I believe I mentioned this on the podcast, but it’s a no-lose situation for Ricky Romero tonight, as he has the built in excuse of the routine-fucking nine days– or whatever it was– since he last made a start to fall back on in case things don’t go as well for his rested arm as everybody surely hopes they do.

So… um… there’s that?


Bad news for Adam Lind, but perhaps good news for JP Arencibia: John Lott tweets that Alex Anthopoulos says “the players at these positions are “entrenched” for 2013: C, SS, 3B, CF, RF and 1B or DH (EE). Open: 2B, LF, 1B or DH and rotation.”

According to Lott, the GM also says that, despite a bad everymonthbutJune, Colby Rasmus has had “a good season.”

Shi Davidi tweets that the Jays say there will be no increase in ticket prices next year, for the third straight season. Wait… really?

Bluebird Banter wonders whether the Jays should have Anthony Gose play left field next year.

FanGraphs introduces their free-agent-to-be custom leaderboard, covering those who are likely to hit the market this winter.

Lastly, for your between inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s episode of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone or tablet with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion 1B
Y. Escobar SS
A. Lind DH
J. Arencibia C
M. Sierra RF
A. Gose LF
A. Hechavarria 2B

R. Romero LHP

Seattle Mariners

D. Ackley 2B
F. Gutierrez CF
K. Seager 3B
J. Montero DH
M. Saunders RF
M. Olivo C
M. Carp 1B
T. Robinson LF
B. Ryan SS

K. Millwood RHP

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  1. Did you notice that one of the things Dirk likes about Joe Maddon is that “he’s not over baring?” Farrell’s got that covered as well.

    • Farrell grows out his mullett and it’s no contest.

    • One of the things I always notice about Dirk is that he can’t spell/proof-read for toffee.

      Or Joe Madden has a penchant for public nudity … whichever.

  2. Hech at 2nd… Let the auditions begin.

  3. Jacoby Ellsbury in LF next year would be a nice start :D

  4. How nice would lawrie followed by saunders be for the jays…

  5. man i feel so bad watching ricky pitch

  6. Nice pitch Rickey!

  7. I hope someone gets a gif of that double cap fix by Lawrie/EE.

  8. It feels like 98% of Olivo’s home runs are against Toronto.

  9. Oh Ricky that’s what walking Brendan Ryan with two out and none on leads to.

  10. Tabby was getting borderline R-rated in that description of how a catcher should block balls. There are kids listening!

    • Damn. I have the game on mute. I love Tabby’s x-rated commentary + also any homoerotic notions about players that are strong. I briefly unmuted + heard Buck talking about how HOT Wieters is right now.

    • In time they too will learn to tune him out. You could say it’s almost a right of passage.

  11. nice job there JPA..the worst catcher in the bigs at receiving outfield throws.

  12. having Hech play 2nd is so monumentally stupid. The only reason to have him in the bigs is for his defense at ss..otherwise..why? so you dont hurt escobars feewings??? awe..poor yunel…not paid enough?

  13. and im referring to next year, i dont give a shit if he plays catcher this year

  14. I wish the jays lineup was healthy and we could get a legit feel for how good this team is…here we are vs fucking millwood and we are getting no hit.

    what? wait? our entire lineup save bautista is in there?



  16. Edwin! Make it 40 HR on the next at bat.

    • Good article by Geoff Baker who used to cover the Jays & a personal friend of mine from high school.

      Geoff makes fun of the Jays rebuilding efforts.

      I remember Stoeten getting into a twitter fight with Geoff.

      Would Stoeten dare do a Book Of Moron post rebutting Geoff’s comments about year 12 of the Jays rebuilding efforts??


      • Geoff Baker is a friend of yours?

        That explains a lot..

        • Yes.

          We used to go to Expos games in the early 80′s together.

          I suspect if you mention the name Rick Monday to him , he will flinch.

