Game Threat. Game Threat, Game Threat, Game Threat.


Game Threeeeeeeaat. Ahhh…. yeah.



As you can see below, Edwin Encarnacion is back in the lineup tonight– at DH.

From a series of tweets by John Lott:

Farrell says he will sit down with Escobar tomorrow in Tampa on his return from suspension; topic unspecified. But Farrell said he has sat down Escobar on previous occasions to talk about “baseball things.” Asked whether hogging pop-ups all over the infield was a discussion topic, JF replied: “baseball things.”


TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion DH
A. Lind 1B
M. Sierra RF
K. Johnson 2B
J. Arencibia C
A. Hechavarria SS
A. Gose LF

A. Laffey LHP

New York Yankees

D. Jeter SS
N. Swisher RF
R. Cano 2BB
A. Rodriguez DH
R. Martin C
C. Granderson CF
C. McGehee 1B
I. Suzuki LF
J. Nix 3B

P. Hughes RHP

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  1. But wait, farrell doesn’t speak spanish and escobar doesn’t speak english so I wonder how that conversation will go? Maybe they will play pictionary.

    • Fuckin epic!

      • Actually, Adam Lind, from Muncie Indiana will translate.

        “Farrell, what that goddamn boy is sayin’ is that ‘Tu et Brute?, not Tu Ere Maricon”

  2. Hey, sometimes I read the comments on the site.

  3. I’m starting to believe in Hechavarria and Gose.

    • I’m right there with you, more so with Hech. Drop his first five games (arbitrary, yes, but giving him a little slack for adjustment period), and he’s OPSing about 700. I also have a bit of a crush on his swing.

  4. After what the public has gone through with “authoritative” people, is it any wonder that the most “righteousness” pushing people about Escobar have somewhat checkered pasts themselves.

    IMO, the best and most measured responses unsurprisingly have been the ones that took a little more time to weigh in. Bobcat and Zaun are going to have difficulty getting out of what they talked themselves into now.
    Zaun may not be so welcome around after throwing anyone and everyone under the bus.

    • A lot of reporters and media type really rely on good relationships with the athletes to get access to them and to the sports related activities. Now I dont know how much Gregg Zaun relies on any Jays to do what he does, but whatever that is, it will be less now.
      Would you want to be a Jays player and be the next guy who’s a guest on PTS with Bobcat? I wouldn’t

      • I haven’t read about any reaction from the gay community. I chatted with a colleague about it, and while she doesn’t represent the community as a while, she basically said she doesn’t give a shit about escobar. Doesn’t know him, doesn’t care.

      • Most former players turned sports reporters/broadcasts have a short shelf life, before being replaced by more recently retired players. Anyone remember Joe Carter’s broadcasting career?

        • I remember him saying something staggering awful about the big orange in Tropicana field. Whoof he was bad and thankfully short-lived.

      • I specifically meant where he threw Beeston, Alex (to a lesser degree but dissed his non-playing pedigree) and especially Farrellball about the consequence free locker room.

        I wonder if the Mike Wilner muzzle will be coming down on him from above after this. We’ll know it’s true if he never mentions it again because you can’t blast about a topic like this and ignore it after unless you’ve been told not to.

        • Wilner told a caler last nigh he had not heard the interview but that some sportsnet personalities like to get the fans riled up.

          Zaun based AA & called him a sabremetrician.

          Blamed Farrell for running a circus clubhouse.

          Jays look out of control compared to the rd sox based on Zaun’s comments.

      • Bobcat never ever has players on his show, that’s kind of his thing.

        Now ex-players are apparently all the rage…(See Kypreos and Zaun for ex-player-turned-tv-schlub).

        • He’s explained that active players don’t say very much. So he doesn’t bother getting them on the show.

  5. No Jays feed on DirecTV tonight. Arrogance drips off Yankees broadcast. Wish they would have a season like Toronto’s to relearn a little humility.

