Pay close attention, young Henderson. It’s called a repetwah.

Never a good sign for the opposition, but who could complain about seeing Felix up close?


With the M’s in town it seems only appropriate that I pass along the latest from Baseball Think Factory, who point us to a Seattle Post-Intelligencer piece in which they publish a bunch of rediscovered Seattle Pilots photos.

Fucking Orioles.

At FanGraphs, Jeff Sullivan points out that Edwin Encarnacion has as many home home runs (22) as the San Francisco Giants, while Alex Remington uses the Jays as an example to show us how the schedule is changing, and not for the better.

For those who may be wondering, yes, in the Romero post from earlier I promised that there’d be a second thing coming. It’s ready, I just liked it enough not to cock block it with the Game Threat. You’ll see it mid-game.

Lastly, for your between inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s episode of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone or tablet with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion DH
A. Lind 1B
Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
R. Davis LF
J. Mathis C
A. Gose RF

H. Alvarez RHP

Seattle Mariners

D. Ackley 2B
F. Gutierrez CF
K. Seager 3B
J. Jaso C
M. Saunders LF
J. Smoak 1B
L. Jimenez DH
C. Peguero RF
B. Ryan SS

F. Hernandez RHP

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  1. first!

  2. I don’t know if people are whining about Jose Cruz working with Campbell but I like the guy. I don’t mind Zaun either

    • Zaun, like Cherry, gets it right about 70 percent of the time and acts like it’s 100 percent. And neither of them are boring.

  3. Except that he raided Don Cherry’s wardrobe…

  4. The Jays have 69 wins?? Weird.

  5. Wow, Lawrie beats that grounder out by five feet at the beginning of the year. Imagine how slow he will be when he hits 25.

  6. Even the pitching coach is getting injured this year…

  7. Lind?!?!

  8. Totally had a premonition of Lind taking Hernandez deep tonight while listening to the podcast minutes before the game. Then it happened. Weird. You won’t believe me though.

  9. Is there enough games left in the season for the Jays to conceivably finish the season at .500? (He asks, already knowing the answer)

  10. Lawrie shaved. Good decision.

  11. Rajai moved in on that fly. Bad decision.

  12. …and that doesn’t count as an error… Someone get one that.

  13. Lady’s and Gentleman, your 2013 starting LFer

  14. Bad Rajai resurfaces yet again.

    • +1.

      And he strikes out at his next at bat.

      King Felix would look good in a Jays uniform & be the opening day starter, but Ricky Ro would probably pout if it happened.

  15. Really… How does that count as earned runs towards the pitcher when it is clearly evident it should’ve be a “routine” catch. More of a rhetorical question so I will inadvertently add a question mark he?re

  16. Just before the season began, Alex A was laughingly talking about how our OF defense was bad last year…and that just withe improvement in defense our LF’s were going to show this year, it was going to make a significant difference in runs.

    So here we are and guess still sucks.

    Rajai can catch balls over fences and throw guys out at the plate, but he cant catch routine fly balls as often as you need a LF to, and he for some reason cannot catch balls during day games..even though all the other outfielders dealing with the same sun have no such problem.

    • (except Sierra.)

    • +1.

      rajai is best used as a pinch runner in late innings to steal bases & 4th OF.

      • Seriously? You’re bothering to bitch about this? Everybody knows this. The GM has said this.

        • OK, so why is Davis playing LF virtually every day.?

          Davis nearly got caught in a rundown between first & second on a bunt? Now he steals second.

          Ha ha , now Davis gets picked off at 3rd when he was perfectly safe there.

          That is sad.

          • Why do you possibly care? He’s their fourth outfielder getting some action here in a meaningless September as they ease guys like Gose and Sierra into the Majors.

            Cut the manufactured outrage.

    • For fucking real? You’re hanging this OF defence when there’s precisely one guy who’d have been looked at to be a regular for this team?

  17. I love the idea that Mathis was actually thinking of third.

  18. “When facing felix you have to look for one pitch, and if you get have to hit it”

    Wow, that sounds so easy Tabs…why wouldnt anyone think of that?

    perhaps its because players DO sit on one pitch vs hernanzdez yet because he has such great stuff… they THINK they are getting the pitch they are looking for ..but alas…its a completely different pitch?

  19. How often do you see it? A guy makes a great play in the OF and gets a hit the next inning at the plate??

    well, we just got to see Davis butcher a fly ball and then K miserably the next inning.

    is that the same thing?

  20. and until fielding and pitching stats accurately reflect plays like rajai’s misplay, there is no substitute for ‘ass in the seats’ scouting.

  21. lawrie is the best fielding third baseman out there…with the proper press attention, and if he continues like this, he may be considered the best of his generation.

  22. “it just goes to show how much better those perfect and no hit games are than an average night for a pitcher” buck Martinez on bill james’ pitcher game score

    I would have never known this otherwise

  23. Bob Loblaw cock blocks ball blog?

  24. Way to work the count Lind.

  25. Rajai is lucky as fuck.

  26. WOW. Rajai is both smart & monumentally stupid. And lucky.

  27. davis is the luckiest fool on the planet

  28. Ahhahahahahahahahaha

  29. Seriously Rajai? Seriously?

    • Rajai is so exposed when he’s used everyday.
      I don’t even like him as a 4th outfielder because he’s shitty in the outfield and though he is obscenely quick and can steal you bases, he is not a smart baserunner.

