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“As part of a major overhaul, [Chad] Mottola said they gave [Anthony] Gose ‘a kind of survival swing,’ for games, one which started with the bat on the shoulders, which allowed him to see the ball longer but also made the swing naturally late,” writes Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail in Jays’ Anthony Gose coming of age. “It was short-term statistical trade-off for long-term intellectual gain. In the meantime, Mottola said, the pair worked step by step in the batting cage developing a stance that now begins with Gose in a lower crouch, hands slightly higher. They were ready to take it out for a spin … exactly at the time Gose received his first call-up. Results were, ah, mixed.”

John Lott of the National Post talks to pitchers about the mental side of being injured, and the grind of being away from the field for extensive periods. Hmmm. But where would he possibly have found any pitchers who know what it’s like to be injured?

At (Insider Only), Keith Law writes of what lies in store for the Yankees in the future– and with their payroll lacking flexibility, and their best prospect talent a long way away, he seems to think it’s not good. “If those pockets aren’t bottomless, and if the age of the roster turns out to be a bigger issue in 2013, they don’t have the internal depth to patch those holes, and the large contracts they do currently have are extremely tough to move, making their margin for error this winter a lot smaller than it normally is,” he writes.

After pitching coach Bruce Walton was injured after being struck with bat shrapnel, Jays Journal uses a John Farrell quote from an story, but doesn’t provide a link. I found it though, see? Farrell, it seems, is an anti-Canadian dick, as it turns out he doesn’t care much for maple bats. “They’re dangerous, and it’s repeatedly every night we see a bat fly through the air and hopefully no one gets injured by it,” he said. “But you’d think that Major League Baseball would do something about it, because it’s to the point now that you have shrapnel flying everywhere and it’s a pointed object.”

In the same post, it should be noted, Gregor Chisholm also looks at the club’s options for second base next year, and passes along word that Chad Jenkins may head for a quick stint in the instructional league to stretch him out in anticipation of his making a start for the Jays next week.

In a different notebook post at, Gregor also gets us an update on Dustin McGowan, who will begin his rehab program December 15th, which John Farrell says puts him on a similar off-season timeline as everybody else. The hope is, once again, that he’ll be ready for next spring. Here’s hoping– for Dustin’s sake.

Elsewhere at Jays Journal, Charlie Caskey looks at the Jays’ “spine”– their up-the-middle players– and finds it wanting. Especially when compared to the rest of the AL East.

What the hell? Ty Cobb’s last hit in a Major League uniform came in an exhibition game in Toronto, or so says the Toronto Sun.

The Sun also has an “article” titled Arencibia, Lawrie not hitting, because… really? We’re going to criticize the guys who are just shaking off the DL rust?

I think there must be a graphic or something missing, but you can see the text of Mark Zwolinski’s look at how the Jays stack up against the AL division’s leaders over at the Toronto Star.

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A bunch of Getting Blanked stuff, as Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Fly Ball looks at homegrown players in his latest fortnightly infographic adventure, while Parkes gets ol’ GIFman Lewis to GIF up Josh Beckett being thrown out at first from right field last night, he finds an epic Taiwanese troll job of the Yankees, and examines the insanity that may ensue if a bunch of teams end up tied at the end of the regular season.

Lastly, it’s my favourite Friday tradition: the Getting Blanked GIFs of the Week!

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  1. I’ve sort of always wondered why bats have to be one piece. Maybe a wood laminate bat would be too fast or whatever word describes the most dangerous aluminum bats. I would think a laminate bat would be much less prone to breaking, but might be thinking incorrectly.

  2. I like that Amy K Nelson is the promo code for this thing. I guess they’re not going to have a seminar on ‘not casting aspersions without proof’ or ‘avoiding sensationalism at the price of the truth’ or ‘not being a fucking idiot.’

  3. Hello Drunk Jays Fans:

    I just got back Phoenix, saw a beaut of a game between the Backs and Dodgers. 1 love for the “baby got Backs” Kinda weird to watch such a low scoring pitchers duel, but equally refreshing.

    Of course I got to see Johny Mack and the Thrill, Arron Hill. As I am the first to admit, I am an assinine American League snob, who does’nt follow much National League prancing and who also thinks a pitcher batting rather than Rob Deer or Big Papi is disgusting. Show me jacks and sluggahs!

    But more importantly I found out folks, was that Arron Hill leads the National League at 2nd base in Average, HR’s, Slugging and is third in Ribbies. And Kelly Johnson leads the greater Toronto area of the lesbian gay community in nipple errings. Just sayin’.

    By the way Stoeten, the other night when Farrell pulled “The Sombrero”, Ricky Romero, I thought it was wrong.

    Why? Because, at this point in the year its all about Ricky trying to regain his boner. With a 3-2 game on the line, and a small chance Ricky can battle out a win for the first time in 13 tries, Farrell comes out ruins it by dishing him a nice pair of blue balls, and takes him out. Farrell has to give him the chance to battle back, his mojo is more important that bringing the team to 16 games below 5 hunny rather than 17.

    Bullshit Farrell, bullshit. You’re not gonna win you boys over that way. But feel free to call me a tittfucker, cause I am.

  4. Oh my God. Ricky’s new nickname will be ‘Caesar’ Romero!

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