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Much in the same way that Parkes did on Wednesday with the Rangers-A’s finale, I’ll be covering today’s Wild Card play-in action between the Barves and Cardinals, starting at 5:00 PM ET, at Getting Blanked. Parkes will take the reins for the eight o’clock game between Texas and Baltimore, and the various writers be doing the same throughout the playoffs. I’ll be covering the Yankees series (with the exception of the first game), so be sure to watch for that and all the outstanding playoff coverage over yonder.

Per a team release, the Jays outrighted three players yesterday– Aaron Laffey, Shawn Hill and Bobby Korecky– leaving them with 37 players on their 40-man roster. MLBTR points out that it also leaves the Jays with only Colby Rasmus, Jesse Litsch, JA Happ, and Rajai Davis (if his option is declined) as arbitration eligibles. Yeah, it’s a young team.

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe gives a level-headed assessment of the field of candidates for the Red Sox gig, with a focus on Farrell, but an acknowledgement that the Sox are hopeful they can land him, not necessarily insistent that they must.

In the Boston Herald, Scott Lauber speaks to a source who doesn’t believe the Jays will let Farrell go, and while he “stopped short of saying the Blue Jays would ask for something ‘significant,’ it’s clear they would want ‘a decent player.’ ”

From @James_In_TO– who you may recall from such films as Breaking the Escobar Eye Black Scandal– we have some betting lines on what happens with Farrell, and the money is on him not being back in Toronto.

Given that, Mike Wilner might want to back up a truck of cash to the nearest betting station, because– as Bluebird Banter relays– he went on a New Hampshire radio station yesterday and said that the reports of a rift between Farrell and Anthopoulos (which have been corroborated by Peter Gammons) are “completely made up,” and– according to the host he spoke with, Matt Perrault– that he was “greater than 99% sure” that Farrell would be back in Toronto next year.

Spoiler alert! Blogs With Balls 5 is on here in Toronto– you can watch the panels live on YouTube– so what better time than to dredge up a year-old story with one of the panelists?

At the National Post, John Lott runs down the many dark clouds that hang over the Jays as they head into an off-season of uncertainty.

Elsewhere in the Post, Bruce Arthur casts the AL MVP debate as being a clash between old and new statistics, which I entirely disagree with. I mean, on-base percentage, runs scored, stolen bases and defence aren’t exactly newfangled, and that’s where Trout really outshines Cabrera– though, yes, those things are better taken into account when you look at a well-rounded composite like WAR than some arbitrarily- and anciently-decided trio of what are supposedly the most significant stats.

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun points out that another exhaustive managerial search wouldn’t be necessary for the Jays, as the men who were runners up to John Farrell two years ago– Sandy Alomar and DeMarlo Hale– are still available… for now. And Terry Francona is out there too.

Bernie Pleskoff of examines Adeiny Hechavarria’s tools, and thinks that while he’ll always be a defence-first player, “it won’t be long until he becomes a very solid and dependable Major League hitter as well.”

At Jays Journal, David Schecter writes that he’s disappointed with what the Jays have done from a player development perspective, given the way they appear ready to shift away from their philosophy of rushing guys to the Majors (which I suspect was largely due to the desire to have them skip fucking Vegas), while Kyle Franzoni suggests that the club offer some of their blue chip pitching prospects to Texas for Elvis Andrus.

I completely missed it when it first ran, but definitely do yourself a favour and check out the Jays 2012 season concession speech at Big League Stew, as written by our own Drew Fairservice.

The Blue Jay Hunter reflects on the season that was.

Lastly, it’s your Friday stalwart, the always awesome Getting Blanked GIFs of the Week.

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  1. it looks like both cafardo and wilner are both posturing for their respective teams.

  2. It would be pretty hilarious if we actually got a good player in return for Farrell, since we would be (and should be) firing him anyways.

    • Shouldn’t you be trolling FanGraphs or something?

      • can’t believe you defend this guy, tbh.

