We’ve got two playoff games on the schedule this evening, and as usual, Getting Blanked will have you covered for both of them once we get closer to first pitch. But if for some pointless reason you’d rather discuss it here than there, knock yourselves out, I guess.

5:30 PM ET:
San Francisco Giants (Vogelsong, R.) @ Cincinnati Reds (Bailey, H.)
TV: TBS – Reds lead 2-0

9:00 PM ET:
Detroit Tigers (Sanchez, A.) @ Oakland A’s (Anderson, B.)
TV: TBS – Tigers lead 2-0 


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  1. Me and Donald Sutherland are gonna get real close tonight. Fuck the Tigers Yankees Giants Cardinals

    • This seems like a somewhat odd thing to say.

    • “Okay, Major, honey. I’m going to have a couple of shots of Scotch and go to bed. I’d normally ask you to join me but obviously your a female version of the regular army clown. That turns me off.” (It was on the tube last night.) Cheers.

  2. I know the regulars at this bar.

  3. That’s a good way to endear your readership Stoeten.Jesus
    Maybe if we were welcomed there, we’d go there.So it ain’t quite pointless being here.

    Besides the people here know more about baseball.

  4. Note to Monkey Army:
    “Pretty Please” seems to work.

    Note to Stoet.:
    Thanks, much appreciated.

    • Sorry SP.I ain’t begging for nothing.
      At my age, the only thing I got left is my dignity,my pride and my balls

      • Ain’t Too Proud To Beg, Radar. It’s not always a pretty sight however.

        • Besides SP

          Really,really think about it.
          Do you think they want you or me over there?
          They work on the weekends there but won’t post a game threat when Stoeten’s off
          It’d upset the balance of nature.
          It’d be like the Beverly Hillbillies at a high falutin restaurant.
          “Hey waiter,I’d like some crawdads and Red Bull.”
          On second thought, it might be fun.

          But in the interest of fair play and world peace, don’t let it be said that RADAR wasn’t open minded.So If Yall go and comment there , I will join you in harmony and goodwill.
          Let there be peace in the land

          • What in the fucking fuck are you yammering on about, my octogenarian friend. A couple of days ago I asked Stoeten if he would be so good to post us reprobates a bare-bones Game Threat on DJF to do with as we please on game nights, and low and behold, he reciprocated. This is a good thing. Pretty please is a (how you say) social lubricant, and when beseeching a man as well-lubricated as Stoeten, it is seen as a nicety. Do not (I repeat, DO NOT) jump ship. Everything is copacetic on the good ship DJF. Now we must wait for the Oakland game to commence, yes?

          • Nurse Karen, please free up some time to do a thorough examination of our brother Radar, and make him keep his pants on this time. (The last occasion was embarrassing for all concerned. I trust you caught the ‘bare assing’ part there? Comedy gold, amirite? Good. where were we?) The patient’s mind seems to wander at will, and where it will end, nobody knows. Dear God, Karen, the man needs help! (By the way, wrt Radar, the “do no harm” part of the oath can be waived if necessary.) Thank you in advance. The cheque is in the mail as always.

          • Absolutely SP.
            There’s a lot of good people here ( including you) and I don’t like to see them denigrated to the point of begging.

            The Cinci game’s not that bad but yea, looking forward to the Oakland game.
            Thankfully I had a dictionary handy for copacetic, I was worried it was something sexual.

          • Here I thought they’d be no entertainment on DJF until April. I was so wrong.

          • @ karen
            Entertainment, like I’m funny

            You mean, let me understand this … cuz I … maybe its me, maybe I’m a little fucked up maybe. I’m funny how? I mean funny, like I’m a clown? I amuse you? I make you laugh? I’m here to fuckin’ amuse you? Whattya you mean funny? Funny how? How am I funny?

            Enjoy the games.

          • You ooze a ‘je ne sais quoi,’ Radar, a certain something. Whatever it is, you’re a natural. Don’t ever change (as if that’s likely.)

          • That certain something oozing is my secret weapon ,Aqua Velva.
            I’m thinking of switching to English Leather, for karen, of course.

          • My God man, she isn’t some sort of saddle! Although I hasten to add that the thought of Nurse Karen, a saddle and a good quirt is strangely moving.

