Welp, here we go with the off-season.

In truly the most shocking news ever imaginable in the history of the world, Bobby Valentine has been fired by the Boston Red Sox. Drew has the details over at Getting Blanked, where he relays an official club tweet that tells us GM Ben Cherington will be heading up a managerial search… again.

And, again, John Farrell is in the sights of… if not the Red Sox themselves, the entire fucking Boston metropolitan area.

Seriously. If you hate yourself, go do a Twitter search for Farrell and enjoy all the entitled twats who think Farrell is simply there for the taking, if the magnificent Red Sox come a-calling.

He might ultimately go, of course, but the number of words spilled and painfully fanciful trade scenarios concocted over this is about to get even more insufferable, it seems. Though at least one person thinks we’ll, mercifully, get it over with relatively quickly:

And if you agree with Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun in his latest point, Farrell has failed, and you might as well just let him go.

Of course, if you agree with that Simmons piece, clearly you are a fucking hopeless goddamn moron.

Seriously, this chartered member of the fucking Flat Earth RBI Society laments how Farrell hasn’t delivered on the progressive tactics he came into the job preaching about (fair), says that these have been “two seasons of disappointment, lacking in definition” (incoherent), somehow puts it on the manager that “he has, in fact, won fewer games in each of his two Toronto seasons than Cito Gaston managed in his last controversial year on the job” (blindingly fucking stupid), justifies it with the lamest of the impossibly fucking lamely smug straw man horseshit lines– “No one, on the day he was hired in 2010, said anything about winning fewer games, not more games” (fuck him in the fucking face)– and continues playing (or perhaps just being) monumentally fucking dumb, by pointing out that “Bob Melvin has been something of a magician in Oakland. Robin Ventura changed the culture of the Chicago White Sox. Buck Showalter has absolutely altered the mental outlook of the Baltimore Orioles.” (shit stain)

Holy fuck, do the teams who saw fit to fire the goddamn up-managing wizards who inhabit the humanoid forms of Showalter and Melvin five fucking times in their managerial careers ever have egg on their faces right now, amiright??? Because obviously there is no other earthly fucking reason for the A’s and O’s success than the mighty will and otherworldly magical abilities of leadership of their managers. And we totally believe this, of course, because we are all fucking children. Or maybe just at their reading level– it is a piece from the Sun, after all.

Anywho… yeah, Valentine’s out, Farrell’s name is going to come up a billion fucking times, and yet the equation hasn’t changed in a damn year: if the Red Sox want to give up something significant, the Jays will have no choice but to listen. But since the Red Sox aren’t the fucking mental equivalent of Steve Simmons, they’re not possibly not going to do that, meaning the only way Farrell actually moves is if there really is untenable tension between the manager and GM, in which case… meh. Move on then, sure.

The Jays’ problem this year was a lack of talent, plain and simple– and the same can be said of the Red Sox. Worrying too much about this manager bullshit is mostly just a nice way to sell papers, or to insufferably fucking rant on the radio like you actually truly believe you offer anything of value and aren’t just a goddamn blowhard in love with the sound of your own voice. It really doesn’t matter.

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  1. Let the offseason begin!
    Two points:

    1) Don’t underestimate the amount the Sox would give up for Farrell. Cherington seems smart enough but if you think he won’t get hamstrung by Luccino and Henry you’re crazy. We need some well placed media reports on how amazing Farrell is and Luccino will be on the phone offering DeLa Rossa and Ellsbury.

    2) Can we please grab Bobby Valentine? That guy is awesome and would’ve been great if the Sox weren’t a mirthless bunch of entitled mercenaries and their fans a screaming horde of morons. Bobby V and Brett Lawrie? I already want to Tivo that show!

    • I thought your first point was crazy off-base, then I read your second. Wow.

      • Hey, the man invented the wrap!

        Also, think how much it would piss off Boston fans if the Jays (inevitably) improved under Valentine while the carcass of the post-trade Red Sox continued to have no talent with John Farrell. The Son of Sam threads alone would be worth Bobby V’s signing bonus.

