Well, this blowed up real good, didn’t it? Which isn’t to say that I would have expected otherwise, given the nature of what was written on Yunel Escobar’s eye black on Saturday. It’s a situation that demands comment, context, and, hopefully once the parties involved have spoken on the matter, contrition, followed a deep breath and a return to something resembling normalcy– and maybe some kind of suspension while we’re at it, depending on what exactly it is that we hear.

I don’t know. The Jays, at least, are taking steps in the right direction, having released the following statement regarding the incident:

The Toronto Blue Jays do not support discrimination of any kind nor condone the message displayed by Yunel Escobar during Saturday’s game. The club takes this situation seriously and is investigating the matter.

Alex Anthopoulos, Sr. VP Baseball Operations and General Manager will be available to the media tomorrow afternoon at Yankee Stadium and we expect him to be joined by Yunel Escobar, Manager John Farrell and Coach Luis Rivera. Details and location for the media availability will be announced tomorrow.

If you’ve somehow missed the gist of what I’m talking about, check the original post from below.

We’ll see how that goes, I guess. It’s just… it’s somewhat difficult to gauge just how seriously something like this will be taken, in a sports culture where Kobe Bryant was only fined $100,000 for a similar slur– albeit in English, with no question of context or linguistic difference, but also in the heat of a game, not deliberately written on his face with plenty of opportunity to think better of it– and in a sport itself where we can see vast, odd disparities in punishment: slaps on the wrist for DUIs, 50 games for banned supplements in the minors that would only warrant a warning in the Majors, for example.

Yeah… I don’t know. The whole thing is just damn disappointing, huh?


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  1. No really — fuck this guy.

  2. Does this destroy his trade value then? I mean, I imagine it would be bad PR for a team to bring him in now? Damn it couldn’t he have done this during a .350 OBP season.

    • scratch the giants off the list of possible suitors anyway

    • the Rays will take him, they signed a rapist

    • Would have to this that this offseason he’d be a tough acquisition for a team. Only team I can see ignoring this would be the Rays. If they can trade for Leuke, they can live with Escobar.

    • Yes. Might as well buy your Escobar jersey and trade Hech cause the only GM in the league who may take a shot at pennies to the dollar for Yunel is the one and only AA.

    • The Jays shouldn’t be selling low on a player with Yunel’s talent and contract anyway.

      • + Billions and Billions…

        They’re stuck with each other …That is unless some southern “bubba” team wants him…

        HEY!! I’ve got it!! How bout the Braves??!!

        • Should also add here that in the case this is explainable , (ie it was very dumb and he’s not a homophobe and it was a cultural faux pas or something similar) he could be tradeable by the next deadline. In politics 2 weeks is a very long time. There’re a LOT of people who have forgotten what a HUGE boob Romney is.

  3. parks sucks

  4. Maybe he’ll be popular in Atlanta.

  5. The fact that this has become one of the biggest stories of the year already is such a disgraceful reflection of society. Of all the shit that is happening around the world right now and this is the thing that gets the most outrage. Really? We are truly fucked.
    PEDs? Meh.
    DUI? *finger wave*
    Writing faggot? AAAAARGH!DIE ASSHOLE!

    • You do watch the news right? I hardly think this will qualify as one of the biggest news stories of the year. Possibly one of the biggest Jays stories of the year…possibly.

    • i’m all good with the ‘meh’ for PEDs. eagerly awaiting steroids safe enough to remove all justification for not letting ten-foreheaded menaces hit balls out of stadiums

  6. worst. season. ever

  7. But I thought all this stuff about his questionable attitude was due to the Braves’ clubhouse having too many uptight white guys … or something.

  8. Houston maybe with the steers and queers

  9. Wait till Lawrie finds out he’s a gay stud muffin.

  10. I’ve been out since about 3 o’clock.Anything interesting happen while I was gone?
    What a shit show.
    A lot of interesting points made in the previous post.
    Tip of the hat to all the spanish speakers out there for their input
    ..It helps with perspective.

  11. Well if Rocker eventually got 14 days (reduced from 45) you have to think Escobar will get something in the same ballpark.

    That said, as douchey as it is, I still don’t see the Jays moving him.

    Personally I can’t wait for MLB to actually do something about the morons that do the serious shit like drink and drive or beat up their women. Sadly it seems they’ve got the “sticks and stones” policy backward.

    • I had to recite that little jingle a couple of times to realize what you were saying. Maybe, I’ll stop drinking after this beer…

    • This is nowhere near Rocker. Rocker was publicly homophobic, racist, sexist and a complete neanderthal and there was no way anybody could interpret it any other way. Rocker was repeatedly making bigoted statements to a national publication. Escobar had an ambiguous statement written on his person. There’s a world of difference between the two situations. This is probably more like the Ozzie Guillen/Fidel Castro fiasco from earlier this year than Rocker. There’s tons of ambiguities about Escobar’s situation and it’s easy to see how Escobar and/or the Jays can explain it away to a lower suspension.