          Monday hit the HR a the Big O which ruined the chances of an Expos-Yankees World Series in 1981

          His complaint is logical in that Rogers is in it’s 12 year of ownership & tried Billy Beane ball with JP & then tried to spend a bit with JP, now back to AA.

          Does Rogers get a pass because AA is the new GM??

          At some point this shell game between Rogers saying the money is there but AA didn’t ask for it & AA saying the money is there when the time is right but there are payroll parameters has to end.

          No excuse for a team not to try & compete every year.

      • Yes, Geoff Baker is a fucking genius to suggest that the Jays and Mariners both need to spend more to compete with the A’s and Rays.

        Its not that the jays shouldn’t spend but holy hell is that a dumb thing to suggest as he does:

        “Which gets us back to the basics of what both are: teams that need to spend more in order to compete within their own division.”

        That is just straight up dumb. They could certainly spend more – but to suggest that is the reason both would succeed is bad logic.

        • Geoff is right that the Jays have not been successful yet with their draft picks & trades etc…

          The Jays need to spend to fix the holes. Wasting 2013 to see if Hech can play 2B or Alvarez can improve is silly

      • This is the imposter, not me. I didn’t go to high school.

      • But, he’s right.

        Oops, I forgot.

        That doesn’t matter here.

  17. Jesus Ricky. Maybe they should just let him sit the rest of the year. How many has he walked this time?

    • He’s getting snooty with John Farrel now too. Oliver should of kicked the crap out of him, rather than highlight his crappy stats or whatever :p

  18. Went back and took a look at some starts from Romero last year… there just seems to be something…different (outside of, you know, the strikes). I just can’t put my finger on it. Maybe its the way he’s finishing pitches… something.

    For example: http://toronto.bluejays.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_id=17132705&c_id=mlb

  19. Fuck….Romero has a lot of work to do over the winter and at this point I don’t think he can be considered a lock to be able to pull it together.

    • You get dumped by Miss Universe it fucks with your confidence.
      The only way he can show her up is to date outside of the solar system system.

      • I’m really getting tired of his pouty bitch performances too….it like he’s feeling sorry for himself.

      • Romero’s problems are not hard to diagnose. Its not some mystery as some are making it out to be….

        two things

        fastball command

        righties laying off his change.

        the first thing is fixable..

        the second..i dont know…maybe he’s just been around long enough that its not fooling people anymore.. this will be harder to tweak

      • Miss Rima Fakih has had legal troubles with DUI’s etc…

        There has been no mention of Ricky dating this season.

        Players ar human too, so maybe the break up affected him.

        Who knows for sure, but AA must wonder what happened to Ricky.

        Would the Jays still let him start against Cleveland on April 2 2013???

        I hope Ricky recovers

        • Wow, Ricky broke up with his girl friend…and that is what you are blaming his shit season on?

          Every year players lose loved ones to DEATH and yet they go on and play,..and play up to their ability..

          but you are trying to tell me ricky is such a bitch that breaking up with some skank is going to end his career?

          • Jokes aren’t as funny when you need to explain them.

          • Says the guy who probably never even got a sniff of his hs prom queen

          • I know every player has stuff happen to them.

            Some players react differently to breakups deaths than others

            Ricky says he isn’t hurt.

            The team must have tried several different tactics to get him pitching better.

            Romero’s horrible year is surprising, but that’s baseball.

    • I’ve been pulling for RR to get better, but still… If I were to perform that poorly at my job I would be fired. Period.

  20. Steve Delabar is the sex.

    • Im better than him. You made a big mistake trading me away for him.

      I knew I wasnt wanted though when i crashed into foul ground in tampa and noone helped me up.

      • Luckily for the Jays yesterday, Thames struck out 3 times.

        There were a few boos for him last night which I found funny, since he was a popular player in Toronto despite weak performance.

  21. Delastar

  22. That was a shitty thing to do to take Ricky Romero out. A meaningless game and he’s on long rest. JF should have let him try to work out of it and get a win.

