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In his latest Bullpen column for the Toronto Star, Richard Griffin informs us that “if Jays’ manager John Farrell had his way, the Jays in 2013, would keep AAA-Las Vegas hitting coach Chad Mottola at the major league level to work with Dwayne Murphy on a daily basis.”

Speaking to the John Farrell to Boston rumours in his column at Fox Sports, Ken Rosenthal writes that Farrell “is viewed throughout the game as a person of integrity — people who know him find it difficult to believe that he would try to force his way out of Toronto.”

John Lott of the National Post looks at Anthony Gose’s fresh start, and the improvements he made during his brief return to Las Vegas after scuffling badly in his first MLB stint.

Pitch F/X guru Harry Pavlidis caught some of Roberto Osuna’s performance for Vancouver last week on, and came away impressed. In a series of tweets he said: “I’ve now seen Osuna face one batter and I’m now aware of what everyone loves about the guy. He can smoke the top of the zone. He can put some angle and get it low. His breaking pitch is nasty. And that was his change-up. Considering how well he locates the heater, that can be effective without being a plus.” He later adds that, while naturally a lot can still go wrong, he’s definitely one to follow– and he wonders if Osuna might even be skipped a level next season, bypassing Lansing. Hmmm.

At FanGraphs, Dave Cameron looks at the relationship between payroll and wins this season, and finds that there really isn’t one.

“With a solid core of proven offensive players, a renovated bullpen that includes some real power arms, top to bottom, and a couple of premium starters like Morrow and, yes, Romero upon which to build, the truth is this team is not that far away,” writes Ken Fidlin in the Toronto Sun, lauding the Jays chances in 2013.

Elsewhere in the Sun, Bob Elliott revisits the Brandon Morrow trade, which netted the Mariners the now-traded Brandon League, and the now-D’dFA Johermyn Chavez.

Elsewhere still, during the Red Sox series and the managerial madness that surrounded it, Elliott suggested that Terry Francona would be a great fit for the Jays, while Fidlin spoke with Darren Oliver, who says he won’t start contemplating retirement until the season is over.

Gregor Chisholm of looks into the Jays’ injury catastrophe this year, and speaks to Alex Anthopoulos and John Farrell, who say that steps are being taken to get to the bottom of just what the hell happened, in order to make sure a repeat is prevented.

On the heels of an interesting piece from Eric Seidman of FanGraphs, who mostly pans the notion, and one from Richard Griffin at the Toronto Star, who says it’s the next move, Bluebird Banter wonders aloud if the Jays should re-sign Colby Rasmus.

With the Mariners coming in, Bluebird Banter also gets a primer on the club from Jeff Sullivan of Lookout Landing.

Speaking of Sullivan, over at FanGraphs he looks at free-agent-to-be BJ Upton, who is… um… rather confounding.

And speaking of Uptons, over at Getting Blanked, Parkes assesses the potential trade market for Bossman Junior’s brother, Justin.

Elsewhere at FanGraphs, Jeff Zimmerman notices that the Orioles are among just 11 teams since 1962 to be 10 or more games over .500 despite having a negative run differential.

The Tao of Stieb gives us a variety of thoughts on a variety of subjects in his latest.

The Blue Jay Hunter sees signs of life in September.

Charlie Caskey of Jays Journal wonders if he’s falling out of love with Alex Anthopoulos.

At Sportsnet, Shi Davidi writes about the evolution of AJ Burnett.

Lastly, since I didn’t manage to post it when it was fresh, here’s yesterday’s edition of Getting Blanked

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  1. …and here is an article from The Sun that doesn’t agree with the Ken Fidlin article…

    I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. They have a lot of good things going for them moving forward but it really won’t be easy to improve this off-season with the Red Sox undoubtedly throwing funny money at anything that breathes.

    • I’m not sure the Red Sox will be so eager to jump back into huge, long term contracts after just getting out of Crawford, Beckett and AGon.

      We’ll see, but I actually anticipate the Red Sox behaving more ‘Blue Jay-esque’ this offseason. Trades for young core pieces etc. At least that’s what I’d do if I was them. They need a rebuild.

      • James, I’ve heard discussions on radio about this being a rebuilding year etc. But it’s the Sux, and I don’t think they are rational. Their fans certainly aren’t. And Charington will be looking to make his own mark on a team that, until the trade, was still Epstein’s. I don’t think they can get away with doing the kind of thing that AA has been doing. I suspect they will want at least one honking big prize in this thin off-season and I believe they will overpay to get it.

        • I gotta agree with James. It would be unwise of Cherington to add a shitload of payroll after getting so much praise for unloading a quarter of a Billion in one deal. You can consider the Epstein era over, Cherington’s handprints are all over that team now.

        • You definitely may be right, isabella…

          But, totally anecdotally, I read Sons of Sam Horn here and there when the Red Sox really suck, and the sentiment on those boards seems now to be a desire to stay away from huge, big money signing (believe it or not).

          We’ve been in such a long cycle of the Red Sox and Yankees outspending everyone and being dominant teams, that it’s easy to think it will just always be that way.

          But with the Yankees capping their spending at 190 million (while carrying a ton of bloated contracts), and the Red Sox dumping a very good player in AGon just to rid themselves of a couple bad deals, I really think these teams may be entering a new phase.

          • I don’t think the Red Sox and Yankees being huge revenue teams is going to change any time soon, by the way.

            I just mean they both seem to be very luxury tax conscious now, and that may lead them to be a bit more careful with insane spending sprees.

          • “Definitely may be right” is quite the meaningless statement. If she only “may” be right, what the fuck is definite about it?

