Wild Card Threat!

Want to talk today’s Wild Card matchups? Well do it here, if you want to be fucking lame about it. Or come follow the Barves and Cards with me at Getting Blanked, and stay tuned there for a similar roundup of the late game, and all the other games over the course of October. It’s Getting Blanktober! Or… uh… something.

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  1. GO JAYS

  2. There’s no brakes!

    Wild Card, Bitches!!!

  3. I am dying to see the look on nolan ryan’s face if he gets bounced tonight.

  4. You know what I was kind of sold on these one and done play-offs but I am now reserving that opinion. Sure it makes for high drama but the game itself isn’t conducive to one game play offs …what I am trying to say is I see these moving into 3 game play-offs…

  5. Jeez I thought Stoeten was going to put out and do a literal innings by innings thing like Parkinsons

  6. I like Atlanta as the team but the fans can fuck of with the chop any century now!!!

  7. BAM! I’m Dick Tracy! Take that, Prune face! Now I’m Prune Face! Take that Dick Tracy! Now I’m Prune Tracy! Take that Dickf….

  8. Why didn’t Cooper just tag him?!!??!

  9. This isn’t working is it?

  10. Fucking Americans are assholes…this is bs

  11. look for your first Billyball operation starting now ….Atlanta?

  12. So..where is Stoeoten er whatever..the guy?

  13. Anyway Turner field is a shit show but what the fuck do you expect…At one time Hotlanta was a look into peoples lives….now it is just a bitch.

  14. Wow. Not only was that well out of the infield, the call was horribly late.

    • Thought it was me

      • how can you hear the Ump yelling? You are going by the visual

        • As long as the infileder can make the play without extraneous effort, it dosen’t matter where the ball is – outfiled, infield…hell the warning track if the ball were hit high enough

          • the call was too late. it says in the rule the call must be made immediately. the ump fucked up.

          • No the rules don’t say that. Fuck are we just going to make stuff up here. The call was right!

          • not sure if you are too lazy or too stupid to go look the rule up on mlb.com. The call must be declared immediately:

            An INFIELD FLY is a fair fly ball (not including a line drive nor an attempted bunt) which can be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort, when first and second, or first, second and third bases are occupied, before two are out. The pitcher, catcher and any outfielder who stations himself in the infield on the play shall be considered infielders for the purpose of this rule.
            When it seems apparent that a batted ball will be an Infield Fly, the umpire shall immediately declare “Infield Fly” for the benefit of the runners. If the ball is near the baselines, the umpire shall declare “Infield Fly, if Fair.”
            The ball is alive and runners may advance at the risk of the ball being caught, or retouch and advance after the ball is touched, the same as on any fly ball. If the hit becomes a foul ball, it is treated the same as any foul.
            If a declared Infield Fly is allowed to fall untouched to the ground, and bounces foul before passing first or third base, it is a foul ball. If a declared Infield Fly falls untouched to the ground outside the baseline, and bounces fair before passing first or third base, it is an Infield Fly.
            Rule 2.00 (Infield Fly) Comment: On the infield fly rule the umpire is to rule whether the ball could ordinarily have been handled by an infielder—not by some arbitrary limitation such as the grass, or the base lines. The umpire must rule also that a ball is an infield fly, even if handled by an outfielder, if, in the umpire’s judgment, the ball could have been as easily handled by an infielder. The infield fly is in no sense to be considered an appeal play. The umpire’s judgment must govern, and the decision should be made immediately.
            When an infield fly rule is called, runners may advance at their own risk. If on an infield fly rule, the infielder intentionally drops a fair ball, the ball remains in play despite the provisions of Rule 6.05 (L). The infield fly rule takes precedence.

          • Typical of this site, ok rules if you bother to read the string you will see that I posted the rule well before you made your insulting commentary.
            No Rules I am not “too lazy or too stupid” however perhaps you can draw you own conclusion about your thourghness. Perhaps I can also introduce to a term that you may not be familiar with – appology.
            It ok pal don’t worry about it I know where you come from.

  15. Did the Coast-to-coast just get wiped out?

  16. So, the Braves fans are scumbags….somebody tell me different?

  17. Welp..this is fun

  18. Pop in

  19. Infiled fly rule call was correct…good one for the Umps

    • Why am I not surprised.

      • what are you surprised at this time ? If you think the call was wrong say so and why….otherwise you too can learn

        • Ill tell you why you are wrong, because the infield fly rule only applies if THE BALL IS IN THE INFIELD.

          hence the name “infield” fly rule.

          its not called shallow fly to the OF rule

          • On the infield fly rule the umpire is to rule whether the ball could ordinarily have been handled by an infielder—not by some arbitrary limitation such as the grass, or the base lines. The umpire must rule also that a ball is an infield fly, even if handled by an outfielder, if, in the umpire’s judgment, the ball could have been as easily handled by an infielder. The infield fly is in no sense to be considered an appeal play. The umpire’s judgment must govern, and the decision should be made immediately.

          • @ Alaska, your argument sounds good, but if you read the rule you might wish to change your mind

          • yup

          • you are showing your lack of knowledge of baseball rules

          • yeah, alaskan ghost rider you are dead wrong. if an infielder can make a play with ordinary effort and there are runners on 1st and 2nd or 1,2 and 3rd with less than 2 out the infield fly rule is in effect. it does NOT have to be in the infield and is routinely called outside of the infield. hell, the SS often starts plays just outside of the infield.

        • I know the rule. i know that the letter of the rule does not specify that the fielder must literally be in the infield to invoke the rule. But its the infield fly rule because the infielder must be able to routinely make the play..and they generally are unable to do such when a ball is hit into medium depth outfield. if you watch the play, the play was not routine…it was too deep to be routine and fell in no man’s land. hence it was a shit call..not to mention it was called late.

