Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!! makes it official, letting us know that Tom Cheek has made it onto the final ballot for the Ford C. Frick award, as well as Jacques Doucet– quite rightly. It’s a shame it didn’t happen before the Hall of Fame moralized itself into complete and utter fucking irrelevance, as they’re scheduled to do this December,

Mike Wilner weighs in on the ballot at whatever they’re calling Miked Up these days, thanking the many who participated in the fan balloting that made it all possible.

At Jays Journal, Kyle Franzoni wonders if Melky Cabrera could be on the Jays’ roster this year. I certainly wouldn’t be scared off by the PED stuff– I’ve still never heard it properly explained how he took something that improved his BABIP and not his power.

Per a team release, the Blue Jays have outrighted Robert Coell-who? off of their 40-man roster.

Robert MacLeod of the Globe and Mail keeps us up to date on whatever’s happening with the Farrell nonsense.

Sox blog Over the Monster tells fans not to worry so much about the fact that John Farrell hasn’t had much success in Toronto.

In the Toronto Sun, Ken Fidlin figures that GMs might actually be dumb enough to let whether they offer a shit-tonne of money to Nick Swisher or not.

Bluebird Banter is going player-by-player through the season that was, stopping first– or perhaps just most recently– on Edwin Encarnacion.

At Minor League Ball, John Sickels lists Jake Marisnick among the prospects to watch on the AFL’s Salt River Rafters, noting that “scouts favor his athleticism, speed, and defense, but his hitting is inconsistent and he needs more polish.”

At FanGraphs, Eno Sarris looks at Detroit’s Game Three starter, Anibal Sanchez, who pitched well in a losing cause, and– more importantly to us– will be a free agent this winter.

Speaking of guys who might be available this winter, at Getting Blanked, Parkes looks at Jamie Garcia of the Cardinals, who upset some of his teammates by pitching with a shoulder injury– though apparently the Cardinals brass had been skeptical of the severity of the injury that plagued him all summer in the first place. With prospects Shelby Miller and Trevor Rosenthal with the team in the playoffs, Joe Kelly apparently a capable fill-in, and Adam Wainwright, Jake Westbrook, Lance Lynn (if he keeps a starting spot), and Big Carp in place, maybe they’d be interested in finding a taker for Garcia and his relatively team-friendly, option-laden contract. *COUGH*

Elsewhere at Getting Blanked, Parkes looks at the results of a recent poll of MLB players and finds that they’re a rather socially conservative lot. Puke!

Joe McDonald of ESPN Boston writes that contract talks between the Red Sox and free-agent-to-be/Jays fan wet dream David Ortiz will begin next week.

Meanwhile, ESPN Dallas pulls some awesome quotes from a Nolan Ryan radio appearance, in which the Rangers president all but tells Josh Hamilton not to let the door hit him in the ass on the way out, as he says that he has no reason to think the ex-MVP quit on the club, but that “his timing on quitting smokeless tobacco couldn’t have been worse. You would’ve liked to have thought that if he was going to do that that he would’ve done it in the offseason or waited until this offseason to do it. So the drastic effect that it had on him and the year that he was having up to that point in time when he did quit, you’d have liked that he would’ve taken a different approach to that. So those issues that are created that caused unrest, and it’s unfortunate that it happened and the timing was such as it was.” Amazing.

“For the fourth consecutive season, regular season Major League Baseball coverage on broadcast failed to average even 2% of U.S. television homes,” writes Sports Media Watch. “FOX averaged a 1.7 rating and 2.5 million viewers for 24 regular season MLB telecast windows during the 2012 season, Sports Business Daily reported Tuesday, down 6% in ratings and 7% in viewership from a 1.8 and 2.7 million viewers in each of the past three seasons.”

Lastly, by way of Baseball Think Factory, Beyond the Boxscore rolls out WAR Index– an attempt at making an apples to apples comparison between the various WAR(P)s.

