Here we go again, for one last time. This season, anyway.

Yes, stuff this memory in your pockets and keep it for those nasty cold mid-January, sun-setting-at-five-o’clock, brown slush and rock salt-covered days when you’re dying for pitchers and catchers to report and willing to do anything– anything– to contort your mind into forgetting just how awful these last few weeks have been and how relieved we now are that it’s over. Y’know, just on the off chance that it gets better.

Will it? We’re about to spend several months adrift at sea, aching to find out.

But first, the Minnesota Twins.


Lots of season-end notes from Alex Anthopoulos and John Farrell, which come via @ShiDavidi, @LottOnBaseball, @Wilnerness590, as well as other reporters in the scrum:

“Farrell talked a LOT about leadership in clubhouse, certain players need to take bigger role whether they want to or not,” tweets Wilner. “Players can show leadership daily. ‘There needs to be an acceptance of that and a willingness to demonstrate that,’ ” he adds, via Davidi.

Davidi tweets that “Ricky Romero agrees: “This year should probably be a wakeup call for everybody. Just because we talk that talk, it’s not going to happen.”

To this point, according to Lott, Anthopoulos said that the team’s problems were “‘a combination of things,’ but indicates leadership was one of those things.”

Jose Bautista also faced the media, saying– according to Wilner– that while he respects Omar Vizquel a lot, he “can’t agree with his comments. I see mistakes being corrected every day.” He doesn’t agree, Wilner relays, with the idea that the club needs more leadership, and that he doesn’t understand why such a big deal has been made of it.

Speaking of Vizquel, he played the role of good soldier on his last day as a Major League player, saying, according to Wilner, that the Jays “are ‘very close’, that Lawrie is a “once in a lifetime player.”

“AA expects coaches to be retained,” tweets Lott, but it’s “not finalized yet. Still considering adding second hitting coach, will decide soon.”

Lott also tells us that Anthopoulos “hemmed and hawed” when asked if Escobar is “still an ‘entrenched’ player for next year.” However, Jose Bautista defended his teammate, insisting via Wilner that “knowing who he is and knowing his lifestyle and the people he knows, he meant nothing derogatory.”

To the big question, payroll, Davidi tweets that “AA says payroll will go up: ‘It will. It will definitely go up. … It’s not a bottomless pit … But it’s definitely more to work with.’ ” He adds that the GM explained “revenues have gone up,” and those “revenues will be plowed into payroll.”

This will enable the Jays “to pursue FAs they wouldn’t have considered in past,” Anthopoulos adds, via Lott.

Lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile


As it’s the last Game Threat of the year, I just want to take a moment to thank everybody who has been along for the ride, who has participated in the comments, and those who’ve been lurking. You’re all what makes the site great, and what’s going to continue to make it great in the coming years. We’re not going anywhere, and it’s going to be a blast of an off-season, in all of what’s sure to be its frustration and (hopefully) elation.

That said, I sure as fuck won’t miss having to write these damn things over the next six months. I’ll keep on providing a place for everyone to discuss the playoff games each night, but those posts will mostly just direct you over to Getting Blanked, which is where the action will be– and has already started, as Parkes is following the humdinger of a game between the A’s and Rangers in the sort of format we intend to follow for each game over the course of the playoff over there.

Toronto Blue Jays

R. Davis LF
A. Hechavarria 2B
B. Lawrie 3B
A. Lind DH
Y. Gomes 1B
J. Arencibia C
O. Vizquel SS
M. Sierra RF
A. Gose CF

B. Morrow RHP

Minnesota Twins

D. Span CF
B. Revere RF
J. Mauer DH
C. Parmelee 1B
T. Plouffe 3B
M. Carson LF
E. Escobar 2B
D. Butera C
P. Florimon SS

S. Diamond LHP


Image via photocentric.

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  1. Thanks for all your hard work Stoeten. Same goes for Parkes and Fairservice!

