Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star takes a deep look at the Jays’ roster, trying to figure just how far the Jays really are from playoff contention.

Elswehere over at the the Star, Richard Griffin talks to Brandon Morrow about Stephen Strasburg and dealing with innings limits and being shut down early as a young pitcher– as Morrow was two years ago, in his first season in Toronto.

Elsewhere still, Kennedy recaps last night games and looks to the future, speaking to John Farrell about what we might see as the season plays out and we head towards 2013.

Robert MacLeod of the Globe and Mail also looks to the lineup tinkering we can expect for the last few weeks of the season.

“In some respects, Chad Mottola already serves as a second hitting coach for the Toronto Blue Jays,” writes John Lott of the National Post, who talks about what seems like the ever increasing possibility that the well-liked Mottola will serve as a second hitting coach for the Jays next season.

Jays Journal looks ahead to tonight’s start from a well-rested Ricky Romero, who it’s hoped will fare better with extra time between starts to help a throwing arm that’s surely sore and fatigued after logging so many innings in the past three years. Romero has faced the 10th most batters in all of baseball since 2010, and is in the top 25 in pitches thrown.

Jays Journal also looks at the Jays’ options for second base in 2013, which include a re-signed Kelly Johnson, Adeiny Hechavarria, or someone outside the organization, like the atrocious Stephen Drew, the intriguing Marco Scutaro, or perhaps even a big-time trade target.

Dirk Hayhurst writes about what makes a good manager, saying he’s “glad Bobby Valentine has been a complete and total disaster because he’s done a great job of drawing attention to often overlooked facets of the managerial process.”

At Getting Blanked, Parkes points out some league-wide highlights in the just-released 2013 schedule.

Don’t trust defensive stats? Baseball Prospectus encourages you to submit fan scouting reports for 2012.

Holy shit, what a police chase that was!

Mets 360 tries to project what to expect from Jason Bay going forward. If you’re still hopeful for the one-time maple icon, look away.

Since joining the Pittsburgh Pirates, Travis Snider has a .241/.344/.342/.686 line against right-handed pitching. Just sayin’.

Lastly, as you may have heard, Blogs With Balls– the world’s premier sports digital media event– is coming to Toronto October 5th and 6th, in partnership with the Score. There won’t be a baseball-specific panel, but there’s still lots that might interest you, including the one on analytics in sports media, or the one about social and mobile platforms overtaking blogs and traditional sites. You can get tickets by way of the link above, but stay tuned, as in the next week we hope to have some to give away or available at a discounted rate for DJF readers.

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  1. Good thing they didn’t choose a name for the event that might alienate women or anything… i don’t mind the idea, but..

    • Blogs WIth Balls Or Maybe Pucks Depending On The Sport But Also A Double Entendre On “Balls” Involving Testicles But That Also Doesn’t Exclude Ovaries 2012

      Follow us on Twitter using the hashtag #BWBOMPDOTSBAADEOBITBTADEO2012

    • Stop being offended on behalf of people who aren’t you. It’s irritating.

      • I’m not offended, I just wish that we would stop attempting to appeal to the juvenile.. It’s unnecessary, counter-productive, and helps the idea that bloggers are basement dwelling misogynist neckbeards to persist.

    • It’s a double entendre, you see. But if you must, go ahead and mail your outrage to five years ago when the thing started.

      • Thanks for breaking that down for me, and I was merely bringing it up for discussion. It’s a juvenile name for the vent, and just because they’ve used it for 5 years doesn’t mean they might not think of changing it, yknow, for their own interests. Shrug.

        • Or maybe they aren’t finding that it’s really a problem and they don’t see any reason to change it.
          Maybe it’s being kept the way it is “for their own interests” because it’s actually viewed as a positive by the people they are targeting.

        • clearly not a shrug because you keep commenting on it. ignore it if it bothers you… i do and holy shit it works!

      • So, are you sending your Cleveland Indians outrage to 97 years ago?

