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“I think he has to make some major decisions because this wasn’t a good mix this year. It didn’t work out obviously,” says older guy on a young team, Jason Frasor, according to the Toronto Sun. “If I was back with the Blue Jays, I’d like there to be some older guys. Guys who carry themselves a little more professionally. It makes for a better team out there. The sloppiness off the field carries over to the field.”

Elsewhere in the Sun, Ken Fidlin tries his hand at explaining where it all went wrong for the Jays this year, while Bob Elliott looks to Canada’s WBC roster, where their top pitcher may be… wait for it… Scott Diamond, and Melissa Couto looks to the club’s young players as bright lights in a dismal season.

In the Globe and Mail, Cuban-Canadian novelist José Latour provides some context and background to help us better digest the Yunel Escobar incident, suggesting that “Canadians, and the media, should understand that immigrants need time to learn and adjust. The reaction to Mr. Escobar’s deplorable mistake failed to take into consideration where he comes from and his ignorance, if you will, of how people would be offended. For that reason, the reaction turned excessive and unjust to a certain degree.”

“Ask the scouts who use words such as ‘disgusting’ to describe his daily lack of focus and commitment,” suggests Jayson Stark of of Yunel Escobar, who he names American League LVP in his year-end awards piece. Ricky Romero gets his AL Cy Yuk, too.

In the Toronto Star, Cathal Kelly suggests Rogers prefers to maintain the mediocre status quo among sports properties in this city, which you’ll surely enjoy if you’re into delicious mouthfuls of low-hanging fruit, but I’m pretty sure the whole purpose of the Anthopoulos experiment is to succeed within the in-bad-faith financial framework ownership has created here.

Elsewhere in the Star, Mark Zwolinski goes through his highs and lows of the season, including Omar Vizquel among the former, which… yeah, other than that it makes sense.

In a notebook post at, Chris Toman relays John Farrell’s thoughts on what the Jays offence needs– the manager says he’d love a high-average line drive hitter who doesn’t strike out a lot, and has a high OBP– and the changes he sees coming to the coaching staff, which… well… he doesn’t.

In a comment on yesterday’s financial-ish piece, @TimInTheFalls, who writes the blog Toronto Boo Jays, fills in some details that are worth noting– as in, other revenue streams I didn’t bother doing the leg work to include in my piece, and a note on the revenue sharing dollars the Jays will lose over the coming years.

Mop Up Duty brings us the top ten moments of the Jays season.

The Tao of Stieb likes the flexibility of Yan Gomes, it’s just… unlike a lot of fans, the ol’ Tao is actually realistic about his, y’know, lack of talent.

At whatever they’re calling Miked Up these days, Wilner looks at the awful drop-off in play from Kelly Johnson this year, who has tied Jose Canseco’s club record for the most strikeouts in a season this year, and may not get a chance to break it with Omar Vizquel scheduled to start tonight.

At Grantland, Jonah Keri looks across baseball at the bad teams, wondering who could be the next Orioles. His enthusiasm to thrust this mantle onto the Jays is certainly not what it would have been in previous years, and who can blame him, really?

Not Jays-related, but so what? Deadspin takes a fantastic dump all over Bleacher Report, via SF Weekly, the Orwellian, Google-raping nature of their content creation process (which isn’t denied in the two responses from the patronizing figurehead hacks BR has hired to attempt to ), and… well… just their general awfulness, and mind-bending, thoroughly depressing success.

Lastly, at Getting Blanked, Parkes excoriates Gregg Zaun for his wrongheadedness on the AL MVP “debate”. (Quotes, of course, because there is very obviously no way there should be a debate.)

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  1. I’ve been saying,should be an interesting offseason.
    July should be fun too.
    And how long do you keep the kids on the farm once they’ve seen Paree?

  2. This “veteran-youth” mix Frasor discussed, which we’ve heard a lot about recently, is kind of interesting to me.

    Every time the Jays have tried to add “veteran, clubhouse presence” guys, it seems to blow-up in their faces. Remember Kevin Millar’s veteran presence? Omar Vizquel, of course, seems to have been a useless, at best, addition.