        Lastly, if you don’t think Luccino overrules his GM on multiple decisions I’d like you to meet my friend Carl Crawford. He would TOTALLY make a terrible decision on a manager because of the shape of his jaw!

      • On paper who has more talent the Oakland A’s or your toronto blue jays?

    • i award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul.

    • Grab a king’s ransom for JF and hire Bobby V? Crazy talk!

      • Just trade for some KFC and beer, maybe throw in Boston Rob. He’s probably looking for a job. Yes, that rhymes.

    • The only point here is the top of your head…what a lame-ass argument. Fuckin’ Bobby Valentine here? You don’t want the Jays to be respectable ever, do you? Christ…Bobby V..fuck, why don’t we just bring back Jimy Williams..

  2. Baseball was more fun when there were more idiots, not unlike Steve Simmons, managing teams.

  3. This off-season will be far more interesting then the season itself. Here’s hoping the ship is righted, but I am not holding out much hope.

    • Meh. They’ve got the prospects to acquire probably anyone who is available. Just depends on what they’re aiming for and willing to give up.

  4. I don’t really have a problem if Farrell moves on but he probably deserves another year with a better and healthier roster. On the other hand fuck the Red Sox, I’d sooner read Steve Simmons autobiography “I am f’king smug c#$#” than see the them take a Jays employee cause they are the f’ing Red Sox!!!

  5. I know we don’t like hoser sports here but this is a funny read

    RE: blogger vs press-titute

    from your friends at pension plan puppets (give em credit for the name)



  6. I could see Cherington informing a lesser-known candidate that he’s the manager, only to have the ownership go way over his head (just like the Valentine hire last year) and agree to some utterly ridiculous trade for Farrell (I’m not talking Pedroia, but something that would be universally panned). And then Cherington gets so disgusted by this that he walks away, and the Red Sox are a complete mess for a long time to come. That’s how toxic that club is right now.

  7. Somehow that picture makes me cringe…. even though I know it’s a real thing that happened, that he used to wear a Red Sox uniform to work, etc. FUCK I hope the Jays get Xander Boegarts or some shit like that.

  8. Simmons is a brainless douche of a special breed whose take on any sport is highly questionable and absent of, you know, facts. While I’m not sold on Farrell as a manager, it’s not like the Jays have underacheived – they’re just a) not that good and b) have been decimated by injury.

    If the Red Sox want to make an offer, then cool. If not, that’s fine too. The manager may not be part of the solution, but I think it’s premature to conclude he’s part of the problem.

  9. I’m in the ‘If Farrell wants to go, and you can get something of value for him, let him go” camp.

    The ONLY worry I have with that is how much time/effort it would take to get a new manager. I remember AA said that hiring Farrell ate up a ton of his time before the 2011 season. With all the player moves I’m hoping for/expecting, I wouldn’t want to front office to get bogged down with this shit.

    If he goes, maybe just hire Francona? I don’t remember at all what he was like tactically, but God, he can’t have been that bad, right? Or discernibly worse than Farrell seems to be.

  10. I for one will really miss Valentine being the RedSox coach for next year. He gaves us all Redsox haters so many good times. You’ll be missed Bobby V, you giant boob. xoxo

  11. If we actually do go out and get some proven vets this offseason, then I want Cito back. With a talented team that you don’t need to babysit, that’s the guy you want managing. Lind might even start to hit again.

  12. Why would Red Sox Nation clamor for Farrell? At best, the jury is still out on Farrellball. Has he turned the Jays into a machine and I haven’t noticed? Can he turn them into a machine if given the right parts? Really don’t know if he can or can’t. I don’t understand all the hubbub.

  13. USA Today’s Bob Nightengale – who’s generally a fairly decent reporter:

    “The Boston Red Sox have targeted Toronto Blue Jays manager John Farrell to replace Bobby Valentine, who was fired Thursday morning, according to a high-ranking Red Sox official not authorized to discuss the job search because it is ongoing.”