          • The beauty of life is in our different perceptions isn’t it. I agrre with the ump, the infielder was under the ball and got called off by the outfielder….looked routine to me.
            Maybe we could argue about which colour is best green or blue…it will be the same result

            • Play was nowhere close to routine for Kozma…Holliday did not call him off, he said so after the game. Kozma backed off because he wasn’t under it, it was too deep and he fucked up. Holliday said it himself afterwards on TV.

          • By the way I saw the play but did not hear the call. TV may have missed the Umps calling it as opposed to the body language

          • you obviously dont know the rule

          • How the fuck do you back off on a ball your not under…look at the video

    • Infield fly rule call was a result of poor judgement. As already pointed out, the rule requires the ball to be caught with ordinary effort. key word – ordinary. Yes, Kozma could have caught that ball, but NOT with ordinary effort. That was a long run. He was NOT under the ball when he backed off (watch the video, he was close, but not under). He never “camped” under the ball. That’s why the umpire’s decision to apply the rule was poor judgement. (in my opinion, some obviously disagree)

      Arguments about the intent of the rule, the timing of the call, the depth of the infield, etc etc are not really important. It was just a poor judgement call based on the “ordinary effort” part of the rule. A crucial part of that rule.

      My question, to those that disagree, how far does the fielder have to run, how difficult does the play have to be for you before you don’t make that call? Does he have to miss a diving attempt before you decide not to make the call? In my judgement, a long run, conflict with an OUTFIELDER, no time to camp (ie. no time the think about purposefully dropping the ball) = extra – ordinary effort.

      overall, I’m just annoyed the Braves can point at that call instead of their unexpectedly awful defence. And how often I’m explaining the infield fly rule.

  20. Why do broadcasters go on and on about a play that is cut and dry…the infielder could have made the play easily.

    • once again, the ball was far enough out to the outfield such that the rule no longer applies. the point of the rule is to prevent an intentional drop and then a double (or even triple) play. As far as the ball was from the infield, that was never going to be a potentiality. hence the rule should not have been invoked

      • + Billions and Billions

      • You’re right about this. Double play couldn’t have been easily turned.

      • @ Alaska You stated to know the infield fly rule, but your original post was devoid of you claim. How the hell do you know that a DP wasn’t poosible, that play never happened. The rule does not talk about depth, just ” easily handled by an infielder” and the SS was not that far from third base that a double play could not have happened.
        Hypotheical situations get accepted as fact and the wrong answer is arrived at by the many. The play meet the threshold of the definition of the rule both in the opinion of the Ump, and of the wise birdawg. The play stands

    • You’re not applying the rule correctly. He didn’t make the play easily, and did so under no effort to deceive the runners.

      More importantly, he called it far later than he should have if he was applying the infield fly rule.

  21. Would that this game, and not the LCS, had been the final nail in the coffin of Bobby fucking Cox. Fuck you Turner. Fuck you Chipper Jones. Fuck you General Sherman, you had the chance.

  22. wow, chipper jones was not even trying to get to the bag on that play in the 9th..he wasnt even running at 50 percent. seemed like he wanted it to be over.

  23. Fuck Stoeten….comment,or at least pretend you give a far fuck….

    • Guy, seriously. Re-read the post. It directs you somewhere. Go in that direction. See if what the post tells you is happening in the place where you’ve been direction, and then take a damn second to contemplate whether what you’re seeing there is exactly what you’ve been letting shit dribble out of your mouth about over here, entirely underneath the exact words that are telling you where to find what you’re looking for.

      I can’t fucking hold your hand to get you there. Jesus.

  24. ctrl/alt/del…very quick dude

  25. So if baltimore wins how long before wilner says they were just lucky?

    • Please. Not just Wilner saying that.

      They scored fewer runs than the Jays in 2012 and started Joe Saunders in their biggest game of the year.

      • there is some luck but you don’t win 93 games based purely on luck. that is b.s. they are playing some really good baseball. Nobody wants to admit it because of sour grapes.

        • exactly. i like stats, don’t get me wrong, but i’ll take interesting unforeseen scenarios like this any day as well.

        • They’re not this good PURELY on luck. Yup they’re playing great baseball. Have a great bullpen. Lockdown.

          But look at their lineup and starting staff. Some talent there, but not a team that would win 90 games barring some crazy shit (ie 29-9 in one run games, and an absurd extra inning record.)

          Looking forward to Bal/NYY though.

      • This is sports bruh, not math class.

  26. Fuck…I just hit refresh and my old lady was still there…..Stoeten,,,er whatever?

  27. Mark Anderson from BP I asked which of Lansing trio would be a mistake to trade and he said Sanchez.
    Sanchez seems to be the con census number one of them.

  28. Fucking Baltimore.

    Anyone else finds the colour guy sounds like our own Greg Zaun?

  29. Wasn’t 2012 for the jays best case scenario to be like the orioles season?

  30. love playoff b ball..this one game stuff…no

    • seems like winning a wild card is less of an advantage now. you use up a good SP and mess up your rotation. anything can happen in one game. flip a coin. after 162 how is that a good way to decide the team that plays in the Division series?

  31. Well you gotta go for the Orioles!

  32. Congratulations, Baltimore, you lucky fucks.

  33. yeah, 94 “lucky” wins and counting. sour grapes boys. they are a very confident team that is performing very well. once they get the lead after the middle of the game it is an auto win for them.

