Seriously, two game threats in a day? Especially after this afternoon’s severely nondescript ballgame? Ugh. But hey, good on Omar Vizquel for passing Babe Ruth on the all-time hit list. No, really. Around here we haven’t been so easy on Omar this year, but you know what? He’s only ever done what’s been asked of him, and no matter what the context, having as many hits as the most iconic ballplayer in history is a hell of an achievement, and one which only the smallest handful of people could ever even dream of.


I’m still too busy writing one large, sweeping, (hopefully) final piece on the Escobar stuff, so I can’t be arsed to check if there’s any real scuttlebutt at this hour. However, for your between inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis RF
C. Rasmus CF
B. Lawrie 3B
A. Lind DH
J. Arencibia C
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Gomes 1B
A. Hechavarria SS
A. Gose LF

R. Romero LHP

New York Yankees

D. Jeter SS
N. Swisher RF
R. Cano DH
A. Rodriguez 3B
C. Granderson CF
J. Nix 2B
C. McGehee 1B
I. Suzuki LF
C. Stewart C

D. Phelps RHP

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  1. jason frasor is always a terrible interview.

  2. 66-81!!

  3. I’m watching the Pirates match tonight. They’ve been unfairly sitting him out since Saturday and using him only to pinch hit for pitchers, but tonight Travis is starting the match and batting 7th. Go Travis! Go! Go Travis!

  4. Don’t look now, but Omar Vizquel is batting a scorching (well, for him anyways) .357/.353/.500/.853 in September.

  5. Good to see that Hech has been hitting well lately. If he develops into even an average SS offensively then he will be of huge value to the Jays. Also might light a fire under Escobar’s ass assuming that we don’t trade him for peanuts (about all he is worth right now, although I think it would be a mistake to let him go for nothing).

  6. That was quite the AB by Hech.

    • He’s become a real ray of hope.

      • I think I posted this before (it’s all a blur), but what level of O would we all find acceptable from him if his glove is as advertised? a .675 OPS? .700?

        • That’s close enough to average to do the trick nicely.

        • well Johnny Mac would usually OPS ~.650 or so. If Hech can get anything in the neighbourhood of .725 and he is for sure a legit starter.

          • * and = then

            also one source is telling me the SS league average OPS is .750. seems a bit high to me, but could be right.

            The 2011 Escobar (.780 OPS) is tough for this organization to beat though, if he can ever repeat that. Seems like we’ve had below average offensive shortstops for a longggg time.

          • Bill James has average (for MLB) as .7000 to .7666.

    • “You know what the difference Is between hitting .250 and hitting .300? 1 got it figured out. Twenty-five hits a year is 500 at bats is 50 points. Okay? There’s 6 months in a season, that’s about 25 weeks–you get one extra flare a week–just one–a gork, a ground ball with eyes, a dying quail– just one more dying quail a week and you’re in Yankee Stadium!”

  7. Stoten praising Omar? Are they skating in hell?

  8. Rasmus Arm!

  9. Nice arm, Cletus

  10. I didn’t think it was possible but Buck and Tabby wash hech’s balls more than lawrie

    • The whole organization and fanbase desperately want one of our ‘can’t miss’ prospects to not miss.

  11. Checking out the Beeston audio:

    Beeston coming off as very defensive and pissed off.
    Beeston hasn’t talked to Yunel yet- interesting.
    He didn’t issue the “I don’t want to see Yunel in a Jays uniform again” bomb on him but certainly had it in the conversation.
    Bob is coming off as a bit dickish after the player apologized, and yet to not have any forgiveness or understanding that what was written may or not have been a slur (as I haven’t seen a Spanish speaking source condemning him- quite the opposite). Alright, Bob, what would the player have to do to make this right? Let’s hear that solution instead of just what the team should do to punish him!

    • McCowan wants him released outright, which is stupid.

      That seems to be the only thing that would appease him.

      • You realize that Parkes called for his outright release the other day on the podcast? Let’s not just isolate this reaction to PTS.

      • Mccowan is out of control. You don’t release Yunel.& pay 15 million left on his contract, so another team picks him up .

        Rios was a far worse offense.