          • And spurs that jingle jangle jingle. Always wanted me some of that.

  5. Lets sweeps week commence!

    the play in game sure dampens the excitement for a best of five round.

  6. I think MLB likes to use the term Post-Season, and not Playoffs.

    But that would fuck up the whole Jim Mora narrative.

  7. The LCS could drop down to a best of five and not too many would care after all of the changes. Who needs four game sweeps? The best of five increases the chance a sweep happens but who cares if a team wins one after losing the first three. Coming back down three zip is so rare its not worth the pain for the fourth win or a possible game seven when a final game five is just as dramatic.

  8. Interesting strategy by Texas in dealing with Hamilton. He gets a nice contract bu another team and he looks greedy or the team can just pay him what they are comfortable with. Win- win for Texas.

    • Except the part where they lose their best player.

      • That’s why they have so much depth.

        Also, they can re-allocate resources to different targets.

    • And, if they make the 1st offer ( say 10/200) then that is used as a benchmark to start the negotiating and then Texas has to match the upped ante. This way , someone else can start the bidding and they can decide if it makes any sense

  9. Anyone else rooting against SF because of Sabean out of principle and a little bit just because of Parkes?

    • A little bit more than a little bit, in my case. It’s fun!

    • Don’t really care about Parkes; I just hate the Giants. I worked with a guy that was a Barry Bonds apologist – hated him almost as much as I hate Bonds.

  10. From Mark Anderson (of BP and his own website)

    Scouting Report: Aaron Sanchez (RHP)
    Posted on 9 October 2012 by Mark A.
    BLUF: Extremely high-ceiling arm with #2 potential if control/command improve to match raw stuff.

    The Player: Aaron Sanchez (RHP, Toronto Blue Jays) – A supplemental round choice in 2010, the Blue Jays gave him $775,000 to sign. Made ten starts between the GCL and NYPL in 2010, posting a 2.16 ERA with 37 strikeouts and 17 walks in 25 innings. Spent most of the 2011 season with Bluefield (Appalachian League), posting a 5.48 ERA in 42.2 innings. Promoted to Low-A Lansing (Midwest League) in 2012 and finished with a 2.49 ERA in 90.1 innings while working in a piggyback rotation for much of the year. Allowed just 64 hits and struck out 97, but walked 51.

    Basis of Report: Compilation – Personal Observation (NYPL 2010), Industry Contacts

    Scouting Report

    Body (6-4, 190): Great frame. Long, lean body. Extremely long legs, Has added strength since signing in 2010. Nearly ideal raw frame with tons of projection. Plus-plus pitcher’s body.
    Delivery/Mechanics: Smooth and easy. Looks like he’s playing catch at all times. Long legs get out of whack at times, leading to varying stride lengths and landing points. Arm angles vary and lead to overall inconsistency. Good athlete that has potential to have regular mechanics. Must focus on repeating delivery. Potential for easy, clean delivery that allows the ball to explode on hitters.
    Fastball (FB) Velocity (Wind-up): High – 91, Low – 98, Average 93-95, Grade – 60/70
    Fastball (FB) Velocity (Stretch): High – 91, Low 97, Average 93-94, Grade – 60/70
    Fastball (FB) Movement: Has natural life down in the zone. Shows occasional groundball-inducing sink. Ball “explodes” on hitters because of length and ease of delivery. Plus projected movement once mechanical inconsistencies are ironed out. Grade – 50/60
    Overall Fastball: Potential for near-elite pitch. Easy plus-plus velo and flashes of movement that could make pitch impossible to square. Easy delivery allows velo to actually play up from mid-90s average. Dominating potential. Grade – 60/70
    Curveball (CB): Hard and tight. 12-6 break that can be outstanding swing-and-miss pitch. Go-to secondary pitch. Gained consistency throughout 2012 season. Throws for strikes. Still learning to throw out of the zone on command and will be helped when he does. Average pitch now with plus potential. A couple of scouts were assertive and tossed future 7’s on the pitch. Grade – 50/60
    Change-up (CH): Had little feel entering the year. Still below-average but shows very nice arm speed and associated deception. Sink is occasionally plus and can miss bats. Flashes rare average CH at this time and should get there. Good velo separation from FB. Grade – 30/50
    Control: Below-average strike throwing ability at present. Has bouts where he loses the strike zone. When mechanics are in order, can pound zone with all three pitches. More of a thrower than a pitcher right now. Control is hampered by inconsistency with mechanics. Has athleticism and arm action for future plus control. Showed signs of improvement throughout season but nothing reliable. Grade – 40/60
    Command: Complete lack of command at this time. Struggles to move FB to both sides of the plate. Works up too often and needs to take advantage of angle and create more leverage to the plate. CB/CH command lags with FB command. Projection is difficult given current control profile but player is a solid athlete and the arm works. Fringe-average command projection is reasonable at this time and he could exceed that with polish and experience. Grade – 20/40