  2. Marco Scutaro please. Start Hech in the minors, along with Gose. Let’s just eliminate any sort of resemblance to the Travis Snider handling. Regardless of what they do, make the decision after Spring Training and stick with it.

    Scutaro is familiar with the city, the turf, and he has the kind of at bats that this team is desperately seeking by taking this kind of important thing called a “Walk” I’m not sure if it’s pronounced walk or whalke but its when you see multiple pitches at the plate and get a free pass to first if you don’t see enough strikes. It’s supposed to be wild.

    I’m also just guessing but he’s likely a cheaper option than Johnson too.

    • And yes, I mentioned the wa Travis Snider was handled when he used to play with Toronto. Big deal, wanna fight about it?

      • Because fighting solves nothing, right?

      • Snider’s handling will be the go to excuse for Snider fanboys forever. Can we agree Snider’s handling isn’t PTSD worthy? As his early career becomes more remote, Snider is what he is.

        • CCPD, I’m not a Snider fanboy. Never was and I’m never going to make excuses for the guy. I like the Lincoln deal. I really do. But let’s not say the way his minor league options were used were smart or a benchmark for future minor leaguers.

          • Hech signed a major league deal, so every year he is in the minors he uses an option up (option gets used when he is assigned to the minors from Spring Training camp). Next year will be his last option year unless he starts the year with the club.

          • I’m not so sure, Tom. I think the Jays current model needs above replacement contribution from very young players. If you’re not handing out 10 year, $200 million contracts your young guys are going to get early auditions to see what they can do or in Snider’s case, cannot.

        • +1

          You can only have potential for so long. I would have loved to have seen Snider become an all-star, but I stopped holding my breath last year. Did we rush him? Maybe, but that’s stale water under the bridge.

    • Honest to god (or whoever) I have never seen speed in baseball like Gose has.

      If a guy’s OBP is 50 points lower than average, but the run expectancy when he gets on is double the average, I think it’s worth it. Plus his D should be above average – another factor to consider.

      I say use Gose in the outfield and whatever money you would have spent on LF, put it toward starting pitching.

      And I’ll take the same sort of thing in Hech. If his D is so good and he can sort of hit at all, trade away Yunel and Alvarez and get a superstar starting pitcher with one or two years left on his contract.

      If Scutaro would come cheaply then and take 2B… yeah I’m in.

      • After seeing Gose the last couple weeks I’m warming up to the idea of him playing every day next year too. His speed is such a game changer. It’s thrilling to watch once he gets on.

        • Platooning him and Sierra would work for me, if as many have mentioned, whatever spending (free agents or taking on more money via trade) is allocated towards improving the starting rotation

      • I don’t think Alvarez and Hech get you a superstar SP.

    • Hech is by no means similar to Snider – dude will be 25 by the time next season starts. Might by time to see whether he’s gonna sink or swim. Either way, I’m psyched to watch him play short after Escobar goes to Arizona in the Upton trade.

      • I’m not sure what everyone else thinks but spending an $11M+ investment on a talent like Hech, getting him a few starts to finish out a dissappointing season (next to none at his natural position), and saying next year is a sink or swim season is all kinds of stupid.

        If you trade Escobar, you had better be certain Hech is the real deal. Especially if we already have a giant question mark at 2B. Personally, I’m liking the development but he’s not a slam dunk yet to me, regardless of defense being excellent.

        Age might not be the same as Snider but his minor league and major league at bats are when you factor in the decision of keeping him to start the season next year

        • If you trade Escobar it had better be to a team with a hole at shortstop and a talented, controllable MVP caliber talent at a position of dire need for the team. Too bad there aren’t any of those in MLB.

    • Totally agree with Scutaro. If you could get him for a year + option, then you could always move him if you need to make room for Hech.

      • He’ll get better offers than one guaranteed year particularly with the ability to play SS and after the season he is having.

  3. How dare you say something negative about Travis Snider? Doesn’t matter that he is never going to be a star – he is the golden child!

