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“”On Saturday, Escobar made his horrible lapse in judgment. Then just one day later, as is the custom every year with every team, it was time for rookie initiation,which is an annual event staged on the travel day of the final road trip for every team. The point is to make the first-year players wear ballet dancer outfits, Wizard of Oz garb, cowboys, sugar-plum fairies, super-heroes, anything that would tend to embarrass, humiliate and make the kid feel less than a real man,” says Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star in his thoughtful column on the Escobar situation. “What’s the difference between that homophobia and what Escobar did?”

According to a chat with Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun, Paul Beeston is “pissed off” about this whole damn year, including the fact that the Orioles are– still– on track for the playoffs.

Elsewhere in the Sun, Bob Elliott takes an unconventional look at the Jays’ top prospects, asking an astrologer about the Lansing Three, and getting Marc Hulet of FanGraphs to rank the best prospects in the system, with mini scouting reports and everything! He has Roberto Osuna way up in third, behind only Travis d’Arnaud and Aaron Sanchez.

Gordon Edes of says that the Red Sox might be looking to add Tony LaCava to their front office, because… fuck those guys. It had better be a damn promotion.

Danny Knobler goes a-knobblin’ at CBS Sports, saying that the Jays should– and most likely will– make Escobar available in trade this winter, and that even despite this incident, someone will want him.

Three gems from the Mockingbird: he spots a slight arm angle/release point change for Henderson Alvarez that spurred his success once he settled down against the Yankees (and makes a good case for teams getting pitch F/X guys in the damn dugout already), then notices that the Jays had noticed the same thing he did about JA Happ’s overused curveball when he arrived from Houston, and lastly, he offers an exquisite takedown of that Joe Warmington dickbag.

At FanGraphs, Carson Cistulli also looks at yesterday’s start from Alvarez, and notices as well that he appears to be abandoning his changeup, and having more success– i.e. giving up fewer home runs– in the process.

Back to Marc Hulet, as elsewhere at FanGraphs he writes about some of the Vancouver Canadians he saw when taking in their playoff series against the Boise Hawks a couple weeks back.

John Lott of the National Post talks to Ricky Romero about his decent outing against the Yankees yesterday afternoon. Romero says that, for one of the first times this year, he felt he had a good delivery. Hoooookay.

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet discusses both Romero and Henderson Alvarez, both of whom were relatively solid in yesterday’s losses.

Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun reacts to the Escobar suspension by letting us all know that he is a piece of shit. Warmington, that is. Not Escobar.

Charles Pascal, “a professor of human development at OISE/University of Toronto and a former Ontario deputy minister,” lays it on thick in the Toronto Star in the wake of the Escobar suspension, questioning Alex Anthopoulos in particular, for giving out such a light suspension, and wondering if perhaps the GM was more concerned about his shortstop’s trade value. Not entirely unfair questions, I guess, but I’m just not buying the heavy-handedness.

Elsewhere still in the Star, Dave Perkins bemoans the dumb mistakes the Jays have been making this season, and incoherently tries to shit on them for a) not being able to bunt, b) not manufacturing enough runs, and c) constantly taking the bat out of their best hitters’ hands. HUH??? No word on his thoughts on some spotty work from the official scorer this year.

At his North of the Border blog, Gregor Chisholm provides a hefty amount of fallout from the Escobar suspension, from Yunel himself, Edwin Encarnacion, Ricky Romero, Omar Vizquel and others.

Dirk Hayhurst weighs in on the Escobar thing, saying that he doesn’t think you should be offended by it, because that was not its intent.

Jays Jounal breaks down the Arizona Fall League players from the Jays organization.

At Minor League Ball, John Sickels looks at Tim Brechbuehler, a non-drafted free agent now in the Jays’ system, who “has a lot of potential. About as much as you will find in a NDFA that isn’t a prep player.”

Lastly, in case you missed it during the Escobar flap, don’t forget to check out Drew’s wide-ranging talk with Alex Anthopoulos, over at Getting Blanked.

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  1. Re: Warmington. Like any other piece of his writing, two good thoughts completely buried by a truckload of bullshit.

    Your link to the exquisite takedown of that Joe Warmington dickbag goes to the Alvarez commentary.

  2. “Talk about bowing to the sensitivity police.

    How much had the Jays donated to this cause prior to this?

    Meanwhile, why didn’t Anthopoulos stand up for a man, who bravely defied the odds by defecting to Florida from Cuba on a raft?

    Why didn’t he say “the guy just took his competitiveness too far” or “the translation of the slur in Spanish is different in English and clearly not a case of traditional gay bashing?””

    Perfect, so perfect.

