Batter WPA aLI
3B – Lawrie -0.076 1.73
CF – Rasmus -0.114 1.62
1B – Encarnacion 0.127 1.41
SS – Escobar -0.198 1.82
DH – Lind -0.001 0.63 Pitcher WPA aLI
PH – Davis -0.036 1.42 SP – Romero -0.210 1.09
C – Arencibia -0.068 0.83 RP – Delabar 0.203 1.66
RF – Sierra -0.127 1.64 RP – Lyon 0.058 1.00
LF – Gose -0.091 1.21 RP – Oliver 0.054 0.76
3B – Hechavarria -0.063 0.80 RP – Janssen 0.040 0.91

Bests / Worsts and the gif of the game after the jump!

Top Dog: Steve Delabar, 20.3%
The Worst: Ricky Romero, -21.0%
Top Bat: Edwin Encarnacion, 12.7%
Worst Bat: Yunel Escobar, -19.8%
Least Relevant: Adam Lind, 0.1%, 0.63
Impact AB: Encarnacion 2-Run HR, Bot 4 18.0%
Impact Pitch: Franklin Gutierrez 2-Run Single, Top 4, -17.1%
Highest Leverage AB: Escobar Game-ending Flyout, Bot 9, 3.64
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Brendan Ryan Bases-Loaded K, Top 5, 2.98
Lineup Contribution: -64.7%
Pitching Contribution: 14.5%
Average Leverage Index: 1.24
Chart explanation

Have you heard any of the stats about Ricky’s losses?

Okay, good. I won’t write any, in that case.

(WPA data courtesy Baseball Reference)
(Idea for a post game graph courtesy Lookout Landing)

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  1. Can’t even locate well enough to place a ball in his coach’s hand now… Would call that true rock bottom.

  2. Things I learned this over the past 7 days:

    The 2012 Jays are better than the 2012 Red Sox
    The 2012 Jays are not better than the 2012 Mariners

  3. well, that was awkward.

  4. Ricky looked really bad, except for maybe 4 batters. If I was AA I’d have a backup plan for him next year.

    • Velocity and mechanics seem the same to the naked eye.

      So I’m just guessing he has the yips and is missing locations. A few inches off means instead of a perfectly placed strike, you either just threw a ball or threw one right down the middle (depending on which direction you are off).

      And maybe people have found a “tell” in his delivery, knowing what is coming ahead of the pitch.

      Simple regression (in his favour this time) plus some run support plus addressing any “tells” and clearing his head… and I’m sure he’ll be useful enough.

      At least we don’t worry about him getting injured every start.

  5. Great Gifs, I only saw from the 8th inning on, so I didn’t see Ricky’s diva impression.

  6. Favourite line:

    Least Relevant: Adam Lind

  7. That look Farrell gave Romero was an implied bitch slap if I ever saw one.

  8. I have all the sads. All of them.

  9. Wow, Farrell is not impressed with Ricky’s attitude. That is the look of death right there

  10. seriously, they gotta sort this out. that’s not sportsmanlike and its obvious they’re not on the same page. seriously ricky’s gonna roll his eyes after that display of pitching? guy better get his head on straight. that’s the kind of thing that no team needs. he’s being a baby and making them all look bad with that, including his manager, who by all public appearances has tried to have ricky’s back throughout the entire duration of his struggles this year. farrell should be a close support and someone with whom he should maintain a good relationship. this attitude and display in unacceptable.

    • Yeah but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. Ricky’s had a pretty decent 3 years of pitching behind him and deserves it. He’s been miserable, what with all the crap he’s gone through this year, and he sucked again last night and Farrell yanked him after 4.0 innings. He’s allowed to show some displeasure.

  11. Big fan of Edwin’s rosin bag pickup pause.

  12. I wonder how john gibbons would’ve reacted to reeky’s attempted hand off

  13. Somewhere along the line Brett Lawrie has become Derek Jeter lite, except Derek hits for average and not just to right field. Instead of using his natural strength to all fields, he has become a slap hitter, or sends soft line drives to the opposite field. His hands are moving all over the place and he consistently takes the first pitch no matter the location. Hopefully Mottola will be there next year to work with guys that Murphy clearly can’t resonate with. All the hype over Brett is now reserved mostly for his defence. I used to expect something special in his ABs and would tune in for that alone. Nagging injuries? Believing his own hype? Who knows, but I hope next year comes with a fresh start and clear head for many of these guys that have lived through the frsutration of 2012.

