I honestly don’t know what’s more depressing: the spectre of watching eight hours of baseball from the September 2012 version of the Toronto Blue Jays, or having to write that “87″ next to the name of the Baltimore Orioles– equal to the most wins the Jays have had in a full season since 1998, and one win behind the best Jays season since the damn World Series years, with ten games still left to play.

Oh, who am I kidding… clearly it’s the eight hours!

Ugh. And nine times out of ten, I’m pretty sure I’d be Ernie damn Banks on the proposition. It’s just… this happens to be that tenth time, I think.

Go Jays, though. Let’s spoil this bitch!


Starting in Game Two, later this evening, will be Ricky Romero and outlaw country superstar Wei-Yin Chennings. Didn’t Romero and Alvarez both start in the last doubleheader, too?

Um… yeah. That’s about alls I got. Except this!

Lastly, for your between inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked. (Audio here). (Subscribe on iTunes for audio and video).

TV: Sportsnet

And now the Game One lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
E. Encarnacion DH
A. Lind 1B
R. Davis RF
K. Johnson 2B
A. Hechavarria SS
J. Mathis C
A. Gose LF

H. Alvarez RHP

Baltimore Orioles of Baltimora’s Tarzan Boy

N. McLouth LF
J. Hardy SS
C. Davis RF
A. Jones CF
M. Wieters C
J. Thome DH
M. Reynolds 1B
R. Flaherty 2B
M. Machado 3B

S. Johnson ShB


Image via @toysubmarine/@mattomic.

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  1. I either really want the jays to win or lose. I’m not sure which

  2. Rajai Davis hitting 5th??? Please just shoot me and put me out of my misery…

  3. Steve Johnson ShB = shit baller?

  4. Extra inning games today. Jays to lose as EE can’t get a bunt down

  5. How about a YOLOrioles logo?

  6. I actually kinda want the Jays to get thoroughly destroyed at Camden so Baltimore has a shot at the division. Team entropy. We’d have to win a game or two against the Yanks, though, so God knows how that’ll go.

    • Go Orioles.

      An Orioles playoff appearance puts more pressure on Rogers to field a competitive team.

      Rogers always likes to say the Red Sox & Yankees are “big market” teams & can’t compete against them.

      Rogers likes to sell Jays fan on a 5-10 year rebuild so they aren’t pressured to spend any money on the team.
      The Orioles success would take away the 1 year can’t change anything.

      Someone on this blog pointed out the Jays have not been successful at developing enough home grown talent.

      • Are you mentally disabled? Just checking.

        • LOL!


          Aren’t you happy with the LOL Jays.

          If Soteten is making fun of them, you know they are bad.

          • Stoeten is making fun of how bad this season has gone, but is keen enough to know the difference between what’s happening now and how they’re setting themselves up for the future.

            You are extrapolating a crazy amount from how Ricciardi’s tenure went, and suggesting that the Jays might actually be dumb enough to think the O’s success means anything about building a ballclub more than, “Hey, sometimes you just get lucky, kinda like we’ve been saying all along.”

      • Complete insanity.

        I know the conspiracy Kool-Aid is satisfying, but you understand what happens when you drink so much of it, yes?

        • Hey Stoeten , Thanks for the reply.

          I am sure you have better knowledge than me about the JP years since I only started following the Jays when Cito came back.

          Didn’t Rogers hire JP because he was a disciple of Billy Beane cost effective teams?

          Didn’t JP slash payroll when he took over the team?

          After a few mediocre seasons, he convinced Ted Rogers to let him spend an extra 75 million over 3 years & went out to get free agents.?

          JP had to overpay for Burnett & BJ Ryan & signed Frank Thomas , Lyle Overbay, resigned Vernon Wells etc….

          The Jays started spending above average in 2008.

          The free agents flopped, pitchers got hurt, players underperperormed etc…

          JP gets fired in October 2009.

          Didn’t JP promise a 5 year plan to compete which got extended to 7 years & the best a team could do was 87 wins??

          AA shows up & promises to build the team.

          He uses the CBA rules to accumulate draft picks , hires more scouts & starts trading for malcontents with high ceilings who are available at a relative discount after falling out with existing team. Escobar,Lawrie,Rasmus are the malcontents. Morrow was an aspiring malcontent who kept getting yo yo d between starting & relieving.

