Something about that hat, which the Jays will be wearing tonight to commemorate 9/11, strikes me as a bit off. Can’t quite put my finger on it…

(Oh, don’t worry, there’s a Canadian flag on the other side– lighten up!)


Shi Davidi tweets that Chad Jenkins looks like he’ll get the start in the Jays’ doubleheader against the Orioles later on in the month.

John Farrell, via a tweet from John Lott, says that Anthony Gose will shift over to left field tomorrow, and that Adeiny Hechavarria will see some time at second base before the season is through.

A day after Francisco Cordero was released by the Astros, the Orioles have D’d Kevin Gregg FA. Who could have saw that coming? MLBTR has the info.

At Bluebird Banter, Dakers gets all up into Steve Buffery’s nuts… and bolts, ripping apart the Toronto Sun article I chose to ridicule in a less specific manner.

Lastly, for your between inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone or tablet with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion DH
A. Lind 1B
Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
J. Arencibia C
R. Davis LF
A. Gose RF

B. Morrow RHP

Seattle Mariners

D. Ackley 2B
F. Gutierrez CF
K. Seager 3B
J. Jaso DH
J. Montero C
M. Saunders LF
E. Thames RF
M. Carp 1B
B. Ryan SS

E. Ramirez RHP


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  1. Just turned the game on, is that Jose Cruz Jr. with Jamie?

  2. That is weird, but 9/11 freaked out a lot of Canadians as well. The feed just switched from the Sportsnet to the Seattle feed, which is perhaps even more bizarre.

  3. Thank God there are still some things you can count on.

  4. From Tom Tango at the Book Blog:

    This is the key chart:

    Top 10: $140 million, .525 Win%
    Middle 10: $88 million, .511 Win%
    Bottom 10: $66 million, .464 Win%

    The reason is one of bias. In order to spend yourself into the Top 10, you have to put that money into free agents. But to spend yourself into the Middle 10, you don’t have to. Since free agent wins cost more than arbitration-eligible wins, you end up with a skewed effect. Going from 66MM$ to 88MM$ (increase of 22MM$ in spending) is linked to a change in .047 wins per game (7-8 wins per 162G). That’s about 3MM$ per win. But going from 88MM$ to 140MM$ (53MM$ extra in spending) is linked to a change of .014 wins per game (a bit over 2 wins). That’s 25MM$ per win!

    Conslusion- Rogers is cheap!

    • Why do you say free agents? The yankees pay for Cano, Granderson, Rodriguez, Jeter etc, none of whom were acquired by free agency. The Red Sox went the free agent route and it was a disaster. Your primary asumption shows you know less than you think you do.

      • Are you saying multiple MLB team advisor Tom Tango isn’t as smart as he thinks? You are fucking out of place.

      • I like the idea of trying out Hechavarria at 2nd this season. Testing the water, so to speak. Let’s see how he reacts. It’s kinda like farting in front of your girlfriend for the first time

  5. Sportsnet needs to have technical difficulties more often.

    • Naturally the feed goes to shit once the game starts, not during the inane pre-game coverage.

      • This is true. It’s not like I can’t go without having Zaun’s 3 ways to win:

        1. score more runs than the opposition
        2. give up less runs than the opposition
        3. don’t forget to cheer at home. very loudly. we can’t hear you, but the positve vibes get transmitted through the television, and is subconsciously planted into the jays’brains. kinda like my suits.

  6. Lol can always count on Thames to end a rally

  7. So we got Delabar for Thames, eh? Are you sure we didn’t send some cash their way.

  8. I like watching games from the opposing teams point of view

  9. fatty lind

  10. Fuck. Now I don’t wanna watch anymore.

  11. I want Root sports back! That pitch tracker is ncie

  12. The only thing expanding faster than the universe is my sense of fashion.

  13. this is a tank series, right? i mean, we have to beat the Sox into last – i’m on board with that – but there’s no reason not to give some of our remaining losses to a team a couple picks behind us. ending up with 71 wins here but 2 in this series against 71/0 might actually matter!

