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  1. Good luck “Los Del V.”

  2. As much as people like to rag on JP Riccardi, the more days that pass with AA as GM the more I think he isn’t all that great – good, yes … but not some magic ninja ppl think he is.

    So he traded Vernon Wells? Look at who he made the deal with though – a guy that got fired a year later and someone that no longer works in baseball.

    Yes JP made some shitty on-field moves but look at his front office moves – he hires AA (current GM), hires LaCava (future GM), hired Tinnish (current AGM – maybe future GM). Who has AA hired that will be a future GM? No one I don’t think lol.

    I think it’s fair to say that while JP screwed up on the field, at least he made the right moves off of it. The success of the current Jays lays with the three I mentioned.

    • How about canning half the scouting department?

      • Anyone at the top is surely to be somewhat overrated. I mean, Friedman in Tampa is behind Baltimore too, after all.
        AA has rebuilt the minor league system in a few years and assembled an exciting core for the Big League team at the same time while staying on a tight budget.

    • Too bad all that matters is what happens on the field… not off of it lol.

      He made some great assumptions of Adam Dunn…

      JP’s track record at trading established players for prospects. Over eight years, just three of the 20 players he received in return are still in the organization—Scott Rolen, Jeremy Accardo, and Brian Wolfe

      This is also a guy who got ZERO in return for Alex Rios…

    • Here is what JP did wrong:

      - He ignored a lot of high schoolers. You can’t take players off your draft board. The college players he drafted that were “low risk” couldn’t play. So I am not sure what the risk was.

      - He got a windfall of cash and spent most of it on a redass closer with the most predictable TJ surgery in history and a #3. That money should have been saved for 6 WAR types. He probably did get three of the best players available that off-season, but it was a cruddy off-season. (JP has stated that he hasn’t learned anything from signing BJ Ryan and is therefore unqualified to ever run a team again)

      - He didn’t help himself by aggravating the fans, media and some players constantly

      I’ve read commentary that he just wasn’t lucky enough, and that’s true. He never ripped a team off for a guy like Morrow and never had a guy like Bautista suddenly appear. I’m not going to give him shit for VW’s contract, as I’ve read that it wasn’t his idea. I guess it was his job to convince ownership to take that money and lock up the shit out of Doc. Kind of.

      He wasn’t the devil, but I can’t see how he gets another GM job without owning up to his mistakes the first time through.

      • Right…and what you all have said is correct. All I’m saying is JP is responsible for putting the men in charge that are currently changing everything for the better. Look at who works for AA now – what has he done? lol I doubt any of those guys ever become AGM’s let alone GM’s.

        My point is that AA isn’t some magic ninja he is sometimes perceived to be. I hope he turns it around but most of the “good” GM’s not only put together winning teams but have a lot of “talent” below them in the front office.

      • But Bautista WAS JP’s trade. Doesnt he get credit for that?

    • What the fuck are you talking about? What possible insights do you have about the front office staff hired by AA so far? Do you work in the front office of the Jays? This has got to be the stupidest criticism of a GM in the history of the Internet.

      • Its amazing how a losing team can effect the collective psyche of the BJ fans…fuck wishfully thinking of the good ‘ol days under JP. Is it thaqt bad really? Wake the fuck up everyone!!

      • hahah no I don’t. I’m just going by what I have read online! Look I’m not saying JP is amazing – he was clearly pretty shitty as a GM lol. All I’m saying is most teams that are successful having GM’s and future GM’s in their front office. Have you read anywhere about anyone not named LaCava or Tinnish potentially being a GM someday? That’s my point.

        Now obviously one could say that having all these future GM’s under JP didn’t work out – which is true. However, as people have stated, JP tied his own hands behind his back with his Moneyball mindset.

        At the end of the day this off-season will be a good way to judge how ninja-like we truly think AA is.

    • I thought he was dead to us?

    • J.P. wasn’t as bad as everyone let on. Moneyball was all the rage and J.P. parlayed it into a nice GM job as Rogers was all excited about being good without having to pay players or scouts.

      He took shots on bargain bin players that panned out with Bautista and EE. (Hell AA got rid of EE and then Beane got rid of him)

      He built some pretty good teams all things considered but his attempts to win and Rogers paying nothing almost bottomed the franchise out.

    • wow you’re just figuring this out now?’


      fucking AA fanboys have been in denial.

      this blog constantly writes shit about the orioles being lucky, the jays having a great farm system etc, but really the truth is painfully fucking obvious; we have a shit manager, and shit GM and a shitty team.

      we’re going no where for a long time until we hire actual experienced professionals to run the club.

      the amateur hour in the front office is only lauded by the equally amateurish blog community.

      take that fuckers. xo.

