Remember the Man in White thing? Amy Nelson sure does. She (co)wrote it and, as she’s in town for Blogs With Balls Five, I tracked her down and talked to her about the story that developed a life all its own.

There is a non-zero chance this will change your mind about the Man in White saga but it is interesting, at the very least, to hear that other teams and players surreptitiously heard similar things about not only Toronto but other ballparks around the league. Nobody has clean has, thus the reluctance to go on the record.

Or whatever. Circumstantial evidence gonna circumstance.

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  1. I can see faint hints of a 5 O’clock shadow, especially over her lip so it’s obvious she used to be a he at one time. I think I will do a You Tuber on that.

  2. I hope they all DO think we’re stealing signs. It’ll distract them. :)

    Personally, I’m in favour of getting seats in the 200 OF, BIIIIG signs saying “FASTBALL” “CURVE” “CHANGE” “SLIDER”, etc., and OOOOVERSIZED BINOCULARS.
    Oh, don’t forget the white suits…
    It would drive them BONKERS.

  3. Nice tits though…

      • A natural behind the mic. I expect you to be more ruthless (?) in future and ask the tough questions.

        • Except, y’know, who actually cares at this point?

          • Enquiring minds only…actually can you guys start a blog that incorporates all that is special about Bleacher Report but add more video? That would be special.

          • Cares about what? I don’t expect Drew to interview Ms. Nelson in the future.

          • @Gil Fisher This is all tongue in cheek..yes? That’s the way I see it because its a load of BS and this little girl is to dumb to know it but hey Gil, lighten up your chance for hard reporting will come too.

          • Oh buy the way, I like tagging on to Andrews comments ‘cuz it makes me stand out in yellowish hue. Thanks buddy.

          • [in reply to Stoeten's comment]

            Who actually cares? Impassioned Blue Jays fans? A not insignificant portion of your readership? The people who decided it would be prudent to track her down and ask her about it? You, judging by virtually every mention of her article in the archives of this blog? I am not understanding the grounds on which you see it as plainly obvious that the very notion of tough questions being asked of this particular reporter with regard to this particular story should be dismissed out of hand.

            If what you mean to say is ‘hey, we have careers to think about and we can’t get into the business of burning bridges’, then say it. Very few of us would hold it against you (or Drew).

            Let me be clear – I have nothing against this interview or its lack of hard-hitting questions. Just the defense used against the valid observation that hard-hitting questions could have been reasonably expected given the circumstances.

            [stepping off the soapbox and into the yellowish hue]

          • Scotty…
            If this was a year ago, I’d be with you– not because I’ve changed in a year or anything like that, but because the story is over. Meh.

          • If the story was over a year ago, Drew probably should’ve interviewed somebody relevant.

          • Just wondering if one of you could tell me why I feel that a managerial sample size is oh oh so much larger than a player of said team? In short…players get 3 years mangers get 1.5…yes?

          • Tom, because I think it’s common sense that they develop way faster, tactically. And it’s a lot easier to do what they do. It’s a ridiculous, apples to oranges comparison, frankly.

      • Still….a natural behind the mic.

      • I couldn’t even watch that all. She wouldn’t have run it if she had any doubt? Sorry guys. If she was a he you would have been a lot less forgiving. She should quit plugging her YouTube “show” and learn how statistics really work.

    • Stay classy, Sam.

    • Moobs

    • Classy

    • Or is it “nipples to oranges”?

    • Bravo!

  4. While I don’t believe in the conspiracy of fans tipping pitches, I do understand Amy’s need for a story as a reporter to get her name out there. I just wish she picked another team.

  5. It’s such nonsense though! All she “revealed” in this interview is that other people told her, off the record, that they thought the Blue Jays and an unknown number of other teams were stealing signs.

    Yeah fucking right. Why wouldn’t a fired GM or a retiring player or a disgruntled anybody who is actually participated in something like this come forward? Why would a team that isn’t cheating ask the Commissioner’s office to investigate. There are cameras all over the field and nobody has any proof this is happening here or anywhere else. We are supposed to believe that not only is there a conspiracy of dozens of current and former players and coaches in Toronto but many others in cities across the US and no one has talked? It’s a stupid rumour not supported by statistical analysis that doesn’t cherry pick its data but she ran that rumour (and ESPN let her) because ESPN is in the business of getting eyeballs onto its website not reporting the truth.

  6. That was a soft interview. Her story was total bullshit, and could have easily been verified by sending someone in the bleachers for one game to catch that man in white red-handed.

  7. what a cunt

    • You can’t say that in this day and time…the terms mover,shaker but never a baker come to mind. She is a guy anyway…according to Escobar

    • Speaking of cultural nuances… this is one instance in which I prefer the Spanish idiom. “Puta” is more descriptive, even clinical if you like, and far less misogynistic.

      • Russian = “Pizdi” as I recall. Great language, Russian. “Why are you fucking a cow” = “Drink up!”