    Not really anything else in the story, but the source being a “high-ranking Red Sox official” is moderately interesting.

  14. The “Flat Earth RBI Society” is one of the greatest names I’ve ever heard. That should be on a T-shirt.

  15. I didn’t read the article… because fuck Steve Simmons.
    But regarding this bit that you quoted: ” Bob Melvin has been something of a magician in Oakland. Robin Ventura changed the culture of the Chicago White Sox. Buck Showalter has absolutely altered the mental outlook of the Baltimore Orioles.”

    The Melvin bit is pointless because it doesn’t really say anything. The other two points about Ventura and Showalter MAY have at least some truth to them. By no means do I think that they deserve all the credit (or even a particularly large piece of the credit), but they might deserve some credit for what’s happened with those teams. We can’t definitively prove that they don’t any better than we can definitively prove that they do.

    Also, I can’t spell.

    • There, there, it’s ok. Most of the Darwin’s who comment here can’t either. Or is that eyether?

  16. The Jays should demand a very high price for three reasons:

    1. The Red Sox really, really, really want him. If they think he is the elixir to the imaginary chicken-and-beer curse – and they sure seem to from all the press leaks – then they will pay handsomely.

    2. Pride tax. Gotta pay extra for nabbing another team’s manager, especially one in the same division. AA has to be able to say to the fans “Yes, but look what we got”. The Red Sox will know this.

    3. Baseball intelligence. JF will have a complete dossier on every man in the Blue Jays clubhouse. Considering that the Jays will look to be contending with the Red Sox for a playoff place, this is a significant edge.

    If the Jays walk away with anything less than a haul, it’ll be a mistake.

    • Agreed but not on #3. The same would have gone for the Boston team he left, primary the pitching staff. There’s less edge than you think

  17. Caffardo – who seems to have good sources on this after claiming that Valentine was fired after breakfast at one of the owner’s homes – tweets:

    “Red sox going hard for john farrell but don’t rule out varitek”

  18. I’m not too keen on Farell, personally, but I also think the people who think the Red Sox are going to give us something blue-chip for him are delusional (one blogger seriously thought we’d get Buchholz for him), so he likely stays. If the Sox are stupid enough to give us something blue-chip, he’s easily replaceable, IMO.

  19. Imagine Ozzie in Toronto. Trollololol

  20. “fuck him in the fucking face”

    Channelling Tom Cruise from Tropic Thunder. I love it.

    I’m still marvelling at the Star article yesterday where some idiot was mad about the Jays because he went to Europe and doesn’t know to turn off roaming.

    This world is fucked.

  21. From the Sun comments:

    “The jays lack:
    1. Club House leadership
    2. Focus
    3. A solid training program
    4. Player strengthening program (all the injuries aren’t just a coincidence)
    5. A manager who runs the show and takes accountability
    6. A batting coach
    7. Fire and determination
    8. Direction through a long season
    9. A desire to win
    10. Commitment to winning”

    My fucking eyeballs hurt. 7 through 10 has almost destroyed what brain cells I have left.

    • Well, numbers three and four are actually somewhat possible. The rest I’m going to go ahead and call retarded.

      • #4 may apply to a guy or two (like Adam and that Lind guy too), but come on, we don’t know. What is the Jays training program? What are other teams programs? This is all made up narrative.

        • I have a lot of misgivings about the fact that three of our young pitchers just had to have Tommy John surgery. Its possible (or probable) that it’s coincidental but you can’t rule out an institutional failure. That kind of thing doesn’t happen very often.