      • I haven’t really liked Farrell as manager so far. Strange lineups, ugly base running, questionable pitching changes, etc. In what way is Farrell a good manager? Honest question.

        • In what way is your opinion of the lineup and of pitching changes of any established use?

          • @ sons
            They tend to show the philosphy of the manager and lack of ability to adjust in the face of adversity.

          • Ummm I’m just asking for arguments for keeping Farrell. Thanks for the useful post.

        • Remember the guy was forced to some unconventional aggressive decisions on trying move and advance runners, however it wasn’t Farrell getting picked off and trying to steal third on bad counts without getting a signal, etc.

          The season stunk due to a number of factors. If you think we’re making the playoffs or even close to .500 with any other manager in the league this season, you sir are an idiot.

          We gave him a 3 yr contract to manage during the change of direction to the team. Let’s at least see how he does with at least 75% of his core players and another off season under our belts with another hopeful upgrade or two

          • @ tom tucker
            He wasn’t forced in 2012 and he was doing it in 2011.

          • @ RADAR

            If you think we are going to hit our way around the bases to score runs with the AAA we fielded the majority of the year you’re crazy. We made some bad base running decisions, just sayin that many of them were pickoffs and guys running on their own. You can’t put it all on Farell.

            Again, it’s no reason to fire a year early or let him walk to Boston, or even think this season goes differently with anyone else running the ship. He’ll learn from this season as well as the players

          • as far as I can tell, a) Farrell does a poor job in terms of matchups – both in using the bullpen and his bench, b) presided over both a lineup in which the majority of hitters saw a big drop in walks, and presided over a pitching staff in which the majority of pitchers saw a big rise in walks;, c) presided over a clubhouse where it seems there was a distinct lack of discipline or accountability.

            I actually won’t complain about the baserunning on the team – for the most part I like the aggressiveness on the basepaths and even with the large nuimber of mistakes out there, I think baserunning was probably a positive for this team, not a negative (fangraphs baserunning metric also supports the idea of the Jays’ baserunning being a net positive).

          • I’m ok with giving Farrell a leash for the last year of his contract but if the team can get decent compensation for him then I think you have to let him go.

            I’m still not sure what the hype about Farrell is. He’s unproven and hasn’t showed much strategic prowess or control over the players.

          • @ tom

            I’m not adverse to seeing what Farrell can do next year.But he has forced the small ball mentality to the extreme, and I like small ball. There’s a time and a place for everything and Farrell can’t seem to get a runner on first with none out and not try the bunt.
            BTW. If guys are getting picked off, running through stop signs and stealing third without signals on a regular basis, then your message ain’t getting through clear.And it isn’t just one player.
            If the team isn’t doing what you want it to or isn’t listening,there’s a problem.

  3. interesting article here about the AL MVP discussion. What is the argument against using Run Expectancy? Sounds like a great way to measure a player’s offensive contribution.

  4. I would like to endorse Drew Fairservice as the new manager of the Toronto Blue Jays. I want to see how he handles the Brett Lawrie base stealing clusterfucks and the David Cooper era at 1B!

  5. What’s a “Bobby Korrecky”?

  6. The PR risk of this is so big that we may as well turn it into a “real” trade to convolute winner vs. loser. Farrell, Escobar, Gose and Syndergaard for Pedroia and Bucholz. Get busy assassin!

    • Pretty sure you’re joking, but people need to stop this.

      • Didn’t you hear PTS last night?

        McCown and Zaun have already got Pedroia in a Jays uniform. Holy fuckballs are they retarded…they must think Ben Cherington has lost his mind or something.

        • McCown and Zaun have combined for as many days in an MLB front office as you and I. It’s really a shame that these two buffoons get such a huge pulpit to unreasonably boost the expectations of a certain subset of idiotic fans.

          • The fact that those two haven’t held a front office job means absolutely dick all to whether or not they’re wrong.

          • Fair enough, but my point was that there’s a certain sizable group of people, as demonstrated by many a FAN caller, that blindly accept their opinions (i.e. that AA should call Boston and demand Pedroia and nothing less as compensation, as Zaun was saying the other night) as having basis in reality or being any less salt grain worthy than an average DJF comment when they don’t.