          I haven’t drunk any kool aid but it’s tiresome watching farrell & wilner coming up with lame excuses to defend the 12th best team in the AL.

  7. hendy lookin dirty

    • Thats racist! Haven’t you learned anything from Yunel’s politically incorrect – ness?

      Ha! Just trying to have some fun

  8. Situation: Two on for Mark Renolds, one out.

    Result: Strike Out?

    I think Gameday is screwing up again.

  9. Things Jays fans can take away from the Orioles, in 2011 they went 69-93. Not saying Jays will win the world series next year. However, if everything clicks like it did for the orioles this year, 2013 will definately be a better year for the jays than 2012. I would be happy if the jays dropped to 5th or 6th worst in order to secure a decent draft pick. Jays could win there remaining games and it wouldnt matter, thus tank Nation. Least jays do it right, who cares about finishing the seasion on a high note. Shitty season will get to players who will be back that they no 2013 will be different.

  10. Alvarez is looking great so far. Shadows are certainly helping, but that hard changeup is looking excellent.

  11. Wilner is fat, ugly and has no personality. What a trifecta.

  12. K so I’m watching on rogersondemand.com so don’t see commercials, but did they seriously just go to commercial with 2 on an EE at the plate? Because that’s what my feed says, which would of course be fucking absurd…

    • Same for me, it then went to the Baltimore feed

      • I’ll just give them the benefit of the doubt and call it technical difficulties then. Thought for a minute that maybe even the fine people at Sportsnet give that few shits at this point.

  13. It about time someone started smacking that silly 68 mph curveball.

  14. Lol @ Pat. “A .320 OBP? I’ll take that.”

  15. well…at least Davis didn’t hit the home run.

  16. Tip for Alvarez: Throwing meatballs doesn’t bode well for your MLB career.

  17. I just noticed the prizes for a contest that was online.
    1st place – pair of tickets for the doubleheader
    2nd place – 2 pairs of tickets to the doubleheader

  18. my god fuck this year

    • Kind of sad that a two run lead seems insurmountable at this point but yeah this game is probably over.

      • Might have something to do with this team not even being worthy of a Spring Training split squad. Why did the Jays lock up Mathis..

  19. Apparently Mr. Jones has figured out the something that is happening here.

    • What happened to Paris?

      • We’ll always have Paris.

        • You didn’t close the deal did you? Spud these opportunities will not happen every day…strike while the iron is hot

          • I’m waiting…

          • La patience, mon petit kumquat. I’m still fishing change out of my couch, while trying to convince Radar to buy my Candy Maldonado rookie card. These things take time, and as you well know, some things shouldn’t be rushed.

          • I guess you gave yourself the right handle…SP or maybe No Onions is more apporpriate. On behalf of men everywhere, Karen, a heartfelt appology

          • In absolute truth birddawg, the thing holding me back most is the all-consuming nightmare of having that door to the tiny apartment in the 3rd arrondissement in Paris being answered by you in drag. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

          • Jeez SP Told you I wasn’t gonnapay, over $2600 for that rookie card.Stop playing hard ball.
            Heard you were lookin for some Canadian Tire money for your venture across the pond.What if I could set you up with some primo CT money, 400 two for one coupons at Subway,50 packs of Wrigley’s Spearmint gum and 10 year old matress with 10 years left on the warranty.
            Pretty tempting Eh.

          • Radar, I’ve said it before, you’re an elderly man among men, but I shudder to think what carrier would consent to fly me to Paris using what you have to barter, even combined with what I’ve already scrounged. Please reconsider the Candyman Can card. Cheers.
            BTW–have you heard that birddawg has started cross-dressing?

          • If I had started to cross dress Spud, I. like Karen, would not have to worry with you trolling around

  20. Nice to see our genius manager after seeing the team getting shutout and pummelled decided to shake things up and go with the exact same lineup

  21. Well there’s a fucking surprise…KJ for PM!! #sarcasm

  22. i dunno – not that i want to see them beat the Jays or anything – but i would sure love to see the Orioles squeak into the playoffs and win a series..

    • To say nothing about NYY losing the play-in game against the A’s. Good times can still be had.