  34. After busting your ass for 6 months a one game playoff with potentailly no home games for the fans is just fucking dumb. One game..go home..fuck 6 months effort-brutal.
    Cut 10-12 games off of that 6 month schedule and make it 3 of 5 for fuksakes.
    Oh and BTW, that infield call in the Atlanta game was terrible!
    The rule is written to prevent EASY doubleplays from taking place where an infielder lets the ball drop( he cannot touch it with the glove) and merely has to pick it up and intiate the DP. Any fool can see that the UMP called it way late confusing the runners AND there was no hope in hell of ever getting a force DP on a ball that far in the OF.
    This call will live in infamy for awhile

    • totally agree about the new wild card format.

      yep, the call was way too late. big fuck up by the ump.

  35. TEX-AS, more like SUX-ASS, amirite???

    booing Josh Cameltoe, those fans SUCK (see, we aren’t the only ones). (though, what was the stat? 1 HR in his last 82 post-season ABs?), obviously in 1 game, anything can happen as witnessed and JH had a .911 OPS since August 1 and .873 in September. He “only” missed 3 games in early May, 3 in mid-June and 5 in late September. Maybe, just maybe some doubt creeps into the mind the Strangers and they don’t pony up for his services, but that seems highly unlikely.

    As for Jays, if not Ike Davis at 1B, maybe Mitch Moreland or David Murphy become available (to make room for Mike Olt) – though Murphy would be a conversion project since he has only ever played outfield, even in minors

  36. Does there really have to be a winner between New York and Baltimore? Any way for both teams to lose? Both teams and fan bases can rot in hell.

    I just hope whoever comes out of the NL wins the World Series.

  37. Okay Stoeten. I’m going to take shot at going outside of my comfort zone from now on and do my best at engaging on your podcasts and what-have-you.

    Tell me and the rest of these drunk, hopeless,post season Jays fan twits how to do it simply and easy. So what I’m saying after a half bottle of Kraken Black Spiced Blackouttedness is this, tell me in very easy “im wasted” instructions on how to do it, and when I can predict your podcast/live broadcast.

    Dial this up and I’ll make Jim Rome look like the bitch Jim Everett called him out on compared to you.

  38. l just want to say: fuck y’all, suck my dick, and, uh… lick ass !

  39. I don’t get it. The commentary is at GB yet all the comments are on DJF,where there is no commentary.

    • Radar it is called a failed attempt. They just need to keep it comfy and here….fuck the other shit…am I right? Stoeten is running this shit show and you know what…it ain’t so bad. Sorry about the language I fucking hate change and I am trying to quit smoking so…….

    • I rarely visit getting blanked. The best information about other teams is from their specific blogs.

  40. better than hockey

    • what fuckin hockey? that shit they put on TV every year is a pale compariosn to the exciting stuff when the gretzky’s and espositio’s were filling the net.
      Now every fuckin coach wants to win the game 2-1 or 2-0 by “plugging the lanes” or defence first so I don’t get fired. It;s turned into soccer on ice and now I only watch the playoffs starting in April anyway, because that is when they start to actually give a shit and try. Money and stupid cities in the league have ruined the fuckin game and their are far too many fukstiks for me to figure it out. MEH

      • the world juniors is by far the best hockey out there. the NHL is a said joke compared to that. s/b even more awesome this year if, hopefully, the lockout lasts that long!!

  41. yep, they can sit til April for all I care and then BJ nation takes over again-only next year, hopefully, we have ateam that can compete with the likes of the rangers-stealing dempster from them might be a good start

  42. I’m not a big fan of the new wild card rules. Atlanta deserved to be in the post season more than St. Louis. 95 win teams are going to lose to 88 win teams under this rule.

  43. ” If sabermetric thinking tells us anything, it’s that baseball has a shit ton of randomization,”
    You’re doing it wrong.

    • parkes thinks that sabre stats accurately measure performance but if he doesn’t like the number then it’s just luck.

      • Baseball for the average person is supposed to be enjoyable sans this season if your as Jays fan. I follow the numbers to a point but in the end it all comes down to wins and losses. I probably couldn’t come up with a better cliché other than to say AA better be giving 110% this off season.

  44. wow more wilner doublespeak. Now he finally admits that you can win the AL east cuz you know since everyone except the jays has done it now but he stills says yeah but it was true before. huh how can it be true and not be true at the same time?

    The most idiotic comment I’ve heard from him is on snider. He says he wouldn’t be surprised if snider finishes in the top 5 in mvp voting next year or is waived in spring training. huh wtf?

    Then blair gave farrell a D and asked wilner and he says incomplete! God forbid wilner actually criticizes the manager and loses his job.

    • Wilner’s been saying Snider will be an annual top 5 in mvp player since before he even came up.

      • Regarding Wilner. For a man who has every available stat, access to all members of the org. and gets paid to talk and write about the game, it amazes me he is so daft.

        • My favorite Wilner comment regarding the sinder trade is as follows:

          -the trade for lincoln was fair value

          -he thinks snider will be a perennial mvp candidate

          -lincoln’s ceiling is lower.

          yet the trade was a good one.


        • +1. He is terrified of being uspended after what happened with Cito.

          He will defend the Jays no matter what they do.

          jo Jo reyes couldbe the opening day starter in 2013 & Wilner would find a way to support the move.

  45. Shit Francona to the tribe

  46. what I find funny about farrell is what if it was a black man like cito or a latin guy or not as good looking and all this shit happened with the baserunning and yunel and zaun etc. Would he be getting such a free pass?

    This boston trade should be a done deal. If the jays don’t trust farrel to give him an extension then fuck get rid of him already and take a nice juicy prospect and hire alomar.

    Unfortunately I don’t think alex really understand what type of manager is needed. He wants the nice coddling type instead of the bad ass mf type like girardi or showalter.

    • If he does go a serious look at Alomar is inevitable. I can’t help but think he would be a good fit but I am basing that on a feeling only.

