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Richard Griffin tweets, “First game off suspension and#yunelescobar back in #bluejays lineup.”

John Lott of the National Post looks at the comments made by John Farrell last night, about his upcoming talk with Yunel Escobar not being the first time the two have chatted, and that the previous ones have been about “baseball issues.” n the same talk Farrell praised Adeiny Hechavarria and hinted that the younger Cuban may see more time over the season’s final two weeks.

“There are always conversations that take place,” Alex Anthopoulos said, according to Shi Davidi of Sportsnet. “I have had tons of conversations with players over the three years now, things that I have observed. John has done the same as well … we just don’t broadcast it to the media.” Davidi adds that “only this time Farrell did, and from Anthopoulos’s perspective that certainly won’t help if he looks to move Escobar this off-season.”

“Someone was saying there’s a conspiracy theory that I hung up the phone on ‘Prime Time’,” Anthopoulos told reporters regarding some of the more interesting fallout from the Escobar stuff, according to Chris Toman of “I was in my hotel room. I don’t hang up phones on anybody. The phone died. I called right back. I was told they were on a break, and I had a 6:40 set up with TSN.”

In Toman’s piece, Anthopoulos also responded to Gregg Zaun’s comments, explaining, “That’s someone’s opinion, and I’m definitely not going to get in a war of words with the media. There’s a lot of managers and general managers that have been very successful in this game that have not played, so people can take from that what they want.”

Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star talks to James Greenhalgh– aka @james_in_to– about having published the Yunel Ecobar photograph, after sitting on it for more than a day, hoping someone else would have noticed.

Turning to last night’s game, in the Post, John Lott looks at one key play that may have turned it– Anthony Gose, on his own, trying to steal third base and getting thrown out with a 1-0 lead in the third inning– and John Farrell’s tepid, typical, frustrating defence of it. “He’s trying to be aggressive there,” the manager said. “We’re trying to put some pressure on them. As difficult a time as we’ve had to score runs in the first two games of this, we’re looking to make some things happen. With Colby at the plate and Eddie to follow, it’s easy to second-guess that right now.” Uh… yeah. Like it has been all season when your club’s aggressiveness has cost them outs.

Buster Olney of (Insider Olney) says it’s only a matter of when not if the Rays decide to trade David Price, and lumps the Jays in among possible suitors, due to the Rays lack of young catching. Hmmm.

Parkes takes on Olney’s work at Getting Blanked, quoting Alex Anthopoulos from Drew’s interview earlier in the week, who says that there just isn’t value in dealing guys with only a year or two left before free agency anymore. “Meanwhile,” he says, “the Rays blogosphere isn’t even considering the idea that Price would be moved.”

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun talks to Jason Frasor, who says this season has been “the worst.” Yuh think?

“No matter how you color it, combined with the eye black incident [Farrell's comment] does paint a picture of a player who is a malcontent in the locker room and on the field,” Jays Journal writes, doing their best hack journalist ca. 2003 impression. “Escobar has become known as a divisive presence in the locker room and with our without Farrell’s comment, it has not been a secret to fans either.

“Not only will the Blue Jays no longer permit Yunel Escobar to write messages on his eye-black, it appears the black patches will soon be considered equipment and fall under Major League Baseball rules preventing any markings whatsoever, said GM Alex Anthopoulos,” writes Shi Davidi in a separate piece at Sportsnet. How was it possibly not before?

Bluebird Banter looks at what precisely goes into a Player Development Contract (PDC), like the one the Jays just signed with Buffalo.

Looks like there won’t be a Getting Blanked Podcast today, but this should be an excellent substitute: in the daily podcast at Baseball Prospectus, Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller wonder if Alex Anthopoulos should have turned the damn Jays around by now.

Lastly, it’s your favourite Friday feature, the Getting Blanked GIFs of the Week!

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  1. I would love to see the Jays make a major play for Price. I think it’s time to use some prospect capital to make a win now move like this.

    How about Darnaud, one of the big three Lansing arms, and Marisnick?

    That’s arguably more than we got for Halladay… I think I’d be willing to do it.

    • Settle down, JP. If any catcher gets traded, it will be you.

