3B – Lawrie -0.098 0.90
CF – Rasmus -0.089 1.07
PH – McCoy 0.000 0.00
DH – Encarnacion 0.058 0.53 SS – Escobar -0.039 0.52 PH – Hechavarria 0.000 0.00
1B – Lind 0.047 0.41 Pitcher WPA aLI
RF – Davis -0.110 0.99 SP – Villanueva -0.401 0.92
PH – Sierra 0.000 0.00 RP – Lyon 0.003 0.11
2B – Vizquel -0.044 0.57 RP – Carreno -0.031 0.14
C – Arencibia 0.095 0.64 RP – Beck -0.005 0.01
LF/CF – Gose 0.116 1.11 RP – Carpenter 0.000 0.00

Bests / Worsts of the game after the jump!

Top Dog: Anthony Gose, 11.6%
The Worst: Carlos Villanueva, -40.1%
Worst Bat: Rajai Davis, -11.0%
Impact AB: Gose RBI Single, Top 5, 14.6%
Impact Pitch: Chris Davis 2-Run HR, Bot 5, -22.1%
Highest Leverage AB: Gose RBI Single, Top 5, 1.63
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: Matt Wieters Strikeout, Bot 4, 1.67
Lineup Contribution: -6.4%
Pitching Contribution: -43.4%
Average Leverage Index: 0.61
Chart explanation

7 Games Left.

(WPA data courtesy Baseball Reference)
(Idea for a post game graph courtesy Lookout Landing)

Comments (15)

  1. I turned this game off after the first inning… Clearly a good choice on my part.

  2. Carlos making a real great case to be a starter.

  3. I hate my life

  4. “Stop! Stop! (sob)…he’s already dead!”

  5. The least depressing part of this post is that there are only 7 games remaining.

  6. Looks like Carlos is hitting that wall again… maybe we can sign him for half a season next year. Not as many arrogant sound-bites when he gets whacked around the yard a bit.

  7. I bet that spoken word poetry session was more enjoyable.

  8. Does that graph show CV’s free agency status as well?

  9. I’m glad they lost. I would like to see the Os beat out the Yanks for the division. Maybe Toronto can help them in the next 4 days. At least they will be important games.

  10. I dunno about anyone else, but personally I’ve reached that state of Nirvana where I literally don’t care anymore.

  11. That game graph really could be used as a representation of the season as well … Cruising along right at .500 for a little more than 1/2 of the season, and then the team completely fell off a cliff.

  12. Touche. With the number of players that have reached fukstik status, imo, the rebuiding offseason cannot start fast enuf for me. The fate of whether a couple of my buds and I go next year hinges on it.
    If I want to watch undisciplined, unmotivated, poorly executed , bullshit baseball I can go up to the corner park and watch the 16 year olds for free. Not the ones that are older but play and execute like they are 16 ( Davis/Lawrie et al)

  13. ^^^^ I know it was stupid to post this on here ^^^^

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