  3. Okay Jays team, you have had your fun in scaring Baltimore. Back to Tank Nation and secure that nice draft pick.

  4. Hi Stoeten, hope someone does some Blue Jays related spoken word poetry.

  5. Vizquel’s slugging is almost lower than his OBP.

  6. AA consults all those wonderful people you list … so, shove off.


    Just listening to this, it says Fairservice is one of the guests…

    • First of all, I am shocked that I clicked on that fucker. Second…International sporting guest…yes I laughed. Third…I did not click on that fucker.

  8. LOL Drew reminisces about his time in S.Korea.

  9. Fuck the 2012 jays fuck the orioles

  10. Villanueva hits the wall.

  11. Fuck I hate Chris Davis.

  12. Aaaand I’m out.

  13. Bit of a quick hook from Farrell there.

  14. So far in September, CV has thrown 26.2 innings and given up 24 runs. incidentally, his first start in September is when he crossed 100 IP.

  15. I would rather the Jays try and sign 2-3 experienced starters like Peavy or Marcum than re-sign Villaneuva. Those players would cost more, but if AA is going to try and patch together a rotation out of bargain bin pitchers we are screwed.

  16. With this month people can finally shut the fuck up about giving Villanueva an extension. He can’t be relied on to pitch a good full season

    • I don’t remember you fighting the narrative several weeks ago when folks like me got unduly excited.

  17. Villanueva’s probably going to have to adjust his free agency expectations.

    I expect he will not be back after the media snark from both sides but compounded by his failure now. I would be greatly impressed with him if he ends up staying with the Jays as a swingman rather than just leaving out of pride.

    • Exactly what I was thinking Ed. I mulled over the teams he faced (all over .500 except for Bos 2x) in the last 10 games but shit, if you want to wear the big boy pants….

      Anyway AA has a decent history (albeit short) of signing fair contracts and CV should keep that in mind before he declares FA. He tried for the big bucks but didnt get it…life goes on.

  18. Is this the Game threat forthcoming of the Gamethreat post?

  19. The first meaningful playoff drive for a Canadian team was the 1979 Expos. They lost to the WS champ Pirates that year… Stargell, Parker, Easler, Kent Tukulve (best looking pitcher ever), Candelaria

    • We are family.

    • That was a great season. I was a kid in Montreal & the Olympic Stadium was packed with 50,000 plus fans when the Pirates came to town.

      I hated Willie Stargell with a passion & any Pirates.

      I used to yell at kids that dressed up as Pirates on Halloween back in those days.

  20. I’ll be honest, I don’t understand Farrell. I’m having trouble reconciling pulling Laffey yesterday and leaving Villanueva in today to get bludgeoned. Don’t get it.

    • I’m beginning to think that AA is a bit of a cutthroat.

      • It’s a case of being hoist by one’s own petard. Or, give him enough rope and he’ll hang himself.

        • The sample size will soon be large enough that we can pass judgment. I’m going to wait until the end of the 2013 season.

        • Could be a case of hubris.

          • I had some of that hubris shit in 79. Wild stuff.I was fucked up for 2 days,nearly got fired.Didn’t realize they still made it.
            I know they still make Baby Duck but I don’t think they still make Baby Bear.

      • Did cross my mind.

      • Or maybe it’s just Farrell…

      • AA decided to write off Snider in 2011 after he refused his club frindly contract offer.

        Good move by AA to destroy Snider’s trade value ( by not playing full time ) so he can get a a middle reliever.!

        CarlosV started to squawk about being paid as a starter , so AA lets him blow up & wreck his free agency value.

        What a great way to build a team. ! Trash a guy like Carlos who stepped in as a starter in June & gave the team 8 quality starts when no one else was available & Poster By Ricky Romero was pitching worse than Jo Jo Reyes.

  21. If I may repeat myself: I fucking hate Chris Davis.

  22. I can no longer tell if I’m laughing or crying. 7 fucking dingers.


  24. You can wave me anytime. I’m ready.

  25. HEY GUYS

    After the last game of the year we could have a google hang out or something and celebrate that its finally over.

    Things we could drink about are cito, Lincoln, snider, injuries and cito. Anything else also good

    • WTF is a “google hang out”? Is it legal? And is beer involved?

      • It’s on computers, radar. Still time for you to learn.

        And yes, there is beer but you gotta bring your own.

        • I know googles on computers but it’s the hang out part I don’t get.
          Is it like an office or at a club somebody rents?
          I’m not going to somebody’s office to have a party.
          I got no problem bringing my own beer.