    Summation: Exciting, high ceiling arm. Easy top five player in the organization. Likely top pitcher. Tons of projection. Frame is ideal for a pitcher and there is solid athleticism as well. FB has 7 potential with velocity and plus movement. Near elite pitch at peak with bat-missing potential. CB has potential as second out pitch. Already flashes plus with regularity and could be devastating. CH lags behind but shows flashes. Arm speed is good and some sink is noted. Third potential average-or-better pitch. Quality three pitch mix possible with two dominating offerings. Control/command profile is huge question. Has fundamentals – body and arm action – to suggest development. Doesn’t need pinpoint command with raw stuff. Potential number two starter if control/command come along. Needs considerable development but has outstanding ceiling.

    Relative Risk: High. Still a teenager and the control/command issues must be overcome.

    Future: Despite control problems, Sanchez had little trouble with Low-A hitters in 2012. He will be tested more at High-A and must begin developing his ability to throw strikes. The Blue Jays are not shy about promoting players and a big step forward early next year could land him in Double-A before the end of 2013. The more likely path has him reaching Double-A in 2014 and entering the big-league picture late that season and in 2015.

  11. It’s nice to actually read a legitimate and complete scouting report instead just getting snippets of the information relayed by someone like Law or Sickels (I still appreciate and love them, of course!).

  12. Random thought for the day, Who has a better chance at a bounce back year in ’13, Romero or Lincecum?

  13. I hate the graphics on the broadcasts.Gotta get up and get two feet in front of the TV to see’em.
    maybe I need a bigger screen.

    • Google “spectacles.”

      • And then get real close to the screen so you can read it.

      • Okay, I went and got my glasses , the graphic still looks like clown puke.

        • There’s too much stuff over there. That’s why i don’t go.

          • Too much stuff where?
            At GB?
            So you have been to the dark side.
            AHA caught ya.

          • @RADAR, I went over a few times, just to see what it was about. It’s like a tacky vegas bar over there, and I don’t recognize anybody. I prefer this place :-)

          • @ karen
            A few times?Like more than once?
            One indescretion,one night, because you were drinking and were curious, I can see. But a few times?They didn’t talk you into taking your clothes off,did they?( not that they’d know what to do when that happened,they’d have to “google” it)

            It’s okay, I have to confess. I peeked too.( they didn’t appreciate me taking my clothes off)

          • Well now that I have been thrown off my bedtime snake with the imagry thats going on here Radar, I took a look too…..how the hell can you have a blog site with 0 comments?

          • Go for it Karen, fly your freak flag proud and loud. So far, there hasn’t been a single customer show even his/her face at “Getting Spanked,” let alone anything bootylisious.

          • @RADAR and abviously I’m confused. I thought you were talking about the graphics over there. Here I was impressed that you have your computer hooked up to your TV. HAHAH And I’m not even drinking. I must be tired.Never mind.

            Night.RADAR night birddawg.

          • Good nite Nurse. Sweet dreams karen, I really don’t know how one purges the mind of the word pictures that are indelibly etched in the mind

          • @ birddawg
            Vodka works. Beer too.

    • No, they’re pretty bad.

  14. Rolen just bobbled the game.

  15. Gonna be interesting to see a ball hit Pence’s way.

  16. Ahhh, The Main Event!

  17. Coco is a God! (He’d make that catch 100 out of 100 times.)

  18. Coco catches ball

  19. Ahh, the strike out, chase the ball, and a 2 -3 put out. Always an exciting play

  20. Tigers got Infante at 2nd in the off-season last year…now the Jays need the same type of move

  21. birddawg, the blog is abuzz with news of your “bedtime snake.” Do tell.