    I’m comparing the 2009 and 2012 team’s here, and obviously they have something in common: they sucked. That just leaves the question of what’s causing all these complaints. Is it that veteran players, stuck on a bad team in Canada, get really whiny, especially when they don’t have other veterans to commiserate with? Or is there an actual issue with the amount of young players the Jays have on their roster, that needs to be balanced with more and more veterans.

    I’d bet on the former, though, it’s kind of a dis-satisfying answer as it’s likely to continue being an issue year-after-year if the Jays don’t improve.

    • I thought the money quote was”The sloppiness off the field carries over to the field”.
      Could it be that Rios and Hills resurgence is due to a tighter structure and business like attitude in the clubhouse?Or the collapse of Boston last year doe to the clubhouse?
      I don’t know, but it raises a Spockian eyebrow. I thought it would’ve made a difference but not to this degree.Hmmmm.

      • I had been dismissing this veteran leadership bs from day one, you just have to look at oakland this year, or tampa every year, so see young clubs succeed. Perennial contenders are always incredibly professional, how much screwing around do you think happens in the yankee clubhouse?

    • It really does come down to the types of veterans you bring in. Guys like Millar and apparently Vizquel don’t work, partly at least because they are bit players who used to be regulars and possibly embittered a bit about that lost glory.

      Vets who still have something in the tank however can provide that spark of leadership. in the Championship years it was guys like Winfield/Molitor and Stewart/Morris that were able to come in and contribute to the team and provide a team attitude.

      Nothing could have overcome the injuries they faced this year, but you do have to wonder if they’d gotten a guy like Beltran, if things would have been at least a little different.

    • Losing. It all trickles down from losing. If they were winning and at least being a lot closer in games they end up losing, it would all feel different.

      Even the players are buying into narratives. You guys aren’t good enough and healthy enough. What does a relief pitcher need a “leader” for? Dave Winfield needs to tell him how to throw a slider, every day?

      For 2 years Jose’s bat has carried this team. And we have not lost too much due to injury. It isn’t because Lawrie is going around playing jokes with a whoopie cushion.

  3. Davidi talked to Bautista about the Escobar incident,re: the cultual differences in the meaning of the expression.
    Bautista said ” it’s impossible to explain”
    Not taking sides here , just trying to make sense of it all.

  4. Where’s Archi been lately? I miss the post-game graphs.

  5. Frasor seems to be a pretty trustworthy guy without any kind of agenda, so it’s hard to dismiss his opinion completely, but on the other hand, Jesus! When you think about it, the only really young people on this team who haven’t been around are Lawrie, Rasmus, JPA and Alvarez. Escobar’s finishing his 6th season in the big leagues. The overwhelming majority of the team has been around for a long time, so no matter how many people keep saying the same thing, I still have a hard time accepting it.

  6. All the suggestions of offering Farrell an extension is preposterous. If the Boston media wasn’t braying at him, would it even be an issue? I can’t think of a single thing Farrell has done or said that gives any indication that he wants to go to Boston, so why is anyone even questioning his committment?

    • It does seem like he want to stay here. It’ easier to deal with the media here. Fan are accepting of mediocrity.

      *89 wins gets Farrell on the wall of excellence :))

      Boston may love him now but they wouldn’t put up with failure there.

  7. That is right, there is no debate. Miguel Cabrera for AL MVP! Triple Crown Fever! Its been 45 years!!!!

    (Oozing sarcasm, of course)

  8. Anyone know if I the Rangers/A’s game is on canadian television anywhere?

  9. Scott Diamond? But that’s not Scott Richmond.

  10. What a ridiculous difference a season can make. I am sure when Spring was done and the season just new, Frasor, Vizquel and the other old timers were shitting themselves at the fun they were having with this young, exciting team. Now, when the exuberance of youth has faded and the inexperience reared it’s head, they are the first to complain.

    A young team is a stepping stone to a core that has grown and learned together, with and from each others mistakes. But while the team is young (this season and next and the one after that), there are bound to be times when the trees are more visible than the forest.

    Frasor can pack up his shorts (well, shorts for us, pants for him) and his hot wife and fuck off to Boston if he want to play with veterans.

  11. He’s right about the sloppiness on the field. If it carried over from a sloppy clubhouse, then that’s something that will really need to be addressed.