      • Not if you want David Price back.

        • Haha I know – the ability to spin some wit up there was too great to pass up. But honestly, I don’t know if I’d want to see David Price in a Jays uniform (in a realistic sense, not as a fan). He’s a damn fine pitcher, but the cost for dealing with a divisional rival would be far too great.

    • There is approximately a 0% chance the Rays trade Price within the division.

      • Why’s that, if you can work out something mutually beneficial? d’Arnaud+ really wouldn’t make them think?

        • The Rays strike me as one of the teams least likely to adhere to that old school ‘don’t trade within your division’ rule.

          • I would agree. The Rays have a limited salary budget and owe much of their success to their ability to make unconventional moves. If anything, the Rays would be the most likely team in baseball to make a trade within their own division, as this would fall within their extra 2% approach.

            I would be surprised to see the Rays shopping Price in the offseason, as they still have pieces that could make a strong run in 2013. On the same level, Price could be a mid-season trade chip if they feel that they can obtain maximum value for him. Any trade would obviously be contingent on where they lie in the standings and how they feel about their bevy of talented pitchers going forward.

            TDA + some cheap controllable MLB talent or a package of prospects could get it done, should the Rays and Jays find themselves in the mood to make a trade.

        • Also the Rays don’t play by standard rules, they are cash strapped and will look to any way to make their team better at the cheapest price. It is what has made them so successful.

        • Because it’s common sense.

      • Yeah, but if you can get approximately the same package from two teams, one in the division and one in the National League, you’d take the National League team’s package 9 times out of 10, wouldn’t you? The Jays would have to pay a premium to get Price, most likely, and as much as I’d love to see Price here, I don’t see Anthopoulous willing to pay that kind of premium, forget to a strong division rival.

  2. That is too much to give up for price unless he siigns a contract extension.

    When does Price qualify for free agency?

    Why is Farrell disclosing baseball meetings with Yunel? They should keep these meetings quiet.

    Is Farrell trying to make himself look good now after the bad performance at the new york press conference?

    • Three years, which is the point. That’s probably the kind of deal it would take. I’d do it.

      Also, re: Farrell: seriously?

      • Farrell does not have a regular habit of disclosing other meetings he has with Yunel or any other player. He always speaks generally about addressing player performance concerns privately.

        I don’t recall him ever saying , I had a private meeting with Rajai Davis or Brett Lawrie telling them he wasn’t happy withtheir performance.

    • In fact, if we had held on to Travis, we could have traded him for Price and another player, perhaps Zobrist who could play second base for us next year. Price and Zobrist would be a fair return for a star like Travis.

      • @Fake Oakville.

        I doubt the Rays would take Travis for Price.

        You ‘re not very funny with your fake Travis love posts

  3. Price would look awesome with a Blue Jay on his cap instead of a Devil Ray

  4. “Uh… yeah. Like it has been all season when your club’s aggressiveness has cost them outs.”

    You’re a fucking idiot if you think an aggressive team isn’t going to force a few outs throughout a season… Gotta take the good with the bad.

    • There’s a difference between being agressive and being stupid.
      And even worse than that is being stupid over and over and over without even realizing it’s stupid.

      • ..because having Rasmus at the plate is a guaranteed RBI?

        • Of course not, but that doesn’t make running into outs not stupid. Outs are precious, and to take the risk of generating one for the difference between being on second or being on third in that situation is not good– even though in his small sample Gose has stolen at a good rate.

          It’s about expectancy and likelihood– playing the odds. You do that for a reason: over time it works.

          • +1 Stoeten.

          • I didn’t love the CS, but it is a little revisionist to say Gose shoudn’t be stealing there. There was only 1 out, and everyone in the ballpark knows Gose is going to go at some point. The cons were that there was a pitcher who was quick to the plate, a LH batter giving a clear path to 3rd, and Edwin coming up, but early in the game I don’t think those three necessarily mean enough to shackle Gose. He just didn’t get a great jump and the end result looked ugly..

          • Definitely +1 Stoeten. Why is a retardedly fast runner that is already in scoring position taking the risk? He’s going to score on ANY base hit to the outfield, and on a deep enough flyball out, could even score from second on the sacrifice. Just plain stupid.

