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Hey, so did anything happen with the Jays recently that’s worth talking about? Er… yikes.

The club will hold a press conference at 3:30 ET prior to their game in the Bronx this evening, featuring Anthopoulos, Farrell, Escobar, and Luis Rivera, presumably as a translator. We’ll be on top of it as it happens– Sportsnet, tweets Shi Davidi, will be streaming the “event” live.

At Sportsnet, Stephen Brunt suggests a five month breather from this fucking club.

At Getting Blanked, Parkes shows us how this isn’t the first time Escobar has worn– and has not been stopped from wearing– questionable text on his eye black.

Over at the Toronto Star, Cathal Kelly looks into the linguistics. “‘If you were to yell that at someone in a Cuban context, that would be deeply offensive,’ [Cuba expert, Professor Rafael] Lima said. In his view, the word can be lightened depending on how it’s used (this being the difference between taking umbrage and starting a fistfight) but always means the same thing — a homosexual man.”

Elsewhere at the Star, Doug Smith weighs in, expressing disbelief that nobody saw this and/or thought better of it, putting it on the team as a whole, decrying the excuses about context by reminding us that we’re not in a place where those words may take a different, less vile meaning, but ultimately being hopeful that the Jays handle this in a positive way that can make things better for everybody going forward.

There’s some interesting, civil discussion of the subject on the post linking back here from Baseball Think Factory. Have a look if you… y’know… find some of discussion around here wanting.

“Yunel now stands at the precipice of complete reputation destruction and he can go two ways with it,” writes Dirk Hayhurst. “He can own all of his shortcomings, make glowing and heartfelt apology, and move up. Or, he can take that same attitude that got him into this situation and become the pariah of a town that is one of the most accepting and tolerant in baseball.

Paul Attfield and Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail recap the situation, telling us that Major League Baseball is looking into the incident.

In the National Post, John Lott looks at the “internet uproar” that blew up the incident real good.

The Tao of Stieb weighs in on the issue as well, praising @james_in_to for speaking up.

Turns out that back in March, Deadspin took a look at which sports leagues care, don’t care, or kinda care whether or not their players use the slur in question.

Turning elsewhere, FanGraphs finally breaks down the roster of the AFL’s Salt River Rafters, which is the club where Jays players have been assigned. Only Sam Dyson and Deck McGuire are reviewed, though.

“It was a great city with a great facility. The locker room was very nice and I was in the visiting locker room. And the Jumbotron in center field was simply amazing for a minor-league stadium,” gushed Jays pitcher Chad Beck about Buffalo, having visited there for the Triple-A All-Star Game this summer, according to the Buffalo News. ”One of the hard things about the minors is where am I going to eat before the game, what am I going to do after the game. We were really impressed about how there were tons of places being right there. The location was just perfect. I loved that experience. It was amazing. Five-star.”

At the Toronto Sun, Mike Rutsey cautions Anthony Gose and Adeiny Hechavarria fans that they may have to wait to see the two rookies back in Toronto– they’re very possibly slated for Triple-A Buffalo [note: ahhhh!].

Chris Toman of talks to Carlos Villanueva about his commitment to education and young players in his homeland of the Dominican Republic.

At Minor League Ball, John Sickels lets us know that he’s still plugging away at all the Prospectapalooza questions that were asked of him over the weekend. I posted all the Jays-related ones he’d answered up until yesterday afternoon, but apparently there could still be more.

Jays Journal is looking for writers. I know there are lots of good minds out there in our little community– even those I don’t always agree with– and those guys provide a pretty good platform. People ask me a lot about contributing to the site, but don’t have any actual baseball-related work of their own to show me, and that’s really important if you’re ever going to do something like this. My advice is always that these folks should start their own blog, and even if no one reads, at least they’ll be able to show someone what they’re capable of, if they’re ever looking for an opportunity. Well… here’s one.

For those of you who are interested, you can win tickets to Blogs With Balls, by retweeting this tweet from @theScore. Good luck!

Lastly, the audio of today’s edition of Getting Blanked is up, so download the mp3 here or have a listen below. We kick it off with– what else– Escobar talk.

And double lastly, seeing as there was no game threat for me to post it in last night, here is yesterday’s video edition of Getting Blanked…

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  1. Apparently Escobar is as big of a dick as everyone thought. What was the point? Even if he didn’t mean it as homophobic (not that what he meant mattrers) it is a vulgarity on his uniform. What, is he 12?

    What a dick.

  2. Allright, what Yunel did was bad, but that guy in the Livestream of the press conference, in the second row with his hat on backwards needs to be suspended.