      • there was a youtube video of alomar and I was very impressed. Also the track record of former catchers is much better than former pitching coaches. Farrell has nothing to dispel that stereotype. He always sounds like a B actor auditioning for a role.

        • Yeah I was reading the other day (can’t recall) there is something like 2 successful managers that were former pitchers…time frame I am not sure but getting back to what you are saying it only makes sense that catchers make better managers as they essentially are the smarts of the on field team. OK, i am sold , fuck Farrell, pay Alomar whatever… his name carries with his brother and he is young enough to fly with this operation. Get me AA’s number

  47. I just thought I’d mention that wasn’t farrell supposed to be this elite pitching coach who could nuture the young staff?

    2011 4th worst in AL in era, 2nd worst in walks

    2012 4th worst in era, worst in walks

    so next year we are supposed to expect something different?

    • Just to be clear, you are not a proponent of Farrell moving this team forward, yes?

    • Isn’t Farrell managing the team and not coaching the pitchers? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

      • Pretty important part of the job. If you manage the team you manage the pitchers and their coaches.

        • I’d be shocked if the manager does more to pitching coaches than telling them when to go out to the mound.

        • Good point Tom, but you will no doubt get some opposition to this point of view from those who believe that we have silo’s of mangement (pitching coach, hitting coach, bench coach) and no one responsible for the overall management of the team.

          • Lets put it this way. If a GM can’t manage his manger and a manager can’t manage his coaches, I don’t care if the team is of all star caliber, failure is likely. Hence the reason for the structure. Pitching coaches (and all assistants for that matter) must be held accountable to the manger. If I were GM of a team and found out the hierarchy of the system was broken the first one gone would be the manager.

          • I get what you’re saying about what we can call the chain of command Tom, but just like the players, you’re only as good as what you have. Now I’m not saying Walton is a bad pitching coach, but it’s kind of obvious that in the last 2 seasons the Jays have had lousy rotations outside of Romero in 2011, and Morrow in 2012.

            If the Jays had a rotation on paper that could deal 6-innings and a decent team FIP, and they still sucked, then for sure you’d know something was up.

            OP I feel is just blaming Farrell for Anthopoulos’ inability to put together a strong rotation. It’s time to stop pulling a JP Ricciardi and stop rolling out a “I hope this is a diamond in the rough” every 5 days. Looking for them is one thing – I haven’t forgotten where the Jays got Bautista – but relying on them is another (think if the Jays actually went with Laffey next season).

  48. Anyone else find this site to be slow loading at the best of times?

  49. Pat in the studio, especially in comparison to zaun, is totally not Terrible. Nor is buck when doing colour.

  50. The Snakes need a shortstop and have made it known according to ESPN they are willing to give up an outfielder or pitcher to get one.
    Do you think Escobar still has enough value to get a Jason Kubel, Tyler Skaggs or Trevor Bauer? Any one of those 3 would plug a hole like it’s prom night.

    • Also agree that Buck as a colour man is actually pretty good. Go A’s.

      • Smasher, are you constitutionally incapable of playing at the Getting Blanked so-called thread? An infusion of talent is desperately needed. (Actually, warm bodies are desperately needed.) There’s no there there.

        • All the good characters are on this site. I went over there to check on the Cinci game and there were crickets chirping.

    • I don’t think Escobar could get Skaggs or Bauer. I think their intention would be to keep Bauer, Skaggs & Miley & use one of Patrick Corbin, Daniel Hudson (though still injured?) or maybe Ian Kennedy in a trade. I remember reading that that Hudson & Kennedy were approached about signing longer term deals w/ the D-Backs but nothing happened / worked out with either.

      There seems to be a thought out there that theSnakes could also dangle Chris Young for a shortstop.

      • I don’t like Chris Young as a hitter. Has 30 homer pop but low average/obp, K’s a lot and he’d probably want to play CF which would make Colby’s numbers that much more pedestrian as a Left Fielder.

    • Escobar could maybe get Skaggs, but Bauer would easily take more.

  51. In my view Escobar is still in the top half of shorstops in MLB. The dbacks d/n have one and I am watching Oakland with .204 DREW who is shiy and Detroit has Perlata -shit.
    So… pretty good ss is hard to find. I would want more than just Hudson. I don’t think Tor has given up on wrangling Upton somehow

    • My attention is on the Getting Blanked thread (for what it’s worth), but the Jays have no real reason to sell, let alone sell cheaply.

      • I’ll have to disagree with you on this one. I don’t think a Skaggs or Kubel would be selling low. Escobar is talented and capable of much more but the baggage is piling up and with FarrelGate, RogersGate, and Mariconi & Cheese Gate this franchise is running out of trunk space. Keep him if the talent isn’t returned but if you can get .95 cents on the dollar then I’ll buy Escobars plane ticket.

  52. We’re not at odds. I’m just afraid of a fire sale when I see no reason for one. In my opinion, Yescobar is either valuable vis a vis a trade, or he mans SS or 2nd base next year.

  53. You’d think they’d have to drag a player kicking and screaming out of the game. Where have you gone Todd Stottlemyre, Jack Morris and the tough horses of old.

  54. Oh yes–that works for me–Phillips goes yard.

  55. Fuck you Matt Cain (in a polite kinda way, of course.)

  56. Hey Spud where the hell have you been? Nice to see you haven’t lost your spicey, yet mannerly way of dissing people

  57. Hmm…2 comments so far over at getting spanked.

    • Tom W–see my comments at 11:33 and let me know if they resonate with you. Sorry, no ‘words of the day’ to dazzle you with I’m afraid. Cheers.

