and that’s about it. Long-term, it looks very much like it’s d’Arnaud’s job, and Arencibia probably has more value in trade than he does as a part-time player. But obviously the GM wasn’t going to say a thing like that.

Anthony Gose still needs regular at-bats– Sierra, too– so there’s no way they’re going to find themselves in a platoon situation. And fuck… I don’t want to live in a world where Adam Lind provides any kind of impediment to this club improving at DH. I’d take a hard run at Ortiz, no question, and if he hits the market, with his injury and the limited market for DHs keeping the price from getting too outlandish, I’d expect the Jays totally will.


Q-While watching a London, Ont., team play a team in Michigan during the first half of July, a batter with a full count swung at a vicious curve ball and missed, but the ball hit him in the lower stomach. He was called out. Why was he not awarded first base for a hit by pitch? Incidentally, he was in such agony that he had to be carried off the field by his managers without the benefit of a stretcher! This game was being televised by a London TV station, which I watched on Rogers Cable in my son’s house in London.

James R. McGillawee, Oshawa

He wasn’t awarded first because he swung at the pitch. Yep.


Q-Blue Jays have a history of keeping a “clean shop” regarding illegal matters and their players. In the past it usually is a ticket to be shipped out of Dodge. Do you think this will now happen because their pitching draft pick got caught and suspended 50 games? (These days I can’t believe he did what he did and did not know what he was doing.)

Dave Butler, Toronto

If he was in the Majors, Marcus Stroman would have simply got a warning for having ingested a banned substance in a supplement, which he claims was done unwittingly. So… what possible reason would there be for the Jays to divest themselves of him? He’s not going anywhere, and frankly, this is a non-issue. It was dumb, and it was lazy– to my understanding players are given a large list of supplements that won’t cause a positive test– but that’s about as malicious a term as I can put on it. There should be no difficulty in believing his story or believing that he has a chance to have a good, long career ahead of him.


Q-Hi Richard Stoeten,

Enjoyed your Bullpen and especially the Rant this week. It raised a question for me: Presumably, steroids and HGH have been developed for specific medical uses. Certainly some medical procedures have been developed that employ them (see Bartolo Colon). So if there is a legitimate reason to use such recuperative aids, then wouldn’t it make sense to say that using them is appropriate for rehabbing players? They could easily put in a stipulation that they must document with MLB all such uses, and then they would be ineligible to return to the field for a reasonable period of time afterwards.

Your thoughts?

Bryan Willis, Vancouver

All that stuff is collectively bargained, so it’s not going to change any time soon, but I’d be entirely for anything that brings more sensibility into the league’s drug testing program, or the way that we talk about drugs in sports. It will never stop befuddling me how certain treatments are universally seen as benign, while others are demonized as part of some nefarious cheating culture. We need to stop thinking that we already have all the answers, because the science and medicine is always changing.


Q-Hi Richard Stoeten,

The Jays should write off this year and send all of their sickly birds to the Vet. It’s probably the bird flu that they are all suffering from.


Tony D’Souza, Toronto

Um… sure?

Comments (79)

  1. Great Stuff Stoeten, I can’t believe some of these questions, especially the one about Lawrie and his tattoos, …. and well every question about roster construction asked by one of these sober jays fans.

  2. No idea why so many Jays fans want Adam Lind to still be a part of this team’s future. It boggles the mind, especially considering how quickly Toronto sports fans run decent players out of town.

    As for Charlie V, I agree – why give the guy the money based on a few good starts? The irony is that under the old CBA, AA would love to let him go and get a draft pick back for him. Not so much anymore.

    Finally, what’s with this “give us 5 reasons to watch the team next year” bullshit? Do fans ask this kind of nonsense on a Leafs mailbag?

    • I believed in Lind at the beginning of the year. Even stuck up for him against Stoeten.

      I’ve given up – he sucks. His back sucks. He doesn’t care. Whatever narrative you want.

      Having said that, no one will take him. So in that we are stuck paying for him anyway, I think he actually is a great bench player. That’s a legit threat if you pinch hit him late in the game. Compared to Matthis, McCoy, Vizquel, etc.

      And then if EE or Ortiz gets injured, Lind can fill in.

    • to be fair, there are no good reasons to watch the Leafs…

  3. I admire your restraint.
    These were some of the most uniformed, borderline racist just plain dumb questions ever posted. Maybe it explains why it was so long between mailbags.
    Can you imagine some of the questions he choose not to respond to?

