The forecast calls for tough sledding out there for rumour-mongering pageview whores for the six weeks until the World Series ends, which maybe explains why Jon Morosi of Fox Sports is hunkering down early, and sprinkling some seed in front of his den, in hopes of catching some wayward fans, starved of pointless rumour content.

And who am I to not pass it along, right? Especially when some of what he suggesting echoes exactly what I was saying last month, when I looked at the AL trade market for pitchers, and which starters may be available in free agency.

In other words, it’s kinda bloody obvious…

“The Blue Jays had two scouts at the final two games of this week’s Tigers-Athletics series in Detroit,” Morosi writes. “Each game included a starting pitcher who could switch teams this offseason: Oakland’s Brett Anderson Wednesday (trade candidate) and Detroit’s Anibal Sanchez Thursday (free agent).”

Anderson isn’t without health issues– he just injured his oblique, and he spent much of this season recovering from Tommy John surgery– but the A’s have a wealth of young arms that could make Anderson a prime trade chip.

“The A’s and Blue Jays appear to match up well in trade talks, Morosi tells us, but I’m not sure he quite has the reasons right. “Toronto has a surplus of position player prospects,” he says, “particularly at catcher, and Oakland ranks near the bottom of the AL in runs scored.”

Well… OK, the Jays still have a decision to make on whether to keep JP Arencibia or Travis d’Arnaud, but the A’s acquired catcher Derek Norris in the Gio Gonzalez deal, and though he’s not hit particularly well this year, I’m not sure why that would be the area in which the A’s would look. Also, I think the ballpark they play in has at least something to do with the low run scoring totals they’ve put up this year– though that’s not to mistake the A’s for having a world-beating offence.

They certainly could use a shortstop, though. And they’ve basically written off any pretense of giving a shit about their fans as they wait out a hoped-for move to San Jose. I mean… shit, they gave so few shits they signed Manny Ramirez!


Sanchez, as I said in the piece linked above, “generates above average swing and miss, and was striking out a career high 24% of batters faced at the time he was dealt, with a career low walk rate as well. Provided this rough patch in the AL proves to be just a blip, he’s solid and dependable, if unspectacular… kind of like Edwin Jackson.”

His FIP dropped to 3.78 in August, and is at 3.20 in September, so it seems like he’s getting used to the American League.

So… there’s that.

Either of them, please. Or both! And more! ALL THE PITCHER THIS WINTER! ALL OF THEM!!!!!!

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  1. I’d prefer Peavy to both of these guys

    sure he’s an injury risk but so is anderson.

  2. as the injuries this year showed the Jays still severely lack the depth to compete in the AL East so I really don’t think that they can afford to trade away any of their 40 man roster or near MLB-ready prospects this off-season – including Arencibia, D’Arnaud, Gose, Escobar or Hechavarria. they desperately need to sign someone like Annibal Sanchez or even Peavy via free agency. and, as im sure someone will point out, that’s much easier said then done.

    • ya but you are trading from one area of depth to help out another area on the 40 man roster. It is not as if you are replacing that depth with minor leaguers not on the active roster.

  3. Kind of worries me to give up something good for Anderson, with the injury risk. But then again all pitchers have the risk…and not many have a career 3.50 FIP (with no crazy home/road splits).

  4. Wouldn’t want either, we shouldn’t give up chips for a pitcher made of porcelain.

  5. Anderson’s a guy I was high on, but got blindsided by the TJ (isn’t that always the case?)
    Guy seems to have an idea where the corners are, velocity isn’t terrible…and, despite the new oblique injury (funny landing spot, getting used to it again?) an easily repeatable delivery.
    He seemed to be the type of project we can afford…but if we traded D’Arnaud and got nothing else back, it’d raise my eyebrows…OK, maybe only the left one…

  6. Nice. It’s time for some off season stories. Blue Jays is scouting this guy and that guy. Heyman thinks Blue Jays are in talk with this team and that team. According to Rosenthal Blue Jays are in talk with this free agent and that free agent. Also according to some executives, Blue Jays are big spenders this off season.

  7. I’d really be working the free agent market and seeing what’s available, before I threw myself, body and soul, into the trade market. With the kings’ ransom in players/prospects that teams are demanding for an “average” 10-12 win guy – I’d think that perhaps overpaying a guy for 3 years would be less damaging to an organization than giving up the prime cherries of your farm system.

    • +1

      Ponying up a few extra bucks for a slight overpay is less damaging than shipping D’Arnaud et al to another organization for mid rotation arms. Especially if you can keep it on a shorter term deal.

      I’d love to see Edwin Jackson and Anibal Sanchez here on 3 or 4 year deals. Fourth year they can be really overpaid relievers when the Lansing 3 take their rotation spots.

    • fastball: I totally agree with you.

  8. Get Anderson, Sanchez and trade for Ross Detwiler from the Nats. Romero is no lock for next season. Alvarez is still a question mark and could surely benefit by learning another pitch properly at another level.

    With Morrow, Romero, Anderson, Sanchez, Happ, Detwiler, CV, and some of the younger arms in the mix – you should be able to find enough able arms to not suffer the shit-show we endured this season – with enough upside in the rotation to have a potential playoff team.

  9. I’m with the lad that says get Peavy. His option with the chisox is 22m and will be declined. However, I’m sure we would have to fork over in the 15-17m range. Does AA have the stones for that as he is a former cy young winner. also 3 year tem.
    On a lighter note for you math fans, the orioles have won 15 straight xtra inning games the most since 48? when cleveland won 17 straight. The odds of winning 15 straight ( assuming a 50% probability per game) is .00003or 3 chances in 100000. BOOYAH!

  10. Though Anderson’s recent injury troubles worry me a little, the idea of spending heavy on Peavy would worry me a little more. Peavy’s spent significant time on the DL in each of the last three season and this is first time he’s made more than 20 starts since 2008. I like Peavy, but his injury history is a little more concerning than Anderson’s right now.

  11. Fuck it. Let’s get all the pitchers and have a 25-man rotation. Fuck position players.

  12. The Jays should definitely go the FA route, they’re much better off with Sanchez (or Peavy) than Anderson, both in terms of the player they’d be getting and the fact that they can keep their prospects. Sanchez has a pretty good K/9, and he’s only 28 so he could easily gain consistency over a 4 year deal. But ownership needs to let AA spend this winter or it’s all a moot point

  13. The Jays need a couple of reliable guys who can throw 200+ innings, whether it’s in the middle or back end of the rotation. I’m tired of hearing about controllable guys with upside. We need some veteran bulldogs to give this bullpen a chance.

  14. Brett Anderson and Brandon McCarthy are bros, brahj. Trade for former to sweeten the FA pot for the latter.

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