For those who suffer the misfortune of not being able to stream this afternoon’s press conference– which Sportsnet is making available live at 3:30 ET– we’ll be following along here in this post, digesting the proceedings as they happen.

You can also listen live via the Fan 590.

For context, here’s what Getting Blanked, and DJF wrote about the controversy when it broke, plus my additional post after the Jays released their statement last night, and a follow-up from Parkes noting this wasn’t the first time Escobar has had questionable messages scrawled on his eye black.

[Update: It's a three game suspension-- see below for details. Oh, and tonight's game is rained out, officially. Day-night doubleheader tomorrow.]

Here we go…

4:25 PM: Well, there you have it. Escobar, who didn’t exactly look like he was suffering from flu-like symptoms, wasn’t asked why he missed the game on Sunday, after explaining that he heard yesterday that there were pictures on the internet. Outwardly he was contrite, apologetic, but insistent that he intended no offence, that it was a “word with no meaning,” and that it’s just something Latino players say. Yet he says that, now that it’s been brought to his attention that it’s not an appropriate word to use, he agrees with the suspension.

I don’t know if that went as well as it could have, though. The three games seems light, and the insistence that Escobar wouldn’t have known the context of such a word is pretty flimsy, given what we’ve heard– particularly from the Cuba experts in Cathal Kelly’s piece for the Toronto Star.

The Q&A went a little off message, or presented a bunch of mixed messages. For example, John Farrell saying homophobia isn’t a problem in clubhouse culture right after Escobar said that this was a word that’s used commonly by Latino players.

And as fun as it is to blame the interpreter– who appeared to be there as a vaguely neutral party, rather than having Luis Rivera speak– it’s not like they were going to fool any of the Spanish speaking reporters, of whom there were many, by softening the comments when translated.

Ultimately, Anthopoulos comes out of this looking best, I think, as he brought the positive, bridge-building sentiment and acknowledged the deep issue of homophobia– present in just the pure banality with which Escobar could say it was “a word without meaning”– in not just sports, but society. There’s no wrong in wanting to take this as a teachable moment for his players, and anyone following, and a jumping off towards making a positive impact with regard to education and visibility for how hurtful this kind of language is.

As the representative of the Jays as an organization and a company, I think he did well– and evoked, in a way, the positive end to the incident between Robbie Alomar and umpire John Hirschbeck, who later became friends, and Alomar a fellow advocate for research to cure ALD, the disease that took the life of Hirschbeck’s son, which Alomar infamously called the umpire bitter about during the incident. Even if you think the suspension is light, or wonder how Escobar will be viewed when he returns to SkyDome to finish out the season next week, I think the company looks like it handled a bad situation about as well as it could.

On the other hand, I must say, Farrell and Escobar, though their task was tougher, didn’t do a tremendous job of representing the clubhouse. From the questionable insistence that nobody saw or could have prevented Escobar from entering the field of play with such a message on his eye black, to the straight-out-of-the-50s  ”some of my best friends– or at least my hair dresser and interior decorator– are gay” line, it wasn’t exactly satisfactory.

Will it be sufficient to satisfy enough fans to let this whole thing blow over? That remains to be seen, and I’m not entirely sure it will. But it’s still murky. And the sad fact is, we know this won’t be the last incident of its kind, given just how common this kind of hurtful language is in locker room culture– and certainly not only among Latinos. Yes, it’s entirely naive to think of athletes as paragons of virtue, but that doesn’t justify in the slightest the instinct so many have to brush this incident off, or to chalk it up more to the ignorance of someone taking clubhouse language into the public.

It’s ugly, and it’s a long way from being rooted out, and that’s why I’m with Anthopoulos on this one, who seemed to at least know and accept what’s wrong about this, and to view it in whatever way possible so as to turn a negative into a positive. I don’t know if I can say the same of Escobar, and I certainly don’t think I can of Farrell, which only adds to the disappointment we all ought to feel as fans in the wake of this.

Like Yunel, you can also donate to You Can Play– and of your actual own volition, too!

See below for the chronology of the press conference, as it happened…

4:05 PM: That’s it. Final update coming.

3:59 PM: ”Honestly, the ‘you’ is not referencing anyone specifically,” the interpreter explains, before looking around the room to see if there might be another job available.