    • I think this thing is getting blown out of proportion. It was dumb, it didn’t look good, but athletes have done much worse. Players that get a DUI, test positive for steroids, have domestic assault charges, etc. seem to get less heat than Escobar.

      • Mike Turner had a DUI after the Monday night game for the Falcons.

        He issued an apology and everyone looked the other way.

        • not sure if I’ve ever seen an athlete condemned for getting a DUI — even atrociously stupid ones. Manny Ramirez fails several drug tests and his wife accusses him of assault, and there is not much fuss. But a baseball player acts like he’s 13 and puts something dumb on his face? Kick him off the team.

      • The guy fucked up and he apologized. How about we give him a chance to remedy his mistake. Who knows, maybe this woke him the fuck up. Maybe next year he comes back a model citizen.

    • Beeston is on such moral highground…the fucker is a stranger to the truth when it comes to putting together a playoff team. Perhaps a change all around is needed

    • Yeah but Beest made a very important point too. This isnt Latin America this is Canada and we have different standards, We promote diversity here…AND as Canadians we forgive people who make mistakes and give them a second chance.

      • Beyond the over the top anger/indignation in the Voice of the Beest, he actually struck a good balance on the Canadian society/people point.

  12. Hech starting SS next year then who fills in for KJ? If esco gets traded

  13. How does mccown not get fired

  14. Bob McCown is a dumbass whose views haven’t evolved since he was a child. His radioshow amounts to ‘get off my lawn’, tired old man shit. After Tim & Sid’s high energy show, McCown puts me to sleep (Curling off the top!). Stephen Brunt & some of the guests are the only redeeming thing about the program.

  15. I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking WTF, Bob?

    • I complained to Rogers about him yesterday. He is way more disturbing than what YE did. He is angry, hateful and attacking AND almost unforgivably unforgiving. GRIN or whatever a dog does at this point.

  16. Yankee Stadium special with that K…

  17. And holy fuck does Bob ever sound like an ass when he doesn’t get on TV in the 1st hour. Wah wah wah! And when this occurs, which is basically all the time, his lazy ass producers can’t be bothered to line up guests – so the audience is subjected to phonecalls from every fucking inbred in the country. Taking phonecalls is easily the laziest & least interesting radio imaginable.

    • Jays Talk?

      • I was speaking more to the regular daily hosts…but yeah, Jays talk callers…I mean wow, is there any sort of screener for that? I just can’t listen to Jays Talk unless I bring out the pipe….that’s shit’s unreal.

  18. I wonder what all the moralists that want Escobar off the team think of all the lovely words managers/players/umps yell at each other, or the squeeky clean language audible from the dug out.

    • Or the team with the racist logo?

      • Bingo! I expect prompt letters of outrage from McCown and all those moralizers to the Cleveland Indians.

    • +1. Lets say JPA or Lawrie got accused of sexual assault because one of the girs they date file a complaint.

      Would AA have a press conference?

      Would the Jays force Lawrie to take sensitivity training, etc…..

      They are treating Escobar like a pinata

      • @oakville69 I think this is an absurd statement. A sexual assault accusation is just a little bit different than some ill-advised prank gone wrong. And do you think that it wouldn’t be a big deal if that happened? Damn right there’d be press conferences!! These two things shouldn’t even be in the same discussion.

        Plus, I doubt Lawrie and JP get a lot of girls anyway.

  19. I like this Ricky.

  20. My fellow Yankee fans are being a bit harsh in booing A-Rod here. I mean, I’m not averse to a good booing, but it’s undeserved this evening.

    Blue Jays fans positively coddle their struggling players in comparison.

    • Yankee fans are pretty rough on their own. Have been for as long as I can remember. Not their best quality.

  21. Am I the only one who’s noticed that many of those asking for some compassion and understanding for Yescobar are calling for the heads of Farrell, Beeston, McGown and Zahn?

    • This isn’t new for atleast two of those guys.

      • But it isn’t very measured when a person’s livelihood is at stake.

        • That’s how I feel after McGown’s bully pulpit act yesterday, but I forgive even the unforgiver. I think JF and AA handled it as well as it can be. Not too slick was good; it’s an awkward situation.