  23. Can EE hang on to his fucking bat? Jesus Christ; he’s going to kill someone. Twice in one game? Seriously?

  24. Stayed tuned for wilner’s excuse talk where he’ll tell us how the orioles are a horrible team that is just lucky and how we have a better lineup than they do and you have to be wilfully ignorant to expect the jays to win with all these injuries.

    • Look everybody, a smug know-nothing fuckface!

    • Seriously, though. It is SO EASY to shit on someone for making a reasonable, logical assessment and being wrong. It makes one of you look like a serious fucking idiot, but evidently not the one that you think.

      • So he’s a different fucking idiot?

      • Wow Stoeten, it’s one thing to put the good doctor in his or her place, but you broke the interwebs for half an hour!

      • Why are you defending Wilner?

        He’s not perfect.
        His meme about Jays leading in runs scored in July did not include runs against.

        If the Jays could out slug everyone they would be ahead in the AL East.

        The Jays still have problems with OBP, scoring runs against top pitchers, etc..

        Farrell was supposed to bring the red sox philosophy of taking pitches, working the count etc….

        The team is running the bases like chickens with heads cut off.

  25. The Chicken Wing Thing

  26. MLB Prospect Portal (there must be a Jays fan in there because of all the original video they have of Jays prospects) put up a September top 20 list.

    1. d’Arnaud
    2. Gose
    3. Sanchez
    4. Marisnick
    5. Syndergaard
    6. Nicolino
    7. Stroman
    8. Norris
    9. Hechavarria
    10. Sierra
    11. Smoral
    12. McGuire
    13. Nolin
    14. Stilson
    15. Cardona
    16. McDade
    17. Osuna
    18. Jimenez
    19. DJ Davis
    20. Lopes

  27. Rookies losing eligibility = 130 ABs, 50 innings pitched, 45 days service time on the 25 man roster

    Gose has passed his limit already, Hechavarria may or may not though.
    Hutchison passed his barely.

  28. I forgot about Sierra, he should also pass the 130 AB mark also.

  29. I really hate the Baltimore Orioles. I hate Buck Schowalter. I hate Peter Angelos. I hate that little turd Brian Roberts and I hate Eddie Murray.

    But good on them. I remember a shitty little Orioles team last year playing some decent ball at the end of the season in some huge games….it seemed to carry over into this season. Sort of wish this year’s Jays could give us something like that. Kind of concerning that this group gives the appearance that they don’t care at this point.

  30. Am I the only one sick of watching Lawrie swing at anything within a foot of the strike zone??? He seriously needs to learn some disipline or he’s likely to never get close to his ceiling.

  31. inb4 the pundits, I would rank them more like:

    1. d’Arnaud
    2. Syndergaard
    3. Sanchez
    4. Marisnick
    5. Nicolino
    6. Davis
    7. Norris
    8. Smoral
    9. Osuna
    10. Stroman
    11. Lopes
    12. Jimenez
    13. McGuire
    14. Stilson
    15. Cardona
    16. Nolin
    17. McDade

    I am very high on Davis.
    You have to remember to not judge Alex’s plan on the farm system by individual prospects- it has to be on the system as a whole because they know that it doesn’t matter which specific prospect becomes a star, it only matters that they hit on some of them to reach their ceiling.

  32. Oh my this is painful to watch–Thank You Gose!

  33. Just saw Jim Callis tweet that thinks Osuna is probably a Jays top 10 prospect.

  34. While we’re on the subject of prospects, it looks like Anthony Alford left Southern Miss’ game on Saturday with a knee injury. Fortunately, his mom is saying that an MRI was negative. Maybe this’ll be the first scare that starts the process of hanging up his football cleats for good.


  35. I don’t know whether the team has given up, but this room just did half an hour ago.

    • There’s 6 guys hitting .240 or under in the O’s lineup. And-fucking-dino is hittimg .211. Why the fuck cant we get that fucker out????

    • Go in Peace.

      • Thanks SP, but Ah’m just gettin STARTED!!! Lol!
        What is McClouth hitting? .244 WTF!!! with 5 lousy HR’s and I’m pretty sure that’s his 2nd against the Jays!!

        • Carl Sagan folks, fully dimed. I wasn’t requesting you to go, Carl; rather I was paying my respects to the Smelly Old Dog. Carry on carrying on.

