Yep, we’re still doing this. Only for three more days though. And against the Twins, and whoeverthefuck it is they’re running out there at this point, so really it only barely counts.

Yet, as dismissive as I’m being, I give it less than a week before I really start to fucking miss all this. The games, that is. Not doing Game Threats. They’re annoying as piss.


By the looks of the reverse standings at MLBTR, The magic number for the Jays locking down a protected pick in next year’s draft is something in the neighbourhood of one. Yay?

John Lott tweets that in a scrum with the media today, John Farrell said that the “report of ‘friction’ between him and AA is ‘unfounded.’ ” Not sure what else he’d say, but still.

In Shi Davidi’s tweet about it he adds that a “statement of such from person with no ties to situation ‘irresponsible.’ ”

Say it ain’t so, Black Magic: in the National Post (and elsewhere), John Lott says that Darren Oliver sounds kinda like he’s leaning towards retirement. Or maybe just demanding a trade back to Texas. Neither would be OK with me. GBOAT!

Tony Ambrogio tweets that Carlos Villanueva has been scratched from tomorrow’s start, and Chad Jenkins will be taking his place. Take that, millions of dollars!

Strangeness from Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail, who writes that the Jays “need to either sign [their] manager to a contract extension or let him go,” even more bizarrely says that AA must “convince Pat Hentgen he needs to have a role on the coaching staff,” but interestingly warns that we should “not underestimate the impact of Morrow’s absence from the clubhouse” this season, and adds a key quote from Ricky Romero, who says of his manager that “John was dealt a bad card this year. It’s tough to manage a team with a lot of guys going in and out, and I think you have to tip your hat to the job he did.”

Lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis RF
C. Rasmus CF
B. Lawrie 3B
A. Lind 1B
Y. Escobar DH
K. Johnson 2B
A. Hechavarria SS
J. Mathis C
A. Gose LF

A. Laffey RHP

Minnesota Twins

B. Revere CF
J. Carroll 2B
J. Mauer DH
C. Parmelee 1B
T. Plouffe 3B
M. Carson RF
C. Herrmann LF
D. Butera C
P. Florimon SS

E. Vazquez RHP

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  1. +1

  2. Secure the pick this game and then kick the twins ass the last two to end the season.

  3. Hey, Morneau’s not as complete shit as I thought he was: 267/333/440

    If the Twins eat some of that contract why the fuck not?

  4. GBOAT?? Greatest black of all time?? That’s sorta racist.

    • not to me it wasn’t because I didn’t know what it meant until you pointed it out and brought the r word and narrative into it. I’m writing this not to pick on you, but to point out that this is exactly what happened in the Escobar affair. If that photographer would have stuck with his first instincts and realized that in no way would it help the team to publish …. would it have been an insult let alone what it definitely wasn’t – a homophobic slur. That’s what it was made into by the narratives put on it by people who were not insulted but took it upon themselves to pass judgement.

    • Greatest Bullpen Of All Time

  5. Here’s hoping Mauer lights the Jays up this series and moves into first for the AVG lead. At least the Jays can go down fighting.

  6. Blue Jays PR Department to Toronto: “Hey guys! Wayne Gretzky!!1!!!!1!!!1! He’s kind of like the Toronto Maple Leafs right?! Guys?”

  7. How long has Sportsnet been superimposing ads on the field? And why, when it’s Oct 1st, are the ads for a fucking ice cream place?

  8. Cogeco cable is out. Not sure whether to be pissed or thank them for saving me from the pain. If those twins had mullets, i would’ve printed that picture and posted it on my wall. Fact

  9. NNY up 7-0 in the 2nd inning. Bosox know how to Tank.

  10. I hate to be a stickler at this time of year, but Laffey’s a LHP not an RHP.

    Perhaps this comment speaks to why these game threats are annoying as piss : )

  11. What happens to this blog in the off-season? I don’t think I ever checked it out once the season was over. Are there occasional posts when something of interest happens or is it basically dead until March?

    • Stoeten winters at a Florida retirement home, spinning tunes in the rec. room.

    • You will need to check in every now and then, as the offseason promises to be an important one for the Blue Jays.

      Now, if we get a repeat of last year, with no significant FA additions other than Oliver, and if we continue to see Beeston making empty promises, like seeing the club becoming playoff contenders 2 or 3 times in the next 5 years, or my personal favorite, installing real grass at Rogers Centre, then you might be needed to soothe the poor souls who frequent this blog.

      • I’ll go out on a limb and guess that Ballsdeep meant ‘soothe the poor souls’ in your professional capacity, Karen.