  22. Appologies for anyone I offended, just offering hope to those similarily afflicted, and now back to baseball

  23. Cespedes is a bit of alright.

    • Yeah , I remember the debate about whether it was worth signing him.
      Seems like the real deal.

      • Boy, wouldn’t he have looked good in LF.

      • another fucker we should have signed which w/h only cost$$$ and not players that AA passed on in Favour of Thames and Snider. 5 mos later he has thrown in the towel on both so….. we better make some good moves in the offseason as that wholw scenario had a rather putrid malodurous stench to it

  24. Scott is down to giving 10 word innings summaries, while the comments total zero. Should we tell them about the ‘closed’ sign?

    • You probably noticed, the game threats were out of order too.

      • If a tree falls in the forest, and no one hears it,…

        • I feel for the guy.
          You go over and give a comment or two.Just as a courtesy.
          It’ll make him feel better.

          Make it nice and be sincere.
          I’d go but they don’t like me.

          • About all I could honestly say is that he’s giving the game short shrift–not what he wants to hear. Anyway, what if he gets clingy, you know? Yuck, I hate that. Makes me feel guilty. Counter-productive. No, I’m gonna let him dangle.

          • I just have this image of him.
            Sitting in the dark.alone,frightened,sipping a redbull with a straw.by the glow of the screen, gently sobbing, calling out Parkes’s name,wondering what he did to deserve this.

          • I believe that you’re channelling birddawg, in abject misery over his missing member.

          • Another thought–With the number of times you, birddawg, naughty nurse Karen and I checked in, we might have amounted to the majority of hits on old GB tonight. There, you should sleep better tonight, what with wearing your protector and all.

          • Gotta protect my “bedtime snake”

  25. Dotel enters. Hope for Detroit flees.

  26. Now that was impressive, by Dolittle.

    • Ah, 3 K’s are nothing. Remember Lincoln getting 4 K’s in one inning?

      • Strike that–it was Delabar.

        • Yup. Should be interesting to see how that bullpen works out in the spring.
          I’m thinking that Santos has to earn his way into even the setup role.
          Janssen closes, if he shits the bed, call me crazy but Delabar’s got the stuff and the mentality to step in.

          • I see what you mean, and Santos isn’t a veteran so (as per the baseball code) doesn’t deserve to be re-instated as closer, but to also withhold the setup role would seem to blame him for getting injured. Whatever, it’ll all work out.

          • Dunno spud. Gotta bad feeling about Santos. He’s gotta prove it to me.
            All the cloak and dagger in ST,The bad start. It was just a twinge. Hiding in Dunedin for rehab. Then oops we made a mistake,he needs surgery. Not serious surgery but enough to keep him out for the year.
            But he’ll be great in the Spring!
            I hope I’m wrong.

          • Que Sera, Sera
            Whatever wil be will be
            The future’s not ours to see
            Que Sera, Sera
            What will be, will be

          • Just remember, that Janssen is a very good trade chip at this point and is under contract for next year making him even more valuable in a trade. He might be packaged with Rasmus as part of a package for Masterton and Choo of Cleveland or some complicated deal with zona for Upton

  27. Fuckin A. The A’s win.

  28. Seriously, what makes Buck Martinez a somewhat okay and serviceable colour commentator, but an absolutely terrible play by play man?

    • Martinez seems to have a better handle with stats as a colour guy. Meanwhile, Tabler gushes how every ball player is big and strong. No shit Tabby.

      Perhaps Scott Carson should get off his ass and feed Tabler some material every now and then?

  29. IT’s the fuckin Hot Dogs (people) and beer ( drink) at the rogers center or isthat Hot dogs ( food ) and beer ( yeah right) at the RC?
    Listen, if u had to work with Mr. Excitement (Tabler) you’d feel like u have to carry the show all by yourself too which leads to redundancies and inanities but when you only have to talk every 15 minutes you don’t ssound as ddaft. I gotta go to bed the wine is makingme misspell the words ( tee hee)

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