Wild Card Threat!

Want to talk today’s Wild Card matchups? Well do it here, if you want to be fucking lame about it. Or come follow the Barves and Cards with me at Getting Blanked, and stay tuned there for a similar roundup of the late game, and all the other games over the course of October. It’s Getting Blanktober! Or… uh… something.

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  1. I’d over look this guys sideburns.


  2. I hope that our future 2nd bagger doesn’t do shit like that.

  3. This could get interesting. Your move, Andy.

  4. You just know that run is going to prove costly. eh?

  5. Who’s that guy waving his arms at?

  6. The Next Novel by Franklin Dixon…

    The Hardy Boy and the Mystery of the missed Green Light

  7. Speaking of Demarlo Hale…


  8. His Bell and Fernandez are awesome.


    As you can probably tell I own shares in youtube.

  9. “Playing the game the right way”. O Boy. Anyway, it’s 3-1.

  10. The Orioles.
    A kid who was playing double A at the beginning of the year,another guy who was playing in the international league at the start of the year, another who was released by the Pirates midseason, another who was released by some other team midseason, and so on.

    I’m starting to believe the slogan.
    It ain’t luck , it’s Buck.

  11. Otis Redding wrote R-E-S-P-E-C-T y’all.

    • Sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me.

      • SP, what did you say to that BJ guy and the Alaskan guy?Do you have that effect on everybody?

        • Somehow I seemed to have managed to tell BJ to get the fuck off my blog because he hurt my feelings or something like that (not how I recapture it) while the Alaskan Ghost Rider apparently thinks everything and everyone on this site is in earnest, and got totally discombobulated by either/or/possible both myself and birddawg. He’s taken a valium and is currently lying down with his favourite blanky.

        • I make an impression, not necessarily a good one. The story of my life, but it’s too late to stop now.

          • That’s some wild voodoo,black magic stuff you got there. Gonna be careful around you.

            Seriously though, they would been stunned to read DJF back when blogger was the vehicle of choice.

          • The funny thing for me is that I wasn’t even employing snark, just joking around. Go figure.

          • I noticed both. You did nothing wrong as far as I could tell.

  12. Woah, you EST. folk are having to stay up late for some of these games I guess.

  13. It’s interesting to note that over on “Getting Spanked” Parkes has had 4 comments, and has personally replied to each and every one. Over here on DJF we are the poor relations indeed.

    • But we are cooler with a K.

    • I looked too.
      I guess I’m not the only one.
      Sorta speachless about it.

    • It’s you spud, you stood up to the man and the rest of us troglodytes followed.

      • They say you can’t herd cats, but you can move their food dishes in the direction you want them to go.

      • First time I’ve been refered to as a follower.Hmm.
        I keep trying to give GB a fair shake but when Parkes comes out with”The entire ordeal leaves me wondering why the infield fly rules exists at all.”He either doesn’t understand the game or is trolling for pageviews.In either case,to me at least,it lessens his credibilty as a person who writes about baseball.Ironically, I find him an excellent writer.
        Thousands of words have been written at GB this weekend but do I really need “the common mans” metaphor shtick again?I’m sure all the hip kids get it and maybe I’m too old to play along.
        I like Drew and some of his analysis but every writer at GB takes an opposing opinion or critique as if it were a personal attack on their family.It’s like the “How dare you disagree with me” attitude, “I know it all and if you disagree you obviously don’t know what your talking about”.
        It should be a great companion blog for DJF and to some it may be, but for me, it doesn’t work.
        But I’ll keep trying to give it a chance.

    • Yeah i’ve stopped going to GB a long time ago. Part of me feels bad for Drew, part of me is glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t care what Parkes has to say.

  14. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve forgotten to breathe, I’d still be dirt poor.
    Game Over.
    Series Tied.

  15. Another one run win. If the Yanks lose the series they’ll still out score the O’s by 15 runs.

  16. Yankees take it on the Chen.

    Aww fuck me, someone had to say it!

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