        • In every house where I come I will enter only for the good of my patients, keeping myself far from all intentional ill-doing and all seduction and especially from the pleasures of love with women or men, be they free or slaves

      • It will be an ugly offseason if AA does nothing or very little.

        The potential retirement of Oliver would be another hole for AA to fix.

    • Every day, yo. All winter long.

    • SP, it’s part of the hippocratic oath

    • @ karen

      Usually,there still will be plenty of posts ( no Stoeten i don’t really know and I can’t read you mind).
      Everything from after season reflections, then leading up to winter meetings trade speculations,Injury reports,free agent speculations,international signings,getting ready for spring ,etc.
      Last season, there was the Darvish excitement,the Fielder sweepstakes, prospect porn.
      DJF,IMO, has gone through many changes, each offseason has been a little different,commenters have come and gone etc.
      Stick around, a lot of information forthcoming.
      Unless Stoeten has a bunch of surprises because I don’t know what he’s thinking and how could I possibly know,because he’s an enigma, wrapped in a conundrum, bounded by no man or beast, who drinks too much and hangs around with Parkes.
      Besides SP and birddawg will probably be here, so you’re bound to have some laughs.
      Those crazy kids.

  12. What the eff is Blair blithering on about? Didn’t Hentgen step down because he wanted to spend more time with this kids? I’m sure if he wanted a full time coaching job there would be one with the Jays. I wouldn’t mind him taking over as pitching coach truth be told.

    • Blair doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

      He knows that Hentgen wanted to be with his family…but on his radioshow a couple weeks ago he said something along the lines of: ‘The Jays need to convince Hentgen, or hope he has a change of heart & that he takes another position w/ the club’.

  13. Are people seriously watching this game? What the fuck is wrong with?

  14. What the fuck is wrong with what?

  15. If Brett Cecil is on the 25 man roster next year I think I might have a fucking stroke! (Not in a good way either)

  16. that model Lincoln will work nicely

    • Let’s hope it keeps getting better with age (something both of us know something about, one way or another.)

      • a little polishing and some adjustments to the twist in the frame from that crash last week …

  17. Where’s fukstick ( he’s growing on Stoeten don’t ya know)?
    He’s a little off on his attendance prediction for tonights game.

  18. Tabler ” he dropped some head on that baseball”

  19. Baseball!

    Ya never know. Anything can happen.

  20. Fuck you Yan Gomes.
    This was an important game to lose.

  21. @greggzaun
    Gomes should make the team next year because of his versatility and pop

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
    Zaun is so unbelievably daft.

  22. I must say, a little rough around the edges, but if he can put it together is there anything wrong with a guy on the bench who can play 1, 3, LF and C? Who hits for power… I like Yan. Regardless of context. I thought he looked alright in Spring T, and he’s had one or two clutch hits this year. I hope he pulls it together this off season and come in hot next spring.

    • That makes two of us. (and I mean ONLY two of us.) Maybe it has something to do with being out on the Best Coast?

    • Yup, you could do a hell of a lot worse for a bench guy.Just the versatility alone for the late innings,he’s worth it.

      • Have you all lost your mind? Why do you need one guy to play four positions who cannot hit at all and has no speed? You realize you are allowed a 25 man roster right? So you are actually alllowed to have players who can hit or run a little bit fill those backup positional roles.

        id honestly rather have mike mccoy because he can play ss and he can be used as a pinch runner.

  23. What the hell, Lind? Why do you start hitting everything when the season’s over? Why can’t you just suck all the time and stop teasing us with the unlikely-as-hell possibility that you might be half consistent again?

  24. Finally , some emotion from Farrell.

  25. Why is Lawrie undressing Gose and trying to dry hump him?

  26. How ironic… The future fucking up the future.

  27. Kinda nice to see they still care.

    • To suggest they still care would mean they never lost it, and we know that that is somewhat suspect, to say the least.

  28. when this team starts winning, they are going to be irritating to other teams … beginning with that kind of craziness but more practically … Gose drove Phil Hughes batty in that game so Brett could take advantage … that stuff is pretty close to the priceless category.