      • Don’t insult retarded people by confusing them with the Jays. The Blue Jays are more dysfunctional

    • “The jays lack:
      1. Club House leadership – I thought the only “ship” worth a damn was “friend-ship”…
      2. Focus – Perhaps all the young Jays have ADD. Ritalin time.
      3. A solid training program – I recommend bringing this trainer back named “MacNamee”. He was good – had Roger Clemens pitching like a beast!
      4. Player strengthening program (all the injuries aren’t just a coincidence) – Problem was, all weight in the Jays’ clubhouse were in kilos. Next year, will be in pounds. That way, no one will get hurt.
      5. A manager who runs the show and takes accountability – Whatever we get in the blockbuster trade for John Farrell we will flip to Baltimore and Oakland and have a management superteam – Melvin Showalter!
      6. A batting coach – GENE FUCKING TENACE
      7. Fire and determination – Agreed. Setting the opposition clubhouse on fire WILL help us win more games, as MLB rules state that 9 players must take the field.
      8. Direction through a long season – Go west, young man. DONE.
      9. A desire to win – So far, the desire for Red Bull and Ricky Romero meat-a-palooza’s have not worked as well as expected.
      10. Commitment to winning – Once you have the desire, you must finish. This is why Ron Jeremy has achieved more than this 2012 Jays squad.

  22. Ship Farrell out for Jackie Bradley and sign Sandy Alomar Jr.

  23. Any deal that includes Farrell and some other player not named Bautista, Encarnacion, Lawrie, or Morrow that nets Pedroia would be good with me.

  24. No manager can run this country club

  25. For all of the people who think Francona is going to jump out of the espn booth and take the Toronto job (similar to the Red Sox fans who assume they now own the rights to John Farrell); Tito was on Pardon the Interuption this week. The guys asked him about managing again and how his name had been thrown into the mix for the Cleveland job. He confirmed that he would be interviewing with them this week and how he had a long standing relationship with Mark Shapiro (whom he worked with in the early 00′s.

    Sandy Alomar Jr is also interviewing for the postion.

  26. Can we start a #getyourownmanager hashtag?

  27. If the Jays can something of decent value in return from the Red Sox, I say trade Farrell and promote Butterfield.

  28. Sal Fasano? He’s done a fantastic job with the Cats. why not give him a shot (if Farrell is let go)

  29. I like Farrell. If they’re offering Bard, maybe it’s worth it.

    If talent is the identified deficit, what amount of ‘talent’ is Bard? The 2012 version or the previous 3 years? Something in the middle with a fat sigma next to it?

    Was Romero considerably less talented this year? Was Aaron Hill considerably more talented this year?

    I suppose there’s talent and then there’s performance. I think the Jays had enough talent at the outset this year. They lost a chunk to injury and had another chunk underperform.

    I like the idea of talent upgrades wherever a good deal can be had (and/or Rogers converting my stratospheric data bill for some free agent WAR for fuxsake). I don’t so much like the idea of chasing performance — it’s a recipe for selling low and buying high. Give the same roster another year and I think results would be different.

    I’m just kidding, you can tar and feather KJ now.

  30. Interesting food for thought in this Providence Journal article from earlier today.

    “When Ozzie Guillen went from Chicago to Miami, the Marlins sent the White Sox two of their top prospects — pitcher Jhan Marinez and shortstop Osvaldo Martinez. A year earlier, Marinez and Martinez had been ranked the No. 4 and No. 5 prospects in the Marlins organization by Baseball America.

    A year ago, the No. 4 and No. 5 prospects in the Red Sox organization as ranked by Baseball America were pitcher Anthony Ranaudo and outfielder Bryce Brentz, respectively. At the moment, the No. 4 and No. 5 prospects in the Red Sox organization as ranked by SoxProspects.com are pitcher Allen Webster — obtained from Los Angeles in the Adrian Gonzalez trade — and Brentz.”

    I don’t know a damn thing about any of their prospects or if it’s remotely realistic to expect a trade like that but thought I would throw it into the conversation.

    Full article here: http://blogs.providencejournal.com/sports/red-sox/2012/10/what-would-it-take-to-get-john-farrell.html

  31. Get Pat Tabler to replace John F. He knows what players are thinking. He even knows the exact words they say to themselves. He’s a natural blonde. I could watch a game without hearing his voice.
    “Go Gandhi!”

    • What about Tabby and Buck as co-managers?

      • *vomited violently and died*

      • Only if they continue to do commentary from the dugout while managing.