  26. “Daddy, when the Jays are on the road, why do they only play 8 1/2 innings?” (I had an easier time with “why is the sky blue?”)

  27. The Orioles care not for Pythagorean W-L stats. Most of the season their mark has been an outlier. Tonight it should at least start looking like a team over .500

  28. Fantastic outing from Carpenter. He dropped his ERA 13 points today. Progress!

  29. AA can now swoop in, sign Carlos and tell JPA he can stop telling opposition hitters pitch type and location. Hopefully The Plan worked wonders on driving down NewTown’s salary demand. 6 HRs in his last 2 starts, 10 in his last 5 starts, 14 in his last 9 starts.

    So strange though, 9 QS in his 16 total starts, nice K:BB ratio, 1.17 WHIP and sub-4 ERA as a starter before tonight. .295 OBP against, .720 OPS against. Much better as a starter this year than last, better prepared. He definitely embraces the “study” part of being a starter as far as I can determine from interviews. Would like to see him back. 3 year, 17 or 18 million does not see outrageous given he has put up 1.8 and 1.5 WAR years and will only be 29 next season and not a lot of innings on that arm. Durability has to be a concern but, he did throw 180 innings as a 23 year old (2006 between minors and Brewers). He had very good success as a starter in the minors.

    • 2011: First 9 starts, 54 IP, 22 ER, last 4 starts 19.1 IP, 20 ER Injured at 97 IP.
      2012: First 9 starts: 53.2 IP, 18 ER…last 5 starts: 26.2 IP, 24 ER He had 2 extra starts in the middle

    • +1. That sounds like a fair contract.

      Jays are desperate for pitching in 2013.

  30. Sad to see this, but hopefully this pushes more talent to the baseball side of things when a multi-sport athlete has the option:

  31. so does EE have a shot at a silver slugger award this year? I don’t even know if he counts as a DH or 1B. Seems like he should get one though.

    • and after not being a lazy piece of poo… i actually looked up stats! look at me go!

      contenders are:

      EE 42HR .947 OPS
      Fielder 28HR .928 OPS
      Butler 27HR .878 OPS
      Mauer 10HR .875 OPS
      Dunn 41HR .825 OPS

      not sure how many ABs Cabrera had at 1B or DH this year but I’m pretty sure he counts as a 3B, so he looks like the only hitter that could top EE in silver slugger voting.

      so at least EE looks like he will get some hardware

  32. So, whats up? Was there a game today? Livin’on the West Coast and still a ……… I also like art.

    • Where on the coast are ya Tom W?

      I’m on Vancouver Island…have you been out to see the Canadians?

      • Ha Ha,I live on the Island too and no I didn’t see the Canadians this year at all…a couple times last year but work, women and fucking ferries (those are boats you over sensitive fucks) cost too much coin.

        • I am in Parksville, I have never been to the Nat, but it certainly sounds like a pretty fun experience and a great little park. Would love to go over and enjoy a Saturday afternoon matinee sometime.

          Have you been to Safeco? Do you go down when the Jays are there? Now THAT is how you build a stadium with a retractable roof…what a beauty.

          • Yeah I’ve been to Safeco a couple of times and I love it. I’d probably go down more but I tend to get rolled like I’m part of a South American cartel every time I cross the boarder. Oh and hey, I’m just over the hump in PA

  33. OK, Rasmus is now a FUKSTIK!
    I’ve thought about it and I have been wavering but I now honestly think it is time to cut bait with this guy. Every game, now, he goes 0-4 basically playing “pepper” with the 2nd baseman. Him and Johnson are both fucked up. KJ will be leaving as we are not paying his sorry ass 6.5m+ and, despite rumblings, AA cannot justify an extension to Rasmus who looks like he’ll hit about .215 with about 6 HR in the 2nd half.
    I’m thinking IF AA can get a good LF ( one of the Upton’s?), then maybe he goes with Gose in CF ( at .217 same as Rasmus and a lot faster and cheaper despite drop off in power). Find someone else to take Rasmus as a CF in part of a package for a starter ,perhaps Josh Johnson of Florida or Gallardo of Milwaukee.
    I just think Rasmus is like Snider, you can see talent is there, but like a lot of guys he simply cannot do it ona regular basis

  34. Really hard to see the silver lining with this team as it stands now. Barring Jose Bautista, can someone name ONE (One. Yes, one.) Blue Jay that has had a relatively consistent track record of success over the past 3 seasons?

    That is fucking pathetic.

    • I’m assuming you want consistently… GOOD…. right? Because I could name some who have been consistently bad for 3 years.

      • Actually I take that back. I can only think of a handful of players who have actually even been Blue Jays for 3 years straight….

  35. Escobar for Anderson?

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