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  1. What no Farrell story

  2. oops must have skimmed over that part

  3. Interesting stats relayed via Scott Lewis last night on Anibal Sanchez:

    “3rd PA/G numbers vs. Anibal Sanchez this season: .337/.393/.537″

  4. No Garcia unless we can get Dave Duncan out of retirement.

  5. I still don’t get how getting Ortiz wouldn’t be like Frank Thomas 2.0. Old DH that can’t play the field that is injury prone, wanting a 2 year deal. Why do people want him so badly?

    • could it be that the only stat you looked at was his age?

    • Still two years younger than what Thomas was when he signed.
      Is is much better shape after losing a ton of weight last off-season.
      Is still fucking awesome.
      Has shown improvements in recent years, with a consistent declining K-rate.
      Has maintained his high walk rate and power, it is not declining.
      He did not just have one good year like Frank Thomas, who was coming off 1 great year and 2 shit years. Ortiz has consistently been awesome.
      Did I mention he is still fucking awesome?
      Imagine a lineup of Jose-Ortiz-EE batting 3-4-5.

      Why the fuck wouldn’t you want him exactly?

      • home and away splits

        Home And Away Splits


        Seriously though, dude is an entire Yunel Escobar better playing in Fenway than elsewhere. And he’s 38 AND he has a history of taking steriods AAAND he can’t play a single position, something we should consider before tossing Edwin out to first for 162 when he DH’d 81 times last year. Signing him would be thoroughly retarded.

      • If we’re going to play that game and it’s only money we gotta pay.

        ( lead off guy)

        I think I just got a hard on.

        • Did you just hypothetically bat Josh Hamilton sixth? I think you just hypothetically lost the locker room. I’d rather go with;


        • Add Shin Soo Choo as your leadoff guy to enhance your mid-day snake.

      • Plus… Frank Thomas was fine for the first year. Is Thomas/Ortiz a great value for the money? Probably not. But we’re past that. We have a core that is locked up inexpensively. We can “waste” a few extra mill for a couple years. I’m not even a “cheapskate Rogers” type but really… spend a little money on Ortiz. Lind on the bench in case Ortiz or EE need a day off.

  6. Swisher would be a nice pickup, if he didn’t want so much fucking money.

    • Someone’s getting some good career advice. I hear the market is really hot for shitty pitchers who haven’t played in two years because of life threatening shoulder injuries.

  7. “…scouts favor his athleticism, speed, and defense, but his hitting is inconsistent and he needs more polish.”

    So Anthony Gose Part Two?


    “…the results of a recent poll of MLB players and finds that they’re a rather socially conservative lot. Puke!”

    No offense Stoeten but I always find it amusing/ironic that socially liberal people act like there’s is the only valid point of view.

  8. Hope the memory of Tom Cheek is honoured by the award. Loved listening to the Tom and Jerry show in the 1980s and 1990s

  9. Melky’s BABIP went up because he hit the ball harder. Meaning it was tougher to catch and make a play on. Pretty obvious Stoeton.

  10. huge no to Ortiz. the guy will be 38 and even though was having a great year he missed half of this part season due to an injury sustained while TROTTING THE BASES.

    on top of that, if you has to pick one MLB Ayer to get caught for ped’s soon, I think you have to pick Ortiz, given his career progression (hitting similar to his prime even tho he’s in his late 30′s) and past involvement ped’s.

    it’s all moot anyways, no way in hell Boston lets him walk and even less chance they let him walk time a division rival

    • I now hate Steve Simmons.
      He is going on Boston TV shows saying the Red Sox shouldn’t hire Farrell.
      The host was surprised.

      I’m sure Boston Front Office knew all this, however their fans wouldn’t have so much. Farrell’s value came from the perception by the fans. Now that a Toronto reporter is destroying that, he’s decreasing any value Farrell had in a trade.
      If we get two top 20 propects I’d be content, but I bet we’d have gotten more had Simmons not woken up Red Sox nation.

  11. Who’s Jamie Garcia?

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