          • I see some of the reactions as insensitivity masquerading as sensitivity–the torches and pitchforks are simply re-directed.

          • you’re absolutely right about the massive amount of insensitivity triggered by this deal …

          • Oh well…’Get thee behind me.’ (Let’s hope.) We have bigger fish to fry this off-season.

    • Spud, you know that no one is responsible for anything they say or do. It always mitigating circustances – you know, its a cultural issue, its a mangement issue, his team mates didn’t stop him, the gay community didn’t educate enough, its media over blowing everything – it isn’t Yunnel

      • Well birddawg, if it’s true that no one is responsible for anything they say or do, let me just say that if the media is over blowing everything, they missed me. Just sayin’.

  22. you guys got any yop

  23. Jeez , Screws and plates in his arm. I’m really liking this Delebar guy.

    And I don’t give a shit about small sample size.

  24. Travis up. Go Travis! Go Travis! Go! Go! Go Travis!

  25. A hit for Travis! Bravo! Oh, Bravo!

  26. Not a fan of 2 innings for Delabar when we have 10 other relievers

  27. I’m on the gameday. Is the umpire as blind as he seems?

  28. Be nice to get just one call from the ump tonight.

  29. I could’ve done without the jersey-jerk, Jerk.

  30. I dont care if they have to go with someone from the Gulf Coast League…please do not re-sign Kelly Johnson !!

  31. Wilner comparing the Babe’s stats to Omar’s, WTF? Sometimes this man blooooows me away

  32. Wilner comparing the Babe’s stats to Omar’s, WTF? Sometimes this man blooooows mw away

  33. 15 and still counting for Ricky Jojomero

    • Wins are a meaningless stat.

      • Yes because you can easily win a pennant and world series withou them

        Btw, that’s number of starts without a win. Almost a half season. If you cannot infere anything from that this game ain’t for you

  34. interesting to hear Jerry Howarth with Suzyn Waldman in this interview – not directly speaking about Farrell but Jerry seems adamant that Farrell will be with the Jays for years to come (and to hang banners, so obviously more than just next year in Jerry’s opinion).

  35. Ike Davis and maybe Jonathan Niese could be available pieces from the Mets:

  36. The fucking crazy Dodgers have $58 million in 4 outfielders next year in Kemp, Ethier, Crawford and Yasel Puig. Crawford and Ethier are signed thru 2017, Puig 2018 and Kemp 2019 and the cost goes up to $67 million by 2016. Something has to be available there, be it a pitcher or Hanley.

  37. KJ could be the first recipient of the platinum fukstik award which goes tp HOF memebers. How did this guy ever get t he Jays to give him 6.5M? For fuksakes, man!

  38. Do I have the rose colored glasses on (or scraping to find one positive of this season)? Or is Hech starting to look like he can hit enough to be a full-time regular?

    • Hech is looking VERY good. The two hits in the first game yesterday were well struck. He had a line drive out yesterday; the AB he took loading the bases in the 7th showed poise.

      Now, hitters will look like this in small sample sizes etc, but he looks closer to being a polished ML hitter than I thought at this point.

      • Hech was so horrible in the first callup, that even though he’s hit well, his overall numbers are still bad. But the overall bad numbers mask some really interesting numbers the past month or so:

        OPS last 14 days: 1.040
        OPS last 28 days (17 games): .811

        More encouraging to me, is, above and beyond the numbers, he LOOKS like he “gets it.” He doesn’t look overmatched and he’s hitting balls hard, even if they’re not dropping for hits.

        And I was way down on Hech as a hitter, so I’m no fanboy.

  39. Another extra innings win for Baltimore? If these guys are not a “team of destiny” then I don’t know who is.

  40. so..I kinda wonder what this years draft pool looks like?

  41. If the Angels gave out “fukstiks”, would post-All-Star break Mark Trumbo receive a gold or silver???

    • I understand now, too soon for a fukstik for Trumbo, but he’s on watch I would think – bad 2nd half of season for the big guy.


    Steve Simmons actually wrote a piece about the Jays that was somewhat decent, informative, and lacking any hockey comparisons!

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