  36. Nice find, Brumfield!
    Let’s hope his love for football doesn’t ruin his baseball future ;)

  37. Boy they can sure stink the joint out when the want to…..I think RR gets the yips now in pressure situations.

  38. Moises has OOMPH!!

  39. Omar has aged gracefully, and that’s no bad thing.

  40. Moises’ prospect star had definitely been quieted because of the influx of talent, but he could be someone who locks down an outfield position in the future.

    • Ed who’s in LF next year?

      • Following Alex’s past, it would be the guy who finishes the year playing left field. If that doesn’t happen, it will probably come from outside the organization.

        You can’t predict what Alex will do when we don’t know kinds of deals free agent or trade are available. Alex said he had all kinds of top prospects available, he just didn’t get a deal done.

        • LOL!

          AA tried to convince fans of a competition between Snider & Thames for LF., when it was obvious Snider needed playing time since he was out of options after 2012.

          So , AA gives the job to hames, who gets demoted in May , then Snider gets hurt, So Davis gets the fulltime job.

          Davis creates a circus in LF, can’t hit, but doess teal bases..

          AA needs a real LF for 2013

      • Please be Shin Soo Choo.

      • Tori Hunter.

    • All I see is Eric Thames with a better arm, honestly. What am I missing?

      • Well, he’s just got a hundred at bats so far which is in line with Thames this season, but he is starting his career a year earlier in the Bigs. He’ll probably need to make a bunch of adjustments and we’ll see what he can really do later.

  41. Gig JPA decide hitting for avg is a GOOD idea now?

  42. Lawrie is absolutely shitting the bed tonight….and lately.

  43. I just want to say that grabbing Buffalo is a huge positive on the future of this organization and a feather in AA’s hat despite what happened on the field.

    • The Buffalo move is a plus for the team.

      No more 400 avg hitting players getting called up to hit 220 in the MLB.

      Pitchers can develop properly in Buffalo with similaar climate, good field conditions etc.

  44. Time for Stevie D???

  45. Gotta say Gameday Scout makes these games so much more bearable.

  46. Have to say if you let Andino on 3 outta 3 times you deserve what you get. The guy’s
    terrible and RR cant get him out. He should’ve drilled him in the 1st inning.

  47. Farrell must be on board with tank nation cause one can be this bad at managing

  48. Eric Thames only played 130 games at AA and about 100 at AAA. Obviously, he needs more fielding instruction, but you never know how he could still develop.

    Moises has had almost the exact amount of AA and AAA games but is younger. He has a little power, a little speed, but will he make enough contact and be able to cut down on strikeouts?

  49. *cause no one

  50. What a fuckin hose!

  51. Fuck you Márquez you rotten twat, I’d like to see you confront Farrell alone on Eutaw Street after the game you needle-dick connard!

  52. I’m really more impressed JP actually didn’t fuck up.

  53. You can disrespect Thames for what he did here, but he’s already hit 6 bombs for Seattle and is hitting everything in the air. Obviously, they have some sort of plan for him over there in what they want to do with him and his gunz.

  54. You have to applaud AA on the Encarnacion contract. He looks like he’s going to be a bargain for the forseeable future.

  55. Interesting- Eric Thames only has five officially charged errors in the Bigs.

    The Mariners have actually been playing him in right field. I can’t imagine how bad the left fielder is then.



  58. JP does have a flair for the dramatic, doesn’t he?

  59. BIG night for JPA !!! Nice to see them beat these punks……….I think!

  60. Gose needs to do winterball or at least AFL but it’s starting to show now why they were so high on the guy.

  61. Gose would be ineligible for the AFL.

    Winter ball would be possible.

  62. There’s quite a few restrictions to send players, that and the team has already made the list and he’s definitely not on it ;)

  63. Eligibility Rules
    The eligibility rules to play in the AFL are simple.

    The roster size is 30 players per team.

    Each Major League organization is required to provide six players subject to the following requirements:

    All Triple-A and Double-A players are eligible, provided the players are on at least a Double-A level roster no later than Aug. 1.
    One player below the Double-A level is allowed per Major League team.
    One foreign player is allowed, as long as the player does not reside in a country that participates in winter ball, as part of the Caribbean Confederation or the Australian winter league.
    No players with more than one year of credited Major League service as of August 31 are eligible, except a team may select one player picked in the most recently concluded Major League Rule 5 Draft.
    To be eligible, players on Minor League disabled lists must be activated at least 45 days before the conclusion of their respective seasons.