  58. Aw shit that makes me feel old realizing that Baker kid is now 13.

  59. SOS to Stoeten–It’s early days and believe me, I can foresee your replies castigating me for my ‘small potatoes’ input, BUT…Could you (would you) pretty please post a Game Threat (without any bells & whistles) on DJF on playoff days and let the rest of us do what we do? Your irregulars of the Monkey Army don’t translate easily to Getting Blanked. Mobility is very limited it seems, and there is absolutely no ‘there there.’ (apologies to Dorothy Parker.) Case in point: in the NLDS game, it is now the 5th inning, and the only comment references a fucking tweet! During the ALDS 21 of the 31 were by yours truly & “The Smasher”–and he joined me only after I begged him (on DJF). Personally, I won’t be back, and you (and Dustin, Drew, Scott etc.) can take that to the bank. I don’t need a rehash of a game I’m already watching—–I’d love, however, somewhere to post, bitch & comment on whatever turns my crank. Cheers.

    • Agreed

    • I’ve always maintained, that the reason I keep on visitng DJF is because of the posts by Stoeten,yes, but mostly because of the comment section.An incredibly varied group with attitude and passion for the game.An eclectric(eccentric?) bunch with collectively an immense knowledge of baseball.I’ve told Stoeten many times that I view DJF as a bar with everybody shooting the shit about the Jays and baseball.Where we can speak our minds in an unmoderated forum.
      Even with Parkes and Drew listed as contributors at DJF but can’t bring themselves to post here on the weekends when Stoeten is away( yet they have no problem doing posts at GB on the weekends),we carry on because of the community developed in the comment section.Even though we are the ugly sister who gets ignored far to often, I salute everyone who reads or posts comments at DJF.I may even crack a beer and toast you all ( okay maybe two or three).
      To you all. Cheers

      • Well said. I’d crack a beer too but I’m on this new health kick…no drinks before 9 a.m.

      • I tink Stoet will take exception to your glorification of posters as having ‘immense knowledge of baseball’ . This may get you banned, me too for this post, as we are moderated. But do keep drinking that part will make you a more knoledgable blogger for sure

        • I’ve been thrown out of worse places.Most I can’t remember ,of course.And I always had a spare twelve just for those occasions.

          In the bar that served the most beer in Canada for about 20 years straight, I have the honour of being one of a handful of people to be cut off and thrown out for drinking too much beer.
          How in the fuck does that happen?

          • The last time I drank with you you stole my wallett, and I was in debt for months after, so my view of you is a little jaded on this point. Stoet is a better character reference in this matter Radar.

  60. It ends up being back spasms that knock Cueto out of a playoff game? Resilient fellow.

  61. After finding out there’s a twitter feed for Mat Latos’ cat I’m happy as fuck the Jays didn’t get him…fuckin’ weird.

  62. Wilner continuing to defend Cordero on Twitter.


    • Why didn’t he just tag him?

    • Scootch that last comment over left just a bit.

    • The term fucktard was developed with him in mind.

    • BJ, for peace of mind you should probably take up philately instead of Twitter, especially concerning Wilner.

      • No, I like Twitter thank you very much. Sorry, didn’t mean to offend you, I’m just amazed Mike would continue to defend one of the worst relievers in baseball.

        I promise I will think twice next time about posting on your blog.

        • ????? I’m just amazed you would continue to follow Wilner, one of the worst……..(you fill in the blanks.)
          Talk about widdle feewings being hurt…
          Next time just think the first time, and for your own sake grow some scar tissue man. (the ‘my’ blog part had a nice ring to it though.)

  63. Swing the bat kid, it’s not a prop.

  64. He’s an arrogant SOB, ain’t he?

  65. What the fuck is with the cheesy inspirational shit pop music Sportsnet pregame show?

  66. Where’s the baseball game?

  67. Good work MLB…it’s only the playoffs, who really gives a fuck anyway?

  68. Jamie just gave an explanation.

  69. Wow, there is something special going on with this A’s team.

    • You got that right. I thought that Coco had blown it for sure, but Cespedes & Reddick yanked his bacon out of the fire nicely.

      • Hopefully, the new kids on the block knock off the traditional powerhouses. I wouldn’t be too sad to see Oak/Bal vs Was/Cin.

    • Special as in losing to Detroit?

      • Bent Brent–that’s just cruel. You just threw the baby out with the bathwater. Or maybe the champagne with the cork. You decide.

  70. Jesus–why didn’t he just catch it?

  71. Ahhhhhh fuck you Oakland. That’s what you get for ending the Blue Jays season on that miserable July road trip.

  72. I’ll say this for Drew over at Getting Spanked–he replies to 50% of his posters. (The bad news is there have only been 2 in over 2 hours.)

  73. Roasted sweet potatoes plus the usual suspects.

  74. Alphabet’s about to pitch for STL. Be vewy afwaid.

  75. He did okay against the braves the other night. I’m having a hard time cheering for either team. I don’t like the Cardinals and I simply cannot bring my self to cheer for the Nationals.

  76. Errors-R-Us.

  77. With that beard Motte looks like an overfed hobo. But the high socks bring it all back.

  78. http://arnoldnation.com/arnold-6-rules-life/

    this is arnold’s rules for success

    wilner’s 1 rule for success: it’s all luck

  79. Well I’m doubly disappointed.
    First, someone won this game.
    Secondly, it takes us to a rain delay.
    Life can just suck at times.

  80. This is what we’ve been reduced to. Idly trying to pick a side in the playoffs. Again.

    And Francona signed with the Indians. I just came back from four days in Cleveland. What a horrible place. You could shoot a cannon downtown, hell you could shoot 6 cannons. You wouldn’t hit anyone. You wouldn’t even scrape a car.

    • Post-apocalyptic?

      • We call it Underworld. That’s where Bartertown gets its energy.

        • Pig feces are our friends. Are you suggesting that Isabella’s mythical cannon would encounter porcus pigs in abundance?