  4. I’m all for Davis and Gose as my corner infielders. Surely a world series team can be constructed around a combined 10 HRs from your corner outfielders.

  5. Rasmus as a positive seems like a reach. He’s had exactly one great month, and despite that his slash line is pretty much the exact same as last year. Given the other huge holes in this roster it probably doesn’t make sense to try and replace him (although, given the defensive/speed differences+the saved $ I’m not sure just how wide the gap is between he and Gose), but let’s not pretend that Colby has been, y’know, any good.

    • It’s true, I’m probably giving him too much credit by writing off too much of the early struggles to the time needed to figure himself out, and too much of the late struggles to playing hurt and/or a lack of fire for non-competitive dog day baseball. It really was only one great month, but I still think it was enough to give him another crack, with Gose in AAA waiting, and I’m probably more hopeful than I should be that he’ll be better.

      • I agree Stoeten.
        At this stage in his carreer and his age,would Gose out hit Rasmus at the major league level or would he do better with extra seasoning in AAA ( Buffalo) .
        I think the latter.

      • He seems like a guy whose always going to either hot or cold, with good D. That’s not bad for CF. It would be better if he gets moved around the lineup based on how he is hitting though.

  6. Does anybody else think that Griffin is sifting through his questions and thinks “hey I’m gonna answer this one just because I want to see what Stoeten has to say afterwards”.

    The Brett Lawrie tattoo question seems to fit there.

    • Of course!

      I get my staffers to pick 3 questions per mailbag just to get a rise out of Stoeten and see how he answers it.

      What I want is for DJF readers to pick out those 3 questions each week.

      Good luck!

      • I almost believed that this was the real Richard Griffin. Then he said he had staffers. I’m pretty sure beat reporters for local newspapers haven’t had staffers since 1954. Keep up the good work though Griff!

  7. I agree, I think Tats are fuggly, but Lawrie being a utility player that is too much to handle.

    • Think what you want about them being ugly, but to say “symbol of the dull-witted conformist underclass” is way out of line… and just plain dumb.

    • Lawrie is from Langley, BC; it is very common for people his age in Langley to have arm tats.

      Harley Davidsons, UFC, and Affliction T-shirts are very popular even amongst the rich people.

      • Hahaha, my cousins are from Langley, and because I know this is true, first hand, I had myself a good hearty LOL on this one.

      • Not too mention one whole arm sleeve of his is dedicated to his kid sister who died. Makes my blood boil a bit to hear some senile old cunt call him dim-witted and a conformist for having tats. Also I don’t have any tats myself incase any one thinks I’m commenting as someone with a bias for tatoos.

  8. We all know that ‘Thea Varley’ is just Parkes, right?

  9. Stoeten, well done.My compliments to you.

  10. Stoeten, I’m with you 100% on the concerns with Lind and the non-sense of playing him full time going forward. The problem I have is can management see this? Is AA seeing this?

    Why the hell is this guy getting regular at bats in the clean-up spot? I’m concerned that the LF and SP holes may take priority this off-season and the Lind situation is not rectified. The guy is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.

    • My guess is that with Lind in the cleanup spot and IF he were to get hot, in the short term, he might have some value in a trade.
      The Jays aren’t in a playoff hunt,try and make some chicken soup out of chicken shit.
      Somebody might buy it.

      • A team can only be hopeful for so long when hoping for a guy to match his past success. The lack of effort and keeping himself healthy and prepared to play major league baseball almost bothers me more than his god awful numbers.

        Any sort of return would be the Filet Mignon of chicken feed for him

        • When your back is pooched, its just pooched. No form of preparation or workout regimen will make your back better. Maybe the reason he doesn’t work out is because it will further fuck his back. Regardless, he’ll never be healthy through a full season ever again.

      • No one is taking him. Or they will if we eat salary. I keep saying he will make a fine bench player. His back might even do well from sitting on a solid bench all game. And if Ortiz (cause we better get Ortiz) or EE gets a little hurt: in comes a healthy, rested Lind. And he can pinch hit for Hech or Gose or Matthis when we need a sac fly to win.

    • I used to get just as angry as you when I saw Lind in the cleanup slot, especially against lefties. He seems to be pretty much done. But since Jose went down, one question has stayed my anger – who else would you play at clean-up?