  14. E-mail I got today from the Blue Jays as a Fan Pass buyer:

    Thank you for supporting the Toronto Blue Jays. We hope you enjoyed your Blue Jays Fan Pass. Further details about the Fan Pass for 2013 will be available shortly, but we wanted to make sure you were among the first to be notified of our 2013 Full Season Subscription on sale date, this Wednesday September 12th, 2012 at 9am.

    Becoming a Toronto Blue Jays Season Ticket holder is easier than you think. Our Season Ticket package ensures you get the BEST SEATS and the very BEST PRICE. Share with your friends, family and co-workers and enjoy many great subscriber benefits*, including:

    - Exclusive season ticket holder events
    - Special season ticket holder discounts & offers
    - Convenient online account management
    - Access to postseason tickets before the general public

    For a limited time, buy your 2013 Season Tickets and pay in full before December 7th, 2012 and you will also receive*:

    - $100 Toronto Blue Jays Gift Card (valid for additional tickets, concessions & merchandise)
    - Toronto Blue Jays Authentic Collection Premier Jacket
    - Limited Edition Jose Bautista Bobblehead

    1. Fuck yeah, they’re bringing the Fan Pass back! Still the best deal in sports, at 100 bucks for 81 games. Hopefully they don’t jack the prices, but even if it went up to, say, $150 it’d be a steal. I hope these don’t disappear once the team gets competitive (knock on wood)
    2. “access to postseason tickets” lol
    3. They’re having ANOTHER Jose Bautista bobblehead day next season? I can see why they’d keep churning out bobbleheads – the 3 bobblehead days this year saw lineups around the block, because this city has an insatiable fetish for cheaply-made free shit – but there was just a Bautista doll last year, and there’s no way they’re just pawning off unsold stock from last year off on season ticket buyers, since the old doll’s wearing the verboten Black Jays duds.

  15. this game is just pissing me off

  16. John Jaso Jingleheimer Schmidt, gets thrown out by Davis agaaaaain.

  17. Davis picking on Jaso again.

  18. getting my gose jersey asap

  19. Never change, Thames.

  20. Putting a toonie bet down right now, bobbleheads we’re seeing in 2013:

    - Lawrie, tatts and all, with a pissed-off smirk, bat in hand. NO question. This will happen.
    - Colby, standing with legs spread in centre field, tacky Oakleys, glorious greasy mane, mouthful of chew lazily hanging open. God, I’d love this.
    - Bautista, who we already got doing this face – I guess now we need to see him making a diving catch or something. Awesome. Sold out game already.

    Bobbleheads I’d actually want to see:
    - Joe Carter in full-on iconic, hands-up walk-off mode for the 20th anniversary of 1993
    - Steve motherfucking Delabar
    - Brian Butterfield

  21. So in a mere 20 seconds, tabs and buck perpetuated two myths

    -a player is able to consciously raise his level of play with runners in scoring position


    fielders play better when they have a strike thrower on the mound .

  22. alot of the outs were loud vs morrow tonight. his pitches were flat and his velocity was down. perhaps dead arm period that pitchers often have in spring training is manifesting since morrow basically is in a spring training equivalent stage

  23. I don’t get all the buck and tabler bashing. They’re not geniuses. They’re not trying to be.

    They are personalities. They represent player mentalities, not statisti — holy shit Cecil looks stupid in those mixed colour goggles — where was I?

