Oh, look. It’s the Red Sox.

And oh, look. They suck too.

Get set for the laser show, as the Laff Man takes on Dice-K in what promises to be quite the stretchy and tangy explosion of offence. One hopes.


In his Ten Stray Thoughts on a Friday at Getting Blanked, Parkes looks into just what the hell has made Edwin Encarnacion so good this season.

Speaking of Edwin, he won’t be taking part in tonight’s laser show, apparently. Shi Davidi tweets that Encarnacion is out of tonight’s lineup as a precautionary measure– his wrist is a little sore from being hit by a pitch in last night’s game. Or was it maybe from crushing the shit out of shit?

Davidi also tweets some scary stuff: “Bruce Walton says contact from bat felt like taking full force of EE swing. Barrell hit him across arms after he put them up. At eye level.” The man they call Pappy is back at work today, fortunately.

According to Jack Moore of FanGraphs, those sharp cookies in Vegas still aren’t buying the Orioles.

At MLBTR, Ben Nicholson-Smith– Benny Fresh!–has a Free Agent Stock Watch post up on Carlos Villanueva.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone or tablet with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis LF
C. Rasmus CF
B. Lawrie 3B
A. Lind 1B
Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
J. Arencibia C
M. Sierra DH
A. Gose RF

A. Laffey LHP

Boston Red Sox

P. Ciriaco 3B
J. Ellsbury CF
M. Aviles 2B
C. Ross RF
M. Gomez DH
R. Lavarnway C
D. Nava LF
J. Loney 1B
J. Iglesias SS

D. Matsuzaka RHP

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  1. Bring on the Massholes.

    • Man I hope Valentine has to pull Aceves from a game at some point in this series.

      • Hello Formerly The Smasher. Are you being nice to Uterus’s these days?

        By the way, I bought a beauty of a shirt in New York from Bald Vinnie. It has a cartoon of Bobby Vee in a beannie hat and a groucho Marxs getup that simply says below it: Assclown.

        Of course I had to buy another shirt that so classfully says: Bahston Sawks Cack.

        Im rooting for Aceves too. I hope he pulls an inner city San Juan hooker style bitch slap on Bobby. Let the drama unfold………

        • Hello Gruber, how was Zona? You didn’t get arrested again did you?

        • I better get one of those shirts for christmas.

          • Good times in the desert. Lots of pussy N.L .fans there though.

            I gave Johny Mack a standing-o every at-bat.

        • Were you at the game where Johhny Mac almost fought the Panda? Or was that game in Frisco?

    • Hear hear!

  2. Umm, where’s Eddie?

  3. Lind batting clean up; nightmare flashbacks

  4. The Maple-boner has been watching Rajai apparently.

  5. The Blue Jays philosophy on the basepaths: YOLO!!!!!!!

  6. Remember when people thought the Jays should sign Prince to a 10 year $200 kajillion deal b/c he and Bautista would be a great 3-4 combo for about 3 years and then rot for the next 5?

    Yeah, me neither.

  7. laffey is going the distance and tossing a no-no in the process

  8. The BJ home opener against Boston was a full house, lots of dinkin, some fights, a season full of promise….funny how things go

  9. Spud, with this negative mind set, I’m thinkin of reaching for some pick me up. Stop me cause I won’t be respnsible again

  10. Gose and gets it.

  11. We better plunk someone to retaliate, though with Laffey I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt.
    Maybe wait for The DelaBear.

  12. We’ll take that. Thanks Massholes.

  13. Straight into the bag
    Straight into the bag
    Straight into the bag
    Straight into the bag
    Straight into the bag

  14. Where have all the good times gone?

    • We’ll sign 3 elite starting pitching in the off-season, Santos will come back as Mariano Rivera, and Bautista and EE will have 40 HR seasons next year. Good times were postponed not gone

  15. Captain Hook is keeping a short leash these days.


  17. I have to say it….


  18. Bad play for Brett, but I for one am appreciative that Buck and Tabby aren’t a couple of cheesy ‘homers’.

  19. cmon, how does this not make it as the musical intro to this series:


    and those lyrics:

    Is your figure less than Greek
    Is your mouth a little weak
    When you open it to speak
    Are you smart?