  23. What? He saved Romero at least two earned by getting him out of there. ricky was done. who cares if he was on long rest. he was also on about four innings of shitty pitching.

  24. It always seems like there is no communication among the fielders for the Jays. You dont need 4 infielders running in to catch one fly ball. Thats peewee stuff. It seems its happened a lot this year, you’d think the coaching staff would have strongly addressed it by now.

  25. Jeez…see what happens when you’re a Jays fan and quit looking at the standings Aug 1…the Phillies are 3 games out of a wildcard spot, how the hell did that happen?

  26. I hate losing to the Mariners

    • It’s sad that the Jays can’t beat the Mariners at home.

      At least 2013 schedule was released today, so there’s that.

      Looking forward to seeing the Jays battle the Indians on April 2 with opening day starter Shaun Marcum???

      Out of curiosity, if the Jays reacquired Marcum, would he get to start opening day? or would Morrow or Romero get a shot assuming all 3 are healthy ?

  27. Great Artistry for this posting, Vincent Van Gough I think? If Vincent was a pitcher, he’d be a shitballer for sure cause he would know how to paint the corners.

  28. Wake me up…when September ends…

  29. I wonder what AA has up his sleeve for the rotation next season.


    1. (some pitcher better than morrow) Shields? Marcum?
    2. Morrow
    3. (quality 2/3 type) Peavy? Jackson? Dempster? Bedard? Santana?
    4. Romero
    5. Villaneuva (re-sign him and give him the fifth spot, unless AA can find something better)

    AA can rebuild the rotation without losing assets. I am sure he will pick up one of the second tier free agents (I hope Peavy for 3 years) but the question is if he will be able to land a big fish, either through free agency or trade.

    • I find it hilarious that you think Marcum is a better pitcher than Morrow; then go on to dismiss Dempster as a “quality 2/3 type”.

    • Pretty tough to get an ace.

      I think next year we’re going to have to hope for:

      Morrow, GUY, Romero as the top of the rotation. Then Alvarez, Happ or a lower cost guy at the back end.

    • Nobody on your list is better than Morrow. Certainly net Shields or Marcum.

  30. At least Rick Ankiel had his mental breakdown in a playoff game. Romero’s having his over a couple months. Can Ricky swing a bat so we see him in 2015?

    Can’t help but feel sorry for the guy…1st 4 in row of losses are frustrating with the team in a fake pretense of being in the WC race, next 4 are worrysome as the team sinks, the next few you have to laugh it off as the team is long out of it, but given he’s a pitcher, now you have to almost have to start put the padding up on the walls in his apartment and think about locking the door from the outside.

    Hopefully he comes back strong and makes it a fantastic story next year for Ken Rosenthal to talk on Fox in Game 1 of Divisonal Series.

  31. what kind of shit show was that? that was a terrible game to watch.

    what is this crap about locked positions: C? SS? are you kidding me?

    we need someone who can hit something other than a HR and can take a walk.

    good god, JPA is the worst piece of crap of all time. does anyone have more instances of getting the count to 3-0 just to strike out on absolute shit??

    • AA did qualify his statements with the words “barring trades.” Doesn’t mean that he’s not going to look to upgrade at those or any other position. All he’s really saying is that if these guys come back, they aren’t going to be engaged in a spring training battle for a starting spot.

  32. and ricky is now acting like a complete baby. that was an embarassing display, particularly the childish act when he was removed from the game. you’re getting paid millions and are a professional. what is this nonsense.

  33. Please AA…………

    One stud pitcher and one stud hitter is all we need this off-season….

    Ortiz would be fine (if EE can play 150 games at 1st)
    Then trade what is needed to get a real #1 SP

    With them, we could live with Gose in LF & Hech at 2nd

  34. 8 hits and 4 walks vs. 12 outs. Ricky broke even!

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