      I’d be stunned if Escobar got an MLB-mandated suspension. At most, the team will probably give him an Ozzie/Fidel Castro type of suspension purely for the sake of optics.

      • It’s actually not that much different from the original comments that earned Rocker his suspension in 2000 if it’s determined the meaning in the eye back is worst of the possibilities. Rocker came out years later with similar comments but he was retired by then. Take a look at the original comment from Rocker. That said, there’s still a lot to determine in this case so maybe you’re right and it won’t turn out to be that bad.

        I still think the Jays will keep him.


        • I think this eyeblack thing is crazy stupid on Yunel’s part..

          BUT, there’s a huge difference between saying ‘You’re a faggot!” (Yunel) and ‘I hate gay people, I wouldn’t want to be near them, I’d be worried about catching AIDS from them (Rocker)’.

          Calling someone a faggot is incredibly insensitive, but it isn’t necessarily a stance on homosexuality. It’s slang (albeit really inappropriate) for ‘loser’ etc. For all we know he may be very supportive of gay issues, but still – immaturely – teases people by calling them faggots.

      • Yeah, I think there’s a difference between someone being openly hostile and antagonistic to a group of people and someone using a word they maybe(the meaning is still up in the air? It means various things, not relegated to homophobic slur?) shouldn’t be using. The Escobar incident doesn’t makes me think hatred(He could be homophobic, though this doesn’t make that clear), it just makes me think he needs to be coached on sensitivity and tact.

    • Roger McDowell got 2 weeks for his insanity last year, Yunel’s actions fall far short of that. Kobe Bryant paid $100K fine for his outburst at a ref. Yunel gets more than that.

    • +1000

  12. Thanks, Stoeten, good coverage.

  13. Holy shit why are people acting like he’s going to get kicked off the team.

    • I dunno man, this probably makes him the most hated player in the league.

      • A-Rod?

      • How do you figure? We still don’t know the context, nne of us do. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

      • If i’m not mistaken, there’s a bunch of DUI, repeat DUI offenders and wife beaters in MLB.

        Maybe there is a bright side to this over reaction though. The situation shows how gentle of a league MLB is compared to the NFL if this is what gets people in a big huff. I can’t imagine something like this getting much play if it happened in the NFL considering all of the more severe incidents that are reported on or swept under the rug.

        • Seriously, if this were the NFL, Esco would have had a couple of off-duty police officers on his personal payroll pay poor James a visit and cover up all evidence.

          I often wonder just how much is censored when players are mic’ed up for Sounds of the Game.

  14. Spanish seems to have many varied interpretations depending on the country.
    youswear.com( one of my favorite sites) has 14 diferent spanish categories.

  15. Escobar has never struck me as smart. He might have thought that he was being personable. Cuban’s in general don’t seem too keen on homosexuality to begin with, so maybe it was just a homophobic-cultural thing(that was a homophobic-cultural thing for us 20 years ago).Maybe.
    It seems to me he was trying to be funny and wound up stupid.

  16. Not going to pass any judgement before I hear what the crew has to say at the presser tomorrow, most important being YESCO’s own words.

  17. Good on Hayhurst for bringing some necessary perspective to some very delusional fans.

    There really isn’t a lot to to read into in this story beyond Escobar’s stupidity. Which isn’t to say that this won’t be an an ugly incident to navigate for the Jays PR team, I don’t envy them.

  18. Out of genuine curiosity, how does the outrag-o-meter measure if we definitively knew it translated as ‘you’re gay’?

  19. Imagine he just owns it and he’s like “Yea, what? I did it bitches.”

  20. Jays finally on the front page of MLB.com!!

  21. Gonna be an interesting presser tommorrow.
    What I wish would be answered, without the rhetoric.
    Who wrote on the eyeblack?
    Why didn’t Farrell notice it or ask what it meant?
    What about the Latin players on the team and what type of reaction did they expect or did they have?
    What about the coaches?
    Aside from the usual corporate verbiage,does anybody feel real remorse?
    Did somebody actually do this as a prank?

    So many questions,so few I expect answered.

    • These are all good questions Radar.

      Obviusly the Spanish speaking players on the team need to explain what happened.

      Escobar has to come up with a good explanation.

      I hope it was a practical joke gone wrong.

  22. I am a gay man, and an avid Blue Jays fan. I feel that I support the team well, I go to games, I buy official team apparel and I watch broadcasts of Blue Jays games (although I wasn’t able to watch Saturday’s game).

    Yunel is entitled to his beliefs and opinions, but when he takes the field he represents the same Blue Jays team that I support… and that message was degrading, disrespectful, and really hurtful. Say what you want on whether I’m being over-sensitive about this, but I don’t deserve that shit.