    • After seeing Parkes with that fucking hat, I am glad the A’s won today.

      Fuck off Parkes.

      And nice job Drew and Stoeten. Keep up the good work.

      Someone had to say it.

  2. Stoeten, you guys do a fantastic job. Always wonderful to read this perspective. If (hopefully when) I make into the baseball media it will likely be on the print side, but bloggers like you have my utmost respect. I do hope someday soon you guys will get press credentials, because you all deserve them.

    On that note, will I get to see any of you folks at BWB this weekend?

    • Agreed, great site, well written and very interesting. Thanks for the hardwork Andrew. I stumbled on it a few months ago and make sure I check it out at least once a day. Can’t wait for the offseason because I think the Jays make real progress with trades and FAs.

  3. Thanks for the hard woek Andrew, its been great seeing all the post from the sensitive, the knowldgeable, the traditionalists, the actuarial scientests. Through it all, I have found that, for the most part, I have been right

  4. This was my first year here with you drunks, thanks for being better than.. ugh every other sports commenting part of the internet.

    So… def going to spend more… going for guys we wouldn’t have gone for before. Who are the 10 biggest free agents? Do we get one of them? Or is it all going to be through trade?

  5. Watching this A’s game is giving me chills.

    When can it be my turn for meaningful baseball?

    • Sept 2013

    • The first ALCS game I went to was in ’89, when the A’s killed the Jays. It was electric. Needless to say, the World Series years were amazing. I can’t wait till next year. Unlike when Leafs fans say that, the Jays reaching the playoffs is plausible, even after this shitshow of a year.

  6. METS WIN!!!! METS WIN!!!!! METS WIN!!!!!!

  7. As a major lurker and rare commenter, thanks Stoeten. Good reading indeed.
    BTW- have you written anything railing against those hideous virtual ads that Sportsnet have been placing on the SkyDome turf during TV broadcasts lately? Shameful. And downright douchey.

    • Agree. That’s the kind of stuff that will make me just stop subscribing to cable at all. Fuck that. Put ads up if you want. Don’t sneak them onto the playing surface. So stupid. As if the dome and fake grass aren’t goofy enough.

      • And the saddest thing is, they can’t even get them right. Wonky angles, placement changing with camera shot, ad suddenly popping out out of nowhere after a camera change… just brutal.

        Wait a second, I wonder if Rogers has figured out a way to put virtual ads/word on eyeblack yet…

    • Quite frankly I’ll take them if it means more to spend on payroll… I hate myself for saying it but I’ve come to terms with it.

  8. Good job Stoeten, couple of rough spots, but excellent job as usual.
    Was looking in the DJF archives the other day.
    You’ve come a long way.
    Congrats on another year..

  9. Wish the Jays had a real GM like Brad Pitt.

    • Who would play AA or Beeston in the Jays version of Moneyball.

      Thanks Stoeten for all your hard work this year.

      This website is addictive.

      Watching the A’s & Rangers game today makes me hope we could have a similar night at Rogers Centre next September.

  10. Mets win, which I believe locks in our protected pick for next year, even though Morrow will perfect game the Twins.

    The Rangers will be in the play in game, probably against the Orioles.

  11. Am i the only one blown away by the shirt Omar was wearing at his luncheon???…fashion renegade…

  12. Great work this year. Even with the shit season the blog has been pretty entertaining.

  13. first time poster, long time lurker. awesome work stoeten, you guys do a fantastic job with the site and im on here all the time for my blue jays news and information. i really appreciate all the work you do and reading this blog daily is a pleasure. nothing else really to add, just wanted to pass that along.

  14. Great work Stoeten! Have a great off-season.

    And so long 2012 Jays. It’s been…er…real.

    • Agreed! Thank you for a great season of articles and commenting. This is my favorite website for both entertainment value and insight. Your work is greatly appreciated.

