Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

The Toronto Star notices that Brett Lawrie claimed to be signing off twitter forever at some point last night, though it seems unclear whether or not this is true. I was alerted to some weird, bullshit Brett Lawrie girlfriend-related nonsense post that no one should take seriously I wasn’t going to bother linking to on some site called The Dirty around the same time. Hmmm.

Speaking of Twitter, Edwin Encarnacion laid this down for his tweeps last night: “Te Merecia esa victoria desde hace tiempo pero solo Dios sabe como haces las cosa hay q estar conforme con lo q Dios nos da you deserve riky.” Google translates it to “You deserved that victory in a while but only God knows how to do the thing’s q q conform with what God gives you deserve riky.” Um… that’s probably not quite right.

The National Post seriously does its sports section right. John Lott talks to the Jays about the thrill of playing in a playoff atmosphere, even though it’s Baltimore’s, and talks to Shawn Hill, who came home from pitching for Canada at the WBC qualifiers in Germany, was the best man at a wedding on Saturday, and while there received a text: he’d been called to the Majors.

Meanwhile, Guy Spurrier takes a look deep into the numbers, wondering what could have been if Bautista, Lawrie and Arencibia had been healthy in the second half.

Maple Boner Alert: Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun remarks on Canada’s win at the World Baseball Classic qualifying tournament, and puts together a list of potential candidates for the real squad– including Pirates prospect Jameson Taillon, a dual citizen, but not Cards prospect Oscar Tavares. Make Tavares happen, Baseball Canada!

Elsewhere in the Sun, Ken Fidlin writes that Henderson Alvarez needs to be better. The solution: a reliable third pitch. Shocking, I know.

At whatever they’re calling Miked Up these days, Wilner does an excellent job– as usual– of recapping yesterday’s Jays action.

In a notebook post at, Jeff Seidel writes that John Farrell still has faith in Brad fucking Lincoln, despite most of the city having taken to calling him “Brad fucking Lincoln” by this point, and that the manager insists that his clubhouse is certainly not consequence free, but that any disciplinary action they take is kept in house.

Jays Journal wonders if Adeiny Hechavarria has improved enough at the plate, and feels optimistic about the possibility. Heart Hech!

An AP article, via the Globe and Mail, says that David Ortiz feels confident he’ll remain in Boston next year. Kinda. On the notion of the Red Sox letting him test the free agent market, he says that, if it happens, “of course, I’m going to have to go and ask the (contract) question of somebody else, but I don’t think that’s going to be the case.”

Lastly, at Getting Blanked, Parkes looks at who each MLB team would use their amnesty clause on, if baseball had such a thing the way that the NBA does. Not a lot to choose from for the Jays.

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  1. They should all leave twitter. Absolutely no upside to giving every lunatic with a computer a direct line to these guys.

  2. I thought Lincoln looked pretty good last night. You see batter’s jump back from curveballs coming at them and then watch it drop back into the strike zone. Lincoln was doing that with a faster pitch (slider I guess). I’m glad it all worked out. I think he’ll be just fine as he settles in and gets his confidence in order.

    Considering Snider is sort of or was injured and is striking out more than he is hitting… meh.

  3. i’m not so sure signing ortiz would be a great idea. this is the first year since 2007 when he was (i think 32) that he hasn’t CRAWLED out of April. don’t get me wrong, if you can sign him to one year with an option…why not? i just don’t think he’ll sign that type of deal to come to toronto unless there are absolutely no other options, or they over-pay him dearly.

    • Pujols/Fielder/Wells etc. is overpaying.

      Signing Ortiz, even if it doesn’t work out, won’t harm the club.

      • so basically: wait t’ill 2014, is what you’re saying? i don’t see why he would be worth singing when he’s just going to bitch at farrell about rbi opportunities and so on.

    • b-b-but… I want him

  4. Not clicking on that TheDirty link, but wouldn’t be surprised if Brett’s hightailing it off of Twitter has to do with drama involving the fairer sex. Without divulging too much, I hear it on good authority he likes to, ahem… converse… with his female fans on Twitter, and just look at what happened to Joffrey Lupul earlier this year

  5. I will be reposting my fukstik assignments for this year and soliciting input for changes on the thread. C/mon folks lets help out AA with our ratings. I think Rasmus is becoming a fukstik and in fact will be traded

  6. Not a native speaker, so take this with a grain of salt:

    “Te Merecia esa victoria desde hace tiempo pero solo Dios sabe como haces las cosa hay q estar conforme con lo q Dios nos da you deserve riky.”

    You’ve deserved this victory for a while, but God works in mysterious ways. You deserve Riky.”

    Not a word-for-word translation, but a decent guess at what Edwin meant. (Literally: God only knows how to do things; you have to be happy with what God gives us.) I don’t see how the last three words fit in.

    • @ JBR


      BTW. Your friend has been much improved this year.Rather enjoyed it and many friends agree.His thoughts and insight are getting through much clearer.

    • I assume it was meant something close to “you deserve the win, Ricky”?

  7. “Heart Hech!” is the greatest Simpsons reference I have ever seen. Give up your keyboard, you shall never do better.


  8. Careful analysis of Lawrie’s ‘final’ tweet suggests a hacker.

    “This shall be my final tweet of all time ! Take care twitter ”

    Exhibit a) There are no spelling mistakes.
    Exhibit b) Use of the more formal and commanding “shall” suggests someone with familiarity with the jussive subjunctive and the subtle implications of the imperative voice, and not hopped up on Red Bull.

    Clearly he has been hacked by a Latin teacher.

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