  11. “To me, it just doesn’t serve anybody to over-sell these guys, or to talk them up without making it absolutely clear that the attrition rate for prospects is spectacularly high. Do I really need to go through the litany of next-superstar prospects we’ve seen go down in flames over the years? We’re just going to have to wait and see how things go.”

    Yet the Jays org. has been using their prospect potential as the gold at the end of the rainbow.

    • lol of course they do. And Apple tells me the iPhone is the best smart phone out there. And Honda tells me the Civic is the best mid sized sedan in it’s class….etc. etc.

      The Jays are a multi million dollar corporation. Of course they’re going to market their products.


      • Being that ” attrition rate for prospects is spectacularly high” your analogy probably doesn’t fit what I was implying.

        • Not sure how it doesn’t. The Jays prsopects are all products that the compny is trying to sell.

          They’re going to do everything they can to highlight the positives of them and in many cases will be proclaimed to be better then they ultimately are.


          • Ugh, this team spoke in such positive tones about their potential during spring training…how dare they raise my hopes like that!

          • Howeever, the more I think this over, I realize not all Jays prospects are products the company is trying to unload. Generally they won’t be overstating any player capabilities whatsoever. This is my actual position, sorry about the confusion.

    • They have been, to an extent, but I think what’s gotten lost in what they’re saying has been the idea that quantity is as critical as quality– precisely because the attrition rate is so high. I don’t think they’ve been intentionally leaving this out, it’s just the unsexy other side of the coin.

  12. Regarding Stroman, I don’t think he needed to be in the Majors to get off with a warning…..I think just being on the 40 man would’ve sufficed.

    • Pretty sure the draconian minor league drug policy still applies to players in the minors who are on the 40 man if they have 0 service time.

  13. yes there are ridiculous (very ridiculous) comments, but I can’t help but feel that Stoeten is a little smug in some of his answers.

  14. I see our band of idiots asking Richard Stoeten dumb questions are back as strong as ever.

  15. I think that the Colby – Snider infatuation are really the same.

    Those guys get ripe cos they were top prospects and young at their levels in the minors.

    But some guys never figure it out at the majors level. And I really think there is an inconsistency in the leniency shown towards them by Stoeten et al versus other guys.

    Colby has been BAD at the plate for a whole season of at bats now. That’s not…. Good

  16. It goes without saying that your 5 positives are better than Griffins (do you ever compare your answers to his after you post yours? it is good for a laugh). I don’t 100% agree with posting Rasmus as a + though. Yes his 1.2 WAR is better than last years -1.1 WAR (88 OPS+ this year vs 37 OPS+ last year) but I’m not sure his season has been a big positive. I guess with the nightmare season we are having you have to reach just a little bit for the positives. Hard to blame you there. Too bad you can’t list EEE twice.

  17. The Jays should propose a trade with the Red Sox. The Jays back take a lesser player than buchholz in return for Farrell and Lind. Do what the White Sox did to the Jays with Teahen. Take the 5m in savings and use it for pitching.

  18. oh yeah, forgot to add, his defense is over-rated as well. to call him average defensively at CF is perhaps a little generous. You can’t listen to Tabby and Buck jerk off over him in CF…judge with your own two eyes (hint: he can’t judge fly balls well at times).

    [Richard Griffin is reporting that Rasmus is on deck in this regard, and it seems that many within the organization value his contributions. It’s just tough to determine what those contributions are, as Rasmus hasn’t hit well, hasn’t fielded well, and with four years of service time under his belt at the end of this season, he isn’t likely to come cheap anymore.]

  19. Interesting post on fangraphs:

    UZR–yes, a model with flaws–does have four seasons of data points for Rasmus the CF…and it says that he ultimately costs teams more runs than he saves. Having a net negative defensive value, to me, is the definition of not fielding well.

    Furthermore, since 2010, of minimum qualified CF, Rasmus ranks 23rd in terms of UZR of those centerfielders. If you include his 2009 (which was his “good” defensive year), he actually ends up 28th of 40 qualified CFers. So he’s below average when compared to his peers too.

    I’m all for considering the data points of DRS and FSR in concert with UZR, but even with them, taking a long view, it seems much more appropriate to conclude that Rasmus is, at best, “average” and more likely “below average” as a CF. We also should consider, especially in the context of a contract extension discussion, that defensive value for premium defensive positions typically peaks early. Which is to say…true talent improvement is less likely than skill erosion going forward.

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