Um… am I the only one for whom “Roof On Hold,” rather than suggesting a sunny day with the possibility of outdoor baseball, conjures memories of… oh, I don’t know… the time it started raining mid-game and the roof at the Rogers Centre wouldn’t close, so a bunch of people got soaked– including Sean, who runs our football blog, 100 Yards and Running, and I can assure you is still just a liiiiittle¬†bit¬†bitter about it– while all us dry souls who missed it were spared any good fortune by being reminded of the spirit-crushing, looming inevitability that the Rogers Centre roof is not immortal, and sooner or later, with no flashy new ballpark anywhere close to in sight, we may just be one day faced with the putrid possibility of a permanently closed stadium?

Yeah… not sure I would have gone with that one.

UPDATE: OK, so apparently they’ve been using this all year, and it’s about the status of the roof. Still conjures bad memories, but maybe less confounding now. Do I really go to so little to have not noticed until the second last game of the year? With Gregor’s stuff steam-fed into my RSS reader, I guess I’m going to have go ahead and say yes.


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  1. I.. I don’t even understand what they are trying to convey?

  2. I don’t get it. Is that supposed to tell us whether or not the roof is going to be open for that night’s game or not?

  3. I feel like somebody should be commenting on Griffin’s latest article that blames Romero’s season on, of all people, Joe Maddon.


  4. The banner changes depending on whether or not the roof will be open or closed. A couple days ago it said “Roof Closed”. “Roof On Hold” just means they’re not sure if they’re opening it or not due to unpredictable weather.

  5. Maybe they are telling us the proverbial “roof” that fell in on this season in July was finally stopped, and it’s at least being held in place by a few volunteers/team members until everyone left can exit the 2012 season safely and without further injury.

  6. I see what they are trying to do but they should really say “Roof Status: TBD”. Always shocking how many people complain when it is open.

  7. That’s one hell of a run-on sentence.

  8. they’ve been using this all year. since way before the incident. good try though.

  9. Shouldn’t it say “Season on hold”

  10. Today in poorly thought blog posts.

  11. Yawn… is it spring yet…

  12. Having the Jays play in a permanently closed dome would probably be the one thing that would turn me into an Fullmer Fan style Anti Rogers zealot.

    I actually really do believe even Rogers would look into building a new stadium if the dome broke. The team is so integrated in so many platforms now, they couldn’t sabotage it like that.

    • the jays are the only event i’ve ever attended at the dome with the roof open…so i don’t think they’d care. and i doubt red sox and yanks fans (ie. the people who goto jays games) would mind that much either.

  13. The guy who runs the football fan is bitter because he had to sit through some rain at a baseball game?

  14. This team needs Yan Gomes on it in 2013!

    • Gregg, can you please share with the rest of us whatever the hell it is you are smoking/snorting that makes you think thoughts such as this?
      I assume its the same thing that makes you think those brutal shirt+tie combos look good.

  15. Would the default for a broken dome be closed? If so, that blows. Sports are meant to be played outdoors. Yes, it gets colder earlier in Canada, but without sunshine and a view of the CN Tower the Jays are basically playing baseball in the world’s shittiest mall.

    Here’s hoping the dome breaks while it’s in the fully open position. Like an old hooker.

    • It would have to be closed as the default thanks to its lack of drainage. It would become unusable.

  16. ROOF ON HOLD. If only this was the Jays slogan. This is an AA strategy for sure. Let’s make it all about the stadium. Will the roof be open or closed? Fuck who’s pitching or playing in left or who’s hurt or who we’re calling up or where Lind’s batting in the order or if Farrell’s happy or who Yunel may think is gay or what Colby’s smoking or waht goes through Lawrie’s head when he’s on base. The big question should be – “Is the roof going to be open?” Brilliant deception.

  17. The dome being permanently closed is not that terrible. The last thing I need is the sun blasting in my face while I’m trying to enjoy a baseball game. If I want a suntan I’ll go to the beach. And I never go to the beach. So fuck suntans.

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