    Here’s what I expect from the Blue Jays:

    1. An explanation of how and why this happened.
    2. An understanding that the Blue Jays have reprimanded Yunel on his unacceptable and hurtful conduct.
    3. An explanation on why his latino veteran teammates (Omar Vizquel, Edwin Encarnacion, JP Arencibia) and coaches (Luis Rivera) didn’t catch up on it sooner and got him to take it off.

    Those eye-blacks were clearly stickers. Because of the good penmanship, the message must have been written on them before the stickers were applied on Escobar’s face. It could be a team prank, it could not be. But I’m convinced that Escobar was fully aware of the message that was written when he went on the field.

  23. It appears the Mets have signed with Las Vegas, leaving Buffalo for the Jays a certainty. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2012/09/mets-minor-league-links-brewer-triple-a.html

  24. Everyone remember the great outrage after the release of The Hangover, and the subsequent protests and boycotts and press conferences and the end of Bradley Cooper’s career. ?????


    yeah, I don’t remember that either.

  25. In every single major league ballpark, you can see the number 42 is retired. Every single one.

    Since that number was retired, a day has been set aside where every player wears the number 42 to remember how Jackie Robinson overcame bigotry and even threats on his life in a time where that seemed acceptable.

    What happened on the baseball field in Jackie Robinson’s time mattered. It changed our entire culture.

    On Saturday, a baseball player on my hometown team played the entire game with a slur written on his face.

    It was a disgrace to the team. It was a disgrace to the Blue Jays uniform. It was a disgrace to the game of baseball. It was a disgrace to the legacy of Jackie Robinson.

    What was written on Yunel Escobar’s face on Saturday matters. And, more importantly, our willingness to accept or not accept it also matters.

    • Exactly. Great Comment.

    • Sorry Chris.
      As serious as this is,it in no way compares to what Jackie Robinson went through.
      I can appreiciate you’re upset but the comparison is miles and miles apart.

      • Bigotry and intolerance should never be tolerated. That’s Chris’s point. It’s not miles apart at all. It’s more nuanced in this day and age than it was in 1947, but no less important.

    • this was stupid. but to even bring up jackie robinson and what black players had to go through back then is almost as stupid as what yunel did.

    • Your post is whats wrong with this world,

    • Jesus Fuck. Stop dramatizing this non-story. That fucking idiot wrote ‘You’re Gay’. It’s not like he said we need to kill gays or anything like that. Comparing that with what Jackie Robinson went through is just ridiculous.

  26. Here’s why the Bisons like the look of the Jays in Buffalo:


  27. Fuck Yunel, what a dumb piece of shit. I don’t give a shit about his trade value, cut him.

  28. I’ve been a fan of Yunel for some time now. His story about leaving Cuba and making it to the Jays meant something. I’m also a strong supporter of civil rights. These two no longer mesh and I’m honestly uncomfortable wearing my Escobar jersey.

    This is unfortunate. That’s about all there is to it, IMO.

  29. remind me why this clown was better than making a move for hanram at the deadline again? (given what it cost the dodgers to acquire him)

    • If you are a SS, it helps to be actually able to play the position defensively (Yunel can, Hanley can’t).

      • seems to me like the yankees have done okay the last 15 years with some guy everyone thinks is terrible at the position

        • jeter lacks range, but every ball he gets to is automatic. he’s far from terrible.

          • metrics have still liked hanley better than jeter for many years despite the errors. also…jeter has made 14 errors this year at ss, to hanley’s 5 in about 1/3 the games and having similar range…

            hanley has the upside of a hall of famer. yunel is barely in the top 10 SS in the league if he plays his best.

  30. AndyMc9293 on Twitter pointed me towards this book which seems to add some context to what we might be dealing with here:

    “Terms like maricón whose literal translation in a homosexual context is queer or faggot on occasion may be used with underlying affection by heterosexuals in a way that North Americans never would, as in, for example, ‘Tu eres tremendo maricón (You are a great queen).”


    And that was in a section discussing how Cuban culture is much different than North American culture when it comes to expressing feelings about race, gender, sexuality, and physical appearance. Now this doesn’t make Yunel blameless for this careless incident, but it does indicate that there’s probably a cultural disconnect here.

    • May be true BFF but I got a feeling that shit is gonna hit the fan, big time.Carreers may be about to be changed.
      Three spanish words that may or may not be a prank are causing outrage and emotions whose reprocussions will be felt for a long time, cultural disconnect or not.

      • I doubt much will change at all. He’ll probably apologize tomorrow and the incident will be pretty much forgotten in time (like basically every other incident like this has involved a professional athlete).

        • Dunno BFF. This has struck a nerve.Sports is full of wifebeaters,scamartists,murders,rapists,addictions to gambling,booze, drugs,PEDs,etc.
          The reaction reminds me of the Alomar spitting incident.

