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Looking to figure out what the hell happened in the playoffs over the weekend? Getting Blanked has a special playoff weekend edition URL Weaver post to get you up to date. And stick with Getting Blanked all October for coverage of every single damn game.

At CBS Sports, Jon Heyman weighs in on the Farrell nonsense, citing Jim Duquette as saying he’s heard there’s a “disconnect” between the GM and manager (um… from the Boston media, perhaps?), while noting that “it’s possible things are more copacetic than you hear in Toronto, but of course, it isn’t worth asking: there’s no way any Jays person could ever publicly admit there’s any sort of issue, especially if there’s any hope of obtaining a haul from Boston.” Whatever.

Alex Speier of Boston’s looks at past compensation for managers, and tries to figure out what the Red Sox could offer the Jays for John Farrell that would be in line with prior deals. Jeff Sullivan does some similar examining at FanGraphs.

Scott Lauber of the Boston Herald looks at Jays first base coach– and former Pawtucket manager– Torey Lovullo as a potential option for the Sox, should their strange infatuation with John Farrell prove futile.

In the Toronto Sun, Hall of Famer Bob Elliott says that the Jays need to make a decision with their manager quickly, and ridiculously, ridiculously points out that “Jays pitchers had a 4.22 ERA in 2010, Cito Gaston’s final year managing. Under Farrell it climbed to 4.32 in 2011 and to 4.64 this season, a year marred by losing Brandon Morrow, Drew Hutchison and Kyle Drabek for a total of 51 starts, plus relievers Sergio Santos and Luis Perez.” So… ditch him, then? Good lord.

Damien Cox of the Toronto Star flipped past Oakland’s win over Texas last week, presumably in search of anything possibly hockey-related, and decided to shit out an article vaguely about it.

As you probably caught wind of last week, Jose Bautista spoke extensively with the media during the Jays’ year-end assessment press conference prior to the penultimate game of the season, and at his North of the Border blog, Gregor Chisholm has a mostly-full transcript.

Dave Cameron of FanGraphs asks if Josh Hamilton is the most confusing free agent ever, and looks into the market for the plate discipline-averse slugger, wondering if he’ll be an Andruw Jones case (signed for 2/40 after 2007 despite coming off a fantastic ten-year run that kinda went sour in his last go-round), or if someone will pony up to snag the best hitter on the market, simply because the opportunity is there. Not sure us Jays fans need to worry about this, but I suppose you never know.

On a similar-ish note, elsewhere at FanGraphs, Bill Petti looks at hitter aging curves when it comes to plate discipline. It’s… um… interesting. Or at the very least confounding.

MLBTR mercifully gives us the Readers’ Digset version of the latest from Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe, who says the Jays shouldn’t be ruled out on acquiring Hamilton, or Josh Johnson of the Marlins– though he says that of any number of teams.

Elsewhere at MLBTR, we’re given notice of several minor leaguers who’ve elected free agency– including Jays farmhand Scott Richmond.

Jays Journal goes baiting me into giving them a link, and it worked! They suggest that one way to improve the atmosphere at the Rogers Centre would be to prohibit the wave.

At Baseball Prospectus, Matthew Kory looks at why managers get fired, which leads to a well-timed lecture on “ the team-dependent nature of managerial success.” Meanwhile, Brent S. Gambill writes about the sanctity of the 162 game schedule, and suggests that baseball needs something like the NHL’s presidents trophy. I’d get behind that, sure.

Amazin’ Avenue looks at the absolutely miserable season just put in by one-time Canadian Jesus Jason Bay, who had the eighth-worst season by batting average–  of 4,480– since 2000 among those with 200 or more plate appearances. Yikes.

Mop Up Duty takes a look back at the season that was for Travis Snider, and concludes– rightly– that Jays fans shouldn’t lose any sleep over how he finished up with Pittsburgh. Would have been virtually impossible for the Jays to do right by him next spring– i.e. keep getting him regular at-bats– without losing him on waivers.

Lastly, in case you missed it, our friend and GIFMaster, Scott Lewis, nailed the MLB playoff teams as bands over at Getting Blanked– with some delicious bonus commentary from the chattering classes over at Baseball Think Factory.

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  1. Finally something Stoets has written in the morning. I always just assumed you were still sleeping.

  2. While none of us know for sure, I think that it is important to point out that Peter Gammons is a very close, personal friend of John Farrell and his family, and some of the rumors (“rumblings”) of discontent between Farrell and the front office have come from him. It would seem curious that he would report such a thing, if inaccurate, given that personal relationship.

  3. You know what would be the worst thing ever? If Angelos actually made some major signings (think Hamilton) this winter. I think I’d just go to 1 Jarvis and burn it to the ground at that point. Luckily, no matter how depressingly opaque and unresponsive to the fanbase Rogers gets I’m still faithful that Peter Angelos has the ability to be worse.

    I have to guiltily admit that I’ve been cheering for the Yankees this weekend. I didn’t want to, but every time the Orioles win a little piece of me dies. Its like in movies when the loser friend you had in high school ends up marrying the most gorgeous girl in the class and you should be happy for them but can’t be. Either way I just want the series to end so I can root for Detroit. Fuck that sucks too…

    • I think they will. Angelo is kinda stupid and has made lots of bad decisions but he isn’t cheap.

    • It’d be great if they blew a bunch of money on a guy like that, I think.