  3. 3 games suspension for Esco

  4. There comes a point when it must be noted that Tuesdays are slow news days and sports stations like news stations need to fill air.
    Escobar is a low-brow, occasionally intense, competitor with questionable awareness of the diverse world we live in who was attempting, in his way, to intimidate his opponents.
    However, to suggest it is homophobia is sensationalist over kill.
    You can accurately call it a lack of awareness and education. You can call it a lack of self control. You can call it a lack of class. But to suggest that Escobar’s eye black reflects anti gay attitudes in the Jays Clubhouse, the MLB or in Rogers is beyond reason.
    The crap I have listened to on the radio and read in the blogs reflects more political correctness than honest assessment.
    Political correctness is about trying to look like you think the right way rather than to do the right thing. Every radio, tv and blog publisher is guilty of it. Jump on the bandwagon – bash Escobar, the Jays, Rogers, MLB if you can. Make an issue out of some empty headed, over agressive, false machismo because after all there is no hockey and the Jays are as out of contention as a team gets.
    The Jays should appologize for not stopping him when they read his eye black. That is the sum total of their culpability. Pay attention to what your guys are doing before the hit the field.
    Escobar should apologize for being childish and foolish and for failing to think about his actions before he acted. But the high-light reels in both Atlanta and Toronto are filled with Escobar being Escobar and taking chances both on the field and off. This aggressive risk taking behaviour is exactly why he was signed and has been playing for MLB teams for years.
    He is a ball player not a social commentator and I will never see him otherwise. To turn this into a social statement is what makes it all the things you are decrying in the media. It wasn’t that way until you got your hands on it and had the chance to turn it into audience and advertising dollars.
    He needs to be chastized and ignored. End of story.
    The GL Community is intelligent enough to recognize a dumb ass ball player when they see it and will not be holding baseball accountable for a dumb ass decision on his part.
    Enough already.

    • Boom! … Roasted!

      But seriously, well said. This day has been a shit storm of most epic and unnecessary proportions!

    • +1 A thousand times, nothing like a little perspective.

    • “Political correctness is about trying to look like you think the right way rather than to do the right thing.” <<< Here’s where you veered into being an idiot territory.

      • Stop being gay Stoeten

      • Actually it was pretty much perfectly put. It may be not be what PC was meant to be, but it is exactly what it has become. 95% of the people who express their twitter outrage, never ever do anything when they encounter this stuff in public.

    • Not what political correctness is or means.

      • It is about being sensitive to differences and avoiding causing harm or offense to others by using behavior, language, or other personal/institutional means that denigrate a person or group of persons based on gender, race, sexual orientation, etc.

        You know, it is about not being an immature dick

    • Chester,

      I understand how you feel the way you do, and I disagree with you completely.

      It has nothing to do with the fact he’s a baseball player, in and of itself, aside from the fact millions of people are watching these guys on TV. He didn’t do anything that a hundred truck drivers didn’t say today, BUT, he did it in a highly visible way and underscored the fact we still think it’s OK, as a society, to toss off words like that so casually.

      You basically gave him a free pass because he’s a “ball player not a social commentator.” I would call what he did over the weekend the definition of social commentary.

  5. “Political correctness is about trying to look like you think the right way rather than to do the right thing.” <<< Here’s where you veered into being an idiot territory."

    There is SOME truth in this.

    One of my issues with PC-type groups is this notion that they speak for the entire group.

    Speaking as someone who does not belong to every single dominant group in Canada, I vehemently disagree with a number of "politically correct" statements. Often I feel like they mask the real issue and focus solely on a singular form of expression.

    When political correctness is deconstructed, what is it really? A form of censorship? A rhetorical device? My feelings on censorship is that it's better to have someone say what they believe and try to discuss and educate rather than simply say "no, no, you can't say that, even if you actually believe it".

    Of course, for the Blue Jays and MLB, they acted properly. They pretty much had no choice.

    One of the things that always gets discussed on this site is the disdain for pre-determined narratives. Well, isn't this EXACTLY how you expected this situation to be handled?

    Does it solve the actual issue? It's a start I suppose. But the real issue, in my opinion, pertains to the clubhouse culture.

    For all we know, this was a "prank" and Yunel simply went with it. However, it's much simpler to put all the blame on Yunel than the teammate who may have done it, the other teammates who laughed at it and shrugged it off etc.

    It's a more complex issue than what many are making it out to be.

  6. It was a stupid prank, but why get all bent out of shape? “Political correctness”is used when a baby is aborted and you smugly smile and say, …. Pro Choice!… and walk away saying nothing. Austrailia has voted down, legalizing homosexual marriages, in parliament. Opps sorry, meant to say, same sex marriage. Why do repugnant acts have to be sugar coated. In Austrailia, alternative life styles are unsanctioned homosexual acts. I know it sounds crude, but thats life. Thats what it is. If the eyeblack had said “You are Gay” Would it have had the same impact? Who knows, but there are bigger fish to fry!

  7. Hey, Big Ken, I’m guessing you’re white and straight and male and can’t figure out what happened to the fifties, you bigoted piece of shit. Why is gay sex/ gay marriage repugnant? Because you don’t like it? Well, I find the thought of you fucking your fat wife disgusting. And what bigger fish are there to fry? Whether the Blue Jays get a better left fielder so Davis can go back to his ideal role? Yeah, that’s more important than equality you dumb fuck.

    And you actually brought up abortion? The problem isn’t “polictical correctness,” you conservative asshole, the problem is fucktards like you don’t read, refuse to endorse widespread sex education and help for single mothers that would actually REDUCE the number of abortions. Instead, you go hold hands with your “Pro-Life” friends and reassure one another how fucking righteous you are and then vote to make sure that more teens are left to deal with shit on their own, you self-righteous moron. THAT would be the definition of Political Correctness as YOU define it.

    However, I don’t accept that fucking bullshit conservative frame. And why the fuck aren’t the other smart people on here rejecting it? “Political Correctness” is a fucking Republcan commercial. What we’re actually talking about is called “bigotry.” When I call a black man a “n******”, I’m not being “politically IN-correct,” I being a racist fucking asshole. The same holds true here. Fucktards like Big Ken (compensating a little, are we?) do nothing but use excuses to keep spreading the same bigotry because their tiny troll brains can’t compute the damage their doing. Holy fuck, you’re an asshole.

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