    • Brett Lawrie is hitting nearly .300 in his first full big league season and almost everyone believes that he is having a sophmore slump. Do you think maybe you’re overreacting? Like, a ton?

      • Do you think maybe you are cherry picking a pretty much useless stat? Anyone can see he is not near the hitter he was last year.

        • He’s 22 years old and I never said he was exactly the way he was last year. But its completely retarded to say that “all the hype is now reserved for his defense.” He’s been by far our best lead-off man since – Rios, I guess? – and without a doubt our third best hitter this year in an offense that was near the top of baseball when he got injured.

          And say what you will about batting average – and people say a lot of bad things. I would rather have a guy with a .340 OBP who hits .300 than a guy with a .340 OBP who hits .260.

      • I am not over reacting at all. If you read my post, I was not accusing him of having a slump or being useless. All things considered he has been a decent lead off guy. I am saying it appears his mechanics have changed and he has become more of a slap hitter than the guy he was when he came up originally.

  14. It must suck knowing you’re getting pulled because your manager doesn’t think you can retire Miguel Olivo.

  15. i was at the game and reading ricky’s body language have to say i wouldn’t have blamed a manager for removing him in the 2nd inning. it was McSloucho out there the whole time. looked pathetic. Ricky should be glad he wasn’t given a kick in his ass earlier.

  16. As Mike Singletary would say. Can’t win with em, can’t do it.

  17. if lawrie took the walk in the 4th, encarnacion’s hr would have tied the game. he swung at ball 4 twice in a row and the second was nose-high heat…not exactly like millwood lights up the radar gun either. probably why he took strike 3 looking later in the game.
    oh well.

    • If Lawrie walks, Encarnacion doesn’t necessarily hit a homer.

      • of course. my point was more that it looked like he was swinging for the fences on both pitches. at this point in the season with a team this far out, it’s hard to be too critical of single at-bats. i was just trying to bring up a potentially critical moment in the game which, were the team in the pennant race, would have drawn more attention. it looked like he spoiled the 3-1 pitch just to get something to hit on 3-2 and then still chased the high heat. to me, that is either a) bad pitch recognition, or b) a player going for stats (HR)…either way, it was something worth flagging.

  18. You know who had a pretty awesome season in the outfield while playing plus defense this year? Torii Hunter! He’d look pretty good in left batting second next year as far as I’m concerned. He’s got to be a candidate to not be resigned by the Angels because of their sky-high payroll and surfeit of outfielders. How did no one mention this earlier?!

  19. It was a tough night in Mudville last night. Poor Rickey seems like he is rocked right now. I hope he can find the part of him that actually knows wtf he is doing out there.

  20. I think this is a whole lot of nothing. The guy is obviously frustrated. The eye roll was just disappointment, and the botched handoff was just him leaving in a huff. He realized what he was doing and went back and handed Farrell the ball. If he was really throwing a fit about it, he wouldn’t have gone to the trouble to look back and hand him the ball. He would have just let it drop or tossed it or something. This is nowhere close to a Wells/Lilly situation.

  21. Haha, that pause Edwin makes when Ricky fails to pass the ball to Farrell is gold.

  22. Priceless…definitely one for TWIB

  23. Me thinks RR may not be a Bluejay longterm I know the sell high, never low concept well but RR has played himself off the team longterm with that display right there. JF deserved better than that, he’s a player’s manager. Frustration is one thing, disrespect like that is never appreciated by an organization. If he stays, and if he turns it around early, all might be forgiven, unti his value goes back up and then he’ll be moved.

  24. I think Edwin was assuming that Ricky was going to drop the baseball in the exchange with Farrell—be it on purpose or not—and that E.E. was either bending down to catch the ball as it dropped or so that J.F. wouldn’t have to bend all the way down to get it.

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