      • Apparently no Cleveland inhabitant goes downtown on the weekend. All stores are closed. Restaurants don’t open for lunch. Only people you see are very friendly cops who chat to you for ages while you wait for the lights to change so that you need not jaywalk and get hit by all the non-resistant traffic. And the American Obesity Crisis is in full flower. The few people you do see are majorly heavy. Which doesn’t surprise me given the portion sizes in all the restaurants…

    • Why Francona would come out of cushy retirement and a cushy ESPN job to manage the fucking Indians….. that’s something I just can’t answer.

      • The man obviously relishes a challenge.

      • I think it’s pretty shrewd of Tito. There are low expectations from the media for Cleveland. It’s a nice ballpark and he has some really good young players. If he loses then it’s expected, if he wins then he accessends to mythic levels.

        • Imagine, he could be the manager who ended two of the longest championship droughts in pro sports.

          Boston and the curse of the Bambino-84 years.

          Cleveland and the curse of being Clevland – 64 years.

        • Cleveland’s not entirely terrible. Like the Jays, they were in the hunt until mid-July. Perhaps they should swap some personnel, say Masterson and Choo for Sierra, JPA and Alvarez.

  81. First off I would love to note how awesome it is for the almighty financial machine known as the Rangers to have missed out in such an epic way. Hilarious how the A’s and Orioles are there and the Rangers arent.

    How awesome would it be to have Josh Hamilton to be playing in LF for the Jays next season? Not that AA or Rogers would shell out the cash to make that happen but if they did, that would be epic.

  82. A couple of professionals show how it’s done–and now Ichiro! shows how not to do it.

  83. Well AA said the Jays would be aggressive and that he would go after pitching.
    I narrowed out a lot of the filth, I left in some intriguing filth, and a few filthy injured.
    Who’s the little guy going to target? Tater, who would you want on this list?

    Kevin Correia (32)
    Ryan Dempster (36)
    Zack Greinke (28)
    Jeremy Guthrie (34)
    Rich Harden (31)
    Dan Haren (32) – $15.5MM club option with a $3.5MM buyout
    Tim Hudson (37) – $9MM club option with a $1MM buyout
    Edwin Jackson (29)
    Hiroki Kuroda (38)
    Francisco Liriano (29)
    Kyle Lohse (34)
    Derek Lowe (40)
    Paul Maholm (31) – $6.5MM club option with a $500K buyout
    Shaun Marcum (31)
    Daisuke Matsuzaka (32)
    Brandon McCarthy (29)
    Kevin Millwood (38)
    Roy Oswalt (35)
    Carl Pavano (37)
    Jake Peavy (31) – $22MM club option with a $4MM buyout
    Anibal Sanchez (29)
    Jonathan Sanchez (30)
    Ervin Santana (30) – $13MM club option with a $1MM buyout
    Joe Saunders (32)
    James Shields (31) – $9MM club option with a $1.5MM buyout
    Chien-Ming Wang (33)

  84. Atta kid McLouth

  85. Life is good (in a half-assed way.) O’s score 2. Beggars can’t be choosers.

  86. That’s how you play a ball of the wall!

  87. E6–Jeterball
    It comes to naught, unfortunately.

  88. In other news, Parkes’s heart is breaking–Red’s up 4-0.

  89. So this is what it sounds like when Orioles cry.

  90. The bleeding continues. I don’t think we’ll be seeing Cinderella tonight.
    Though…. without Mariano Rivera I suppose anything is possible

  91. Formerly the Smasher: Thanks for the list. I figure that AA will get three starters. I think two will come from your list as FAs.

    If I was AA I’d consider the following:

    A Sanchez

    I’m not a Santana fan, never was but that’s really subjective of me. His numbers are good and he would be a solid, fairly young, addition to the Jays but again, I just don’t care for his pitching…

    My hope is AA gets Shields and Jackson. I like Peavy too and you never know, AA might go nuts and sign him to an incentive laden contract given his injury history but I think he resigns in Chicago with those strings attached. If not, we have a chance. We could do worse with Saunders in the rotation as well.

    Adding two of those FAs, which I believe will happen because the Jays know they have a good thing going with fans and a young, exciting team that’s close to contending. It’s making Rogers some serious money. And, they have the TV deal(s) money coming onstream as well. They’ll overpay this year, perhaps a year ahead of schedule in their orginal plans.

    LF, 2nd base additions will come from trades. in my opinion. I think the DH is another FA signing, if it happens. They might platoon Adam Lind for next year. I think AA tries to leverage a BP arm in one of those trades.

    We’ll have less prospects come spring training BUT we will have stabilized the organization in TO and that gives the prospects remaining time to develop the right way.

    Manager: JF is a great guy but his heart is not in TO since last year and the change in management in Boston. Boston’s new management team are good friends and respect his baseball knowledge. They want him to manage the team, especially in a rebuilding phase. I think he goes back to Boston following the WS. I think we get a good player in that deal. As for JF’s replacement, I would like to see a guy like Sal Fasano get a shot. I like Dave Martinez too, he’s familiar with Canada from his Expo days, which is an advantage. If not, there’s a few veteran managers or up and coming managers in other organizations that might fit well.

    • I agree, Dave Martinez would be interesting. Studying under Joe Madden doesn’t hurt either.