  4. Love the Anchorman reference, Tom Tucker! +1000

    • Misplaced reference -1,000.

      • “I believe its jogging, or yogging, it might be a soft J. I’m not sure but apparently you just run for an extended period of time. Its supposed to be wild.”

        I won’t even give you the benefit of a minus sign for not recognizing Anchorman when you saw it. Bush league bro

  5. Why does it have to be that the Jays have to choose which of their holes to fill? If they’re willing to give up the appropriate prospects to get deals done, which they should be, and they’re willing to add about $45M to the commitments they already have for next year (which isn’t unreasonable), then they could conceivably fill all of their holes, as long as they don’t throw half their available money at Greinke.
    LF- Trade for J. Upton or Choo (8 or 12 million)
    2B- sign KJ or Scutaro (about 5 million)
    DH- go after Ortiz (12 million)
    SP3- Go after Anibal Sanchez/Shaun Marcum, or someone of that caliber (10-12 million)
    SP4- sign Carlos Villanueva (about 5-6 million)

    If you miss out on Ortiz or both of the LFs, get a cheap DH (Andruw Jones or even Jason Giambi or something) or stick with Gose or Rajai and save the money or use it to get another pitcher. Is that so unreasonable?

    • And if they were just willing to add $80M they could get THREE starting pitchers and give everyone at the Skydome free ice cream. I think you should lower your expectations WAY below adding $45M in new payroll. Not that it wouldn’t be nice, just that its a retarded thing to hold out hope for.

      • You shut your mouth!!


        • now that is a plan. Sign all of the availabe FAs simultaneously that way other teams can only fill out their rosters internally. BOOM!

      • Not really. If your stance is that the development stage is over and this team is ready to compete, which AA has said in public, then the better business move is to spend $40M and put yourself in a great place to contend rather than go half way and add $20M and only increase your odds somewhat. Because if you make one or two acquisitions add $20M and still don’t compete (which is a serious possibility), then you’re really gonna lose the fans and their money.

        If they’re gonna be cheap and not increase payroll significantly, then fine, but if they’re ready to, then you can’t stop half way

        • I think your iPhone autocorrected ‘baseball’ to ‘business’ there. The better BASEBALL move is to increase payroll to try and push for the playoffs. Unfortunately the best business move is probably to keep payroll around where it is today and sell the fans on the Orioles dream and better health.

          If the Blue Jays add $45M in new salary commitments before the 2013 season I will buy you a beer (which will probably cost $30 by then to pay for Anibal Sanchez’s shitty contract).

          • Ray, if having a payroll of $80M and being mediocre is better for business than having a payroll of $120M and making the playoffs then Beaston would have no interest in claiming the payroll can be $120M. I’m not saying you should believe everything he says, but I don’t think he’s lying about this.

    • Of Jones, Giambi or something, I choose something.

  6. Plus, I don’t remember what their commitments are up to for 2013, but I think the $45M number puts them right around $110-120M, which is where the Beast says they’re willing to go, so I didn’t pull the $45M number out of nowhere…

    • Sweet Jesus kman. How simple can it be, right? Just trade for Upton and sign all those other types of guys to fill the holes. I mean, how doesn’t AA see it?

      I bet you had a hell of a team on video games years ago when you could trade 8 nobody’s for Griffey.

      • Oh, please. It’s already well-established that the Jays have a deep enough farm system to afford a guy like Upton if they wanted him badly enough. Choo is a nice fallback option who will be cheaper in money and prospects. Signing Villanueva and a cheap 2B is easy. There are enough SP3 options out there either by trade or free agency that it’s pretty crazy to think the Jays won’t be able to get one of them, if they want them. And Ortiz is a nice bonus, who said today (see MLBTR) that he’s only looking for a 2 year deal. If we don’t get him, then fine.

  7. I miss Lunchbox…too bad he isn’t doing a little better. I would totally buy a Snider Pirates jersey if he could turn it around.

  8. SCUTARO!!!!!!!

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