The 2013 Schedule Arrives

At 1 PM MLB officially released its schedule for 2013, which we’d been hearing leaks from over the course of the morning, and you’ll now find that on the schedule page of you can navigate through the 2013 slate of games.

The Jays will open the 2013 season at home against the Clevelands, mercifully avoiding the non-domed stadium tradition of the incredibly deflating day off following the high of Opening Day.

They’ll actually play at home, in the afternoon, on the Victoria Day holiday– Monday, May 20th against Tampa– though they won’t be in town for the start of that long weekend. The same is true of Canada Day, when they’ll play the Tigers in a Monday afternoon tilt, July 1, despite not being at home for the Saturday or Sunday prior. They are out of town for the August long weekend and over labour day, however.

The Canada Day match will kick off a four game series with the Tigers, which will be the only time the former arch rivals visit. The Jays’ only three games in Detroit take place in the second week of the season.

Interleague will bring the San Francisco Giants, who’ll be here for two weekday games in mid-May, the Atlanta Braves, who’ll kick off a four game home-and-home with two games here in late May, as well as the Colorado Rockies and Los Angeles Dodgers, who’ll be here for three game sets in mid-July and mid-August respectively.

And the front office better hope that the novelty of NL West teams is a draw, as the club won’t be benefiting from many weekend visits from the Yankees and Red Sox, who’ll each only be here once, in April.

The oft-dreaded west coast road trip will begins a couple weeks after the All-Star Game, which the Mets will host at Citi Field, as on July 29th the Jays begin three games in Oakland, followed by four in Anaheim, and three more in Seattle, with no days off in between the three sets.

The season will end a bit earlier than this year– on September 29th, against the Rays– and September will be AL East-heavy, as usual, with two series against the Orioles, and one each against the Rays, Yankees and Red Sox. Among those will be a trip to Arizona and Minnesota, and a visit from the Angels.

As yet, there are no scheduled 4 PM weekend home starts for the Jays, but that can sometimes change on the whim of the Fox TV executives who may move a nationally broadcast game to 1 PM.

So… there’s that.


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  1. How bout Aug 23 – 25 when the Astros come to town in a NON inter-league play series!!!!

  2. No Stramas?

  3. MLB’s way of combating the Apple announcement!!! Ballsy

  4. PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. In May, playing the Red Sox, flying to San Fran, then flying back to play the Yankees. What f**ktard figured that one out?

  7. Interleague needs to go away….that is all.

  8. September 2-4 interleague against the D-Backs. Weird.

  9. I just noticed there are no games in October 2013. Is that a foreshadow of next season?

  10. ATL to SF overnight is gonna be a b***h

  11. If I’m not mistaken, that’s yet another wasted August long weekend.

    • Just forget about baseball and go to Montreal like the rest of this province does that weekend.

  12. I trust MLB has done the right thing and balanced the schedule?

  13. And once again, the Jays will not play in Seattle on a weekend. Where is the love for the West Coast Jays fans?

  14. New for this year:

    • Clubs play 19 games against divisional opponents, for 76 division games total. The 19 games will be played in six series: three at home and three on the road.

    • Each club will play either six or seven games against non-divisional league opponents. Those games will be played in two series: one at home and one on the road. Overall, 66 games will be played against non-divisional league opponents.

    • Each club will play 20 Interleague games throughout the season. Those games will be played in eight series: four at home and four on the road. Interleague series featuring prime rivals will include back-to-back two-game series spanning both cities/venues. The week featuring Interleague Play’s prime rivals will begin on Monday, May 27, with the host clubs in the same matchups shifting on Wednesday, May 29.

    Great. Our PRIME RIVAL, then, is the #Barves. I’m sure the hatred for the Blue Jays runs deep through Atlantan veins, an animosity forged from centuries of close geographic rivalry

    • I think Braves fans might be even more insulted than you are…

    • I seem to recall seeing a while ago that under the new interleague schedule we share prime rivalries against that the Phillies and Braves with the Red Sox, alternating every year. I suppose the two World Series opponents makes some sense without a natural geographic rival in the National League. It probably makes sense for the Red Sox.

      • How long can we beat that World Series dead horse? Would the average Braves fan tell you, after he’s spit out his mouthful of dip, that he still holds a burning grudge from 1992?
        The Braves played in 5 of the 8 World Series between 1991 and 1999, but I doubt they’re shaking their fists in the sky to this day saying “You’ll rue the day you squared up against us two decades ago, Toronto, Cleveland, New York and Minnesota!”

    • I thought our rival might have been the New(Old) Astros..battle for the basement?

  15. Just moved to Arizona, so looking forward to visiting Jays in San Diego, San Francisco and Phoenix. Hate interleague but liking opportunities to see Toronto.

  16. “The Jays will open the 2013 season at home against the Clevelands, mercifully avoiding the non-domed stadium tradition of the incredibly deflating day off following the high of Opening Day.”

    There is actually a two-game series in Philadelphia on March 29th and 30th with a day off on the 31st AND April 1st.

    That’s right. Opening Day is against a National League team. Good job, MLB.

    • Those are spring training games. Somebody has to play opening day against an NL team when there’s 15 teams per league anyways (Angels @ Reds in 2013, incidentally). There’s no getting around that.

  17. Who are the “Clevelands”? Smh

    • The Clevelands are the team representing India, I think. At least, that would explain why I hear them called the Indians on other sites, since it’s not like in 2012 a team would still use outdated racial slurs as a nickname

      • I once used a racial slur in a school paper uknowingly…I had know idea it was bad until my teach pointed it out.. ya I grew up in the boonies.. so that should tell you something about cleveland.

      • I live next to an Indian reserve and half of the vehicles out there sport front license plates that say “Indian and Proud of It,” or some variation thereof.

        They don’t seem to care about being called Indians, so enough with the politically correct whining! Stop being offended on behalf of other people who aren’t you.

        “But if you must, go ahead and mail your outrage,” to somebody who gives a shit Stoeten and all you other slaves to political correctness.

    • Are you new?

    • That TV show from the people who created “Family Guy”

  18. Roger Clemens in the dome July 2013?

    Upton returns to Arizona September 2013?

  19. THe big quesiton is: Are the schedules balance? (within reason, of course)

  20. All I’m concerned with is when is the first home playoff game?

  21. When are the Ortiz and Greinke bobblehead giveaways?

  22. of course it is all relative and not set to whims of the Gregorian calendar,, but June stands out as a VERY quiet month at Rogers Centre – only 9 home dates

    and 4 games with the Giants (only 3 with Dodgers and Douchebacks) and only 2 with the San Diego Powders (we got screwed maaaaaaaaannnnnnn!!) – and the 1996 Olympic Bid Revenge Bowl of home and home with our “mortal enemies” in Hatelanta.

  23. They increased the number of games within the division? Why…cause 18 times against the same freaking team wasn’t enough, we needed another one. If 20 interleague games are required for the new alignment to work, I would have preferred – 13 games X 4 intradivision, and 9 games X 10 interdivision, same league (do a 6-3 split, with the reverse occurring the following year)….

    ….but 19!…wow…buying season tickets means you get to see 2 teams 10 times!! 10!!…that’s every pitcher in the rotation, twice!…ridiculous.

  24. Love 4pm starts from the rock. It sucks having to wait till 830, 9pm for games to start :*(

  25. Seeing that 1981 ticket made me so nostalgic. My dad probably still has a stash of them somewhere.

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