  15. Hechavarria batting second!
    Love that guy. Hope he does well today.


  17. Should be interesting to see just how much revenue gets pushed to payroll this coming year. I mean should we cheer because it’s like “Here we come $90 million!”? Or are we actually going to see a substantial jump in payroll to $110-$120 million range.

    Personally I just don’t see how he can fill all the holes for anything less than that. Sure a trade or two will help but it sounds like he’s really leaning towards the free agent market more than anything. Even his comment of

    Mike Wilner ‏@Wilnerness590
    AA: Ideal scenario is that guys who deserve to be in rotation get squeezed out of jobs because they have options left. #Bluejays #Jays

    leads one to believe that if AA gets his wish guys like Happ and Alvarez won’t be in the starting rotation to begin next season. I definitely be fine with Happ not seeing a start for all of 2013. Alvarez looked a lot better in September against some good competition but it’d be great if used next season to really develop that third pitch consequence free.

  18. Seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago all at the same time remembering the 17 inning game in Clevland that opened the year

    • Your maintenance levels need tweaking again.

    • +1.

      I remember that game like it was yesterday. DJF was on the front page of the newspapers.

      The Jays were the talk of the town.

      JP’s 3 run HR to win the game….

      The playoffs look to be entertaining with the A’s winning the division.

  19. Strike Three Called.

  20. Thank you Mets for saving this team from itself. Nothing could have been worse at this point where the team manages to win itself out of a protected pick.

    Great work this season Stoeten, Fairservice and ,,, I guess Zuber. Yep, that covers it. Oh and that tech guy that does the podcast and filled in once or twice was his name Scott Baker or something?

  21. Much like the rest here, I have nothing but positive comments for what you do. Drew and Dustin do solid work aswell and I would like to thank you three for helping me get enjoyment out of baseball I never had before. Cheers, Party on.

  22. This has been the best season ever for me in terms of enjoyment of baseball (and I was around for the 80′s and 90′s). And the chief contributor to that enjoyment has been the crowd in here and its ability to evolve and adjust to the ever shifting circumstances that baseball provides. Woof, Woof!

  23. I’m glad to see Texas in the WC play in game as it puts more pressure on them to try to get to the World Series again… I’m not sure if I hate them much less than the Yanks. Why can’t more teams that win be more likeable (especially in the AL East and AL West)? The Cardinals were pretty decent (other than ‘the Lawyer’), San Fran’s not that bad, White Sox (other than Guillen, but he can be amusing too). The Phillies and Mets dragged the NL East under the bus.

    • I’m never sure if success makes other teams unlikeable to me, or if it’s their sheer unlikeability that tips the scales. Don’t really care one way or the other. I’m really pleased for Oakland however.

  24. Thank you Stoeten for allowing me to indulge myself daily, and thank you Mets for allowing me to whole-heartedly cheer for Morrow and the Jays in an almost consequence-free environment during the last game of the season. Cheers.

  25. I’m glad the A’s won that game. The Rangers are a more talented team so I was hoping they’d be the ones playing in the “play-in” game vs Batlimore or NY. I just hope the Rangers can take one of those AL East teams out.

    Any Jays fan rooting for Baltimore or NY needs to die in a grease fire.

  26. Surprised- even Hayhurst said the team has to put the money where their mouth is.

    I think that’s the first media member to actually say something like that about the need to up the payroll. Let’s hope it starts something because ownership should be throwing money at Alex telling him to make the team as competitive as he can.

  27. What a Momar moment!

  28. It’s nice that if the Jays don’t sign their pick, it won’t be bumped one higher and that means it will be a protected pick next year too if necessary (and a better draft class?).

  29. Gose: Everything’s a triple!

  30. Let me add my kudos to Stoeten and the gang for an excellent season of Blue Jays baseball. Milles mercis!

    I would have loved to have been at this game. Watching Morrow pitch makes me wish that the season could go on a bit longer. Losing Morrow was the biggest blow to this team.