3:57 PM: This translator isn’t helping anyone, I don’t think– well, at least not the Jays and Escobar. It depends on how it’s said and who it’s said to, he says.

3:54 PM: “I have many gay friends. The person who cuts my hair, the person who decorates my house is gay,” he said. Seriously. “Honestly, they haven’t felt as offended.”

3:53 PM: ”I apologized today to my teammates and my coach, because it was not their fault,” Escobar says.

3:52 PM: We spent the day at the commissioner’s office today, with the players’ association, Anthopoulos says– however, the suspension comes from the team itself.

3:51 PM: “Honestly, I wish this wasn’t an issue any longer. I have no issue against the gay community and I’m sorry,” Escobar reiterates.

3:49 PM: Farrell says he was surprised by all this, as the messages on Escobar’s eye black were usually “positive, motivational, uplifting.” The manager says, “if someone had seen it, I suspect that someone would have said something.”

3:48 PM: ”At the end of the day, if the Blue Jays become a vehicle, if Yunel becomes a vehicle, as unfortunate as this is, to make things better,” Anthopoulos says, that will at least be a positive thing to come of it.

3:46 PM: ”It’s been a terrible thing in my career,” Escobar says. Of the suspension, Anthopoulos says it was done collectively– front office, ownership, and MLB. “I don’t know if there’s a right way to ever do these things.” He adds, “there is a problem not only in sports, there’s a problem in society, and ultimately what this is about is how we move on from here.”

“From a Latin perspective the word is used,” AA says. “Obviously that doesn’t make it right.”

3:44 PM: “What came out in all of this is a lack of education,” says Alex Anthopoulous. “It’s something we’re not proud of, we’re not happy, and I think it’s something Yunel is now going to become and advocate, and to work with those groups.” He continues, “suspending someone doesn’t fix the problem that’s going on, because it obviously goes beyond this.”

3:44 PM: He reiterates, “it was a joke,” and “it wasn’t directed at anyone in particular.”

3:43 PM: ”I’m embarrassed,” he says– for his team and for the organization, he adds.

3:41 PM: “It went from what was intended to be a joke to a problem. … I didn’t see it as something as bad at the time as it’s been interpreted.” He adds that “I agree with the suspension, I don’t have any problem with that,” all of this through a translator, of course.

3:40 PM: ”It’s word without meaning,” he says, through Rivera, saying that it’s a word used among teams, and the intention was never to be offensive. “It’s something said around among Latinos,” and “it was not something directed at anyone in particular,” he adds.

3:38 PM: Farrell: no one paid attention to what was written, because he’d written so many messages on his eye black, and the text was small. Ergo, no one stopped him.

3:37 PM: “I’m sorry for what happened, and I can guarantee this will never happen in my career. It’s a lesson I’ve learned and I don’t intend for it to happen again in my career,” he says via the translator. He apologizes again to the gay community.

3:35 PM: Escobar is making a statement in Spanish. He looks reasonable sheepish. “I’m sorry for the actions,” he says, via translator Luis Rivera. “It was not something I intended to be offensive… it was nothing intentional or directed at anyone in particular.” He adds, “I don’t have anything against homosexuals,” apologizing to “anyone who may have been offended by this.”

3:33 PM: From the official release:

The salary lost by Yunel Escobar during his suspension will be directed by the Toronto Blue Jays to You Can Play and the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD).   Yunel will participate in an outreach initiative to help educate society about sensitivity and tolerance to others based on their sexual orientation.  His participation will be conducted in consultation with all parties involved. Escobar will also participate in a sensitivity training program in accordance with the Toronto Blue Jays and Major League Baseball.

The Blue Jays want to reaffirm that discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.  The club looks forward to supporting the efforts of You Can Play and GLAAD to help promote education for players and fans alike and to help keep language like this out of the game and society.

This sounds like the way it should be handled, yes?

3:31 PM: Shit, sorry about that, internet blip for about four minutes, so we had to turn on our radios. The Fan 590 guys say that it’s a three game suspension– via an official release from the club. They then proceed to talk about the implications for Baltimore. Fucking seriously? We’re back in business, but still waiting for the audio to kick in on Sportsnet’s feed.

3:26 PM: Not sure what I was just watching where Rosenthal was speaking– perhaps the radio feed?– but it went to dead air after Kenny Ken Ken’s comments, while the computer Parkes is on had the live video from the conference room in the Bronx. I had to restart my feed, so… fuck… now internet troubles all over the place here.