  30. No, monumentally stupid.

  31. Rajai’s on fire!

  32. Somebody watched Orioles highlights yesterday.


  33. Great on the bases but Rajai is a fuckin asshole-look at that dumb move. For every positive he ahs a negative-fukstik. good bye for next yeasr

    • I still like him on the bench.

    • +1. He’s a very frustrating player to watch.

      Born the same day & year as Bautista yet completely different baseball IQ’s

      • What an odd thing to say.

        • Don’t you know?! Born on same day, same year?!? SAME OCCUPATION-IQ! RAJAI IS WEIRD YO

          • If nothing else, if proves Rajai wasn’t “born under a bad sign.” He’s the author of his own misfortune.

        • The odds of the Jays having two baseball players born on the same day is minimal.

          In interviews, Jose comes across as very intelligent when dicussing baseball & non baseball issues.

          Rajai Davis was profiled by Shi Davidi earlier this year. Rajai seemed happy to be the team barber & gave Shi a trim.

          However , during the interview there were many pauses, & Rajai seemed to be stooped by simple questions from Shi.

          Raja said he charged $5 for a haircut when he was in the minor leagues.

          In terms of game decisons, Rajai misjudges balls in the OF & makes baserunning mistakes on a regular basis.

          Yet he steals 40 plus bases this year.

    • Rajai Davis: fleet of foot, slow of mind!

  34. I spoke too soon


  36. Lawrie comes through on a 1-2 count. Jays up 4-2. Would have been 5-2 if Davis remembered to stop at 3rd.

  37. Wow… Just wow…

  38. Very nice indeed, Edwin. #40!!!

  39. Ah, how I’ve missed the visual of EE welcomed at home by Lawrie and Rasmus.

  40. 40 Chicken Wings for Edwin!!!!!!!

  41. EE has definitely graduated from E5 to chicken wing- not aFUKSTIK!
    He’ll be back next year, his choice 1b/dh

    • +1. It took 3 years, but edwin finally figured ut what to do.

      can you imagine the damage this team would do with a healthy Bautista/Edwin/Ortiz in 2013.

      Jays could be the official team of the Dominican Republic.

  42. Give Lind an extension quick

  43. This may just be the happiest day of Alvarez’s life.

  44. Madam, I’m Adam

  45. Hey guys. Canada is losing to the USSR. Do you think they can get it together?

  46. Lawrie’s D is fucking awesome!

  47. Hahahaha, a witticism from Tabler?

    “That one [Mathis' single] goes out faster than it came in”.

    Even Tabler can understand the physics of success.

  48. I must admit. I’m pretty shocked to hear Buck and Tabby referring to and explaining game scores on air.

  49. Too bad Lind is out of shape, oft-injured and inconsistent. Wish his occasional flashes of brilliance would be more than occasional… but if the last few years have been any indication it’s time for both parties to move on. Maybe he’ll find success in another organization. Hope he lights it up in the last few weeks and someone decides he’s worth the risk in a trade.

    • The best case scenario…if they keep him, he’ll just go on disappointing. They should know that by now. Moreover, I dont think it’s a coincidence that AA talked abou Linds future today and Lind decided to have a good game.

      • Now you’re giving him too much credit, Carl. Surely you don’t actually think that he can dial it up at will, but chooses not to? His career is in absolute jeopardy.

        • Ok how ’bout one of his problems is lack of concerted effort? I honestly dont know but I’m sure tired of this same, old same old.

  50. Why do I get the feeling that Alvarez and Hernandez switched uniforms for the day and no one noticed because they’re latinos?

  51. If you arbitrarily subtract Rajai, the Jays have had stellar team defense tonight

  52. This guy is the latest Randy Ruiz

  53. Seriously, are people actually watching this game?

  54. I’m waiting for the pre-season Leafs…

  55. Oh no I’ve been exposed! What to do now!

  56. huh? the Jays hit some homers eh? wow been a long time coming for that.

  57. Ok I’ll grant you it was a dumbass play by Rajai, but credit to the Mariners on that play too: amazing throw and great work by the 3B to be right there.

  58. Pat Tabler is an idiot, “I like this” I doubt Vizquel gives a shit about playing against the M’s.

  59. I well remember when Omar didn’t show so clearly just how pleased he is with himself. He just did it.

  60. Tabler, at times, is the master of the inane. Almost a Ph.D in being a cure for insomnia.
    I don’t need No Doze to know which way the wind blows

    • isn’t it funny that he waits for a 4 for 4 game to let us know that someone is ‘locked in,’ instead of alerting us earlier. Hmmm.

  61. If Oliver comes back next year, one of Oliver Loup or Perez may be expendable when Perez comes back.

    • Perez won’t be back ’til the end of the year, pending his rehab.

    • Hopefully Oliver will stick around and keep some of these young punks in check. I have a feeling he is a no bullshit kinda guy.

  62. Yay!

  63. I’m hoping EE wins the HR title….that would be a nice little capper for an otherwise shitty season.

  64. Even when I don’t find the time to log into DJF I enjoy catching up. That Small Potatoes guy is a witty son of a bitch.

  65. Free Jeff Mathis.

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