  6. Its been a bit of a crappy week in Jays land hasnt it? Lets have some fun instead!

    Its the end of the season, Jays are really playing for nothing – being the spolier, yay ..? – and there are still people here, and watching the Jays game. Im on the second beer and its the first inning, I had an idea, that seems rather fitting given this is the Drunk Jays Fan blog.

    The Jays Drinking Game

    Full disclosure, this is from Cymbulski and Company, James had this idea and took suggestions for it at the end of the NHL season when the Leafs were playing out the season. Idea is pretty simple though, if any of the following things happen, you drink:

    - Kelly Johnson strikes out.

    - Rajai Davis misplays a ball in the outfield.

    - Buck and/or Pat use the term “Veteran Presence”


    Anybody got anymore ideas??

  7. Where’s my pennant race, Rogers?

    Was I so wrong to question whether we should have traded Bautista and Romero if the team wasn’t going to be ready ( and funded) until maybe 2014-2015?

    • The experts on the YES network have declared that as 2012 was such a lost season for Toronto and the club learned so little about what it has and doesn’t have that the Blue Jays competition train will not roll into the station until at least 2014.

      • It really hurts to admit it, but the way this season has gone, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think that was true.

        • AA will be gone by then and the fresh rebuild will be upon us

          • Why would anyone think AA wouldntn’t get more time than JPR? I will give you Farrell though. IMO he was only here as a father figure to the younger players.

          • It will be interesting to see if AA quits the Jays & gets hired by another team.

            I think other teams would love to have a guy like him .

            I would love to see what AA could do with 120 million?

            Could he build a winner? Guarantted anywhere but the AL East.

            • This isn’t my post. Again, the imposter is trying to make me look like a fool by writing very stupid posts under my name. I had assumed that Stoeten would block these idiotic posts. It’s obviously the imposter, no now would ever write anything as stupid as this.

  8. I hope Edwin’s sore toe wasn’t gout. For the record gout sucks. Sore toe is one thing, but when it lodges into your achilles – or even worse your knee – it’s brutal.

    Of course I suspect Edwin’s diet and lifestyle choices are a tad different than, say, David Wells’ or for that matter mine.

    Bet if I go back and read really carefully, somewhere I can find out what happened to his toe. Too lazy. Plus, kind of gouty.

  9. Make the bugger pay, Moises.

  10. Drink boys.

  11. KJ striking out is too easy for csakes- he is a gold rated fukstik. How about more of a challenge-like arencibia hits ball to outfield or rasmus looks like doofus swinging at pitch

  12. If the Jays manage to get Ichiro to make an out, it should be a drink.

  13. I don’t know what’s up with Ichiro! lately, but he’s on fire.

  14. Tonight’s game has been brought to you by the letter “K”

  15. Fuck me gently. JP, KJ, anybody else?

  16. Frig Stoeten you dirty faggot. Stop with the Escobar stuff. Yeah, it happened. Now it’s done. Newspapers take one side or the other. We’ve heard both sides. Who cares? Is Escobar an idiot for putting those words on his face? Yes. Keep it in the clubhouse. This name calling happens all the time at every level. GUESS WHAT? It will always happen. Stop trying to change the world through your little blog and just talk baseball.

  17. Ichiro 9 for 10 in the three games against the Jays, he’s locked in

  18. This is not what a fireman is supposed to do. You don’t add gasoline.

  19. Why’d we get this Lincoln guy again?

  20. Dick swisher!

  21. Well that’s the ballgame.

  22. We are awful

  23. On the plus side, we could be very easily be picking seventh overall next June, and we’re now in protected first rounder territory.

  24. Wake me up in March.

  25. A patch of blue. Nice, Moises.

  26. Why would you want to be on vacation with your daughter’ on their wedding anniversary? The son-in-law certainly doesn’t think so.