3:20 PM: The stream has started up, with a little preamble (or pre-taped segment, it seems) via the Fan 590 radio, I believe, with Ken Rosenthal speaking, explaining that he expects discipline of some kind. He notes Ozzie Guillen’s comments about Castro having warranted a suspension in the Marlins’ eyes earlier this season.


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  1. I think Escobar expressed it really poorly, but I think what he meant was that he was using the Spanish version of “faggot” as a word that’s generally hateful, not hateful because it’s slang for gay. I have used the word “fag” to refer to someone I think is an irredeemable asshole, but it’s not because I have a problem with being gay, just that it’s a word you use when you hate someone.

    I try not to do it anymore because, with some age and wisdom, I better understand the power of words and feel like gay people have enough problems with people who legitimately hate them for them to have to be made feel uncomfortable unintentionally by someone who’s on their side.

    However, I think it’s a little much to expect from professional athletes that they understand the subtleties of the issue. I don’t think cussing in a locker room and tossing around the word faggot (in English or in Spanish) is evidence of a deep-seeded hatred of gays. Of tone-deafness and insensitivity, sure. Of rampant homophobia? No.

  2. Don’t know if this has been mentioned (too many comments to search through), but I find the following snippet from the article problematic:

    “The Q&A went a little off message, or presented a bunch of mixed messages. For example, John Farrell saying homophobia isn’t a problem in clubhouse culture right after Escobar said that this was a word that’s used commonly by Latino players.”

    I’m sure many of us were teenagers when the internet was just becoming common in households and, as such, were party to and complicit in slinging a lot of prejudiced and racist remarks around places like IRC or online games. (Come on now, be honest with yourself.) Just because we would have called someone a faggot didn’t mean we were homophobes. I’d suggest instead that our teenaged selves were woefully ignorant of the impact such messages could have on the right audiences. Thus I find that it’s perfectly legitimate for Farrell to say homophobia isn’t a problem in the club house even if the Latino players regularly called each other faggots. If Yunel is – and possibly the other Latino players he indicated are – guilty of anything, it’s ignorance and a lack of social & cultural awareness.

    • Homophobia isn’t the problem here; I’m pretty sure Escobar doesn’t hate gay people nearly as much as everyone seems to think. Slinging around ‘fag’ and such as generic derogatories creates a shitty environment for people who actually are gay. The difference here is intent; I find it hard to believe that Escobar is some homophobic Satan, but very easy to believe that the Blue Jays’ clubhouse wouldn’t be a fun place for a gay guy to be.

      Yes, we need to curb these poisoned environments, but the way you do that is not by wantonly accusing others of homophobia. Accusations are an aggressive act too.

  3. Does anybody know how Mike Mcdade is doing?
    Christ, let’s talk basball for fsakes

  4. game cancelled

  5. Didn’t see the press conference, in fact I almost missed this issue altogether. While I guess it’s good to bring it into the open, the outrage is almost completely manufactured. Homophobia exists live and well among jocks of all colours, shapes and sizes. Last week at a Canadians game I was sitting by the bench and one of the guys yelled to one of the other players “don’t call me gay” or something to that effect. If the Jays see this as an excuse to ship him out for pennies on the dollar, they’re papering over something that is deeply entrenched in the sports culture and completely missing the point.

    Using it as an excuse to move Esco to 2nd, now – that’s clever. Not really fair punishment, but hey, if the organization wants to use its leverage, I’m game. As far as the underlying issue, it’s really going to be a matter of waiting a few decades for a derogatory term to transition from “totally universal” to “enitrely taboo” culturally. This shit doesn’t happen from one slap on the wrist.

  6. Vizquel: “It is a word that’s normal to us, we use it all the time.”

    • In my opinion, Vizquel’s reaction was the worst. I expected much more of him because of his age, his so-call leadership attributes and his desire to be a coach in the major leagues in the near future. For Vizquel to instead state that he was shocked that Escobar’s message had offended/hurt so many people not only completely misses the mark, but shows a complete lack of maturity.

      I guess I just expected that a 75-year old man would show a little bit more wisdom in this situation.

      • Ozzie’s comments were basically the same. If anything, it seems the older guys are even more ok with it, not as you would expect.