  20. and this is Chet doing the same, 30 years younger


  21. Why didn’t he just throw to first!!?! is the new why didn’t he just tag him

  22. Oh Buck and Tabby, don’t ever change.

  23. Interesting, a survey just popped down on this site.

  24. I don’t like how they do the scoring in baseball. Those runs shouldn’t be charged to Jenkins, and the runs against Alvarez when Rajai turned into Les Nessman shouldn’t have either.

  25. Why didn’t he just throw to first?

  26. Payback. Rookie for rookie.

  27. Lind hits a triple???

  28. I’m really tired of rajai. He is basically a glorified base stealer, can’t do anything else. Why didn’t we just keep mastroianni?

    rajai war .4
    mastro war 1.0 sb 19/22

    instead alex gives him away for nothing.

    • Well, Dr. Ruth, do you remember when you said “boredom is the biggest problem. The same position. Same day of the week.” Maybe we need to try Rajai out at 2nd base?

    • Darrin Matrionni sucks. that is why he was let go for nothing.

      rajai davis also sucks….but he gets paid a decent chunk of change so they keep him instead..its sunk costs I know..but that is not how front offices operate..they like to justify their expenses by giving their acquisitions as many chances to pan out as possible

      Alex will score points for the Davis acquisition because he can point to a gaudy stolen base total and rogers will pat him on the back for it

  29. Why are they blaming Yescobar?

  30. Because he’s too nonchalant.

    They’re shitting on Yescobar on the Fan.

  31. Don’t bunt. Fuck.

    • I know..what the fuck are they trying to do? he’s one of the best hitters they have in a depleted line up (no EE, no J Bau) and he is being asked to bunt the tying run to second for much more inferior hitters to follow

      well done.

  32. So tabler just said “you gotta tie it up before you can win it” in justification for lawrie trying to bunt.

    really? couldnt he just hit a two run homer and give us the lead?

  33. Something about having a pitcher that looks like a Colombian cartel hit man that just works.

  34. That’s much better than a bunt.

  35. Atta Kid, Lawrie

  36. All is forgiven Maple Boner.

  37. Thankfully, Lawrie is not a good bunter.

  38. Wow. Fuck. Wow.

  39. Rajai would’ve been doubled up

    • Rajai would have crossed the plate, in the dugout, eating some peanuts by the time he realized the ball was caught.

  40. Alright, that was a good catch, Nava.

  41. How fucking stupid is lawrie. If the ball drops it’s going tothe walland you score easy so no need to take a huge gamble off second like that. Rajai must be the baserunning coach.

  42. Lawrie got lucky there. If the ball hit ground and watched it he still could’ve made it home.

  43. That catch was spectacular.

    I’m relatively certain Dredd 3D will be awful, but I’m still ridiculously excited to see it.

  44. Fuck! Lawrie is Rajai. Use your fucking head.

  45. Oh Lawrie…

    • I’m drunk and still I question Lawries thinking right there.

      • I’m not drunk enough. The last 2 innings are bush league.

        • A) I’m pretty sure we’ll have some new base running coaches during spring training in 13.

          B) I’m pretty sure someone pissed in my pants.

          • I’ve always felt that the running game was Butter’s strong suit. (but what do I know.) That play was right in front of Lawrie, and it is drilled into all players to hold up in that situation.

          • I meant the guest coaches they bring in every spring to talk baserunning and base stealing. I think they had Shaker-Mo this past year. Maybe they should get Alomar away from his desk job to teach these kids how to circle the bags.

  46. Lawrie’s so-called Baseball IQ is being sorely tested.

  47. Fucking Lawrie.

  48. If at first you dont succeed (at getting thrown out stupidly on the bases)

    try try again

  49. Valentine looks like he couldn’t give a fuck what happens anymore.

  50. Blue jays motto is run first, think later. Lawrie almost gets picked off second decides to make sure of it at third.

  51. LOL, announcers saying that Kelly Johnson is too easy to strike out.

    • Depressing 9th. Jay tied it up 5-5 & could have had more.