  27. Sure Sierra hit a homer -good it increase his trade value.
    But, in this shit ass of a season with virtually everyone hitting .250 or below with , for the most part, abominable OPS, then I think a few coaches have to pay the price, for if they make no difference, then why have them.
    I now allow Murphy into the bronze category as a Fukstik coach and he s/b fired but likely won’t be ( m/b he’ll quit?) as so many of our hitters flail away for the HR and give away easy outs and Walton, I wonder about as well as the pitchers in general have been fuckin shit

  28. Jays have scored 4 runs and the game isn’t over. Big improvement. Most runs in a we…..fuck what happened with Sierra

  29. Nice, KJ. Throw Moises under the bus.

  30. Fuck this is farrellball. YOu’d think a team that has an opportunity to play spoiler would fucking show up. Bench that kelly johnson, guy fucking stands there.

  31. You know, some smart Drunk Jays fan, on an early post, can’t remember the name, said that they watched Sierra live. Upon their review, they said that he had it back to pitches and never really got set. That analysis is looking pretty accurate.

  32. Sorry guys, that was all Moises Sierra. He ahs right of way and has to charge and call off The lesbian. If you look closely, he looked for help, and that’s the sign of a pussy. Reed Johnson would hurl on himself upon watching that.

    • Hell, if Yescobar had been playing, he would not only have called for it, he would have made it. Cocky bugger.

    • Whelp you covered insulting lesbians, KJ, and Sierrain just a few lines. I’m unsure your exact position on Reed Johnson’s spew. Care to comment?

      • Yeah, here’s my comment.

        Go fuck your hat.

        • Reed woulda dove and made the catch.

          KJ is a muscular lesbian, Sierra picks his nose and watches blonds in right field, and Reed Johnson epitomizes how to play baseball hard, consistantly.

  33. Jason fuckin Nix-fuck with us he hit .187. mind u it is against Cecil, but still

  34. Trotting some real shit out to the bump tonight, holy moly.

  35. 10-4. Over and out.

  36. No more drinking games. I ran out of beer in the third inning.

  37. Cecil and Johnson are both in the Fukstik club and man Lincoln is giving me paues, but he hasn’t screwd up enuf yet to qualify. It’s kinda hard to believe he was taken 4th overall, the year snider went 14th. Man , I think some of those scouts need to go back to school. Mind you , he is not a true fukstik yet as he is still tradeable if AA is inclined to include him in a deal somewhere

  38. Probably the shittiest Jays team since the 80′s…I followed the blowjays and it lead to something, but at this point who knows

  39. Fuk you Rasmus u are getting close. Fuk why don’t he just send his batting gloves to the plate we’ll get thesame net effect. Jesus pretty oon he’ll be at .220 also. Maybe Murphy can give hime some more hitting tips, along with Arencibia, Johnson, Gomes, Gose, Omar and on and on on this fuckin pimp squad of .244 hitters or less

    • If you could only convince the brass to re-market the team as “The Fukstiks” over the off-season, your job would be done.

    • I wonder is alex has the balls to fire this entire coaching staff at the end of the seaon or if it’s just going to be more of the same next year.

  40. I love the way wilner keeps saying baltimore is not sustainable but keeps saying the jays were leading the league in runs as if that was sustainable. All of that was buoyed by 1 hot month from kj and 1 hot month from rasmus and lawrie. Every other month they sucked.

    • Wilner needs to be checked for Alzheimer disease and meth addiction

    • Well of course it wasn’t going to be sustainable once Bautista went down with an injury. What team’s offense doesn’t get hurt when it loses their best player?

      Okay, a few, but that’s either because their best hitter isn’t that good, or because their best player wasn’t out for very long.

      • but you forget that the jays are getting an mvp season from edwin

        • Yeah, but “Edwin’s season” > “Edwin’s expected season” is not as big a gap as Bautista > Gose/Sierra.

          • edwin is giving you 20hr and 50 rbi more than last year

            rajai/gose/sierra are prob 50 rbi less than jose so it’s a wash.

