Yep, we really are still doing this. Not that anybody’s going to notice. Yes, it’s the Twins in the game in the penultimate game of the season, and the ultimate game in which to use the phrase penultimate game of the season!

Exciting, no?


Kelly Johnson at DH tonight, because… why not?

From our friend @DrewGROF: “Joe Mauer DHs and plays so much first he now has a negative positional adjustment on Fangraphs.” Sad trombone.

Gold from John Lott, who tweets that Edwin Encarnacion– E5 no more– still has a sore shoulder and is uncertain to be playing in tomorrow’s finale. Omar Vizquel will start, though, in his final game as a player/absentee mentor, and the manager says he doesn’t see changes to the coaching staff coming next season, adding that “an asstant hitting coach is ‘a concept,’ with no promises made to Mottola. But in next breath, heaped praise on Mottola.”

Chad Jenkins, of course, gets the start tonight for the Jays, in place of Carlos Villanueva, and there seems to be a lot of belief out there that the Jays are essentially telling Villanueva to go fuck himself with the move. I’ll say here what I wrote in the comments about it: Villanueva was very OK with giving Jenkins the start in his comments to the media. I suspect it’s entirely possible that he didn’t think he’d do himself, or the numbers he’ll be selling himself on this winter, any favours by going out there. And that by having the pretext of getting a look at Jenkins being sold to the media by the club, it doesn’t make it sound so much like he’s being held back because his arm is fatigued or anything like that– which is of course the major knock on him. Ergo, I’m not sure it’s a “fuck you” at all. It could be, but I’d kinda think he’d have bristled a little more at the whole concept.

Lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis LF
Y. Escobar SS
B. Lawrie 3B
A. Lind 1B
J. Arencibia C
K. Johnson DH
A. Hechavarria 2B
M. Sierra RF
A. Gose CF

C. Jenkins RHP

Minnesota Twins

D. Span CF
B. Revere RF
J. Mauer DH
C. Parmelee 1B
T. Plouffe 3B
M. Carson LF
C. Herrmann C
A. Casilla 2B
E. Escobar SS

A. Swarzak RHP

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  1. Maybe I’m alone here tonight.

  2. We shoulda picked up Mauer off waivers. His bat would play great in Rogers Centre, then we flip him and cash to cover the albatross contract for serious value whenever d’Arnaud’s ready.

    Have you SEEN the free agent class this winter?

  3. Stoeten, have the numbers dropped that much?

    • Is it RADAR implying some kind of knowledge that he absolutely doesn’t have, again?

      I know you’re joking, but I’m compelled to keep noting it every time I spot you doing this. I mean, what the fucking fuck???

      • Sorry Stoeten, I was reading to much into your opening statement “Yep, we really are still doing this. Not that anybody’s going to notice”
        That’s why i posed it in the form of a question.
        I know interest has waned at the end of the year,I thought you were lamenting everyone jumping off the bandwagon.
        Even karen wondered “Maybe I’m alone here tonight.”

        I was just curious not even joking.
        You’ve got to get over this shit.
        Sometimes a question is just a question.
        And what the fucking fuck?,indeed.

    • Way to go Radar, piss off the big guy with 18 innings left in the season

      • I feel like you two would make an outstanding pairing if Statler and Waldorf ever retire.

      • @ birddawg

        Just about anything I post pisses him off ( We have history)
        Let’s see if we can get a reaction.
        Hey Stoeten.


  4. So, after fucking around with Carlos V. so much, is there any chance he comes back?

    I know AA didn’t wanna inflate his value but.. he still has to sign a contract with us.

    • Los Del V. is pretty much a goner from Blue Jays land.

      Starting Jenkins on short rest over Villanueava is AA and Farrell’s way of saying fuck you. Oh yeah, good luck to you as a free agent.

      • Villanueva was very OK with giving Jenkins the start in his comments to the media. I suspect it’s very possible that he didn’t think he’d do himself, or the numbers he’ll be selling himself on this winter, any favours by going out there. And by having the pretext of getting a look at Jenkins being sold by the club, it doesn’t make it sound so much like he’s being held back because his arm is fatigued– which is of course the major knock on him.

        So I’m not sure it’s a fuck you at all. It could be, but I think he’d have bristled a little more at the whole concept.

        • Like a good soldier, Villanueva was very diplomatic in his comments to the media (which I did see). I doubt he was so nice when he later spoke to his agent about being bumped from the rotation in favour of a rookie going on short rest. Think about that for a minute.

    • CV says he wants starter money and terms.
      Is he releiver money or starter money?
      Only AA knows for sure.