    So they can walk up and down church street naked and we cant say anything but one person says the word (which in latin culture also mean lack of spirit/aggressiveness) and all hell breaks loose.

    Also I think someone wrote it on and then YE put it on thinking it would be funny, wrong and stupid on his part but I think thats why he had such stupid responses to the media, he didn’t want to throw anyone under the bus and blame a teammate.

    Another point behind this is that the grammar is wrong and that would make says if a non spanish speaker wrote it on there as a joke.

    • Warmington has about the same poor journalistic abilities as a Buffery. That said, he isn’t wrong in talking about how special interest groups love to prey on easy targets to further their agenda. They look for the slightest inference of offense and pounce using the threat of job loss as pressure points. It has gotten out of hand and that can alienate people that are on the fence about they feel about these type of things. Jays kind of got out in front of them thank god.

    • ‘So they can walk up and down church street naked’

      Don’t you ever just get tired of breaking down the world down into us and them? Don’t you ever think that sometimes people are different from you and that’s pretty amazing? Maybe not eh?

  3. Like I said b4, given that it was only “exposed” by a guy with a high resolution lens, it w/b tough to prove in court that he meant any harm to anyone or anything as no one was supposed to pick up on it-like embedding your initials somewhere in a personnel painting, so let’s all calm the fukdown and get on with baseball-he’s been tared and feathered enuf. It’s allready reached the point on TV where it is ok to trash white folk and kick guys in the balls and that is supposed to be funny. What a PC bunch of fukstiks

  4. “…and c) constantly taking the bat out of their best hitters’ hands. HUH???”

    I only recall the stupid move of Lawrie bunting early in the game on saturday vs. Boston.

  5. How the hell is rookie dress-up homophobic? Do they make them wear gimp gear? The media white-knighting is fucking embarassing, PC bullshit.

  6. Point of order: the initiation business is not, properly understood, homophobic. It may certainly be considered misogynistic, and there’s a pretty strong argument that it is transphobic (albeit, I’m not a big fan of the -phobic modifier but it’s the common parlance).

    It’s not, despite the cliches, a characteristic of homosexuality to be effeminate by definition. it happens of course, but it’s not specific to the orientation. On the other hand, what “normal” men consider worthy of derision even more than being gay is being “girly” with the implication that to be female is to be lesser than a male.

    That said, I thought Griffin hit it out of the park otherwise, and that was the best mainstream media piece I’ve seen on the Escobar Incident.

    • Agreed.

      I don’t make the connection between ballet dancer, Wizard of Oz, cowboy, fairy , and super-hero outfits and homosexuality. I’m sure some associate homosexuality with femininity, which would connect two of the above, but you really can’t say all homosexuals are feminine. I have no problem with this; I really only see it as an attempt to make the rookies look ridiculous and therefore putting them through a little harmless (hopefully) embarrassment.

  7. Frig Stoeten you dirty faggot. Stop with the Escobar stuff. Yeah, it happened. Now it’s done. Newspapers take one side or the other. We’ve heard both sides. Who cares? Is Escobar an idiot for putting those words on his face? Yes. Keep it in the clubhouse. This name calling happens all the time at every level. GUESS WHAT? It will always happen. Stop trying to change the world through your little blog and just talk baseball.

  8. When did Joe Warmington start writing for the The Onion?

  9. Cant wait for playoffs so this Escobar shitshow dies off. The kid made a huge dumbass mistake. He’s servin his suspension,he had to deal with it all in a press conference in New York of all places, and will be doing community service and sensitivity training. Yet, some of these self rightous media shits wont let it go. All standin on their soap boxes preachin Escobar is an intolorent biggot and should be run out of town when they have no clue of his intent. He made a dumbass move but in my opinion without malice. Wheres the tolerence for a kid bein stupid? Hopefully he learns from this and becomes a better person. Maybe some of these media assholes who want a pound of flesh should quit bein so fuckin hippocritical.

    • “All standin on their soap boxes preachin Escobar is an intolorent biggot and should be run out of town…”

      …which ones are doing this?

  10. Griffin wrote a good piece, imo.

    Dirk wrote a great piece, imo. It puts the situation in the proper context.

    Personally, I feel the suspension, donation, sensitivity training and emphasis on education are all about right.

    Yunel deserves to be suspended and lose money for what he did.

    But, quite frankly, I’m surprised people aren’t more offended by what Vizquel said. His honesty can be perceived as far more offensive.

  11. Is Warmington in the Book of Moron yet?

  12. attempts at “emasculation” =/= homophobia.

    It is kind of an offensive comparison. Even though the notion of masculinity is a confusing concept, the comparison made suggests that gay men are some how less men, which is just false.

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