      You mention his Expo days, but he’s also a former Blue Jay. He’s one of those players you tend to forget was actually here, like Tony Phillips and Ruben Sierra…

    • I appreciate your passion Dave but are you a hockey fan perhaps?
      There’s no such thing as an ” incentive laden contract” in baseball, you can get a bonus but not incentives because it favors the player over team goals.MLB will reject it in a heartbeat.
      If you notice from the Smasher’s list,Shields has a club option,unless you think he ‘ll be bought out and released.
      Roger’s has made serious money from the Jays for quite a while now , the extra money from the national TV contract doesn’t kick in till 2014 and just replaces the reduction in revenue sharing dollars.A moot point.
      LF and 2nd base will come from trades?Who’s giving up their decent 2B and what’s the cost?You can wish it but it doesn’t just happen.
      As for managers, Fasano?He’s got a nice track record and a great mustache but do you really want to go through another rookie manager’s learning curve at the MLB level?
      I’ll stop here.
      Again, appreciate the passion so I’m not trying to pick on you but if your going to speculate try with more detail than “picking up a FA DH bat to platoon”.It’s not like they grow on trees,Specifics,please.

      • Uh, there are absolutely incentive-heavy contracts in baseball.

        Bonuses for staying healthy (finishing the season off the DL), plate appearances, innings pitched, etc.

        • @ wow wow

          You are so right.
          And those incentives are worth what, $50,000? Compared to a 22 million dolar contract?
          Don’t forget about bonuses for all star voting and award top 5′s.
          So what incentives are you gonna give to Peavy to motivate him?
          I try to be nice, be a kinder, gentler RADAR, try to encourage the guy to be more specific before he mentions trying to trade 3 minor leaugers for two first rounders, and this is what I get?
          And people wonder why I’m cranky old fuck?
          I was having a good day too.Shit.

          • Ah.
            It’s a holiday, the sun is shining,the birds are singing and I’m stil trying to talk one of the nurses at the home here to flash me.
            Ya gotta have goals.


            Please note.
            “Manfred added that this has been an issue on the table between the parties for years. It pre-dated last year’s collective bargaining negotiations and violated a clause in the Basic Agreement that restricts bonuses based on statistical achievement.”

          • I’m sorry radar, there is no learning curve for managers. Lots of managers are winning in their first year. Why does everything have to be dummed down in toronto? Just because farrell is an idiot doesn’t mean everyone else is. No learning is required to understand lind shouldn’t be batting cleanup.

            The real learning curve is with this GM who after 3 years now figures out he needs starting pitching? After watching tampa win for 5 years with pitching and trading away halladay and marcum and not replacing them, alex is an idiot to say he’s now looking for starters.

          • @radar, I wish they would restrict contracts to 7 years. Really do they need 10 year deals? the union would be far better off if team’s money could be respent after 7 instead of sitting on these bad contracts.

          • @ farrellstick

            After foregoing FA twice and re-signing with the Jays twice,Halladay didn’t want to wait until the Jays rebuilt for his opportunity for a shot at the post season.He was a good soldier and I can’t blame him.He could’ve taken the easy route and gone to the Yanks or Sox or anything else in the AL but chose the Phillies and minimized the effect on the Jays.The return was the best to be hoped for, for a potential FA.
            Marcum was an often injured pitcher coming off a great year and was at his highest market value.
            IMO,the goal of those years when AA took over was to “game” the system and rebuild the minor leagues with trade chips and assests.They even changed the rules because AA was taking advantage too much.Cito was the perfect manager to assist in reaching the goal.
            In hindsight everything points to that direction. The mission wasn’t the product on the field but the support mechanism.
            Beeston knew exactly how to do it.
            On the managers,we’ll just have to disagree.

          • @radar, I know the history. the point I’m making is alex didn’t replace the pitchers he lost. Oh and I forgot we lost burnett as well. There’s a reason why we went from #1 in era in the AL to last.

            rebuilding the system does not prevent you from signing free agents. This year was another completely wasted year of jose and now edwin. Is next year going to be another wasted year?

            It’s laughable when alex says it’s not a bottomless pit. Wait you haven’t actually spent anything and you’re already talking cheap?

          • @ farrellstick

            My point is.
            When AA took over,his mandate was to use as many Type A and Type B players to aquire as many draft picks as possible,before the window of opportunity closed.
            With all that crap on the team, why would you spend on FA’s? Your goal is draft picks.
            Last year was to try and figure out if the players on the major league roster are keepers or pretenders.
            This offseason is the time to start the move forward.
            You know what you got. You know what you need. And you have the cash and the prospects to get it all.
            And the fans have proven, if there’s hope they’ll support it. And don’t say Rogers knew that, they didn’t. 10 years ago they predicted that baseball would be dead to the younger generation, “too slow for the video game crowd”
            Rogers now knows that’s not true.Time to invest in the brand and all that free content for Sportsnet.

          • @radar, why spend on FA’s. then why sign jose at 16ml per and edwin at 9 per? both are in their 30′s. you see it’s a contradiction. either rebuild or compete. the worst thing to do is be a perpetual .500 team. which is why I keep saying why are these guys on the team if you are not trying to compete?

            re pretenders. do we still know who the keepers are? rajai, rasmus, morrow, yunel, lind. who are the pretenders? who are the core players? nothing seems to have been accomplished the past 3 years. just more hope

            2 mil fans is not support, it’s still bottom half.

            I’ll believe it when I see it. the jays haven’t spent in 10 years and they’re already at 80 mil so I don’t see any big free agents in the cards.

          • paging Karen, paging Karen

      • @ RADAR: :-), yeah, I’m a hockey fan. I also worked in baseball at the minor league level over a decade ago. I was never near AA’s level or anything like that but I did a bit and I admit I have a ton to learn. I’m obviously not as up to speed as you.

        Your comments one-by-one:

        The performance laden contract does exist. I believe WOW explains it well and your rebuttal has merit but is limited to the specific player and their wants and needs. That’s difficult to predict but it can be made up not so much in dollars, but years and dollars. It’s creative time.

        As for Shields, someone on the pitching staff in TB is moving. It’s been speculated to be Price. I think Shields or others will be available.