          What’s your opinion on any/if any fallout on Farrell?

    • eyeblack says ere…not eres, which would be the correct version. lends more weight to hayhurst’s theory that someone else wrote it…someone that can’t conjugate rudimentary verbs in spanish.

  31. I would love to direct everyone to Bill Maher’s blog post (and op-ed in NYT) about how profoundly fucked up our culture is that everyone needs to apologize for the way their comments are perceived regardless of the way they are intentioned. However, I am far too lazy to look up the link, so let me just say that I am appalled that so many intelligent (well, semi-intelligent) commentors are so eager to rush to judgment against someone who has never shown himself to be the least bit bigoted. This is particularly glaring given the fact that few seem to understand the many implied definitions of the word Maricon, which is a commonly used curse word in hispanic culture with none of the prejudice implied by the word ‘faggot’.

    And please, PLEASE, stop comparing the plight of homosexuals in baseball to Jackie Robinson’s barriers. It’s just as disgusting, if not more so, than what you so eagerly accuse Yunel of doing.

    • Agreed.


      According to this Hispanic USA Today writer who has been covering baseball for 25 years:

      “Escobar, 29, has been known to write messages on his eye black, often humorous in nature, and the slur he used is often tossed around by Latin players when joshing with each other.”

      Undoubtedly a lapse of judgment and something that should not have been worn on to the field. However, to start comparing this to the bigotry espoused by John Rocker and the bigoted vitriol that Jackie Robinson and his peers dealt with on a daily basis is ludicrous.

      • I’m struck by the phrase “the slur he used is often tossed around” as a justification.

        How is that different from the days of Jackie Robinson?

        Slurs about Robinson were often tossed around in his day. Many people accepted them as not a big deal.

        Are we willing to do the same?

        • I would say intent is a big difference and needs to be taken into consideration. You need to read about what Robinson went through before you trivialize what the situation was like for him. The hatred and malice directed at him would have broken a lesser man. Unless this was targeted and done with anger or hatred I do not see how it can compare.

          I cannot see how a prank or a showing of poor humor can compare with the bigotry Robinson had to overcome to play the sport. One player making a stupid decision while a clubhouse allows it does not equal breaking the colour barrier.

        • chris, seriously you need to stop.

          slurs were the LEAST of robinson’s problem.

          the fact that you repeatedly bring up one of the greatest cultural discriminations in american history is really really scary.

          i seriously don’t think you understand what you speak of .. atleast i hope

          • Look up the story of Matthew Sheppard then come back to me with that answer that what Jackie went through was that different. Not to mention the thousands of young gay people who kill themselves because they are bullied so much. It is a very similar situation.

            • You can come up with one dead gay and that makes it equivalent to the black American experience? Emmett Till says you’re a moron.

          • dgapa

            are you fucking kidding me??

            Do mentally challenged people killed themselves because the word retard has crept in to regular language??

            Saying someone would kill themselves because the word faggot is used in society is fuckin moronic.
            If young gays kill themselves its because of personal persecution because of their sexuality, not because people in main stream society say ‘thats gay’ or ‘you’re a fag’

            seriously or fuckin society is a fuckin joke now, people are over sensitive.

          • Shepard and Robinson were similar because there was physical, mental, and emotional intimidation of another human being. I don’t see how that is what happened with Escobar.

            What Escobar did was undoubtedly insensitive and stupid, but it was not pointed physical, mental, and emotional intimidation and degradation of another human being. It is nowhere near what Jackie Robinson and Matthew Shepard were faced with.

        • Ugh, this guy Chris is so fucking annoying.

    • Agreed. Intent is very important. It’s unfortunate Yunel had that written on him, but it could be just some cultural mix-up (see upthread about Cuban Spanish culture).

      Alomer spitting incident was a lot worse. The intent there was clear.

    • Agree with Ray. All the gnashing of teeth, contrived outrage and sanctimonious outcries are more offensive than whatever gibberish was on Escobar’s eye black.

  32. I say someone is going to be buying Yunel a lot of steak dinners for the rest of the season with that prank.

    Damn I’d laugh if Carrol O’Connor could throw out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium tommorow, and then stick his tongue out.


  33. With all due respect to the gay community the only true victims in this fiasco are Jays fans. You, me, the people who care to click on this site, even though our team is sixteen games behind the division leader. We have all suffered through a season of perpetual injury and dissapointment. Members of the gay community, I’M SURE have had much more difficult obstacles to overcome in their lives then Yunels eyeblack. Whether or not he knowingly plastered himself with a slur, it’s just one more bitter, dissapointed moment that the fans of the Blue Jays must bear.

    If you frequent this site you’ll know I’m not a Yunel fan but Jesus, give him his moment to explain himself before you toss him to the heap. And for you self righteous, that are trying to use this one(maybe two) individuals poor judgement as an indightment against the Blue Jays organization…. Fuck you. There are civil rights battles to be fought but find your own forum. People come here to bitch about baseball.

