BatterWPAaLI C РArencibia-0.1281.38SP РJenkins0.1110.74

3B – Lawrie -0.185 1.75
CF – Rasmus -0.135 1.30
DH – Encarnacion -0.050 1.18
1B – Lind -0.020 1.32 Pitcher WPA aLI
SS – Escobar 0.153 1.29 RP – Delabar 0.062 0.80
2B – Johnson -0.157 2.34 RP – Oliver 0.022 0.53
RF – Sierra -0.161 1.57 RP – Lyon -0.104 0.73
LF – Gose -0.084 1.38 RP – Loup 0.008 0.15

Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

Top Dog: Yunel Escobar, 15.3%
The Worst: Brett Lawrie, -18.5%
Top Arm: Chad Jenkins, 11.1%
Worst Arm: Brandon Lyon, -10.4%
Impact AB: Kelly Johnson Strikout, Top 6, -12.6%
Impact Pitch: BJ Upton Home Run, Bot 1, -11.1%
Highest Leverage AB: Johnson Strikeout, Top 6, 5.20
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Luke Scott Strikout, Bot 6, 1.45
Lineup Contribution: -59.9%
Pitching Contribution: 9.9%
Average Leverage Index: 1.11
Chart explanation

11 Games Left.

(WPA data courtesy Baseball Reference)
(Idea for a post game graph courtesy Lookout Landing)

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  1. That picture is just flat out funny

  2. All I want for this season is a 4 game sweep of the Orioles. Is that too much too ask?

  3. No way, if it means the MFY don’t finish first (or, god willing, miss the playoffs copmletely) I’m 100% OK with a Balt sweep here.

    • +1. Down with the Yankees. I would love to see them miss the playoffs, but if I can’t have that, then having them miss via the wild card play-off would be pretty awesome, too.

  4. Is there any plan to accumulate the info from those game story graphs? I’d be interested to know how often the words “Kelly Johnson strike appear next to “Impact AB”

  5. strike out, that is.

  6. Im at that wonderful place of fandom where losses are expected, and gaffes and fuckups become humorous and any accomplishment no matter how small is a pleasent suprise.

  7. I love the Jays and have followed them for all 36 seasons they have been around, but man, this season just can’t end soon enough. I never thought I’d say this, but with nothing to gain in this series against Baltimore, I hope the Jays lose out, get the higher drafting position next year and the O’s somehow knock the Yankees and their $220 million dollar payroll out of the playoffs. It’s hard to say that,, but sticking it up the Yankees a$$ would make my year.

    The Indians are now 18-50 since the All Star break. That’s the worst winnning percentage in baseball over that time period. The Astros are 17-49, just a percentage point better. The Tribe had no catastrophic injuries to point to as the reason for their demise. This whole team has stunk. In August they had back-to-back road trips of 0-9 and 1-9. In the 0-9 trip the starters ERA was 12.41. GM Chris Antonetti is hinting at a house cleaning, but the hard truth is, the Tribe has very little that can bring much return in the form of good young prospects. I think they almost have to trade Jason Kipnis and the Blue Jays need to be the first in line. I’d hate to see the return of Kelly Johnson by default. I’ve heard people on Mike Wilner’s show suggest going after Sinn Soo Choo, but I’ve watched Choo play the last 6 years and I would pass on Choo. He constantly takes bad routes to fly balls and misses balls that should be caught. The Indians pitchers and radion/television announcers have lamented this for years. Choo has 15 home runs, 56 rbi’s and a 278 average this year and he’s been healthy all year. He’ll be 31 next year and arbitration eligible. I think AA can do way better.

    • I’d love Kipnis, but is he really a for sure trade candidate? I think he’s still got at least a few years of team control left.

      And dude, Choo’s good.

      • Choo’re not so bad yourself.

      • The Indians have almost nothing coming up frpm the minors to help their situation. I liken their situation to the one the A’s were in a couple years back when they had to trade Dan Haren and all those guys 2 or 3 years before they became eligible for free agency simply because they’d drafted poorly and needed to restock their farm system to avert disaster. The Tribe has a AA outfielder named Nick Weglarz (from Stevensville Ontario) who will be very good and is certainly in their plans, but if you look at their current roster, it’s a collection of utility players ( Jack Hannahan, Brent Lillibridge, Casey Kotchman, Jason Donald and Lou Marson) and a couple of players whom management has already said they overvalued (Choo, Matt LaPorta and Carlos Santana. Santana has been benched 4 or 5 times this year because of his attitude). Right now, they’d give anyhting to be rid of Ubaldo Jimenez, (9-17, but 1-9 in his last 10 decisions with an ERA over 7.00, and to think our fans think Ricky Romero has been bad) Jimenez has gone from a dominating 98 MPH fastball to a junkball pitcher in 2 years (relying on lots of off speed stuff). One more tribe ugly, since the All Star break, they have one only 2 series, both against Detroit, and split 2 others. All other series they’ve lost. You are entitled to your opinion about Choo, but if you saw him play all the time like I do, you wouldn’t want him.

  8. Whenever I feel sad, I just rewatch the clip of Rasmus breaking the wall open with his face, and then I feel better again. I don’t dislike the guy, but that was hilarious.

  9. Right onthi-s helped me sort things right out.

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