  31. Thanks for the coverage all season. Looking forward to what the off-season will bring.

  32. Buck: “Brandon Inge and Jhonny Gomes brought swagger to the A’s” Tabler “They’re Veterans and I’m not going to say they taught them how to win but they willed them to win.” Fuck me I”m gonna mute….it’s too much…as i write “Stephen Drew had some big hits for them…”

  33. Cheers to the last game in an absolutely fucking AWFUL season. It was a complete joke all in all. So many things need to happen before next year that I don’t even know where to start but guess where AA will be this off season… sitting on the phone calling teams about players and making almost no moves whatsoever while he sits on top of a pile of prospects.

    Guess where we will all be come the same time next season… right here saying the same things weve all been saying for a long time.

    Winners of the Brian Tallet award of excellence go to…. Robert Coello, David Pauley, Coco, Jesse Chavez and there’s probably other guys I could add in here but who cares.

    If the Boston Redsox want Farrell that bad, please take him, I am NOT blaming this season on him, Ill blame it on injuries and the fact that AA did not one single solitary thing to help the team through those injuries, he can flat out go fuck himself. But back to Farrell, Boston seems to think Farrell is the man because he once wore the uniform,,, ok fine, give the Jays someone reasonable for him and have AA search for someone else. but the bottom line is, you could have had any manager in the history of baseball coaching this team this season and they wouldnt have been much more successful.

    Again… fuck AA.

    • You mad bro?

      • He’s mad.

      • I am actually not that mad at how the season went because well, injuries killed the whole thing.

        It’s also true that there’s really nothing AA could have done to put a bandage over it because really… there wasnt enough on the market to fill the holes in the system that were open due to injury. But,,,, he could have tried something or done anything to show that he gives a fuck.

    • That japanese guy Igarashi who gave up 5 run in texas deserves an honorable mention

      Also that guy that Farrell bragged about having thebest stuff in the Jays system., Sam Dyson.

      What happened to him?

      I thought Farrel got mixed up & was talking about the best vaccuum, Dyson vaccuumm.

      • I think he was talking about dyson’s toy set ( best stuff…) It certainly wasn;t his fuckin pitching. Farrell gave him only 2/3 of an inning and we never heard from him again. They went and got david pauley instead. UNfuckinbeleivable

    • Three starters went down in almost consecutive order. Every other team in baseball knows you are desperate; good luck making a trade. Look at what it took to just get the Astros 4th starter, and even he went down for the season.

      If a pitcher was good, he got hurt (other than Casey, Oliver), if he sucked, his arm was generally able to make it through.

      Again, it wasn’t just the injuries, it was the timing and severity of them too. McGowan and Litsch never even made it out of ST. Santos had like five innings, None of the guys in the minors (other than Laffey somewhat) grabbed a job when they became available (other than Hutchison but he didn’t last long).

    • Don’t be a hater. The nightmare is almost over. Save your bile for BB and the Leafs.

  34. good thing Gomes is playing 1B

  35. The Jays should sign Elijah Dukes to play LF/DH

  36. Hech and Gose are making cases to be on the team next year.

    Gomes is not.

  37. Luis Perez was good too until his arm died and Loup the Jays rookie of the year did okay too.

  38. Thanks Stoeten. I think we have a mutual acquaintance. He says you’re swell.

  39. I also want to thank the guys at DJF. I stumbled onto the site last winter during Stoetens coverage of the winter meetings and barely a days gone by since that I haven’t checked the site at least once. If there was a bright spot to this season it was definitely DJF

  40. 34 pitchers this year, just let sink in a little.

    BTW, Dyson had less than one inning pitched and probably had jitters so don’t write him off so quick.

  41. Villanueva had the 3rd most innings pitched on this team.

    Laffey had the 5th most. Things went very wrong this year.

  42. 12 pitchers (including Mathis so really 11) pitched less than 10 innings for this team due to injury or just being called up because of bullpen insurance after being depleted during long games.