    • It gets its own post.

      • Book of Morons!

      • Please, please, please. I almost started drinking at 10AM when I read that article. I guess the Leafs are a valid comparison to the Blue Jays… because of how fucking completely perfectly opposite they are to one another.

        • Really? Mouth breathing moron here because I agree with some of what the guy says. Including the point that the Leafs wouldn’t be getting nearly as much latitude as the Jays have gotten for years and years and years. We are all so fast to make excuses for a team that has now lost for a generation.

          • First off, Burke is a horrible comparison. The Leafs farm system is NOT markedly better than when Burke took over. And Burke has always been adamant that he is NOT doing a rebuild. Each year since Burke has been here he has said they are going for the playoffs. And half of hockey makes the playoffs. And Toronto is supposed to be a town that lots of free agents want to play in.

            You compare that to AA whose first move was to trade Doc for prospects (hint: rebuild) and who has not promised playoffs at all including this year. Who is in charge of a team that plays in the sport where the fewest teams make the playoffs, in the hardest division, on artificial grass in the only non-US city that free agents are not excited to join.

          • How do the Leafs not get more latitude than the Jays? Even though the Leafs are probably the worst run franchise in professional sports, they still sell out their over-priced tickets every game and are one of the top revenue producing teams in the NHL. I mean, the Leafs have had 1 winning record in the past 5 years, whereas the Jays have had 1 losing record in the past 5 years, and the Jays still don’t come close to the relative revenue stream as the Leafs do.

    • That is possibly the dumbest article I have ever read.

    • that writer is a complete moron. he’s like the most critical elements in this comment section x10 in the absurdity and exaggeration department.

      not that he doesn’t have a point or two, but man, he’s really off the deep end. what is the point questioning lawrie/EE’s ability? what would that possibly mean? what would be achieved by paranoia regarding two decently contributing parts, while huge gaping holes abound?

      what’s with the hockey comparisons? do they even make sense? How has the leafs NOT been given a free pass? They totally have. you only have to compare the leafs to the habs and see how different the franchise reacts to the outspoken fan base in MTL. Toronto GM’s and coaches of all stripes get a huge free pass. the jays vs. leafs comparison is stupid.

      • Yeah you could literally take that article sentence by sentence and destroy it.

        There might be two whole sentences that aren’t completely idiotic.

  2. There was also an interesting arcticle on WEEI which suggested that Torey Lovullo could be headed for Boston. Apparently he interviewed for the Manager and Bench Coach positions last year. He also the Manager of Boston’s Triple A team in 2010. Interesting none the less….

    • A lot of people forget about him. I’m also very curious to see where Vizquel lands as a coach next year. I imagine he would be interviewed by some teams this off-season, maybe even Boston. I mean, he’s basically a playing coach already, and the success of Ventura and Matheny this year will probably inspire some more off-the-wall managerial hires.

  3. I’m so glad Elliott wrote that Francona piece. Proves I’m not crazy for thinking it could work. And boy, if you let Farrell go to Boston for the player you want and then immediately announce Francona as his replacement, the Boston media and fan base goes from “Yay Farrell!” to “Holy fuck.” Far more pressure on Farrell with a bad team, and suddenly the Jays have a manager to take them to the next level — and pull a fast one on the Sox, to boot. I still doubt it would happen, but it’s something that should be discussed for sure.

    • +1

      Franconia would be a coup for the jays.

      When AA was a baby in Montreal Franconia was on the expos.

      Baby AA was trading used toys for options on new toys at that age.

  4. Can’t watch it cuz I’m at work, but this purports to be some interesting clips from Jays players (via AUX TV) of how they picked their walkup songs:

    • “Check back tomorrow for Part II, featuring Jason Frasor, Omar Visquel, Jeff Mathis, Mike McCoy, and everyone making fun of Jose Bautista.”

      Yes! Omar Vizquel discussing RUSH!

  5. That, as they say, would be the cherry on top-Ithink they should do it

  6. Agreed. The Sox will spend. They HAVE to. On the brighter side, this will automatically prevent AA from making a big contract mistake. Stick to the plan. Trades – yes. FAs – not yet.

  7. I am willing to forgive the Jays for not making it this year, but if the you guys they have now don’t contented after 3 years, then its time to get down to calling AA’s plan a failure. Right now they are still developing talent.

  8. Toronto doesn’t seem like they’re the organization to have Osuna skip a level and go straight to Dunedin. Based on what they’ve done with their other high ceiling starters, he’s likely to at least start the year in Lansing and move up after 10-12 starts if he’s really dominating.

    And really, the guy is 17. There’s no need to rush him. We’ve seen what happens when Toronto starts rushing pitching prospects.

  9. On the bright side, I did receive notice that I can renew my season tickets for 2013 this morning! So … there’s that.

  10. Steve Buffery is trolling so hard

  11. I don’t mind Farrell, he’s done well enough considering what he’s had to work with. If the Red Sox want him so badly and are willing to give us something for him, whatever, it’s not my team to run.

    Francona seems like a good guy and has that experience edge over Farrell, but it would come down to if he even wants to manage in Toronto, maybe he wants to be reunited with Theo Epstein in Chicago or take on another gig. If the Jays for some reason let Farrell go to the Sox and hired Francona, I’d be okay with that, and if they decided to stick with Farrell, well I’m okay with that too. Considering how this season went, and with the NFL’s return, I don’t really care either way.

    In any case, Terry Francona looks like Heinrich Himmler, it’s almost scary.

  12. But Brandon League was an ALL-STAR!

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