          • ruth, but rajai sierra gose are taking up 2 spots to bautistas one. thats actually idiotic on ur part

    • It’s amazing this team scores at all with its pathetic OBP.

    • +1.

      Wilner is the king of selective stats.

  41. I wonder if I could get 50-50 odds on an Ichiro hit here.

  42. KJ–the 10 ton elephant in the room. Let’s just pretend that home run didn’t happen.

  43. Why the fuck does Lawrie look like he just did a bowl of Meth when he comes to the plate?

  44. Chicken Wing Thing please.

  45. gotta get hit, get hit, get it, GET IT!

  46. Boo, Bean Weasel, Boo!

  47. If RR can put together another decent start I have hope for next year.

  48. You would think Johnson wouldn’t be so confused on a strike out.

    • Look like you’ve been there before, KJ, because you most certainly have. “Will no one rid me of this troublesome second baseman?” (apologies to W.S.)

  49. Man, I want to remain hopeful and I am trusting AA to do the right thing and make SIGNIFICANT not marginal or peripheral changes for next year. No more over the hill relievers or scrap heap number 4 starters who might win 8 games with an era of 5-we have pleanty of shitballers( laffey/cecil/carreno/jenkinks/beck ….) allready. Because we simply can’t continue with this vast collection of over-rated junk. Fuk, between KJ and JPA they create enuf of a wind tunnel every game to get a kite airborne.
    I want to buy my seats early for next year but I and my couple of buddies that go are not buying til we see what they do. NO tickee no washee ( can i say that?)

    • “No washee” will just mean that you’ll turn into a Smelly Old Dog, and we already have one of those (a good one, I might add.) Stay tuned for breaking news that doesn’t involve Tommy John surgery.

    • I have a similar dilemna.I am very curious about what AA & the Jays will do.

      This has been a very difficult year for the Jays.

      Zaun’s comments about a clubhouse without consequences are scary.

      At the beginning of the year, Bautista was chirping at the umpires after every strike.

      Lawrie was throwing helmets at umpires.

      Davis was running into outs on a regular basis.

      Thames couldn’t catch balls in he OF.

      It’s just a mess.

      I will renew my ticket package because 2013 can’t be that bad , can it??

  50. remember when we trade snider for lincoln, fun times

    • Worst day of the season. The dream died when Snider was traded.

      • Actually, it may have been the worst day of my life. Just thinking that I may never see Travis’ gorged muscle throwing the ball, watching his bicep swell, while every member of the audience elicits stream of praise.

  51. Amazing all these Stoten followers who loved Kelly Johnson when we got him in the steal for Aaron Hill sure have changed their tune. I said than it was a terrible deal and it was .

  52. I went to a baseball blog and got my degrees in economics,history. and political science.

    Seriously, interesting discussions in the last few days.

    Even had Stoeten admitting “We used to be insensitive fucking idiots.”( as opposed to sensitive fucking idiots?)

    Guess DJF has grown up.

    I’d still suck the snot out of a dead dogs nose for a beer right now.( or some starting pitchers)

  53. Well thats the most insulting thing I’ve ever heard from Stoeten.

    To say we have possibly grown up? Thats downright lowball dirtypool.


      He was refering to himself and Parkes.
      I’m sure he thinks all the commenters are geniuses (pl= genuii?)
      I think the blog has grown up,or maybe not. It’s definitely has evolved from what it was.
      I needed a dictionary just to try and comprehend some of the comments.I guess I shoulda went to high school like mom said.
      I at least woulda been a better tiyper and speellar.

  54. Okay, try this on for sensitive.

    Whenever Dick Squisher smiles, his chin perks up and looks real soft and inviting for a pair of balls to rest on.

  55. fukstick is doing the absolutely right and rational thing.