  43. Welp, it’s been interesting, hilarious at times, ridiculous at’s to the Worst Season Ever. Cheers, everyone.

  44. If Morrow doesn’t win, this team will not even have a ten game winner.

    Somehow, Hutchison had five wins in eleven starts.

    Brandon Lyon has vultured four wins in only 24 innings.

    Jason Frasor actually went on the DL this season.

    • Do you need a better example of why wins are largely meaningless? I mean look at the season Cliff Lee had. 200+ IP 200K 3.16 ERA and only 6 wins.

    • Frasor is a fukstik . didn’t miss that dick at all.good riddance

  45. The K’s are cool! Kudos to the artists.

  46. No one tanks like the Massholes.

  47. LOL

    Codero 5.77 era over 34 innings- pitch forks out

    Romero 5.77 era over 181 innings- understanding and forgiveness

    • It’s all about the emotional and financial investment. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. (Refer to Lind, Adam.)

    • Farrell should have been quicker to pull the plug on Coco as a closer.

      AA got sold damaged goos with Santos.

      5 innings in 2012.

      They knew they had damaged goods in spring training.

  48. September[-]
    0 0 5.23 11 0 0 0 0 0 10.1 13 6 6 0 2 4 0 8
    era innings er hb bb so
    Cecil really didn’t figure anything out by going to the bullpen.

  49. I’m older than effin dirt and was at the Kingdome back in ’89 watching the Jays play the Mariners when Omar was but a rookie.

  50. Ed, the body is cold and in the ground. Let’s Ll have some fun at the wake and not speak ill of the dead. Save the post-mortem for tomorrow. You’re making the guests feel uncomfortable.

  51. Why is our best pitcher still out there over 100 pitches on the last game of the season? I know a win and sweep is nice but tempting fate with a bullpen full of arms is too much for me.

    • Probably because he insists he feels to soreness and what does it matter if it takes him more then 5 days to recover at this point.

  52. gorrow morrow!!!!

  53. Great way to finish the season for Morrow. Looking forward to more of this from him next year!

  54. This was a hard season to take. I really thought they were going to show some serious improvement, win maybe 85 games, and be in contention for one of the wildcards. Maybe more concerning is that the team had a real chance to increase its fanbase and become a hip happening thing. I don’t know that conditions for that will still be there in years to come. Rogers has a potential gold mine, but it won’t stay golden if they don’t take care of business.

    It was also a good lesson in how difficult baseball actually is to understand. Anybody predict Baltimore and Oakland doing as well as they did? (Well, I predicted Showalter pulling them up eventually, but surely not this year.) Anybody predict Boston crapping out the way they did? The Jays win only 72 or 73 games, but they’re not last, and last isn’t the Orioles? Can’t say I read anything like that.

    • And that second wildcard. What an effect that turned out to have. Everything about September was different because so many teams were still in it, or thought they were. Gotta admit I didn’t see that coming.

      • I think that’s where AA misjudged the market.

        The second wildcard would logically mean that more teams would have a chance to go to the postseason.

        I think AA thought if the Jays were in the race at the all star break, they could pick up the final pieces to get to the playoffs.

        Now, so many teams were in the race, no one wanted to trade .

        AA needs to get the job done in December & January.

    • No. I predicted 88 games wins for the Jays.

      Todays Rangers Athletics game was fascinating to watch.

  55. One more blown save? Just kidding fuckers. Until next year…

    Go A’s! Go Reds!

  56. I wanted to see Oliver pitch one more time…

  57. Sorry to see everybody leave , till next year.
    Check back here during the winter from time to time.
    I’ll be here, sitting alone in the corner, drooling on myself.

  58. Jesus–12-2 for the Yankees over the Massholes in the 7th. What a truly pathetic bunch. Plus, NYY’s just clinched the division.

    • Ya see Spud its just like eveyone said, spending money isn’t always the answer

      • Not always, but it works just fine for the Skanks, thank you very much, and since when did you deal in absolutes? (even the misspelled ones.)