        The TV deals are not really a moot point. I’m not really a betting man but I think Rogers can cover the cash differences this offseason (which is pivotal to the franchise in my opinion) and add it onto the ledger in 2014. The monies from both deals more than make up for the loss from MLB.

        We have a lot of talent in the minors. Baseball executives like our Farm. I seem to remember SD giving up on a young second baseman by the name of Alomar. The fact is I don’t have a clue who that second baseman is but here’s something that’s equally true; Either do you, right? I do know that if the Jays want a ‘decent’ , second baseman, LF or DH, they have the resources via FA or yes, through a trade, to get it done. They’ll be very motivated this year, as stated repeatedly for over a month now.

        Farrell: I think you’re right about not wanting to go with a rookie again. However, Farrelstick has a point too. Managers can win in the first year. Managers like Madden are positive yet firm with their players. But above all, they’re great communicators. Sal has a reputation for being a wonderful communicator. And, he has a great stash too! :-)

        Good luck with the nurses :-)

        • @ Dave

          The contract can be performance laden within certain parameters but the way you described AA posibly aquiring Peavy,given his injury history, read to me like AA was to sign him at a base of X million with an incentive of X million if he performed. Aside from gauranteeing the next year of his contract if 200 innings are pitched MLB won’t allow incentives that are statistically based.IE if his ERA is such or his strikeouts are such or his wins are at a certain level.A bonus yes but nothing to the amount of anything approaching his salary.Semantics ,I guess between bonuses and incentives .
          You said “The monies from both deals more than make up for the loss from MLB.”.In which case It’s a wash. I think we can both agree that the Jays produce enough of a revenue stream for Rogers that the dollars won’t be a problem.
          Nope I don’t have a clue, about which 2B to target realistically That’s why I asked, They’re a hard thing to get and aren’t readily available,That’s why we had Johnson this year.
          Don’t know if SD gave up on Alomar..In hindsight yes ,I guess. But at the time they got two damn good players and there were a few people who went WTF when the trade went down.Wasn’t as cut and dried at the time.
          Farrel seems intent on making the team play to his vision of how to win ballgames ,instead of adapting to what he has.That includes his in game mangement, he doesn’t have the experience to think about ALL the options he has and then choose one. IMO
          The nurses, I’m working on but they’re tricky.None of my lines are working.You know
          “What’s you sign?”
          “you look like somebody I know”
          “Are your legs tired?You’ve been running through my mind”
          They’ve always worked before,maybe it’s my aftershave?
          Sorry , I don’t know how to make the smiley face things.

  92. All good RADAR. You’re analytical and obviously passionate about the Jays. I went WTF too. Tony Fernandez was my favorite player. I’m not sold on JF either. I would go with a veteran, of course, the right veteran and you can’t tell until you pick their brain. As for the nurses, I think you’re on the right track. Watch the aftershave though, I see signs in hospitals with scent policies. Happy Thanksgiving :-)

    • I think the problem is that Radar is drinking the aftershave….try splashing a little on your face instead

      • He’s often accused of drinking the Kool-Aid, and readily admits to an inordinate liking for beer, so maybe Radar just has a liquid problem that can’t be solved with a Bladder Buddy.

    • Thanks Dave, enjoyed the discussion.
      Happy Thanksgiving.

  93. There’s going to be hell to pay in Washington if they get eliminated due to poor pitching.

  94. Nice work boys, I love the passion. I believe that Anthopolous will put our cable money where his mouth is and sign some slingers.
    Left fielders are plentiful but second will be trickier. AA is creative though, I’m sure he’ll come up with something. Dodgers are moving HanRam back to SS so Dee Gordon could be available if we could convince him or Escobar to play two bag. Purely wild speculation but second base is not a huge priority in my opinion any way. You get good D out of second and replacement level offense and you’re good(could probably get that from Hech). I’d much rather see the bucks go to Pitching/DH/LF.

    Radar, the classy lines aren’t working. Nurses like you to cut through the bullshit. Try:

    Want to play Army? I’ll lay back and you can blow the hell out of me.

    Do you want to see something swell?

    Can you sleep with me tonight, I’m afraid of the dark.

    I’m no gyneclogist but I’ll take a look.

  95. Remember when we acquired Rasmus and we all scoffed at Larusa and the Cards organization as the claimed John Jay was a better player and hence made the trading of Rasmus an affordable act?

    Remember how we scoughed? Cajoled. etc etc.

    well, we was WRONG

    • It’s scoffed. And no we weren’t wrong. Just because John Jay made one fantastic catch does not mean he’s a better CF than Rasmus.If that’s your benchmark then Rajai Davis must be the best LF since he too went up against the wall for a fantastic catch as well.

      • If taking John Jay’s side would somehow turn Rajai into the best LFer then count me in.

      • Ok how about this for logic, with Rasmus the Cards were not going to the post season last year, without Rasmus the Cards win the WS. With Rasmus the BJ’s finish 4th outta five last year, and this year with Rasmus we lose even more ground finishing an even worse 4th.
        No the BJ’s were’nt (anothe abriviation that isn’t any shorter) wrong they were wronger

      • have u even looked at jays’ numbers? one catch? are u insane man?

  96. Rain delays are the pits, but apparently it’s almost over. The real question is can we possibly squeeze one more game onto Stoeten’s so-called Wild Card Threat from last friday. Sheesh! Maybe we should have a roll call to see if we have a quorum. Someone should check Robert’s Rules. We might have to adjourn…

  97. I think we can squeeze in one more game. If someone is available to recap the games over at Getting Spanked (TM SP?, Radar?) then why can’t we get a LDS threat at least. By the time we get a new threat we’ll be well in the LCS.

  98. This could be over early unless A-Rod gives us a GIDP.

  99. Helluva snare right there.

  100. Inchiro is a ninja

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