    In other news, any stats/excellent-memory guys out there who can answer this question?
    If there had always been 2 wild card slots, would the Jays ever have managed to get to the second wild card? I have a feeling the answer is no, but I hope I’m wrong.

    • I seem to recall last off-season someone pointing out that the Jays would have made it once or twice since the first wildcard was added.

    • Trying to remember exactly but I recall somebody had looked and there was one and only one year they would have made it. That even I believe was as far back as 98 too.

      • Yeah I think ’98 was when they were up against Boston and just had to win 1 game of a 2-game series to make the WC. I was at both games. They didn’t win either of them…

    • the answer is NO. The jays were only good from 2006-2008 and they would never have made it then.

  12. So Jason why didn’t you provide that leadership?

    • Exactly. Sick of this shit. If guys are fucking around, throw a tantrum. Speak up. Don’t leave ambigious statements in the press for us to try and dissect.

  13. One last game and three things I won’t miss:

    1) And… Yunel Escobar grounds out to the short stop.
    2) And… Adam Lind looks at strike one.
    3) And… Kelly Johnson strikes out.

    A fourth might be… ‘swinging a hot bat’ as in, Player X has been swinging a hot bat over his last 5 plate appearances.

  14. I’m sure farrell will have a closed door meeting with frasor. Frasor is not privy to the one on one meetings and teachable moments that farrell has. This was a tipping point.

  15. oh and fuck valentine! He pitches to abanez with runner on in yankee stadium with a righty? suicide. For once, just once, I would like to see a manager try to win the game instead of worrying about giving the closer the save. All 19 of abanez homers have come against righties! That was an easy win, could have knocked yankees out of first.

  16. ok seriously, there is nothing that gets me more legitimately nuclear-pissed than a quote from Jason Frasor.

    Seriously, why the eff does anyone ask that guy for his opinion on anything? and why does he give it?

    he’s got ZERO credibility. he absolutely totally SUCKS. Look, I don’t have time to even go look at the stats, but I’d be willing to bet that they fully play out the on-field / game-watching narrative, which is that that loser adds 20-40minutes to a game and fails miserably in almost ever single god damn high leverage situation.

    he is almost, ALMOST, as shittacular and frustrating as Frank Codero or Whatever Francisco, Rauch, etc. He’s almost as putrid as so sorry excuses.

    I absolutely hate this mofo and he’s got some nerve.

    He wants veterans and the ‘right mix’????

    the right mix starts with getting rid of Jason Frasor.

  17. I don’t recall ever being so relieved that a ball season is over. Definitely looking forward to some playoff baseball though, these one game playoffs are going to make for some intense drama right out of the gate.

  18. Hey, Jays win tonight + a Mets loss = no more protected pick.
    I think.

  19. The Great Peter Gammons has blessed everyone & weighed in. Apparently he was on a Boston radio show called ‘Felger and Mazz’:


    Peter Gammons confirms the @Jen_Royle report that Anthopoulos and Farrell have a CLEAR divide.

  20. Fuck I’m sick of this season, sick of fucking players I thought I respected just piling the crap on the manager and making Zaun feel like fucking Woodward and Bernstein, sick the fuck to death of veterans, some of whom were specifically hired to provide leadership, complaining that there wasn’t any veteran leadership.

    I’m also sick the fuck to death of the fucking MVP debate. Trout may well deserve it, but I promise you he is not going to win it. Get over it. Who get’s named MVP has never been about fairness or a player being more valuable than others. It’s about generating a feel good story … on that unfair basis Cabrera wins by a mile.

  21. Hey Stoeten, since this might be the last Afternoon Snack Er Hangover Er Links for a while, just wanted to say thanks for using my graphic all season!

  22. Every year, even in bad years, I usually feel pretty bummed on the last game of the season. I know I’m really going to miss the fact that there won’t be a Jays game on every night anymore. NNnnnnot this year!

    Bring on the offseason. Make some trades. Sign somebody!

  23. Thanks for a great year of posts, Stoeten.

  24. God I loved Sal’s edicts, especially the last few.

  25. best comment on that Deadspin story:

    Gawker Media®: At Least Our Shitty Top-Down Money-Grubbing SEO Edicts Come From a Human Being™

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