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  8. Steve Brunt is really, really politically correct. He’s just so politically correct and he occupies the highest perch. So why do I yawn when I listen to his pc claptrap.

  9. Holy Fuck are Zaun and McCown making this listening the most insufferable hour of my life.

    Zaun is nuts. Who in Roger’s temple, ever decided he had any insight, is beyond me.

    • zaun’s indignation is well placed. i’m so sick of watching poor fundamentals, and shitty players not running out grounders and pop outs.

      • Seriously? You think that whatever you’re seeing doesn’t go on with every team, and that maybe– I don’t know– you’re viewing it as so much worse now because the team has played so poorly?

        • I thought Zaun’s comments about No Consequence Clubhouse ™ were bang-on. Players make the same mistakes over and over and there are almost never consequences. Sierra didn’t use sunglasses and fucked up several times before figuring it out? Lawrie refuses to accept that he made a mistake, continues to make them? Rasmus and Davis keep fucking up? etc etc etc. IT IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. You make a mistake, the coaching staff corrects you and you dont do it again. If you do you miss games or get sent down to AAA like Zaun did. Lawrie is fucking 22 yrs old and he already knows everything about baseball? How many word series has he won?

  10. The reaction to this is fucking hilarious. So many retards out there! HAHAHAHA

  11. Torontonians will fall over each other trying to see who can be the most politically correct.

    • Yeah that makes me fucking sick about this country.

      Good country but way too conservative and spinless with creating our own identity.

  12. Honestly the jays are on the right track but they do need an attitude change. They need to put the foot down for something. Really they have provided no answer at all. I love the jays but some guys do need to grow up a little,

  13. The guy wrote you a F**** on his own face and then said it didn’t mean anything,. He is a 29 year old man, How does this guy even function in day to day life.

  14. Man. they could have handled this better. Suspend Yunel for the rest of the meaningless games for this year. who cares.

    season over. a few WEEKS later, (let alone months) no one will remember this shit

    im strictly speaking from a jays PR point of view. Im not saying from a teaching point or anti bigotry stance that this is what is most important..strictly from a PR perspective.

  15. How does he go out there and not have ONE person on the team or the manager or a coach tell him to freaking take it off? I think Zaun is partially right on this…someone needed to rip that shit off of his face.

  16. This story will be done in a week (except for offseason recaps- who wants to relive this season?!?).

    The real news is two years of AAA in Buffalo. GM AA not only had to recover from JP’s blunder of getting booted from the International League, but then having the least desirable location in Vegas to have to launch off from. Buffalo wanted the Jays because they have a great farm system and the Mets were 29 of 30 or something in win % for them over the last four years. There was a bit of luck needed to make this happen too, which just shows how deep in the muck the AAA team was in the past (I can think we could throw Ash under the bus with this too for just overall suckage.).

  17. Holy hero Bob McCowan. to Alex: “If you or I or Brunt did that, we would be let go… how does this guy still have a job?”

    Nigger and Faggot are equivalent. Would Yunel have a gig if he wrote “nigger” on his face?

    • This question applies to a long, long, LONG list of athletes in the near recent past. Where was McCowans indignation then?

      • That doesn’t make his indignation any less warranted now. He and Zaun did well today. Let’s wear pink and boo the shit out of this idiot at Dome.

    • McCown should be let go for the way he ranted about this. Aggressive, hateful, unforgiving shit; and I know shit. I made these suggestions to Rogers because he made me fucking sick.

    • McCown is a racist piece of shit!

  18. I wasnt able to hear the Zaun piece, but did he actually say that AA ‘isnt a baseball guy’ and is ‘ just a bean counter’?

  19. He has to taking the fall for a prank gone wrong. Can we really believe he made it that far without telling him it was wrong? Unless it was a prank on him. Or, a slur directed to him personally. I feel there is something unreported in this story.

  20. As Yunel’s aforementioned gay Cuban friend, I would like to take this opportunity to state that Yunel has never treated me with anything but the utmost respect and compassion. I am certain that his name calling and occasional pranks are meant completely in the spirit of joviality and not meanness and small mindedness. Also, as we all know, Yunel is a professional athlete, the highest paragon of human development and therefore beyond any moral reproach. Particularly from the poor, unwashed masses, who after all, can only hope to one day ascend to his glorious level of existence.