  64. Big fan of Loup, you guys.

  65. Apparently, so is Alex and he was quite surprised that Loup made the jump successfully to the Majors.

  66. Loup never even played in AAA, BTW.

  67. Janssen, nice to see you again with a lead.

  68. Things I wish I’ll NEVER hear again:

    “The runners on base dont mean anything….”

  69. I like how Casey can sht the door under pressure. So glad he made it back after that surgery.

    • I think McGowan should give up starting and just not work back to back days out of the bullpen. I know it’s not what the doctors said, but the guy isn’t healthy either…

  70. Ricky Romero wins on the 3rd day of autumn. His last win came on the 3rd day of summer. He went an entire season between wins.

  71. Good job by JPA to save the day. RR gets a win despite a poor performance.

  72. Looks like Lawrie deleted his Twitter account. Odd.

  73. Interesting to read a teaser for tomorrow’s Snider piece that T-Snide turned down a long term contract offer from the Jays.

    Part 1 is here:


    • Really drives home how wrong things went doesn’t it. After reading part 1 I feel like yelling “why did they do that!” at the top of my lungs and I’m just waiting for the inevitable break out in Pitsburgh.

      • Thanks for the link allisauce.
        Disagree with you IMW. After reading the article AND remembering the issues with Snider at the time, I gotta wonder.
        This series of articles will probably start a shit storm on DJF.
        Interesting thing that I get from it, that after a 2 week sample, there’s a sense of entitlement by Snider.Sorta, I’m fantastic, why mess with me.
        Interesting behind the scenes,where Cito gets direction from AA about the line up. Helps explain some of Cito’s decisions.

        Let the shit storm begin.

        • I agree that I picked up that sense of entitlement too, but I dont throw that blame entirely on Snider.

          I dont know him and wont claim to more than anybody here, but he did go through a lot at a young age (death of family members), and to be brought up to the Major Leagues at 20 years old, you damn well are going to have some entitlement. Its hard to tell a kid at 20, to change or revamp what hes done all the years he’s played that had made consistently made him the best player on any team he was on. Add in the constant praise and admiration from scouts, fans, and people within the organization while he was coming up and anybody’s head will be huge. It takes time for young guys in any industry to learn that they need to take criticism and clearly baseball is no different.

          I know that Snides has gone to some life coaches (or whatever you call them) over the last off season and from what I read he has a much more zen-like approach to baseball and to life now. He is able to take the good with the bad a lot better and not let the little things get to him.
          Of course this all conjecture, but you see it all the time with young guys.

          I wonder if there is any current Blue Jays player like that ..Cough*Brett Lawrie*Cough

        • I hear you on the entitlement part. It does sound like Snider had a bit of an issue when he first came up. Hopefully he’s learned from it…. still i feel like that issue was compunded by the way he was jerked around.

          I’m sure there was fault on both sides.

          • exactly. However it is the the Manager’s job to make it work. Snider may have been acting immature, but Cito and co. compunded the issue ten fold it seems. Cito’s quote about success or failure is baffling. His job is to help players succeed.

          • Agreed IMW.
            Definitely fault on both sides.
            For every Green and Snider, there’s players who claim Cito was the best they’ve ever played for and maybe ironically the fairest.
            As an aside, it’ll be interesting to see what Lawrie does ,in 10 years, when a rookie phenom comes up.

          • No Lewis, a manager’s job does not include coddling an entilted rookies ego.
            It’s a team game and Snider deserves special status?What message does that send to the rest of the team?Bautista seemed to weather Cito’s managing and helped him succeed.

    • Thanks for the link brochips. That was a very good read.

  74. Your 2013 Toronto Blue Jays!

    J Johnson
    Hernandez (Gose and Deck should do it)

    Swisher (DH)

  75. Its very disappointing to read how snider was treated by the jays.

    MLB trade rumors reports snider turned down a contract extension by AA . He was fed up with the Jsys

    Why was cito worried about Fred Lewis getting at bats?

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