    I’ll probably need to find a new site as well after voicing my opinion.

    • Owning someone else’s oppression because you happen to like a baseball team? Making it all about you instead of people who’ve had the crap beaten out of them and are sometimes killed because of who they are? Really?

  34. Guess Hech is our shortstop next year….

  35. he wrote a SWEAR word on his eyeblack, incredibly stupid, but to jump down his throat as a homophobe is ridiculous at this point.

    maricon is a word that originally meant something but morphed over time to just a general swear word, like fuck. its original context is no longer important.

    so Yunel wrote you are a fuck, or you’re a pussy on his eyeblack, still deserves punishment, still incredibly fuckin stupid, but lets not involve our moral code and equality bullshit.

    and to those bringin up jackie robinson as a comparable I’m actually more offended by your post than what yunel did

    • Bingo. Faggot originally meant a bundle of sticks. Inflicting white people’s connotations on him is ridiculous. He doesn’t speak English, even really as a second language.

      • not even close to what I said. I’m not excusing him based on cultural differences, regardless of the reason he’s stupid. but I just don’t think we can put him up on a cross and burn him as a homophobe.

  36. There’s only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures and sexuality, and the Dutch.

  37. I would be surprised if Escobar meant this as a derogatory reference to sexuality, I think he is just dumb.

  38. I wondered about this last week – Ike Davis cannot hit at Citi Field, but has the most road HRs in the NL and has a decent road OPS – and is now mentioned as a trade chip for the Mets this off-season


    • and, yes Davis seems to have had a lot of trouble with lefties this year (but how many of those were at Citi?? I don’t know, can’t find it), but in 2010 with almost the same number of PAs as this year he had a .805 OPS, better than vs. righties (138 PAs in 2010 vs 163 in 2012 for a .531 OPS).

      Davis, who is considered a top-notch defensive 1B, seems like a good buy-low candidate where the ballpark may be a contributing factor to his lack of success. Lots of thunder in that bat – take a run before the RSux get to the Mets.

      • Really, dm, RSux? Are you implying they are gay? They perform oral sex on each other? Enough of the homophobia. I see we have a lot of work to do to cleanse the Blue Jays and its fans.

        Joke. But this is about what society has sunk to.

    • Escobar for Ike Davis… I’m on board…. I think he could put up an average of .270 , OBP of .350 with 30 homers and really good defense at 1st… (Hech will be fine as our SS)

      Then – all the money resources can be put on resigning Carlos V & getting us a real #1 SP!

  39. Listening to the radio this morning, I have to say I appreciated Patrick Burke’s take on this sort of situation: Take it as an opportunity to educate the individual in the area where the lapse of judgment ocurred. People who are packing Yunel’s bags for him already, however, would rather punish than rehabilitate in this situation. Is the best solution, from a “human” perspective, really to let him be that type of person and ship him off or would it be better to help him be a better person?

  40. Blah blah fucking blah.

    1) All the time guys swear, loudly, in the native fucking language, after they strike out.

    2) You can’t just say “it means faggot” and assume all the connotations that “faggot” carries in English. Are Spanish people offended by this? That’s the question.

    3) Guys get into fights and assault each other on the field, while police do nothing and while kids are watching. No one cares about that, in fact they cheer.

    Fuck everyone’s fucking gay political correctness. Fuck I wish we would hurry and give gays all the rights and entitlements of heterosexuals and treat them fairly. Then we can stop pretending we are saving the world by ragging on idiot Yunel.

  41. Calling someone a faggot is like calling them a pussy or a sissy or a loser or a shit-stain. It’s an insult. When it’s directed at a gay person, with the sole purpose of making fun of their sexuality, then it is a slur. Otherwise, it’s just an insult. Get over it. Queers.

  42. regarding the sentiment expressed in the earlier post….:

    “I have latino friends who use this phrase very often either playfully at each other or as a curse word, not neccessarily as a slur against gay people.”

    I don’t think that excuses it. I remember back when I was in highschool the prevalence of the phrase “that is so gay” as a way of describing things you disliked in some way was pretty high. It didn’t literally mean you though whatever you were describing was in fact homosexual…. “This game of tag is a homosexual” doesn’t really work…. but it was still wrong that it was so accepted back then and it is no longer nearly as acceptable now. If your latino friends are where our culture was about 15-20 years ago… well… they’re still wrong.

    • This post is so hetero.

    • wrong. homosexual people don’t own the word gay or faggot.

      for whatever reason its crept in to regular societies lingo.. just because my son uses the phrase thats gay doesn’t mean at the ripe age of 12 he’s homophobic.

      context matters..

      • No it doesn’t mean he’s homophobic. But it might mean he isn’t aware of the fact that that term may not be appropriate.