      • Ugh. Maybe hilarious in 5 years when he’s on the downside, but find me a team that wouldn’t be better with Josh Hamilton and I’ll tell you that the ’27 Yankees don’t count.

  4. I’d take Josh Hamilton on a 2/40 deal.

    • I would too, and gladly, but someone will bite on the 5/125.

      • I absolutely guarantee Hamilton gets over 200 mil from someone.
        You think were less concerns about prince fielder holding up over josh hamilton?

        • Are you serious? I would 100% take Fielder over Hamlton at this point.

          Hamilton will be 4 years older when he signs his contract, has terrible plate discipline and his body could wear out much faster playing the OF.

          I would not be surprised at all if in 4 years Fielder is still playing at an All-Star level, while Hamilton is league average at best.

        • Yes, I do, david.

          Over $200-million is possible, sure, but to guarantee it is pretty worthless and dumb, obviously.

          • I agree that it’s dumb, but its not worthless.
            Every year I’m shocked at the growing contracts and I just cant see every gm passing on him.

          • I’m thinking with the extra TV money soon to be available there could be a lot of signings this off-season that could leave us scratching our heads.

            I would consider Hamilton at 5 years $150.

        • Noticeable age difference there.

  5. How in the world would you possibly manage to ban the wave?

    • Right? Even I wouldn’t go that far.

      The wave is fine in the right circumstance. Just not at any point where the person behind you might reasonably want to see the action in the game without some asshole getting in the way.

    • I prefer the Chuck. That’s when the larger fans pick up the smaller fans and throw them up in the air. Catching them is optional.

  6. the wave things is about the stupidest idea i have ever heard… i dont care either way, however, maybe next idea, we can only make noise after a play… maybe we wont be allowed to say “lets go blue jays” because it might offend the other fans that dont like blue jays… maybe go watch tennis instead…

  7. They really could get rid of the music or audio clips between pitches to check the pulse of the crowd. Nothing more irritating than watching a pitch, and having to listen to a Queen “We Will Rock You” snippet with 15,000 fans in attendance, and it pains me to say that as I’m a huge Queen fan.

    • Or they could get people who understand baseball. The Jays are leading in the bottom of the 8th, holding onto a lead, and the Jumbotron says “IT’S RALLY CAP TIME!!!” Learn some fucking baseball traditions.

      • That fucken drives me nuts! They encourage the fans to put on their rally caps when the team is winning!?!? WTF … I learned what a rally cap was in t-ball, and even then I understand its intention is not for when YOUR TEAM IS WINNING.

        Whats funny is I noticed that seemed to start later in the season. Prior to that, they just told fans to “Make Some Noise”. Must’ve been a point in the season where they just gave up and assumed the Jays were losing in the 8th ?

        • That “Make some noise” crap is whatever, I mean they do that everywhere in every sport. The problem is at Rogers Centre it’s all artificial crowd noise, which is bush-league. That’s what the Nets used to do when they had like 7 people at their games in Jersey. Nobody actually responds to it. At least they finally got rid of the “WE ARE TORONTO” bullshit.

  8. One great way to improve atmosphere at RC? Get better ushers and security, ones that don’t go apeshit when you stand up and cheer, and staff that don’t (allegedly) assault patrons. I was told by friends who were at the Argos game yesterday security was getting physical with a bunch of Argos fans. All because they wouldn’t sit down and instead wanted to cheer on their team. One friend said a security guy broke and then stole a fan’s iPad. Luckily they are all reporting these incidents to the proper parties. Of course, it’s all allegations, but if true this stuff is a major black eye on the stadium.

    It’s not just the Argos though, it’s Rogers Centre for all events. I have had ushers at Jays games walk down to my seet and tell me to sit and be quiet, sometimes during a rally, and that I’m apparently disturbing people by standing up and cheering (luckily no physical stuff like what apparently happened yesterday). I went to the Springsteen concert there in August and some 18 year old kid usher was trying to force people back into their assigned seats on the floor. I hate the wave but the ushers and security at Rogers Centre and their treatment of the customers is a far bigger issue to me. It’s a fucking sporting event, you should be able to stand and cheer and not get assaulted by security for it! Anyone else had those problems at Rogers Centre, with either the Jays or Argos?

    • They took away the mickey’s of vodka my friends and I smuggled in back in 2010. But not after we annihilated them both.

      Take that Rogers!

  9. Could you add something about the stratos being postponed. I’ve been waiting for that.

  10. I understand that managers are more or less interchangable. I also understand that there is great value in extracting a stud from Boston in return for Farrell. What I don’t understand is, when our team is the youngest its been in a very long time, should we not be concerned about someone with the such insider knowledge of our young player’s strengths and weaknesses going to division rival. Do the first two points really override this concern?

  11. oh the a’s lost gio, bailey then lost 2 starters and still led in era and won the division. But the jays always have an excuse for losing, that’s one thing the jays are good at.

  12. how about Oakland was number 6 in ERA you fuckstick to the jays 26.If you want to get technical they were number 11 in quality starts to the jays 22, thus your starter argument is not to logical they did not just have a good sp they had a good bullpen.

    And because I give links to my facts unlike you

    • listen dipshit they were #2 in AL in era, close enough. now go fuck yourself.

    • uhhh, the correct spelling is fukstik( no “c” so you can bypass any algos that check for shit) I have copyright aspirations on the word so it must be used in it’s correct form. Carry on

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