  8. I think Drew should do all interviews while doing a Christopher Walken impersonation. Felt like he was channeling him a bit 0:43… “Wi-ide… variety of stuff”. Get on it!

  9. She still doesn’t really explain why her data wasn’t very good.

  10. Drew was being nice cause he knew he was going to be fucking her later! wtg Drew!

    • Finally someone said it!
      Drew was like a 14 year old boy around her, you could totally tell he wanted to fuck her!

  11. Idiots. Do you thin the Score gets the interview if they say, “Hey, Amy! We want to rake you over the coals for that Man in White story a year ago- you up for that?”

    Drew hits a good balance for interviews- trying to draw out some answers without alienating his interviewee. He acknowledges the controversy, that some time has passed, and does a reasonable job here balancing that with giving her the chance to shill some current projects.

    Not a single one of the smack talkers in these comments would have done better.

  12. I like her and most of her work, but… I don’t care for the “people thought they knew how to do my job” stuff because that’s a little too, ummm, Boston Globe-ish for 2012.

  13. Throughout the entire interview, I just kept picturing myself in bed with her, talking about shit like this late a night. I couldn’t help but think that she would be telling me about how true this bullshit is, even though I’m the one she is supposed to be honest with. I wonder if she only fucks people that feed into her self-serving bullshit as it seems as though those are the only peple she will let interview her.

  14. I’d rather see her at Bobs on Balls.

    Pretty lame defense of her dopey article.

  15. This is a sad, sad woman. She seems to actually believe the shit that comes out of her mouth. She is somehow convinced that “persuasive evidence” is obtained through obtaining quotes alone. Ultimately I feel sorry for her; she is a remarkably stupid person.

  16. I am serious that Washington will be lookin’ for work.

  17. Shes a lying cunt, who fucking cares about anything she says. THERE NEVER WAS ANYONE TIPPING PITCHES, you are fucking desperate for new stories to post this shit. She knows nothing about sports, and makes all the women do this job well look bad. There is nothing to verify, this is a non issue with 0% proof

  18. Go Oakland!

  19. The A’s win the WS in six

  20. Looks like her mouth could do wonders…

  21. She beat around the bush fairly well in that interview. Maybe she singled our Toronto because she thought the fanbase wouldn’t revolt like it did.

  22. I’m white

  23. i like drew normally… dont really see a point to this interview though. you gave her all lob balls and it really delivers no new information.

  24. Very good interview by Drew and Amy came off as both professionally solid, and likable. Thanks for posting.

  25. You can easily tell from the sexist crap who’s either 14 or never gets near women. Guys who like women don’t think or talk sexist crap like that.

  26. so lets interview the dumb bitch who wrote some stupid article a year ago, but lets not ask her any hard questions.

    your career looks bright.

  27. Maybe we can get an interview with Gruber about that triple play next ….

  28. WTF does this have to do with the Blue Jays? This is why I have stopped visiting your site. As soon as you chumps sold yourself to the Score, it has been nothing put self-promotion and retarded non-Jays coverage! Are you guys going after Sid and Tim’s job? Pathetic!

    • Ummm.. “the man in white” story was related to the Jays you silly numpty. And so what if they’ve expanded to more than just the Jays? The sports of baseball in it’s entirety expands further than the confines of Toronto.

  29. [...] Following up on The Man in White | Drunk Jays Fans | Blogs | theScore.comAmy K Nelson interview. I ca… [...]

  30. This was almost as riveting as the Carson Cistull interview.

  31. Pretentious bitch

  32. It would have been nice if there was one question that wasn’t a super softy. Like asking her what she thought of people who have pointed out how unrealistic it is to think that a ball player could look out to the outfield and then still hit a pitch, or how there aren’t even seats where she stated that the “man in white” was sitting. Or even ask her if she thought there was actually a man in white doing this.

    You can ask things in a respectable manner.

  33. Daaayuuum that is one fine lookin lady!

  34. I am a Man in Black…..but I would really dig covering her in white

  35. Yeah, I respect the hell out of Drew and understand the situation of the interview, but since AKN took the opportunity to clarify some of her process and to assert the veracity of her reporting, I wish I had heard a couple of questions concerning:
    1) the fact that the home/road splits put the lie to the thesis of the article, and
    2) the fact that Joe Girardi “openly speculating” on something is enough basis to go on, and the kind of thing you base journalism on. I think the onus is on the accuser to back it up with some proof, not on the accused to defend themselves.

    That said, nice job continuing to fuck up Jays fans’ reputation, you neanderthals. AKN seems like a nice enough person who just said something you disagree with. If she were your mom, sister or daughter the lot of you’d probably be promising to bust some commenters’ faces in. Get some lives and stop hiding behind your avatars and hipster rudeness.

  36. fuck off jimbo…..

  37. Nelson is sorta cute, but half of the people here make her out to be a super model.

  38. Surely a new low has been reach regarding replys here. I suggest that the DJF team refrain from running video interviews with women in the future. Seems to be a little too much for some people to handle. This is why we can’t have nice things.

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