        I realize it’s a slippery slope w.r.t. which words are inappropriate and which are not. There are numerous times through history where a word or term that was acceptable for a long time eventually fell out of favour.

        If “for whatever reason” the word N***** crept into regular society would you let him say it?

        • Also I agree that “context matter”. So let’s think about the context of “that is so gay!” or “tu ere Maricon”. In both cases the context is that it is meant as an insult.
          So basically we’re implying, through this context that being gay or a faggot is a bad thing and to be called one is insulting.
          That’s some pretty negative context right there, n’est pas?

          • not really, depends on who it was directed too

            He didn’t write, HOMOS SHOULD DIE

            he wrote you’re a fag

            if he was saying it to jon lester was it gay bashing? or homophobic? no its not because lester is straight (i think?)

          • True. But it is still making an association between being gay and being somehow a lesser person.

            If he was saying to Jon Lester “you’re a fag” and he meant it as a compliment, that would be different I guess, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t.

            I don’t think the intended target matters.

    • If the meaning in the culture doesn’t translate directly, that’s one thing. If he wants to talk like that on his own time that’s also fine (ish). But to purposely paint it on your face as part of your uniform, that’s where I have an issue. I can’t believe that no one (including Escobar) thought this was a bad idea. You are at work. You’re work is extremely public. Come on.

  43. Making fun of gay ppl is like making fun of ppl with cancer, they both are sick and have a very serious disease.

  44. Count me in the who gives a shit group. Bunch of sensitive nancys you all are! Is this a baseball site or cooking with Martha Stewart?

    • A half century of liberal education is tough to overcome, even on a baseball site.

      • Yes, by all means, let’s go back to the way things were fifty years ago in terms of intollerance, hate and ignorance.


        • Yes, let’s go back 50 years when intolerance was spelled with only one l.

          I love how you as a champion for tolerance, love and inclusion have called me an idiot and wished another get cancer. Nice. You probably love diversity too, so long as everyone agrees with you.

          • I called you an idiot because you said something idiotic… If you like I’ll ammend my comment to say “idiotic”.

            I 100% regret my earlier comment to DEnglish and I’m sorry about it. (For the record I would also accept a similar apology from Escobar).

            You don’t have to agree with me by any means. I don’t even claim to know what the right answers are, but I am going to call out faulty arguments when I see them and I’m going to try to have a discussion about the things I’m unsure about.

            Good job on correcting my spelling though. That really strengthened your position.

          • Not everybody has to agree with IMW, but if you don’t, you are an idiot, oh excuse me, not an idiot, but being idiotic. Now i get it.

          • I wrote a big long reply to this, but I think I’m just going to give up.
            You win. It’s the liberal education system that is to blame and we are all a bunch of PC pansies.

          • Yes! I can report a small victory to Commander Limbaugh! Mega dittoes!

  45. From the Don’t Tie The Hangman’s Noose Just Yet/Stop Sharpening the Guillotine Files:

    “If anything, it’s sexism against women,” Cuervo said wryly. Overall, she didn’t seem predisposed to be shocked by the use of the word: “It’s trash talking.”


    • You did note that the Cuba area experts were universal in saying it means exactly what it was originally translated as, right?

  46. So, I just spoke with a woman at my work who is Columbian and asked her if she was offended by the phrase.

    Her response was, absolutly not. It’s so common, people use it as a fun greeting. Her own brother when he hasn’t seen her for a while will walk up and say, hay Maricon, how are you.

    So, context is very important in this situation.

    • I have a jewish friend who refers to himself as a “Jew” and doesn’t really take offense when others call him the same. In fact I have a few jewish friends like that.

      But as far as I understand it there are also a LOT of jewish people who consider “Jew” to be an offensive term.

      I’m not sure I know where you draw the line on this stuff. I really don’t know the answer.

      • it all comes from context

        if you called someone a ‘fuckin’ jew after they cut you off thats offensive.

        if you just say to someone ohh he’s a jew, i dont think anyone would take offense

        • I think you’re probably right. But if he does take offense. Then you did something wrong right? even if you didn’t mean to?

          I honestly don’t know the answer to my above question.

          But back to context again. I don’t think Escobar’s ‘comment’ was meant as a compliment, no matter how you translate it. So the context isn’t exactly positive…

          Bah – ethics are complicated.

          • So if you say something that offends someone its offensive but if you say something offensive and no one is offended then it wasn’t offensive???

            WTF are you talking about!!!

            To react this situation without knowing any context means you are a senstive nancy. Grab some balls and grow the fuck up.

          • You may notice that I was asking questions and not making declarations.

      • Jew as a noun, ok. Jew as a verb, very bad.

  47. Escobar is toast in TO. The Jays were thinking he’s gone anyway IF the right deal came along for a SP in the offseason. AH is ready to play SS in the major leagues. He will likely not hit as well as YE next year but…he’ll likely contribute enough offensively in this first year and play excellent defense to make it worthwhile if a quality SP is coming back for YE.. possibly others. YE needs to grow up and work much, much harder to be an impact SS longterm in MLB.