      • Any steal of third with two outs is just stat padding and the guys who do it know it. The chance of a wildpitch or balk scoring them from the third are so slim as to be way more than offset by the risk of getting thrown out.

        i would be more apt to put up red lights for ALL runners at 2nd with two outs

        what i dont understand is for a team with a seemingly “aggressive” attitude on the base paths, to a fault, is the number of times they seem to be content with bunting fast guys over to second , or two fast guys from first and second to second and third, rather than let them try to steal first.

    • Yes, but why is a guy with wheels like that, already at second base, trying to steal third when you have the lead in the 3rd inning? I’m all for stealing bases, but once in a while the players have to realize that they don’t need to make the attempt because it really doesn’t change a whole lot.

    • Of course you can expect it to happen, but it happens all the time. The aggressiveness is only effective style if it’s, well, effective. It’d be interesting to see the win probability added/lost by some of the team’s aggressive moves. I’d imagine that they’d be markedly on the negative end. I don’t mind the aggressiveness when it’s appropriate, but man this team makes more boneheaded moves than any team the Jays have fielded for as long as I can remember. Lawrie’s the worst offender, but others are brutal too.

    • You’re a fucking idiot if you think that’s a good thing. You have to be able to steal bases at a really high success rate to outweigh the damage you do by giving up the outs you inevitably will. The Jays are right on 75%, which is close to where you should be, but it’s buoyed by some smart baserunning by guys not named Lawrie and Davis– both of whom seem to have the green light most times, and neither of whom appear to be able to handle it.

      • Davis has a 79% success rate, so I’m not sure why you are listing him along with Lawrie (62%). Davis sure makes his fair share of mistakes, but let’s not get carried away here.

        • Fair enough. Didn’t look, just assumed. Dumb of me.

        • It is pretty much everyone not named Davis, Gose, Johnson, Escobar, Encarnacion that are dragging the percentage down from ~80% (though there are a few others with 1 attempt that was successful)

        • Davis has been picked off 7 times – seems a lot to me. Is that factored in the %?

      • Does that % include times being picked off? I think Rajai has been picked off 7 times. That makes his running way less… profitable.

      • Like they say… you don’t walk off the island. In the case of Gose, however, he is here to steal bases so if he has the opportunity he is always going to run. You can’t blame Gose for being nailed at third because that is the skill set that he brings to the team. The decision NOT to steal has to be made by Farrell. If he was given the stop sign and ran anyway then that is a different issue.

  5. If Yunel wasn’t playing tonight and he was healthy, then it would have been a four game suspension instead of a three game suspension.

    Given the flak AA took for the shortness of the suspension, he would have taken all of that for nothing if Yunel didn’t play tonight.

  6. #1 – Escobar, TDA, Lansing kid & “B” prospect for Price

    #2 – Farrell & “B” prospect to Boston for Rubby DeLaRosa (don’t know who for new manager)

    #3 – We give Ortiz a 2 year – club option / buyout 3rd year deal

    #4 – Give Carlos V a 3 year deal

    #5 – We burn a Blue Jays 2012 flag on opening day to remove the evil spirits of this season

    Result – 2013 Playoffs!

    • That’s a pretty hefty price for … Price.

      • And one I’d probably be willing to pay. Guy’s proven he can be a top pitcher in the AL East and has three more years of control past that.

        • Yes, but that doesn’t mean you should accept overpaying. As an example, if the Jays traded Escobar to, say, Oakland for a couple prospects, and the Jays traded one of them to the Rays, that might work out better for both teams. The rays haven’t had a shortstop since Jason Bartlett’s ridiculous 2009 season, and have been fine with that void. They have Hak-Ju Lee anyway.

    • I really like #5

    • Boston laughs at that trade.

      • Don’t mind the premise but depending on who we give up, DeLaRosa is not going to happen. To me, it’s got to be more about Boston giving up something for Farrell as opposed to us trading away a good prospect with Farrell as a throw in. Farrell staying is not a bad thing

        • Like the Price talk around here. That’s the type of player worth overpaying. He’s got swing and miss stuff, proven in the AL East, and has the tools to actually get better. Price is the type of guy you hope your top pitching prospects turn into.