      Red Sox come back with 3 in the 9th. Rajai lets a ball drop in front of him to score a run.

      Line drive to Gose scores 2 more runs.

      Jays still making baserunning mistakes.

  52. Please join me for excuse talk after the game where I will tell you the jays are better than the orioles and the rays and how the jays are unlucky and everyone else is lucky and how the sloppy baserunning is just part of the learning process and isn’t anybody’s fault and lawrie is still young and did you know the jays are decimated by injuries and can’t be expected to win?

    • Hey Mile, like how come we didn’t get Darvish? We would be in WS right?

      • Birddawg, maintenance drinking is not doing the trick. The neurons associated with your opposable thumbs are not in lock step with your grey matter. Increase dosage.

        • You know its funny, when I cared about this team following any of their numerous loses I could drink and rant about it. Now, the loses don’t sting any more….but the beer still tastes great.

          • For me it’s “Drinkin’ Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee,” and although I know what you mean, this one hurt some. Thank God baseball never let’s one dwell overly-long on one particular game. The sun will rise again tomorrow morning, and we get to do it all again. Cheers.

      • Yu bet we would

  53. Tank Nation rides again, this is doubly exciting, losing to a fellow draft pick chaser

  54. Tank Nation mantra:

    2010: 7th pick gets you Matt Harvey, 11th pick gets Deck McGuire
    2008: 5th pick gets Buster Posey, 11th pick gets Justin Smoak (13th pick gets Brett Wallace)

    • And in 2010 13th pick gets you Chris Sale, 2008 the 16th pick gets you Lawrie, 51st gets you Gose…and 6th gets you Kyle Skipworth…your point?

      • I think my point is self-evident – you really don’t think having MORE choice is better – that is where you rely on your scouting – sure it may still be a crap shoot but you at least have the “opportunity” to make a bad pick instead of having your preferences disappear off the board in front of you

        - sure it is no guarantee you make the most of your pick but you sure as fuck don’t get a shot at ALL of those guys when you pick 17th or 18th – at that point you are definitely in “luck of the draw” mode –

        cmon, not really that difficult to understand

  55. Rajai Davis is quite the player isn’t he.
    Essentially, though, other than some exciting stolen bases, he has to be classified as a fukstik. I mean he can win you a agme and then he loses you two. If he isn’t being thrown out on some stupid baseruniing blunder he is losing a flyball in the sun or misjudging one a la Corey Patterson. If he is anywhere near the stating line-up next year, it will be a long year.
    How about that other fukstik Kelly Johnson, mr strike out himself and his .224 avg. Might as weel play the old crow Vizquel for f sakes

    • I’m starting to warm to your ‘fukstik.’ My good friend Norm DePalma would surely applaud the ‘asses in the seats’ quotient, to say nothing about his patented ‘eyeball test,’ (although he never seems to mention anyone else’s ‘eyeball test.) It’s just that I tend to believe that a fukstik should be a rough unit of measure; surely Kelly Johnson is worth 2-3 fukstiks, amirite? And Rajai has to be granted points for comedic relief as a countervailing measure compensating for his innate stupidity. The man is entertaining. (On the other hand, so was Eric Thames. Oh dear. Let me get back to you.)

  56. I enjoyed rocking Wilma up the rock last night.

  57. I wonder what reality show whore ‘Boston Rob’ is up to…maybe he’ll be managing the Dead Sox next year..

  58. An hour till game time, and this sorry sorry season comes grinding to an end. Hard to believe we will miss these days in December, but it’s so

  59. Zaun is ripping Lawrie big time. He is making a decent point although probably overstating it (i.e. his comment about Lawrie being immature and not developing well)

  60. Why are we so adverse to having a runner on third? (and in Lind’s case, I’m stretching the term ‘runner.’)

  61. Ahem…I would like to make a motion, that the balance of the BJ regular season games be post-poned until the Christmas break. The games will be of more interest then.

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