    • Hechavarria has a brutal 26 to 3 K/BB ratio so far in his MLB career. He doesn’t look anywhere close to good enough to be able to start in the majors next season.

  48. What a crock of shit! HAHA

    This just confirms to me that AA may be a baseball dork but he is a Rogers exec first and foremost.

    Let’s examine this whole clown show, shall we?

    One of the Spanish speaking players either played a joke on Escobar or he was in on it. I think the former.

    The players didn’t figure anyone would see it, so it’s just clubhouse fun late in the season.

    But AA and the Suits turn around and do the equivalent of “Drugs are bad…mmmkay”.

    AA could have said it was a tasteless joke among the players, but he didn’t! He amplified the shitstorm to cover his ASS!…and to please his corporate masters.

    I like this weasel less and less.

    • This is the dumbest comment here. This was a mistake, and error in judgment by Yunel Escobar. How does this have anything to do with AA. And if im not mistaken, Yunel has been suspended by the Blue Jays even before any MLB suspension has been handed down.
      How exactly does this have anything to do with the GM who is not in the clubhouse before a game or in the dugout during a game. Wow, you are a troll of great proportions.

    • Sorry what did I miss? AA said he’s meeting with Yunel today to determine the facts surrounding the issue. Where did you get all the “facts” that have led you to believe AA is a weasel?.

  49. http://outsports.com/jocktalkblog/2012/09/18/did-yunel-escobar-previously-write-no-penis-on-his-eye-black/

    Can anybody locate a closeup of Yunel from August 29th vs the Yankees? He hit a home run that day, so it would stand to reason that closeups may be more readily available from that game.

  50. Context truly is everything, this I totally agree with. I play sports, and we trash talk in the dressing room or on the field/ice. But the difference here is I am not in the public eye. If I were to make a slur like this, it would be wrong/deplorable, for sure, but it wouldn’t be to the same magnitude as someone seen on tv by (potentially) millions of people. One thing athletes are taught is that they must act differently than the average joe. The Blue Jays, for instance, employ PR specialists to talk to their team members with Twitter accounts about what they should and shouldn’t say on Social Media. What Brett Lawrie decides to write on his Twitter account is not the same as what I decide to write on mine because Brett has many more followers, a large number of which look on him as a role model of sorts. Becoming somebody in the public image comes with a certain reduction of “free speech” as everything you say becomes much more scrutinized to a much higher degree. This is something celebrities and athletes alike have to learn to live with.

    Yunel is no doubt apologetic about this. Im sure he didn’t mean this as a deregatory slur. This was a major error in judgment on his part. I also fault those members of the team who (allegedly) wrote this comment, or even allowed him to be on the field with this on his face.
    He will face reprecussions, and all you can really do is hope he learns from it.

  51. People need to grow up and stop being offended by everything.

    Just like someone wears an offensive or stupid shirt, I just dismiss the person as if they are trailer trash

  52. If Kobe Bryant, Amare Stoudemire, DeSean Jackson, James Harrison, Wayne Simmonds and a litany of other athletes can get past this, remain with their teams and continue to be productive players, there’s no reason why Yunel shouldn’t be able to either.

    Simply because “it’s our team” doesn’t mean it’s any different.

    I’m not condoning what he did, because it was clearly stupid. Just saying it’s happened before, will happen again, and everyone moves on eventually.

    Personally, I think shipping him out of town is the wrong thing to do. The right thing to do is to reprimand him, and use it as an opportunity. Get involved with You Can Play, make it a teachable moment.

  53. Seems like this is a situation of what is socially acceptable in the locker room (Note: It shouldn’t be.) was not socially acceptable to the rest of society.

    On all the high school and university teams I played on it was common practice to call each other “gay” or “fag”, I have now grown up and I know why this is terrible and shouldn’t be done. Baseball players have never had to grow up, there is no doubt in my mind that Lawrie, JPA, etc. throw these words around too. Hopefully this situation can be a teachable moment for the Jays locker room, and the greater inside baseball culture. All team sports really need to change their locker room cultures to be more accepting of sexual orientation.

    • So we need to change their clubhouse mentality because baseball players need to grow up? Its their locker room not yours, stay out if you don’t like what goes on. Men make fun of eachother on sports teams that’s just what happens.