      • “We’re going to turn the next play over to caller Mike from St. Catherines. Mike, we’ve got runners on first and second, and Edwin is at the plate. What should we do?”

        “I think you should call a sac bunt.”

        “Very good choice! Move the runners over.”

      • Fuck to the NO!! Have you seen what those guys wear on TV? Besides, Bucky had his shot, and Tabs would have to get his head out of AA’s ass.

  32. Its either get something now for Farrell
    He gets canned after the clubhouse is in disarray for the 2013 season and the only thing we gain is another year of suffering.

    If we don’t have as many injuries in 2013, Is Farrell going to all of the sudden have a tight clubhouse?

    • What the fuck do you care if the clubhouse is “tight”? And how do you measure this feeling? And how do you measure it from your couch? What because a 22-year old got caught stealing a base you know how it is in the clubhouse?

      • Jays need to bring an experienced winner in, blow this team up and start over. There are way too many losers in the clubhouse right now.

  33. I can’t muster up enough scorn right now.

    I’ll comment later.

  34. steve simmons is an idiot… but john farrell is awful at managing baseball games. he talks a decent game… but his club just consistently makes the same mistakes over and over and over again.

    i ask those who want top give him another chance… aside from talking to the media, what part of the job do you think he does well?

  35. I’ve often wondered how real estate prices in Toronto are so high, and then I read what people think the Jays can get for John Farrell, and it suddenly becomes crystal clear. No one in this damn town is aware of what something is worth.

  36. I say trade him if they can get a solid return for him. Aside from being the articulate master of bullshit, he doesn’t seem to have any redeeming qualities as a manager. The first game of the season was perhaps the greatest managed game I’ve ever seen, then for the next 161 games it was the 2011 version of JF.

    • I place Farrell more in the “meh” category – you could do worse, and you could do better. He’s not replaceable. If Boston is dumb enough to trade something of value for him, at a position where the Jays have a hole, all the power to them.

  37. And who the fuck said that the level of cursing would go down when Stoeten sold his soul to the Score.

  38. -Pinch run for guys when that run is not a deciding run. Mind you the runners are generally much crappier hitters than the ones they are replacing.

    yanking relievers from the game based on innings and not pitch count. guy comes in …throws a 8 pitch inning…gets yanked…next thing you know..we are out of pitchers and some japanese dude from vegas is closing.

    poor lineup contruction. sure its not just him..but fuck..he is not above the fray…why is jose batting third when he was healthy `

  39. -Pinch run for guys when that run is not a deciding run. Mind you the runners are generally much crappier hitters than the ones they are replacing.

    yanking relievers from the game based on innings and not pitch count. guy comes in …throws a 8 pitch inning…gets yanked…next thing you know..we are out of pitchers and some japanese dude from vegas is closing.

    poor lineup construction. sure its not just him..but fuck..he is not above the fray…why is jose batting third when he was healthy `

    • Your best hitter usually hits third. Plus lineup construction doesn’t really matter that much., as long as your best players are getting the most at bats.

  40. I think Stoaten is turning into the new Mike Wilner part deux.

  41. Rights to Ortiz plus a mid level prospect for Farrell.

    Gives Jays time to sign him before he hits the open market. Allows the Jays to give him a qualifying offer if they can’t come to terms. And gives the Jays a draft pick if he doesn’t sign the qualifying offer.

  42. Andrew – I counted them…you used 15 “fucks” (or permutations thereof) in your article.
    I love passion in a well-written fuckin’ story.

  43. Who cares.

    The Blue Jays could have Farrell, Joe Madden or King Tut as manager and they’ll still find a way to finish fourth in the AL East.

    And AA, Beeston and the fat cats at Rogers will still make excuses and con fans into coming back to the Dome.

  44. At this point I don’t give a shit whether Farrell stays or goes, but I’d like this huge distraction to be over one way or the other. The Jays have got a lot to do this off-season and I don’t think the front office needs to be distracted by all the noise.