      • Wait for an offer from Boston…They want him so bad tell them to make the 1st offer. Otherwise keep Farrell for year 3 and say goodbye then. Boston will have f*cked away their big chance.The guy is only indispensable to them. (ps if you get a good offer, jump on it)

  7. How were eyeblack stickers not considered equipment before? They were probably considered personal effects, like the chains and other random jewelry players often wear..

    (I guess I should point out that I’m assuming gold necklaces are not equipment regulated by MLB, but somehow I think that’s pretty safe.)

  8. We already know he likes our noodlez haus.

  9. “But this is not a casual comment, this was a thought-about, pre-planned decision by Yunel Escobar to do this. He had the opportunity to think about it, to execute it, to change his mind if he wanted to, and he chose not to. I don’t buy, and I don’t think anybody buys for a second the BS he was spewing at his news conference today about he didn’t mean to offend anybody.”

    If Yunel meant to offend, why wouldn’t he be at that press conference citing his own rights to freedom of speech, topped off for good measure with some nice Biblical verses knocking homosexuality? Because plenty of people take that path and somehow it is then ok because it is their “political” or “religious” right to feel that way.

    McCowan it a complete idiot.

    And Zaun… let’s see Zaun. Yes AA in not a baseball guy. But nor are you (a) a good speaker (you have a lisp and it makes me want to put nails in my ear and start hammering until your voice goes away) and (b) you ain’t no businessman. Please go yell about fundamentals to some single A kids in Wahoo Nebraska.

    • “Pre-planned”
      …Insofar as he’s capable of it. I get the sense you think he’s not
      the strutting immature buffoon he’s presents himself to be.

      • I’m quoting McCowan – my point being that YES it was pre-planned because he didn’t think it mattered.

  10. D’Arnaud as a Price trade chip > D’Arnaud as a player. we can be a playoff team with Arencibia-tier catching, but we need an ace.

    • As much as it pains me… you’re right.

    • That is entirely too simplistic. d’Arnaud as primary trade chip, sure. d’Arnaud in a package that includes other highly coveted pieces, then no. cArnaud is probably just a bit less valued now then Montero was when he was traded for Pineda, of course, Price > Pineda, but you need to take into consideration the opportunity lost by trading away d’Arnaud (specifically, what else you could get in return for him).

      • Montero’s bat was overvalued and scouts long had him pegged to struggle behind the plate. Thus, I would question your assessment that d’Arnaud will garner less value, once he return to action and proves he is healthy.

        Scouts project d’Arnaud to have an impact bat at the catching position. But unlike Montero, d’Arnaud can actually catch and play the position adequately.

  11. I lost a little bit of faith in AA over the past few months, but his response regarding Zaun was total class.

    • If addressed properly, I actually don’t mind some of Zaun’s opinions on the team. I know he’s old school, but in the new age of stats, sabermetrics, etc, the human element of baseball is getting overlooked more and more everyday. Zaun needs to realize however, that it needs to be quality over quantity with his opinions.

      • +1.

        I do wonder about the jays chemistry/ clubhouse this year.

        If Zaun is right, then Farrell should be held responsible for the stupid baserunning errors, poor at bats etc…

        i would have thought someone from the red sox would be able to improve OBP.

  12. I’m just going to put this out here…and this is only one humble fans opinion

    But if Boston wants Farrell and he wants Boston…let them have him. See if you squeeze compensation, otherwise just let him go.
    Why?- the boneheaded baseball plays this team keeps repeating (errors, baserunning, bunting, calling off players for pop ups, etc…) to me speaks to a lack of discipline. I laugh when I hear “if Farrell was in Boston last year Chicken wing/Beer Gate never would have happened”. I’m not saying this clubhouse culture is shit or the inmates are running the asylum, I’m just saying that there is an overall lack of….discipline…combine that with questionable game management and I’m wondering if after 2 years we see that JF is just another guy that could be easily replaced…

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we run the guy out of town…I’m simply stating that maybe it’s not out of the realm of possibility that a change is need to move forward – maybe this team needs a hardass that won’t let guys get away with repeated stupidity or lack of “hustle and heart”…or maybe this damn season just needs to end….(SIGH)…

    • I like the part where you take mistakes that EVERY team EVER has always made and lump them together and add your personal “wonder” and come up with a condition (LACK OF DISCIPLINE!) that may or may not exist and may or MAY NOT even matter once a ball is hurtling at you on the field.