    • Pedroia would still have that Masshole stink

  7. Here’s a link I put up before, why Farrell would not be right for the Dead Sox
    On a different note, why did the Jays outright Laffey? I thought he did a pretty good job for the Jays? Ah…the confusion continues…

    • Outright still means he can end up in AAA doesn’t it?

    • We don’t need Laffey’s. They are always around when you need them. We need Morrow’s.

    • I agree – I thought laffey would have made for a good long guy out of the pen. He seems to do well until he has to face batters for a second time. Also Hill, I thought, was good to have in AAA. Even if they do get a few solid starters, one or more of them is bound to go down during the year. When is the last time we had a regular rotation – say 5 players with 25 starts or more?

    • Pushing your blog on another blog?

      • Does that count as Meta?

      • Not my blog, I just thought it showed another viewpoint especially with all the speculation of Farrell going to Boston. I guessed maybe some posters might want to read it, that’s all. I really don’t give a shit if you do or not.

  8. That article by Bruce Arthur is probably one of the most level headed AL MVP articles I have read so far.

  9. To trade Farrell or not to trade Farrell, this is the major question heading into the off-season?

    If he goes, the Jays could buy the Watson robot that was on Jeopardy and program it for baseball stuff like analyzing match ups and probabilities and shit. People could complain that it’s an emotionless, expressionless robot that sits in the dug-out and doesn’t look likes it’s doing a damn thing… It would be like having Cito all over again!

    • Only it would be making decisions based on sound data and probability analysis. So pretty much the opposite of Cito.

      • I have no proof, of course, but I suspect Cito had a different mandate and objective given to him by Beeston, than Farrell does.

        • Agreed. For Cito it was mostly “put your feet up, take a victory lap, and pad your legacy by playing vets over the young players who could far better use experience, and we’ll all bask in your mistifying PR glow.”

          • Or play the vets, so we can gather more comp picks in the next amateur draft.And was the legacy really padded?It actually took away from it.
            BTW: here’s a totally uneccassary, golden parachute for doing what we probably couldn’t talk any other manager into doing..
            Thanks for the picks.Wish there were more.
            Is it really that far out there?

          • all the while actually being successful at managing a team of supposed deadbeats into putting up the best record and most exciting season the team, and fans, had seen in many years.

            this cito bashing all kinda held up on the basis of his first go-round with the club (ie…’anyone could have managed that stellar team to a WS) but is totally bunk when trying to explain why the hell he was able to do a pretty fine job with a rag-tag bunch of players in those years.

            your cito bashing in embarassing and just doesn’t seem to have enough basis.

            and…i’m pretty close to landing on an argument about the much-loved golden boy snider. there’s been a lot of argument that po’ boy snider’s troubles have had everything to do with the jays (and specifically DJF/GB have pressed the CITO angle on that)….when the longer it goes where Snider still kinda sucks offensively…..IMO just gives basis to the idea that Cito was not the nutjob you make him out to be but actually had the goddamn sense and good advice of coaching around him to know that Snider just wasn’t that great and wouldn’t be…..

            strangely you’re also seeing in the just released Catcher stats that John Buck seems to have a bit more to him then you guys wanted to give him credit for…..was Cito so damn stupid for running him out there?? or is it in fact that Cito understood his value/potential a bit better than that?? hmmmm.?

          • and further….you love to point to running out John Buck as an example of Cito incompetence…but….tell me again who John Buck was taking bats away from???

            was it:

            A) Snider. The dude who ended up getting a few more kicks at the can and could do nothing with anyway. For whom maybe Cito was doing the team a favour and protecting his exposure as a pretty average hitter…such that the club probably would have done better to trade him sooner than it did and without exposing his downside?