    If the Sux want him so much, then trade his ass for the best return possible and promote/hire someone else. If they don’t want to do that, give him the extension already and that will be the end of it unless Farrell doesn’t want to extend, in which case there’s the answer right there. His heart is in Mass. Get rid. There are other options out there.

    • ^this

    • Don’t confuse media distraction with actual distractions. I would be completely shocked if this was actually having any impact on the Jays front office operations at all, despite the ridiculous amount of over exposure it is getting from reporters looking for something to write about.

  45. He’s got a point.

  46. Methinks compensation would be > Chris Carpenter. Does a younger Jason Frasor type player get Boston Farrell?

  47. 1. Trade John Farrell to the Red Sox for Dustin Pedroia. He is injured so the Red Sox would do well to trade him now. Then I would flip Pedroia for Travis Snider.

    2. I would like to replace JF as manager. I would represent DJF to the best of my abilities and would manage by concensus from what people comment here.

    3,. On Canada day I’d make all the players have “Canada” on their back instead of their name. Oh, and they would all wear the number 69 too. 69 is a funny number.

    3. I wonder if the players would rebel against my ban on spitting sun flower seeds since I don’t like the idea of managing a ball game while worried about walking around a spittoon dugout. I like twizzlers.

  48. I would be totally okay with a “fuck you” contract extension right now.

    Because like AA said, contracts only determine the pay rate, so it wouldn’t hamstring him if we wanted to fire/trade Farrell later.

  49. I think this is all hugely overblown and nothing is going to happen. Toronto has a much better short term future than boston especially if we geta good FA pitcher and /or stick for the “cow”.
    Who says Farell would want any part of their shit show anyway>?
    The red sox c/h Josh hamilton if they want at 24m per year but he has issues and I wonder if his talent is slipping-hear Zaun rip him last night?

  50. I loathe 24-hour sports news noise machines. Toronto’s is pretty bad, but with hockey on hold, its most base elements are mostly quiet. Boston’s, however, is working triple shifts and it’s annoying as fuck.

    We could be looking at a Baltimore vs Oakland ALCS – the ultimate David vs Cinderella match-up – and front page of ESPN.com would be “SOX NEED FARRELL OMGROFLGTFOBBQ”

    Don’t argue with trolls, and don’t click on vapid speculation. Lemme know when AA starts to seriously go after pitching.

  51. Would the Jays actually receive anything of note for Farrell? The Red Sox got pithy pieces for Epstein and the ChiSox didn’t receive any major pieces for Ozzie. Speaking of the ChiSox, how much did Ventura really change the culture of the White Sox? He came in to manage a team with some quality pieces on the roster but were coming off a disappointing season, I wasn’t really surprised how well Chicago performed this year.

    We haven’t really seen what Farrell has done to improve the team, but this year’s team was voodoo-cursed. He deserves another year unless the Red Sox ownership is stupid enough to move a good player for him.

    • Deserve ain’t got nuthin to do with it.

      • Perhaps, but it is difficult to judge Farrell’s sophomore season managing the club given all the injuries to key players this year. I’d like to see one more year of Farrell with a mostly-healthy roster, but I also wouldn’t be against letting him go if that’s what he wants.

  52. Okay, I understand the article is stupidly overblown about the impact a manager has, but are you people seriously so stubbornly opposed to any sort of psychological effects a manager can have on the team? Besides from the BP management (which was pretty bad), the mental effect a manager can have on a team is a lot more important than you may think.
    The club house culture is terrible, players are complaining to the press, gay slurs (I’ll even forgive that one b/c of miscommunication), there seems to be very little unity between our players (remember Thames lying on the ground infront of the BP?), arrogance of many of our players (Lawrie not admitting mistakes), low mental toughness (Romero) and the rest of the team totally shit the bed once we had a few injuries (absolutely no toughness). Obviously the injuries themselves bottomed our talent pool, but JF has not been able to keep anyone focused at all, this season completely spiraled.
    There is a reason why companies spend so many dollars on sport psychology, so even if there isn’t always a calculable quantitative method of measuring some sort of influence, you don’t need to always COMPLETELY discount it. Try to be a little balanced and open minded sometimes. Top athletes in multiple sports keep bringing up the importance of the mental aspects in sports, and you’re telling me that if your manager is not on the same page as you are, that it doesn’t make any difference to your own individual performance?
    Now I totally don’t think JF is actually a terrible manager, I would even be willing to have him here next year, and I don’t at all think that we would have made the playoffs or come anywhere close with someone great, but he hasn’t exactly been a success. I wouldn’t mind him being traded for anything of decent value.