    Wait and see what the team is planning on doing before investing in it. Marginal upgrades are not going to cut it.
    2B, LF, 1B/DH, rotation #2-#3

    Essentially, this team needs one more legit bat and a #2 pitcher. You could go get two #2 or a #2 and #3 and hope that the offense will be enough (which you could make a decent argument for). I just don’t think Jays fans realize how bad the pitching has been considering the offensive dropoff in MLB.

    • Really? one more bat? lets go through the bats that are lacking

      -dh – assuming edwin if playing first…dh is putrid…so yeah.theres one bat

      2b: seroiusly going to put hech there for an entire year? i can see MAYBE playing him at SS as that makes his bat more palatable..but not 2nd

      ss: escobar has sunk to new lows….gone are the days of his 4 warps

      c: JPA has never seen an obp near 300

      cF: rasmus is barely passable bat should do problem

  56. Professor Parks (and Rangers expert) chat from BP (not to be confused with our Parkes “teh profezor”

    RageOfSnider (Toronto): How much progress has Noah Syndergaard with his secondaries this season? Seeing as he’s a big, hard-throwing Texan, I value your opinion on him more than others

    Jason Parks: His secondary stuff didn’t develop at the rate I thought was possible, but I’m not jumping off the bandwagon. He has size, big arm strength, and a lot of time to find his stuff. Patience.

    Klochner (MN): By the way, the Garza to Verlander thing for Aaron Sanchez came from Mike Newman of Fangraphs/Scouting the Sal. Said that was the range of comps he’d received from 4-5 scouting contacts.

    Jason Parks: That’s great. I think the Verlander ceiling is bullshit. He has a high ceiling. It’s not that high. Let’s be realistic.

    Klochner (MN): Bringing up the Mike Newman thing was just by way of clarification, not a gotchya. Just wanted people to know where it came from. I realize that Verlander is one of a kind.

    Jason Parks: Of course. I didn’t think it was. I know Mike. He’s not the type to create magical ace level projections out of thin air. I just think the Verlander comp is ridiculous.

    Mr Whiskers (Your closet): When he signed, Roberto Osuna was seen as a guy with the ultimate ceiling of a MOR starter. Has that changed, or is his performance simply what we was to be expected from a relatively polished teenager? I’m leaning towards the latter because its still rookie and SS ball, but many have tried to convince me otherwise

    Jason Parks: I still believe in the mid-rotation ceiling and I still have concerns about his body as he matures.

    Klochner (MN): Now that we’ve heard the Sanchez ceiling talk, would you say that he has the highest ceiling of any pitcher in the Jays system? If not, who does?

    Jason Parks: I’d put both Norris and Syndergaard above him in the system.

  57. It’s nice to have as many opinions as possible, especially since the Jays (interally) value players seemingly somewhat differently than we do outside of it.

    We’ll have to see how much talent and upside Alex is willing to trade or if he will continue to basically hold onto his core drafted/acquired high upside talent.

  58. I never dreamed, at the end of the 1993 season, that it would be another 19 years (and counting) before the Blue Jays would even win the A.L. East again.

  59. In a simplistic sense, the Jays should have won the division almost four times since then on average. At least with the depth of the minor league system, there is hope that the next decade might go a little better.

  60. BTW, the BP podcast was pretty weak- no need to listen to it as it’s nothing new for DJFans.

  61. I haven’t been on the site in a few days, this is a response to an earlier post by Oswald Stoeten.
    Stoeten, what the fuck are you talking about? When Lawrie did the helmet toss incident Jays fans rejoiced/united in the energy that someone finaly dispalyed on this club. We went through years of Shawn Green types who marched out like zombies and had no personality. YES, Lawries celly was over the top, immature and impulsive but if you tell me you wern’t smiling watching it then you’re a fuckin liar. He’s like Nuke Laloosh immature but He’s going to be a star so while the majority of this team needs to get slammed give Brett some slack. Fer fuck sakes. (as I slam my helmet and high five random strangers)

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