  21. Dustin Parkes on Andre Ethier in 2007:

    “sorta looks like a f*ggoty, balding version of Tim Sylvia”

    but good on him for standing up for what’s right this time around!

    fuckin’ hypocrite.

    • Doesn’t Rogers own The Score now? Perhaps not the digital version. Still, in the spirit of the guy who leaked this picture in the first place, shouldn’t Parkes ‘homophobic’ comments be made known to Rogers as well,Seeing as Parkes writes on Twitter that Escobar should be dismissed, shouldn’t Parkes as well?

      • Parkes was also using a lot of really bizarre misogynistic metaphors, then. Weird body stuff that had nothing at all to do with baseball. You could write a PhD thesis on “mommy issues” just close-reading his posts, if they still exist. But he wasn’t employed by the Score then, I don’t think, and he seems to have changed his tune, so the point of getting Parkes dismissed would be…?

    • Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

      Bleeding fucking self righteousness.

  22. I wish these faggots would leave Yunel alone…

  23. I wish this season was over and it was Opening Day 2013 *sigh*

  24. Louis C.K. puts it in the proper perspective:

  25. Zaun just torched the organization in a pair of interviews on the Fan today… Wow.


    • #FireZaun

    • I was kinda listening and going like wow zaun, you’re really saying these things, oh, oh, oh, why haven’t you criticized like this before (only Colby at the end of last year). I wonder where Zaun is going to go from here after laying this at the feet of Beeston, AA and especially Farrell.

      • I thought Zaun’s comments about No Consequence Clubhouse ™ were bang-on. Players make the same mistakes over and over and there are almost never consequences. Sierra didn’t use sunglasses and fucked up several times before figuring it out? Lawrie refuses to accept that he made a mistake, continues to make them? Rasmus and Davis keep fucking up? etc etc etc. IT IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. You make a mistake, the coaching staff corrects you and you dont do it again. If you do you miss games or get sent down to AAA like Zaun did. Lawrie is fucking 22 yrs old and he already knows everything about baseball? How many word series has he won?

    • As I live in the states, I don’t often get to hear Gregg Zaun’s “insight” on the managerial culture of the Blue Jays. However, I now have little doubt that Hayhurst was definitely including Zaun in the group of traditionalists who made his life miserable while injured. I’ll give the guy credit for speaking his mind, he certainly isn’t afraid to criticize even the top brass of the organization. However, his ludicrous reference of Moises Sierra forgetting sunglasses as a characterization of the club’s lax culture is rediculous. Frankly, this wasn’t 20 minutes of analysis and insight as much as it was on-air therapy for an agitated, irrelevant commentator.

  26. Come on all you Faggo’s!
    People shouldn’t get so upset about this.
    Yunel should that people WILL get upset about this.
    There’s no upside to writing this on your face.

  27. test

  28. BlueJaysFan:

    I really like the Terry Francona idea, plus he knows what will get into the minds of the Soxs, Yanks, and Rays.

    Hell, where there is smoke there’s usually a fire, Farrell could fuck right off to Bahston in the future. Bring ole’ Francona back to the MLB in White and Blue.

    As for Yunel. Give him some slack, but its certainly strike 1ish, maybe 2.

  29. “I think he just did it for fun. I know he didn’t mean to hurt anybody’s feelings. Nobody is that stupid,” he said before the Marlins hosted Atlanta.

    “In my house, we call (each other) that word every 20 seconds. I’ve got three kids,” Guillen said. “For us, it’s like `What’s up, bro? What’s up, dude?’ It’s how you say it and to who you say it. But that’s our country. We have to respect this country. Sometimes for us it’s funny, for other people it’s not.”

    Read more:

    • Spoken from a Spanish guy. There you go, end of story.

      Now. How does everyone feel about this team? I mean considering we get most of everyone back from the DL next year?

      I’ll tell you what, Im not happy until they address Starting Pitching and blow some fucking caviar on a 2 or 3 free agents to make this team a contender. Fuck, enough of the suffering with this fanbase.

      “Ahh, my fucking hallergies!”

      • “Ahh, my fucking hallergies!”
        It’s because of the hair,the hair fucks with with my hallergies.
        Great movie.