  53. Let Farrell go to Boston and demand (FUCKING DE-FUCKIN’-SHIT-PISS-ASS-FUCK-MAND!) Clay Buchholz in return. There’s your fifth starter. Then, shock the AL East by bringing in Terry Francona as your new manager. Suck it, Red Sox.

    • I am OK with that. Buckholz for Farrell

      Francona as a Jays manager would be exciting.

      Former Expos player.

  54. I say trade him to the sox for the Green Monster. Im referring to the actual wall. They could then transplant the wall to the dome and paint it that ugly ass blue color and put LED advertisements. anything that further debases the game of baseball.

  55. Just when you think the season is over and you are safe from the stupidity of the shit show we watched all year, we get the Farrell issue. Farrell was going to leave us last off-season remember. Then AA and all the BJ Management (including Farrwll said in unison – no that was never in the works. Then the BJ policy of no lateral moves is made public, you know, just in case. Now the Jays apprear to encourage the lateral move for Farrell. I can hardly wait for the AA explaination – it’ll be a fucking doozy! Like this ‘ Our comittment to the BJ Organization, and winning, isn’t in doubt here, if we have an opportunitiy to improve our club and we took advantage, we did not disregard the policy on lateral moves that we set last year with this transation….Buffalo opens on April 8….

    • Unless AA gets a solid LB pitcher for Farrell, he will be seen as not ready for prime time.

      You don’t trade managers to your rivals for squat?

  56. Peter Gammons is reporting that a split between AA and JF exists and John wants to come back to Boston. Obviously, Gammons and ‘John’ know each other from the Boston days. I think AA makes a move really, really soon. I think this has been in the works for a bit. If Gammons knows this, and he’s a credible journalist, John is NOT coming back for a third year. Dave Martinez, Terry Francona or an internal candidate such as Fasano are likely candidates. Butterfield is awesome but he’s friends with the players and therefore, not the right guy to be the Manager.

    • Thinking it’s just more of the typical US based journalist BS we’ve seen these last few months.

      Short of getting someone like Pedroia or even Bucholz it’s not going to happen. Either one of those players is worth far more in terms of wins than any manager so why would the Red Sox even do that? There’s nothing in it for the Jays to help out a bitter competitor. In fact for all of the headaches they have caused AA with this ridiculous story they would be the last ones I’d ever dream of helping if I were him.

      The Red Sox have more than enough holes of their own to fill on the field first and foremost. Why would any rational GM create another hole for the sake of a manager when there’s plenty of other candidates that would have a similar impact.

      As for credibility all you have to do is go back and look at the bulk of the stories these guys file that deal in rumours and innuendo and you’ll see the majority end up being just that.

      I just read a story where Heyman says “But first, Red Sox people should stop to ask the question about whether Farrell is anywhere near as good a manager as he was a pitching coach. He’s supposed to be a pitching guru, yet half his staff went down with injuries and his star Ricky Romero turned into the worst pitcher in the league.”

      Yes Jon, the pitching injuries are all Farrell’s fault. What a tool.

    • WTF?

      Why does Gammons know about this rift ?

      I can’t see AA giving up Farrell to a division rival for nothing.

      AA would send farrell back to Cleveland for a year to stay in his living room rather than give him up to the red sox for nothing.

  57. Everything after the Morosi embedded tweet is pure gold. Good show Stoeten.

  58. Here’s an interesting perspective about why Farrell could be the wrong choice to lead the Dead Sox.


  59. Not that I fucking care where he goes….

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