    • I’d like to see him in the bullpen again next season. Hope they work something out.

    • AA not only basically bad-mouthed him right before free agency, but he &/or Farrell now strike his last start. They say he’s worn out, but did you see Laffey the other night? Laffey was quick to admit he had nothing left–Carlos wants his last kick at the can badly. He’s taking the high road on his way out, but I suspect Toronto will be his last choice, but of course how many choices he’ll have to pick from, no one as yet knows.

      • “Carlos wants his last kick at the can badly.”

        Did he go off and I missed it? Where are you getting this?

        • I might have dreamed it. My narrative needed it badly, however. (I’ll see if I can reverse-engineer my day.)

    • You might want to say your goodbyes now.

  5. Anyone know offhand if Morneau and/or Willingham are injured? Or are they just sitting out to give some rookies a bit of playing time?

  6. Tabby predicts Arencibia is going to have a big season next year. That would be nice.

  7. Congratulations, Kelly.

  8. JPA + (BLANK) for price?

  9. So is EE playing hurt so MLB can have its first triple crown since 68

  10. Hechavarria: love that guy.

  11. Do you play for the Pittsburgh Pirates? No? Well neither do I. My ass rides the bench.

  12. KJ just had to say ‘fuck you’ on his way out.

  13. Drew with the epic voice crack on “Pepper”.
    What, no one else watches the show?

  14. I just channeled Buck’s mind.

  15. Yet another insolence. Obnoxious advertisements grown larger upon my screen than the players themselves.

    Rogers’ disregard for the fans only grows (and you needn’t remind me of similar ads on the glass during Canucks games), as it has since SN1 and since the very purchase of the Dome. But no, we shouldn’t register our displeasure en masse and say something… that would violate the hipster douchebag code, wouldn’t it?

  16. Hey guys! supposed to be working on my e&m homework but just wanted to check in and let you know that i still love the jays. And Farrell. He fucks up a ton but i think he’s still a great guy



  18. Note to the Jays Front Office–It’s been a whole hour since anyone on this baseball blog realized that the game was still in progress. It probably means something.

  19. For the record, I know there’s no crying in baseball and the Villanueva ship has more or less sailed and it’s best for the team but it will still leave a void roughly the size of an oddly conceived beard in my heart.


  20. If Anthopolous blows all the money on pitchers and we can’t get Big Papi and
    If they keep Lind to be part of a platoon (and fuck I pray that they don’t) Francoeur would be a good Right side of that tandem. He hit’s lefties hard and buys pizza and beer for the fans.

  21. Theeeeee BJ’s win

  22. What a horrid end to a horrid season. The absense of passion for this team is deafening

  23. Soriano just got taken for a HR top 9th. I FEEL SO CONFLICTED.

  24. This game was not nearly exciting as the last one where Lawrie attempted to undress Gose after a game winning single saved the Jays from last place in the last series of the year.



    • What a charming way of viewing what transpired last night, let alone tonight. “Saved the Jays from last place in the last series of the year.” We’re hanging on by our fingernails to a protected pick, and have fallen (I think) 3 places in our pick order, and you’re still worrying whether Boston’s season or ours was a more complete fuckup? Perspective please.

      • Ok, but you asked for it…9 innings left in the season and the race for last place is all but over for our boys. Stick a fork in em Spud your boys are done, the BJ’s cannot lose their way to success anymore than they could win their way there.
        Your team is forever in baseball pergatory, nothing more than a savings account in MLB where the service charges outstrip the interest accumulated. Look for the same next year

        • Hows about a song Spud, sniff, ya got something appropriate

          • I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour,
            But heaven knows I’m miserable now.

          • That was beautiful, man! (sniff)

          • Well if you insist, birddawg, let me give you the Official Blue Jays Song. And a one and a two and a–

            The sun’ll come out
            Bet your bottom dollar
            That tomorrow
            There’ll be sun!!

            Just thinkin’ about
            Clears away the cobwebs,
            And the sorrow
            ‘Til there’s none!

            When I’m stuck a day
            that’s gray,
            And lonely,
            I just stick out my chin
            And grin,
            And say,

            The sun’ll come out
            So ya gotta hang on
            ‘Til tomorrow
            Come what may
            Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
            I love ya tomorrow!
            You’re always
            A day

        • What’s this bullshit about “my boys,” “my team.” I thought we had joint custody? (Although, come to think of it, when my ex and I went through that process, things didn’t work out as anticipated either.)

  25. OH the irony!

    kj ties canseco for most k’s and they both were hit on the head trying to field the baseball!