    • Well I think it’s the responsibility of commentators to raise the level of discourse among the audience. There’s really no point in having them spout off stuff that’s both wrong and overly simplistic, and that we’ve heard time and time again. If they want to represent the player mentality, fine, but do so with actual interesting insight. Stuff we’re not going to think of or realize as people who never played in the bigs. Not “he’s a clutch player cause he has a bunch of ribbies”

  24. Brett Cecil looks like he’s about to do some laps at the community pool

  25. Cecil seems more comfortable in the pen

  26. Gotta use up this pitcher if we are going to come back

  27. Tabler, extolling the amazingness of Jeter: “and I’m going to make an argument that Jeter could be the MVP this year…”

    Really, Tabby? REALLY? Comments like that make me wish Fire Joe Morgan was still going, ’cause that is the most ignorant/batshit fucking loony thing that I’ve ever heard. No doubt, dude’s a great player having another great year, but he’s not even anywhere fucking close to the MVP of his own team, and shouldn’t sniff the top ten in voting.

    Pat Tabler=Fucking retarded.

    • Michael Young redux.

      • Yup.

        I’d like to hear that argument, I really would. About the only thing he does that, say, Trout doesn’t do better, is wear pinstripes.

        In fact, if any voter as dumb as Tabler and puts Jeter ahead of Trout on their ballot, they should have their card revoked immediately. Full stop. And should probably be examined to see if they’ve had a stroke.

        I’m not even saying Trout should be the MVP (although I’d aruge that he is), but he’s one of a dozen or so players you could use in that sentence and still be right.

      • While Mike Trout is obviously the AL MVP, seeing Jeter get a handful of down-ballot votes, or even one first place vote, probably wouldn’t bother me the way Michael Young’s vote did.

        • I think you could make a pretty good case for Cabrera as well, especially if the tigers manage to win the central

  28. Talk about an unexpected error.

  29. They’re the Bengals, Buck. Come on.

  30. We all saw Gose throw that fucking SPIRAL on the football, right?
    Is it bad I kind of want to see a Jays flag football game?

  31. I just started to watch the game. Why was Morrow pulled?

  32. Walk #1 and Lawrie our hero comes to the plate

  33. Never liked that guy

  34. As long as he wasn’t injured…
    Thanks guys.

  35. Oh, the old Fister Furbush trade. Still makes me laugh.

  36. BJ’s gotta be #1 in bunts in the AL….too bad we arn’t playing RBI Baseball

  37. Eric Thames talking about his Fro-Hawk ?? You’re kidding me right?

  38. Rajai rules (tonight at least.)

  39. Rajai!!!! Fuck!

    Why didn’t he just tag him?

  40. Rally Caps boys

  41. Steal second, Base hit and a tie, then another steal another hit and a win

  42. Heart & Hustle, baby.

  43. Ok 1 thing right

    • Try to act like you’ve been there before, birddawg.

      • Oh, I’ve been here before! 20 years of losing Pal. Problem is, if you act like you’ve been there before on this blog, then all the folks here call you negitive and say that your a whinner. Most of them haven’t experienced the joy of winning yet.

  44. So close, yet…

  45. Kelly Johnson you can keep the millions of dollars but I want my love of Sublime back.

  46. Possible the first time in history a sports highlight producer has said “Let’s see, mid-September, Yankees are playing Boston… alright, but first, let’s show that big Baltimore-Tampa Bay game!”

  47. Why the fuck can’t they win five in a row?

  48. What up bros. Im da’ brotha known as “baseball playoffs is broke”

    let me holla at ya why…

    the Oakland A’s have a better record than division leaders Chicago AND newyork/bmore

    how eva”..the A’s be gettin the shaft, as they are only eligible for a wild card one game luck bowl right now.

    i gotta tell ya’….its bullshit…and it dont have to be this way..

    my good friend Omar Epps used to always tell me that whatz fair is fair..and nigga..this aint fair..

    just sayin

  49. The overthrow by Thames is the biggest reason he is no longer a Jay has to hit .300 to make up for his terrible defence

  50. For the Travis Snider fans out there its amazing the Pirates are already playing or using call ups to play or pinch hit in front of poor Lunchbox..

  51. Thank fuck. It should be 6-2 right now. Good on Farrell. Ricky is about to cry. Watch Delabar give up a jack….i hope not, though.

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