      I’ll take Roger Clemens and Ty Cobb and a million other out of control assholes that fight and argue over a bunch of good little Private McCoys.

  13. From MLBTR
    “The Brewers announced that they have acquired catcher Yorvit Torrealba from the Blue Jays for cash. Torrealba will be in uniform for Milwaukee tomorrow.”

  14. On a side note when did this sight become so intolerant of ignorant comments and jokes. It’s drunk jays fans you would expect not to be restricted to politically correct comments. I like that women comment too but don’t be so sensitive try making a colon cancer joke or something if your offended. Sorry just hate censorship.

  15. Andrew, I just read your piece on Clubhouse Culture and I wanted to make sure to tell you: It is a very impressive piece. Congratulations.

  16. Richard Griffin ‏@RGriffinStar

    Change of plans. #yunelescobar will not be in #bluejays lineup 1st game back


  17. Prob end if line for escobar

  18. As much as I don’t want to agree with Zaun cause he’s a tool lol – he’s right here I think. Look at most of the players AA has brought it – castoff type players. He seems to take a liking to those that need a second chance of sorts. Something that a stat guy would do. The problem with them is that the stats can’t measure a players heart, intelligence, and drive. Only a scout can do that. Plus, what’s with AA’s comment about “managers and general managers have never played and are successful” … ??! “managers” – pretty sure every major and minor league manager/coach has played the game at some level at some point lol. Come on man.

    • I agree all must have played at some level. While checking to see if there has been a Manager that had never played I came across a list of Managers who never played MLB.Too numerous to mention them all but here is a few…Earl Weaver, Buck Showalter,
      Cal Ripken, Sr.,Jim Leyland,Joe Maddon.

    • Castoff type players? Let’s see: Rasmus, Lawrie, Morrow and Escobar. Those are the only ones I know that fit that.

      For the money and what we had to give up and the players we had to give up to get those guys, I would, in hindsight, DO ALL 4 DEALS OVER IF GIVEN THE CHANCE. And all 4 still have value if we were to trade them.

      So maybe AA knows more than Zaun. I’ll bet on AA to read and understand the CBA over Zaun any day of the week.

    • +1. AA’s philosophy of getting players with troubled pasts at a discount can backfire.

      The talent is there. Rasmus,Escobar,Lawrie but they have all had problems with the previous teams.

      • The Toronto Blue Jays – the Statue of Liberty of MLB…give us you troubled, your castoffs, your creeps…erect a monument now. I can hardly wait to see what the team looks like next year. AA is trolling some of the prisons for any talented guys that make parole in the off-season.

  19. Escobar is gone. The writing is on the wall and that was before the eye black incident.

    Price as a Jay is very attractive especially when he has dominated every time I watch him pitch against the Jays.

  20. I hope they don’t find Colby’s weed stash.

  21. sorry don’t feel like scrolling up, but outs are not precious, runners are.

    you get 27 outs but you don’t get 27 runners.

    having any runner on base is more valuable than having no runners on. doesn’t matter how many outs there are.

  22. JPA for Price. Do it AA. Do it!

  23. Ozzie guillen?

  24. escobar nill not be going anywhere unless AA feels it’ll upgrade the team. He is on a very friendly team deal and even though he is hitting only 251 it’s still better than most of the mutts on this team ( see rasmus). I would imagine they may talk him into 2b
    If Az wants him and some other asset (TDA) for Upton, then m/b he gets traded otherwise he’ll be here opening day. He’ll likely play tomorrow.

  25. Game.

    See there’s one of the players we should have got for Travis if it were a fair trade. Zobrist and Price would have been fair return.

  26. Has the collective mind of the Monkey Army decided that the season is indeed over, or are we just leaderless, rudderless, hopeless?

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