            B) J.P. Arencibia – who essentially is John Buck 2.0 and who arguably has not suffered from lack of ‘experience’ gained…given that the club has shown it wasn’t ever reasonable to think that they were truly on track for a competitive year in 2012?? (i mean…gawd, I wish it were so, and hoped it would be, but clearly I was misled/misunderstood and what happened last off season sure shows that). What would have giving at-bats to JPA done..speed up his integration to…uh…a still very underwhelming 2012?? or maybe you think that JPA is still on his way to a spectacular 2013…if only he hadn’t been held back by that blasted CITO?

            doubt it.

            if anything…like I mentioned above…that season CITO gave you ungrateful twats was super exciting and got a lot of people excited in baseball again. you don’t think that the surge in # is like completely based on a change of uniform and such do you?

            fuck no. it started with Cito’s return, his stubborn playing of veterans…let’s not forget uh that means playing Bautista and it turning out that the guy hit 54 HR and landed a huge chip and huge boost to fan interest & attendance..

            etc etc etc etc.

            Cito was definitely 1 (not ALL, but certainly 1) component that fed into a reinvigorated interest in this club. you’re blind to ignore that aspect. i can tell you that outside of your Cito hating world that lots of people and fans got super pumped by his return and what he did with the team for his remaining terms.

          • maybe you think that Eric Thames should have got some more bats in eh?

            or Cooper?

            who exactly are these young amazing bats that the blasted bastard Cito Gaston took at-bats away from??

            maybe you think Lawrie should have been brought up earlier?

            nonsense!!! absolute rubbish, all of it.

          • Stoeten doesn’t like Cito because, Stoeten is racist.

      • @PSY–Do it Gangnam Style

        • no no no. it wasn’t intended as a racist thing the first time, and its not intended that way this time either.

          i just think its a blind argument that upon later reflection should not be trot out any further.

          i doubt stote has even bothered to review the rationale that initially led him to first go on his ‘stealing at-bats’ rant.

          i think that argument was tentative at best the first time and also very reliant on accepting that the timeline for competitiveness was different. how can you on one hand scream foul for lost at-bats and at the same time say there was no way we were competing in 2012 all along?

          at best all he could argue is that cito’s decision regarding at-bats did absolutely nothing to change the course of things…

          while I, in true revisionist fashion, would argue that his approach resulted in unforseen positives and a wasted opportunity to trade snider at a higher value.

          • I’m not suggesting that you suggested it was a racist thing, I am stating that it is racism that is the primary drive for Stoeten’s antipathy towards Cito. Either that or Stoeten is just a petty, contrarian,arrogant,slovenly hipster douchewad who is envious of someone else’s success.

  10. I would actually like to see what Farrell could do with what should be a greatly improved team in ’13 (or at least that’s the theory). Either way I hope a “decision” is made swiftly so AA can get on to improving the team.

  11. Holy shit my brain hurts from reading the comments in that MVP debate article. Great article, but reading constant comments from people who are so locked into the Cabrera led his team to the playoffs narrative is an exercise in masochism.

  12. We saw recently that the Yankees average something like 250,000 a game on TV, while the Jays were up over 500,000 a game this year. But I saw Stoeten tweet the caveat that Canada may calculate this differently.

    It would be interesting to read a post that gets to the bottom of the TV ratings, takes into account how Canada measures the numbers vs Americans, and really compares the Jays with other teams in that regard.

    • Agreed. I strongly suspect those numbers are at least somewhat misleading, with our PPP meters and national network, which I don’t think US teams have (don’t believe Nielsen in the States uses PPPs at least). Growth is good, but need a primer on what it actually means to see the Jays’ numbers dwarf the Yankees’, supposedly.

      • Yeah. It was interesting seeing the bottom end TV ratings too. I think San Diego, Houston and a few other cities were in the 20,000 to 30,000 a game range.

        Whatever differences in calculation, the Jays must absolutely dwarf the bottom end teams.

        I guess it would just put into perspective how sweet a deal Rogers gets in having 162 Jays games a year, with essentially no rights fees paid.