        Not much in FA market for SP. may have to come in trades.
        With any luck healthwise, Jays should be buyers and not sellers at the July trade deadline.
        Bautista and EE as HR hitters.
        Colby will be in his last arb year getting ready for his FA,should provide motivation.
        AAA guys being properly exposed in Buffalo,ready for callups in case anybody goes down.
        bullpen should be okay, although I wonder about Santos ( is he the real deal?)
        AA’s not afraid to make moves, should be an interesting off season.

  30. [...] you accept Yunel Escobar’s explanation that wearing eye black inscribed with ‘tu ere maricon’ was a ‘joke’ at face value or not, the fact of the matter is that he gives us a painful reminder that [...]

  31. In order to protest Yunel’s actions we should all stand up and neck with the man sitting beside us when Escobar makes his first post-crisis plate appearance in Toronto.

  32. I just dont’t get why the act of sticking your dick in another dudes ass or mouth for pleasure garners such defense and outrage evrytime someone from the 95% of us has the cajones to speak out on their general distaste for suchtaxations. Why is this wrong? I mean how a dude pitches and catches is their own business but isn’t the outrage hypocritical?

    Oh, is Ricky Jojomero being skipped or is he going to try for #14

  33. Radar, what was the test for, were you bounced outta here for a while. Rowdy sumbitch.

    • Wasn’t bounced. but noticed that the comments were out of order. It does that when Stoeten deletes a comment.The cracker jack IT guys at the Score can’t fix it so when there’s this many comments, instead of scrolling and searching for the most recent comment,I post “test” and it takes me to where I need to be and read the comments I missed.
      I know. I’m fucking lazy.
      But you do what you gotta do.
      And yes, I miss disqus.

      • FOR FUCK SAKES RADAR, YOU FUCKING TWAT. Stop making statements of “fact” based on shit you absolutely do not fucking know.

        “The cracker jack IT guys at the Score can’t fix it.”

        No, they just haven’t fixed it because it hasn’t been brought to their attention. Jesus, man.

  34. Yeah disqus rocked.

    How about Bob McCowan being a major vagina on the line with Alex Anthopolis today.

    What a PC crazed over the top Chewbaca looking asshole. Just going off on Escobar like he worked at a Nazi prison camp or something.

    Here’s a little secret world that I will let you in on. Were all prejudice in some form. Whether we want to not live a certain part of town, or if we are gay or straight. I work with tons of gay people and I hear thier prejudices all the time. Hell they hear min too. Are we horrible people? No, were human. Anyone out there ever live on an Indigenous Reserve? Probably one of the most rascist places I been on earth.

    We need to all take it fucking easy with the PC shit, especially Canada, we are out of control. Can’t even have Christmas concerts at school anymore because it offends some ethnic backgrounds that immigrated here.

    Bleeding hearts are just gonna bleed.

    Fucking hallergies.

  35. Yunel does something stupid and gets suspended for three games and gets covered by all the major North American news outlets.

    Michael Turner does something stupid and more importantly dangerous and will likely not miss a down.

    I don’t even disagree with Yunel’s suspension. But the fact that this gets blown out of proportion and DUIs are just swept under the rug is shockingly disturbing. If pro sports wanted to take a stand against negative behaviour by their athletes, Turner should be suspended for the season.

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      Jeez, how does this shit get here.

  37. This whole thing got me thinking about homophobia in baseball in general. For what it’s worth, here’s what I came up with:

    Yunel Escobar, homophobia, and Major League Baseball.
    Major League Baseball has a lot of its own homophobia to overcome before it can get too self-righteous about the Yunel Escobar slur. But opportunity knocks.

  38. Sorry if i’m late or repetitive here but I have 3 questions (that may have been already addressed):
    1) do we know to whom, exactly or approximately, was Yunel referring to, when he wrote (translation): “You are F___s”?
    2) has anyone from the Braves commented on this? Will the people who slammed the Braves organization for giving up on/slurring/ Yunel reconsider now?
    3) will someone discuss how the hitting coach and/or Farrell’s idea to transform Yunel into Bautista/E5 the sequel has failed, and how it’s time to put him back at the leadoff spot? or is it just time to give up on him, trade him for a decent pitcher and slot hechevvaria in his spot for 2013?

  39. Wow. Just listened to Greg Zaun castigate the organization. Phenomenal. Hope he doesn’t get fired.

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