  26. Picking 9th in the draft is going to be a painful reminder of the waste of a year 2012 – RSux picking ahead of the Jays along with four other teams that the Jays should have been lower than will be a stab in the eye every round in June.

    Dylan Bundy – 4th overall pick last year, Matt Harvey went 7th in 2010, Zach Wheeler 6th in 2009, Buster Posey, 5th pick in 2008, Matt Wieters 5th in 2007 – all guys you DON’T GET A SHOT TO BE WRONG ON if you pick 9th.

    • You’re not wrong, but look at the outcry over the lax clubhouse culture and multiply it by a hundred if the Jays openly had tanked at the end here. They were damned if they did and damned if they didn’t.

  27. Fuck wilner spreading more lies. Says it’s exceedingly difficult to make the playoffs. Bull. There was roughly a 30% chance before of making the playoffs. With the extra wild card it’s now roughly 40%, which means every team should be making the playoffs on avg every 3 years

    • Unless you count the “playoffs” as what happens after the play-in games, in which case he’s right.

      • You know, the I dont care what you call in game wonder…whatever, its still playoffs. And people that have been saying that trying to improve the team in order to “go for” one of those two one game wild care spots is a fool’s errand are WRONG.

        I’ve hear a lot of smart people who should no better say this. They imply that a one game playoff is a complete carp shoot. (which it is) But then act as if a best of five (in relative baseball terms) is not? Functionally they are near equal crapshoots.

        In fact, I could argue that since the better team does not necessarily win such crap shoots, its actually MORE reason to actually try and get such a wild card spot….once you are in the tourney, you have as good a shot as anyone due to the sheer randomness of it all.

        Is the point to win the world series period? or is it to win the world series AND have the best team/?

        Personally I dont care when we win it as long as we win it.

  28. The Jays are in deep now. They have to go out and throw the last game of the year in front of a probably large enough crowd. Was it too hard to just throw one of the first two to lock the pick and then go out with a nice finish?

    FFS, GM AA better tell Farrellball that if he wins tomorrow and the protected pick is lost, he’ll be the new third base coach for Butterball.

    • Having Farrell in charge of the running game would scare the shit out of me. Put him in the bullpen, or maybe in the stands like Rivera.

  29. This winning vs the twins is not due to poor tanking. In fact they really want to win these games and get out of the protected spots in order to have an excuse to not sign a free agent.


    Fuck these guys and stop sucking before shooting off your mouths.

    Goodbye, Frasor. Lind, your career is hanging by a thread and the team has only stuck with you because of your contract you cashed in on after one decent year. Way to go to with “I’m still an arb guy” bullshit. Who needs veterans like Vizquel, Lind and Frasor?

    • EE, Oliver, Bautista Lind, Frasor, Escobar, Vizquel, Johnson, Davis and Mathis were all in the 29+ year old season with significant experience in the bigs. With the exception of the first three, maybe they don’t need veteran leadership, maybe they need veterans who don’t suck.

    • “What the Jays don’t have on this team is a veteran everyday player who is willing to take on a vocal leadership role.”

      the idea that a team needs a vocal leader is a joke.

      It pains me to use this example, but does anyone actually think Derek Jeter is in the club house rah-rah-ing it up? Yelling at guys? I don’t think so. Would anyone question Jeter as the “leader” of the Yankees? Don’t think so.

      There are ways to lead being being “vocal”.

    • This says volumes about Lind’s character and makeup. He’s lazy and needs someone to hold his hand and tell him how to play the game the right way. Sounds to me like he’s shifting the blame to others for his own shitty performance

  31. I love how it is “management’s” problem about leadershipness instead of these veterans calling out rookies by name if they are a problem or not putting in the work. That is cowardly and displays the opposite of what they should be. The problem is them full stop.

  32. Did we just see Darren Oliver’s last career appearance last night?

    Hopefully, AA can convince him to stick around for yet another season in good old T.O. But from recent reports, there are strong indications that he might be retiring folks.

    His last career out could have been that pickoff throw to 1B to get Ben Revere.

  33. Well, if the Jays win again tonight and the Mets lose, Jays will pick 11th in the draft, because the Mets finished worse than them last year and the Pirates pick 10th because of not signing their pick, Mark Appel, last year.

    That will be the dinglecherry on top of the shitcake for 2012, soooo go ahead and make it memorable Blue Jays, win one for . . . . .. . . the fans????????

  34. what about this for a deal Arebcibia for Morneau. Nice and simple deal Mauer than slides to first for Twins we get 1st baseman/DH to platoon with Edwin. Savings in salary for Twins makes this realistic to me.

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