      • I was under the impression that the US rating is 250,000 households, whereas the Canadian rating is 500,000 viewers and that the conversion was about 2.5 viewers per household.

    • Logic alone tells me those numbers are highly improbable if not imaginary.

      • @ Tom W

        I don’t see why. Don’t forget every Jays game is available across the entire country of 30 million people.

        It’d be like if there was only one team in California. It’s a lot to draw from.

        • I think what they have done here is compare Yankees local ratings to Jays national ratings. The Yankees national ratings would have to be much higher. But if I am wrong Rogers better start bucking up big time.

          • @ Tom W

            Oh, absolutely. That is exactly what it is.

            But it’s not intentionally being deceiving. The Jays ‘regional broadcasts’ include all of Canada. They just happen to have a huge territory because there are no other Canadian teams.

            But, even if Jays numbers are inflated because people are watching them all over Canada, that’s not REALLY the point, you know? Regardless of the circumstances, there are an awful lot of people watching the games.

            Just a bit more fuel to the ‘Rogers shouldn’t be crying poor when it comes to the Jays’ fire.

  13. This entire Farrell thing needs to stop. They need to sort it right away. Fact is, anyway bashing on Farrell is an idiot. He is in his second year as a manger, and has shown improvement even from the first half to the last half of this season. He worked with what he had, and at the end of the day, the manager really is not the be-all and end-all of wins and losses. The players make the pitches and take the at bats.

    That being said, if Boston gives up a little bit, let him go. I would be fine with him coming back and would be fine if he left if it made the team better.

    • Exactly. This shit needs to be put to rest this weekend in my opinion. AA needs to talk with Farrell and those two decide. Then either make a deal or have Farrell do a presss conference saying outright that he is staying put and tell themedia and Redsox to drop it cuz I aint comin. But do it public and follow thru.

    • Yeah. I agree. Whatever they do, just do it soon.

  14. If I understand that betting line right I get paid 3 to 1 if John Farrell stays as manager of the Jays, and 3 to 1 if John Farrell becomes manager of the Sox. If I bet on both, wouldn’t I pretty much be guaranteed to win?

  15. Beeston needs to step in on all of this. Sit down Farrell and AA and tell them a decision on Farrell’s future with the Jays needs to be made right now. If he’s stayin, promise an extension by a certain date at a reasonable price then go public, be firm with no wishy washy bullshit and put it to rest.

  16. When Farrell speaks his cadence, tone, inflections and what he says – basically they way he speaks – reminds me so much of the way Tigers Woods speaks (ie blahzay)

  17. I am a lazy boy. Can someone tell me when Amy K. Nelson addresses the Man in the White Shirt?

  18. It’s laughable people who keep saying they want to see what farrell can do with a healthy lineup. The team was .500 in july with a healthy lineup. What do you want to see? He’s making the same stupid mistakes he made last year. Running into outs, wrong bullpen calls. How many extra games does he lose by putting cordero in, lind batting cleanup.

    the only reason he’s back next year is because he’s already under contract, not because he’s good.

    • Well, they were .500 at the end of July (and about 2 games out of the playoffs) well after Morrow, Hutch and Drabek had gone down in a week. So, not healthy. The offense was legitimately looking awesome during the Lawrie/Rasmus/Bautista/EE phase.

      The team has issues and needs serious work, but injuries are a pretty legitimate excuse for a big part of the awful record.

    • I agree, I would like someone to answer the question already posted:

      “In what way is Farrell a good manager?”

  19. They need three major league starters. They need a two bagger. AH is the SS. I would not keep Cletus. He’s too inconsistent. I would rather have Gose in CF IF we have a veteran two bagger and LF in the fold. We need another arm in the BP too. You have two routes, FA and trades. Both will happen this offseason. JF is a smart guy but I would rather have him off the field and in the front office. I like Fasano. His philosophy and his demeanor remind me of Maddon in TB. Lots to do but it can be done because they have the trade chips in spades and the money is there, finally.

  20. Why doesn’t Butterfield get more consideration for filling John’s position if he leaves?

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