  29. It’ll be great to see a triple crown winner again (appologies to you Stoet) Go Tigers…go Reds

  30. Hey Radar-I’m backkkk. Attendance at 12.5k tonite so the over wins.
    I’m still in shock here. An almost fukstik hits a homer in the 9th to fuk up a game we had to LOSE! A win at this point is of no value. Now we are 2 ahead of the BOSOX with 2 to play so forget that and we are closing in on KC. What a bunch of fools. Now it looks like they may draft 10th instead of 7th over a stupid meaningless game. Farrell s/b pinchhitting guys like Korecki and Hill for people like Gomes so there is no chance of a homer-they can practice their fucking bunting.
    Seriously, folks , Rasmus is losing me. Yeah he hits a few HR’s but man someone has to explain to that guy that it is ok to hit the ball to left field and CF once in awhile. It w/n surprise me one iota to see him dealt as part of a package perhaps to Cleveland for Masterton. Christ sign a FA to repalce him like Bourne

    • at the beginning of the year, ALL rasmus was doing was hitting balls to left field and everyone was whining. Now he is doing nothing but pull balls and everyone is pissed.

      I think rasmus is who he is…he might get a little better, but not much. Certainly dont think his bat is good enough to justify him keeping gose and his amazing defense from CF.

      i would hazzard a guess that within two years gose will be a better hitter than rasmus..and his defense is already much better.

      • You’re right, but who’s gonna play center field until Gose’s bat comes around?( if it does)

      • If AA goes out and gets a decent LF i.e. Choo or Upton, the Jays can manage with Gose’s subpar offense in CF. Devon White wasn’t exactly an offensive juggernaut back in the day.

  31. So the great new playoff system of MLB. They have done a wonderful job of tweaking the system.

    Now we have a team in the tigers who get a bye into the second round despite having the 7th best record in the fucking american league.

    does that strike anyone as odd?

    in fact, there will be two teams that dont even make the playoffs who have a better record than they do.

    they will have a worse record than BOTH wild card teams.

    GREAT system BUD. GREAT

    • nobody cares cuz all the owners are making millions. don’t you find it odd that selig is making 17 million??????

      if selig had a flat tire, he would not change it, he would add a fifth wild card tire so that he could say there’s no need to change it since the car still drives..

    • Are you kidding?
      The playoff system’s been like that forever.That’s why they added the extra wildcard.
      That’s why baseball’s like life itself.Sometime’s it’s fair, sometimes it’s not.
      Sometimes the call goes your way, sometimes they don’t.
      Sometimes the sabermetric geeks get it all wrong and Baltimore makes the playoffs.
      Welcome to the real world,expect the unexpected and love the game for what it is.

      BTW If you’re gonna compare records, it’d make sense IF they played the same teams an equal amount of times.Can’t compare when each team faces different competition.

      • First of all, your claim that I should embrace this system because, as you put it, like life is is unfair..i find to be bullshit

        i follow sports as an escape from real life, not as a mirror of it.

        and as for this quote

        “BTW If you’re gonna compare records, it’d make sense IF they played the same teams an equal amount of times.Can’t compare when each team faces different competition.”

        that fact actually renders the tigers post season status even more laughable.

      • There’s a big difference between life being unfair because you have no control over it and selig intentionally making it unfair for absolutely no reason.

        He makes 3 divisions to artificially create rivalries which doesn’t work because winning creates rivalries not simply being in the same division. I am disgusted to having watch the jays play tampa 18 times a year.

        The fact is selig didn’t want to break up the boston/nyy rivalry so he made everyone else suffer. What selig fails to realize is that if you strengthen all 30 teams then nyy/boston doesn’t really matter.

      • +1.

        The Jays do have a disadvantage because they have to play the yankees & red sox 36 times a year which traditionally have better teams due to high payroll.

        Jays are a big market team trying to compete as a mall market team , but not yet succesful at developing their young talent.


    wow red sox players dressing like girls and yunel gets suspended.

  33. So the A’s just defeated the rangers to pull to one game back. they have two games left.

    the attendance was just over 21 k.

    this is pathetic.

  34. Okay, jays you have had your pride moment. Say it , in the fifth round er inning my ass goes down.

  35. Don’t underestimate the impact of (Insert Player’s name) in the clubhouse.

    Spell check, send in copy.

  36. Well, one good thing. Those fuckers from Tampa aren’t in the playoffs. Maybe we can convince Houston or someone to trade for a Shields who has a 13m option and then trade them some more kids. Then sign Peavy whose 22m option has been declined by the chisox. There,AA, solved getting 2 SP’s for ya. ONe Tradde, One checkbook solutiuon. Get er done

    • Got to give props to the Rays for winning at least 89 games without much offence.

      Should be fun playoffs this year.

      • Yeah definitely. Could you imagine if Tampa could actually hit a bit? They’d be nearly unstoppable.

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