        • When i’m sarcastic, absolutly sarcastic that is. So lets see…who spent more than T.O.Yanks, Rangers Tigers, Giants, Braves, Reds, hmmmmm is there a trend here?

          • You should be communing with one of the oakville69′s. It’s sort of their thing. Throw in “Rogers” every once in a while to good effect. Cheers.

          • @small potatoes

            LOL. The reality is that teams that spend more money have a better chance of making the playoffs.

            Ther are always exceptions to the rule.

            It’s funny that very few fans were upset from 1989-1993 when the Jays had high payrolls & veteran prescence.

            The ocasional victory from dumpster diving to get Bautista is fun, but you need to spend to contend until your core players can help you.

          • Jays payroll is the same now as ir was then

  59. So… what is the Jays final position? Protected pick or non-protected pick?

  60. Honestly, this season was spent completely spinning the wheels. The team will still need to show that it will be a contender by mid-season to get more players to fill holes. This is exactly where they started this season (or even worse). Let’s just hope Rogers will invest enough in the team this offseason to get them close enough to add pieces at the deadline.

    Everyone knows the problem areas, so we’ll have to watch and see what Alex can do about it.

    • A significant early signing would help matters as a sort of kick-start.

    • +1.

      The ball is in AA’s court.

      I wonder if the disaster this year will encourage Rogers to give AA more money to get the players he needs until the farm system can help the team.

  61. So if Jose doesn’t hurt his wrist, he wins the home run title running away, Cabrera doesn’t have a Triple Crown, Trout wins the MVP virtually unanimously, right?

  62. Not sure who is responsible for the shit that is written here on a regular basis, but wanted to say thanks cuz I read it all the time and it made me fucking laugh.

    So nicely done all you assholes.

    Have a nice winter in your mom’s basement of where ever you hang out.

    • I hang out in my Archie Bunker chair and will be there all winter. Will be here to talk ball with all those who care

      • I’m looking forward to it fukstick. Don’t ever be stifled.

        • Got to luv the pointed commentary, potatoes.
          I’ll have commentary and fukstik updates as soon as I see player movement. Obviously Johnson is a fukstik even though he won’t be palying for us anymore so I won’t care but if they start the season with Mccoy or Gomes those 2 get on the list right away


    AA speaks some stuff:

    -Farrell back for sure.
    -put the blame on himself for the players he brought in
    -no playoffs, scores himself an F
    -one year later in comparison- the team is ahead organizationally (because the minors players are closer), can’t plan for Hutch, Perez, Drabek being back for next year
    -”if it’s (rotation) not addressed, we’re not going anywhere”

  64. Damn, Bobcat. You ask about veteraness but can’t grill AA about what the GM means exactly by addressing the rotation. Does it mean five warm bodies or is it a rotation of #2s?

  65. Er…Uhm….wel….uh….er….Uhmm….I….uh….errr….

  66. Good Glove-weak bat-pass

  67. How soon til we get a Thames/Snider vs Lincoln/Delabar post comparing players performances post trade?

  68. “This will enable the Jays “to pursue FAs they wouldn’t have considered in past,” Anthopoulos adds, via Lott.”

    That will fall into the “I’ll believe it when I see it” catagory. Until then I’ll just assume that they’re not going to and when time comes for them to be questioned on it we’ll just hear the same things we heard from them last year post-Darvish.

    • That, and, it’s really not saying a ton. The biggest annual salary they’ve given out in free agency is like $4.5M to Darren Oliver and Francisco Cordero.

      If they sign Jeff Francis for $6M that will be uncharted territory for the team.

      That said, I’d think AA is smart enough not to make these comments if they aren’t serious about attracting good free agents.

  69. Hooray! This clusterfuck of a season is finally over!

  70. Hey man. This is a great site, and nice job on everything.

    The season is immortalized by Neil:

    I think I’ll hug a jug of wine.

    Cabrera for Presidente!

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