  54. Check out Frank Ocean/Tyler the Creator story re: The Word, Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice tweeted it, Ann Coulter used it against John Edwards, Eminem on a Nicki Minaj track, Colin Clark of the Houston Dynamo, Kenyon Martin


  55. Fuck all the politically correct whiney p*ssies. Man-up (or ‘butch’ up, i suppose) for god’s sake, how freekin pathetic. Oh god, whatever are we goin to do?? Yunel had some sort of derogatory shit on his eyeblack and suddenly it’s an assault on the entire gay community. Guess what? this IS how people talk in any locker room on any sports team and for the most part at any workplace. You can actually say these sorts of things as insults/jokes and at the same time not harbour ill will to that segment of society. Heck i’ve met gays that hurl the same sorts of insults, what?, are they somehow shitting allover their own kind????hahaha, what a friggen JOKE this is.

    • Yeah, we are not allowed to say “Christmas” either. When the fuck did everyone get so sensitive all of a sudden?

  56. The co-inventor of the high five is gay. Escobar has probably high fived a thousand times. He’s open to gay things, not a bigot.


  58. I told my Latina secretary that a player is in trouble for using a dirty word in Spanish. I told her the word and she just laughed. She thought I was pulling her leg. I told her it was true and she rolled her eyes. Now it’s very clear to me how bigoted Escobar is.

    • Because Spanish speaking people are a cultural monolith, right? And, gee, it would have been so hard for you to find people saying that the meaning changes based on region, because it’s not like EVERYBODY is making that clear in every piece written about this.

  59. For those ready to suspend Escobar for the rest of the season/trade him for ten cents on the dollar/cut him from the team/burn him at the stake, let’s step back, do some reading and get some perspective here:


  60. Interesting. Kelly at The Star seems to have done some more research and has added to his original piece.

    Quote below:

    Yunel Escobar’s eye black phrase could mean different things, but they’re mostly bad
    Published 56 minutes ago
    Share on twitterShare on facebook Yunel Escobar Tom Szczerbowski/GETTY IMAGES Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar played a game with the Spanish words ‘Tu Ere Maricon’ written across his eyeblack.
    James Greenhalgh/For the Toronto Star Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar played a game with the Spanish words ‘Tu Ere Maricon’ written across his eyeblack. The question is, was this a homophobic comment? Not necessarily, says one Spanish professor. 2 of 21 2
    By Cathal Kelly
    Columnist 49 Comments Here’s what we know: That when Yunel Escobar decided to take the field wearing a disparaging term written in Spanish on his eye black, he did something stupid.

    Here’s what we don’t know: Exactly how stupid.

    We start with the linguistics of slang. What does ‘Tu ere maricon’ mean?

    “It is derogatory, but it’s not necessarily homophobic,” said Maria Cristina Cuervo, a professor of Spanish at the University of Toronto.

    Yes, it can mean ‘You are a faggot’. Usually so. But that’s not the end to it.

    • Related: Blue Jays’ Yunel Escobar to address slur

    The word is a derivation of the proper name Maria del Carmen – in times past, a child with that name would be referred to in the family with the diminutive, Maricon. It has morphed into an effeminizing epithet that has a clear gender component, but not necessarily a sexual one.

    “I would take it as, ‘You are like a girl. You’re weak’,” Cuervo said. “I don’t curse much, so I don’t know the appropriate level in English. It has to be something like ‘wuss’.”

    In Spanish speaking families, according to Cuervo, parents might refer to a seven-year-old boy who’s crying as a maricon, as in ‘Don’t be such a baby’. You might say the same thing in the same situation to a female child.

    “If anything, it’s sexism against women,” Cuervo said wryly.

    There are a great many confusing regionalisms involved. Cuervo is Argentinean, where the word is considered relatively light depending on the context. It can also be used in that same teasing way in Puerto Rico.

    In the Dominican Republic, it is almost always meant to be vulgar and aggressive. What does it mean in Cuba, where Escobar was born?

    “A slur referring to homosexuals,” said Prof. Michelle Gonzalez, a Cuba expert at the University of Miami. “I suppose people will use it in jest, but I don’t know if that makes it any less offensive.”

    Gonzalez also made a very pertinent point: “People will say many things in private. People swear. But there is a difference when you display it.”

    “Oh boy,” Prof. Rafael Lima, another Cuba expert said, when the phrase was repeated for him.

    “If you were to yell that at someone in a Cuban context, that would be deeply offensive,” Lima said. In his view, the word can be lightened depending on how it’s used (this being the difference between taking umbrage and starting a fistfight) but always means the same thing — a homosexual man.

    “Whether he meant it to be offensive or not, it’s in very bad taste.”

    ///end quote

  61. @ IMW

    When the moderaters delete comments, it seems to srew with the order new comments show up.
    I replied directly to you , yet it shhowed up asa new comment.

    Fuck I miss disqus.

    • Got it… I think. Still not sure what was deleted or who’s referring to what. Is this all related to my accidentally posting an entire article instead lf one paragraph from the Kelly piece at the Star.

      Whatever. Sorry if I caused this mess.

    • Oh no …. I’m dumb I get it.
      Someone said something way out of line and it was deleted… gotcha…
      I’m slow, but I get there.

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